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#1 Diaries of Akiko Lasula Mizrahi on Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:39 am


Diary of Akiko Lasula Mizrahi

"Throughout my life.. I have fought and defeated nearly every enemy in the prime material plane.. I have overcome odds, with help from trusted friends, that even an army could not hope to accomplish.. Within my death and ascension to my God, Kord, I leave this Diary as proof of my deeds for my descendants so that they can realize the true greatness that lies within their bloodline.." - Akiko Lasula Mizrahi, Demi-God of Kord

"At the age of 13 I emplored my parents to enter me into the academy of Eshpurta in our homeland of Amn. Growing up I had found myself favoring Strength and battle prowess more than things that normal women would find much more appealing such as wealth and noble men. I desired combat and to be able to survive with such a dangerous desire I felt I would need training in all forms of combat that I could manage. After many months of petitioning them and earning most of the coin needed to join the Academy myself they unwillingly agreed to do so. Unfortunately, though I had no idea at the time, they would not live long enough to see me graduate as they had both died of an illness that, at the time, we did not have the extra gold to buy medicine to aid against. I would not find this out until halfway through my time at the academy.. It was a deep wound that eventually led way to pushing my desire for strength to new heights."

"I had worked for nine years in order to achieve the peak of my physical prowess..Having little to no aptitude for the arcane or divine arts, which further led me to believe my devote belief in Kord was the true path I was meant to take. I finally graduated the Acadamy of Eshpurta top of the class, surprising many because I was a female, in melee combat and attempted to serve Amn in it's military.. However within mere months I had come to the realization that I would not be satisfied serving a military power. I wanted adventure and challenges that would force me to push my limitations as a human being.. Thus I set forth on my own with as much gold as I could manage, having sold everything I owned except clothings, food, and armaments, deciding that I would first travel north to Icewind Dale to try and obtain dwarven crafted items that would be better suited to secure my life during adventuring than the human crafts, though of fine quality, that I currently possessed.. I don't know if I can even make it so far alone.. But I won't let that stop me."

"The harshness of the world was much greater than I had originally believed when I began my journey to Icewind Dale.. in the months since my departure from Amn.. I almost didn't make it through "The Wood of Sharp Teeth" being constantly assaulted by Hobgoblins, Goblins riding wolves, and even Gnolls with very few chances for real amounts of rest.. I managed to make it through and reach the city of Baldur's Gate.. ragged, tired, and in sore need of more treatment than my makeshift healing kits had provided.. I talked the guards into helping me, they had some issue due to my inability to walk correctly kicking in about fifty steps into the city due to relief of safety relaxing my tired tensed body, make it to a Temple of Helm where the clerics were more than panicked about the actual condition my body was in. Though it cost me quite a coin to repay them for the more than extensive healing I was put under.. it was well appreciated and well worth it. After a couple of days I was back at full strength and felt almost stronger than before. After sellings the things I had "picked up" from the creatures I had been forced to slay in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, which turned out to more than compensate for the cost of the Temple's services, I resupplied and this time travelled with a caravan of merchants would was taking a road to the "Trade Way" which they would then follow to Waterdeep, their destination. With the help of a few of the other bodyguards hired by the caravan very little resistance was to be found in our journey."

"It took two and a half months due to the easy going pace of the caravan, which I did find to my liking considering the harsh condition of the little less than two months it had taken me to get to Baldur's Gate in the first place, but we finally arrived at Waterdeep. After recieving payment for my services, which I was very grateful for, needing all the coin I could get for when I finally managed to make it to Icewind Dale and it's dwarven smith inhabitants, While here I once again resupplied, though I did take a while to depart from the city this time. The city guard had been asking around for Adventurers willing to risk the challenge of Undermountain, which I learned later was created by a powerful Wizard named Halaster Blackcloak. Apparently drow he had swept away with his amazing power while creating the dungeon, which was made before the city of waterdeep was even founded no less! ( as I found out later ) had returned and yet..Halaster did nothing to stop them. A few had come to the surface and caused massive damage and killed dozens of people before being slain or captured which forced the Lords of the City to call for adventurers to stop the threat. While inside, with a group of adventurers who quickly became trusted friends, I found several pieces of armaments that would serve me well for the years to come. With help from my newfound comrades we managed to drive away the Drow, much like Halaster did alone years previously, and confirmed that Halaster himself was not only alive..but incredibly insane. Whatever power he had used to create the amazingly complex and collosal Undermountain dungeon had driven him mad. Luckily he allowed us to leave in one piece.."

"After returning from the Undermountain in triumph and being rewarded handsomely from our own selling of the magical artifacts and items we found as well as the Lords of Waterdeep's own personal rewards to us for helping the City.. I convinced my new friends to come with me to Icewind Dale which had been my original destination to begin with..having lost several months to the adventure of the Undermountain I was anxious to get back on track..though my reason had now I had many powerful items at my disposal as opposed to when I first set out. I wanted to learn the craft of smithing from the dwarves if I could and I was intent on doing whatever it took to gain this knowledge, with the exception of Hostility of course. Finding their own reasons to go each of them agreed and off we set for Luskan"

"Thanks to the Wizard of our travelling party, Wultar of Thay, we had actually managed to reach Luskan in a matter of a week using animated steel stalliones he had conjured for us that did not tire..allowing us greater lengths of travel in a much shorter period of time. Between the parties own incredible power and these tireless mounts, even fighting on the way there with an assortment of creatures and passing through Neverwinter did not slow us down by much more than a few days.. However once we reached Luskan one of the party was mugged for everything in her possession. The elven cleric was absolutely distraught as they had even taken her holy symbol of her deity, Forin, and more demanded than pleaded that the party stop everything in order to aid her in the retrieval of her possessions. Naturally we agreed and set off to figure out who had stolen her things..after several days of investigation we were led to the conclusion that a lesser ranked thief of one of the thieves guilds in Luskan was responsible..probably thinking his new catch would earn him higher reputation. After a couple more days of digging we managed to locate the guild in question, Ironically the Shadow Thieves from back in my homeland of Amn, and a recruiter to whom we....persuaded..into aiding us in the reclaiming of our dear clerics possessions. Having regained her belongings, and with them her cheerful spirit, we once again set out towards Icewind Dale. This journey had been far more grand and much longer than I had originally thought it would be.. I am grateful for this."

"I met a fellow named Drizzt while trying to barter with the dwarves of Icewind Dale, which we reached quickly once again thanks to Wultar, on a fair exchange so that they would teach me the ways of dwarven smithing, not something easily gained from a dwarf let me tell you, He scared the tar out of me he did..appearing out of nowhere all of a sudden, though to him I'm sure it seemed natural, Having just a few months back challenged an attacking army of Drow within Undermountain you couldn't blame me for what happened next. After nearly having a heart attack and attacking the, as I would soon realize harmless, Drow to no avail.. The dwarves informed me he was part of their clan as an honorary friend and member by decree of Bruenor himself and was not a threat to me or my party, who at the time were off doing their own business with the dwarves elsewhere. Confused, but respectful of their privacy I left the matter alone. Something in the man's eyes when I attacked him caught my attention later that night however.. As if I had seen an endless sorrow caused by the very fact I attacked him in the first place.. Luckily I managed to sleep the "Eyes" out of my head and it bothered me no more."

"It took several days for me to convince the stubborn and cautious dwarves to teach me their way of the smithing craft, not surprising as it's a well guarded secret even between different clans of dwarves, but in the end I managed to win approval from Bruenor Battlehammer himself due to my insistence and my own stubbornness. When I accomplished this I found my companions and told them I would have to split ways with them here. They were sad about my departure from the group, but they respected my wishes and did not try to sway me otherwise. I would spend the next several years here..learning the craft as quickly and as diligently as possible. Though I only heard talk about the adventures of Drizzt, the drow I had mistakenly attacked at the beginning, and his friends. I longed to return to adventure and try to be by the side of such heroes but I focused on the task I came here to do.."

"Finally I had finished mastering the way of the smith from the Battlehammers and after many thanks to each of them and farewells to all of them, including Drizzt who I apologized to for our initial encounter, I set out and headed back to Luskan and from there I would head to Neverwinter. Wultar had made mention of it being his destination before we separated and I thought if anyone was capable of finding and gathering our old friends again, assuming they were not with him, it would be Wultar and his arcane scrying."

"The trip to luskan was actually very boring.. Nothing seemed to challenge my toughened look from spending the last few years by a forge. Once in luskan I managed to get a horse and rode out to neverwinter..arriving after a few days time and easily finding Wultar, who had made a small amount of fame for himself by now it seems, and he happily agreed to find our friends and send them an invitation to glorious adventure once again."

"It took several weeks, though each responded within a forte night, for our friends to actually make it to neverwinter. Illian had apparently returned to moonwood her home, Mika had decided to try and make a living over in Baldur's Gate which wasn't actually that far away, but Zento almost said he couldn't come. It was he that we waited the longest for. In the years of our separation he had travelled all the way to Shadow Dale trying to locate the ruins of Myth Drannor! According to him he had found it, and offered that at some point we eventually make our way to it, and thats why it took him so long to return to us. Crazy half-dragon was over 1000 leagues away!"

"We spent the next two night drinking and partying in a local neverwinterian tavern.. celebrating the reunion of our group as well as getting into a massive bar fight because Zento and I got drunk and started arguing who was currently stronger. was such a grand event.. Cost us a few thousand coin to cover the damage though.. Still I find that the cost was well worth the fun."

"It wasn't long after this we were met by a emissary of the Druidic Circle who had watched our bar fight and apparently decided we were capable of helping him on a matter of great importance, how he figured that out while watching some drunks I don't know..maybe some kind of nature spell thing, obviously our group accepted..only to then be told we would be entering a massive planar gate that was opened to one of the abyssal realms. Naturally the cleric was more than a little worried about such an endeavor, but between me and Zento, we calmed her fears and promised to leave if we found an enemy we simply couldn't beat."

"Getting to the gate wasn't actually that much of a tale.. the Druid had used some sort of spell to make the party travel through the ground to the location in a matter of minutes. However when we got there he had said he could not go any further..and we were staring at a two hundred foot high sheer cliff face. Wultar had the most trouble, not wishing to expend any magic just for a cliff, he feel off around four times before Zento carried him up himself. Illian and Mika made the cliff look like childs play and I surprised everyone by using my dragontouched abilities that I had unlocked during my time with the dwarves.. sprouting me a set of dragon wings and a tail, which could be used to fly much to Zento's jealousy, (as he could not fly with his merely glide) After about an hour, due to Wultars falls, We peaked over the edge and immediately noted two Glabrezu guards.. We decided to charge in and figure out a better plan should they prove more powerful than expected, which gained a groan from out friendly neighborhood Cleric, and unfortunately it took us several hours to defeat the guards for the simple reason of..they kept summoning more bloody demons! Finally I managed to down one of the guards myself and Wultar blasted the other one's head clean off with a well placed lightning bolt, Zento and Mika finished off the small fry and Illian was highly annoyed with us..saying we needed to plan more."

"As we entered the Planar Gate two very bad things happened at once. First the gate shut behind us but did not disappear, to our best efforts we could not get it open again, second we were swarmed by a battle squadron of foul lesser demons. We took care of the demons, but what had us worried was that the gate was shut. Mika suggested stealth over slaughter and both Wultar and Illian agreed..much to Zento and I's dismay. So we began sneaking around the compound that was nearby figuring it to be the base of the demon responsible. It was actually far more easy going than expected. We learned while we were in the compound, thanks to Zento knowing one of the languages these foul creatures were speaking, that the gate had shut in response to the guards we killed no longer being there. Which means they knew someone was around but didn't know how many or where. This would make things difficult for getting to whoever was in charge you say? ..actually it was relatively easy.. whoever was in charge must have thought us dead or weak because security had not been increased at all. Through luck we managed to find the location of the lieutenant   serving under the big boss and reach her. The four armed demoness was infuriated when we barged into her room and gave us a tougher fight than even the two glabrezu and lackeys had managed to at the gate! in the end however we managed to slay her without taking any damage that our goodly friend Illian could not help us recover from. We also gained two very important items in that room. Bracers, which thanks to Wultar's identify spell, that opened the sealed door to the armories, and the boss's room and a Map of the compound, much to Mika's delight as he immediately came up with a plan to trap the entire compound with Wultar's help so that it would go boom when we left, we spent a few hours in a room locked by Mika from the inside as the two set off to do this task. When they returned, with us at the ready to slaughter them if they weren't themselves, Illian sprayed them with some holy water to make sure, they too rested for a little while before we came up with a plan for the big boss. We didn't know what he was, so it made a real plan difficult, but we did decide that Illian should focus less on healing and more on divine smiting since her clerical powers were not being disconnected by being inside an abyssal plane, a good sign for us."

"After searching around and following our new map we made it to the room that was the boss's chambers, however he wasn't there. We searched his room for any possible items we may have been able to use against him to no avail. It seemed anything of value except for a few notes, including the crystal he was using to keep the gate constantly active as we had learned from one of the notes in his room, was on his person and not in this room. We didn't get to be disappointed for very long however. A theifling showed up in the room all of a sudden and was very..very.. angry. He did not remain a theifling for very long however as his form soon gave way to that of a powerful Balor! We had not expected such a powerful adversary to be the one responsible for this and our first idea was to flee and come up with a new plan, the Balor however didn't like our plan and sealed the exit to his room with a barrier that we could not pass even with the bracers we found earlier. Illian panicked and began using all of her divine smite evil magics upon the balor, which seemed to not only hurt it immensely but anger it further, while Zento and I acted as guards trying to keep all of it's attacks focused on us so that Mika, Wultar, and Illian could somewhat safely bombard him from different corners of the room. The battle was unimaginably difficult..I myself awoke towards the end of the fight having apparently been rendered unconcious at some point, Illian healing me in a corner, only to see Zento and Mika preparing to strike the fallen body of the Balor to ensure it was quite dead.. ..Several unfortunate events that are forever engraved in my heart happened after this.. Poor Mika never saw it coming and died when the Balor's body suddenly exploded in a mass of magical power. Wultar managed to through up a shield magic but was nearly killed anyways.. Zento, the poor proud warrior, even with his half-dragon body had lost an arm and that same side's wing using them and the weapon in that hand as a shield against the incoming damage. Illian and I were not so lucky. We were blasted out of the compound by the explosion..and in my weakened state I just barely managed to catch myself by willing my dragontouched wings to weakly glide me down that last 10 feet so I fell with a thud and not a splat.. ..Illian I'm afraid..was not so lucky. I tried to grab her since she was so close but we missed and she just..smiled..before splattering on the rocks at the ground level.."

"I made it slowly back to the now ruined top of the compound and told my friends the grim news of Illian and learned of Mika also having fallen.. we did not get much time to mourn.. Zento, though maimed, was stable becase the wounds had been cauterized by the explosion... and he quickly realized the severe danger we were now in. With that explosion the crystal keeping the planar gate active was gone, so then was the gate itself, meaning we not only had no way out, as Wultar was far too weakened to try to open a dimensional door temporarily, but we would soon be set upon by the hundreds of demons that saw that explosion."

"It was then that a miracle happened, and it causes me to wonder, thinking back, if this miracle was the reason Illian simply smiled when she was about to die.. Her god, Forin, had appeared in a beam of light along side the very cleaned up and very healthy looking, though we felt it in our hearts that she was still dead, Illian.. As a final request to his devoted cleric he cast us from the Abyssal Plane right onto the ground by the druid who had requested our aid. Not only did it freak him out but he immediately noticed our conditions, especially Zento's, and further began to panick. It was many many months before any of us were fit to do much more than live.."
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