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#1 Hare Menjou on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:54 am


Name: Hare Menjou
Age: 16
True Age: 120 (does this really matter anymore?)
Sex: Female
Personality: Hare is an extremely caring and gentle soul, putting others' needs far above her own. Her ability to love is great in capacity, and those who recognize that will appreciate it beyond measure. She is extremely gracious, and has a hard time finding quarrel with anyone. Her personality is perfect for that of a healer, and as such, floats into Squad 4 with minimal effort. Her emotional capacity outclasses that of most beings, human or soul. As a result of this, she greatly weighs the needs of others, by need of comfort or psychological healing in addition to the wounds they may carry. She doesn't have any sort of boundary line when it comes to comforting others, and will sit through bloodbath, infection, and all sorts of horrid things just to see someone's condition improve. Though it should be noted that even her personal space will not come in between the comfort and healing of another.

Should she ever be caught on the battlefield, her number one priority is to protect and defend those in her care without fail. She refuses to let any harm come to those under her protection, and will put her life on the line if she must. Thankfully, with her extreme durability and defensive techniques, she may not have to. Her sense of love and care never goes away, even on the battlefield. Should she end up in combat, her focus will likely settle on wearing her opponent down, then bringing them to their knees, however, if they show some form of mercy or regret, she may take to healing too. She believes that love and kindness can change hearts, even those of vizard, hollow, arrancar, or otherwise. That being said, one would hope that she is not underestimated, otherwise she might end up putting that image to rest, permanently.

In casual settings, and those of celebration, joy is her main aspect. She enjoys seeing other people being happy, and if it takes a self-sacrifice to get someone there, she's more than happy to do just that. Tears, while upsetting, are a natural part of grieving, and as such, she respects sadness as a whole. While she's not sugar-hyper happy all the time, she will indulge in other emotions. Comfort works both ways, whether happy or sad, and Hare will do as she sees best to smooth over the emotional and psychological recovery possible. So long as everyone else is happy, she has no qualms about being loud, being excitable, and maybe even a little naive. She doesn't drink much, but in private, may do just that. She's particular about who she opens up to and drinks with. Because of this, if you see things that don't normally come around, count yourself lucky, for having garnered the trust of someone as innocent as this.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160 lbs
Physical Traits:

(Yes, I'm actually using a faceclaim this time.)
Hare is moderately tall with a rather solid frame. Her hair is a generic brown curled tightly at the ends and tied with a red ribbon near the start of each curl, and her loving hazel eyes match that brown perfectly. Her chest is notably large, there's no sugarcoating that. In nearly every aspect, her body seems to display warmth and softness to it that matches her personality.

Clothing: While depicted wearing a red school uniform, she will likely never wear such a thing. More likely than not, expect her to wear a white or pink nurse's uniform.

In other cases, she will be wearing a red and pink flower printed Yukata.

She may wear something different in varying circumstances, but in such cases, it will be described there.
Accessories: The only accessories worth noting are her red curl-ribbons, and a small necklace she has in the shape of a cross. The necklace is silver and has a dark purple stone in the center of it.


General Fighting Style: Being a Shinigami that focuses almost entirely on healing Kidou and Bakudo, Hare does not do much in the way of combat. She will more often than not be found in the barracks, tending to the wounded. However, should she ever be forced into combat, she will give her life to protect those around her, with the end goal of sparing as many lives as possible. Her heart is as big as her chest, and her skill with healing kidou is even greater. Should everyone be safe, she will attempt to hold off the enemy until reinforcements arrive, particularly those from Squads 4,5,7,8,11,13, and the Kidou corps. This all being said, her defensive skills are nearly impregnable, and her ability to stall and stay alive while keeping others alive is incredible.

Strengths: Durability, Stamina, Healing, Reiryoku, Reiatsu

Hare's skills and strengths lie in the amount of energy she has access to, the efficiency in her application of that energy, and the duration she can hold up barriers and take hits. Her specialties are healing, defense, and protection of others. With this power set, she won't be a serious danger to anyone, but will be a valuable asset to anyone in danger of taking damage.

Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Strength, Power, Speed

While Hare is a prodigy in terms of healing and defense, he combat skills are forgettable. She has almost nothing in the way of power, Kidou would be about it. She couldn't hand-to-hand or duel her way out of a paper bag, but she won't need to more likely than not. Her weaknesses make her a bad choice for capture and elimination, but excellent for security and bolstering forces.


Sealed Appearance: Her sealed zanpakuto looks like a simple white cloth bandage, two inches wide, unrollable to a max of 20 meters. While it looks harmless, it's nearly impossible to break, and can be used in a variety of ways. Most often, her zanpakuto in any release state will surround her person of interest when healing or protecting them.

(I'd like to give her a personal ability, but frack if I know what would work.)

Name: Koishi


Call Out Command: "My heart will tend to your wounds~"
Appearance: Essentially the same, her bandages grow from 20 meters in length to 50 meters maximum. At this stage, she can separate them into squares as small as 2 inches by 5 inches and spread them out. While they can separate, it is not a necessity, and if she wills it, she can make the bonds between each section semi-permanent.

Bandage manipulation: This ability is pretty much a given considering it's Hare's Zanpakuto. She can't really stab you or swing at you with it, but she can change its shape and rigidity at will. Most often, this will be used to transform the bandages into walls, barriers, obstacles, etc. Since her bandages are her Zanpakuto, anything made with her Zanpakuto is pretty much indestructible, save for something that could break a zan.

Quick Release: Hare's affinity for Bakudo and Healing allows her to cut back the effects of a Bakudo, particularly used for binding by half.
She can break a Bakudo of any level 60 or below once per three posts, but she must touch it with her hands.

Healing Reverie: When healing a target, the body of said target is suspended in the air by her bandages, and their body is sealed off from nearby attacks. The bandages only form half the barrier, and the other half can withstand as much as a cero as long as Hare is stationary, before energy is diverted to maintaining it. While healing someone, her barrier can be used to equate to a Bakudo 81, and if the banadages are in the way of the attack, up to a maximum of Hadou 90. If a Hadou 90 or above is directed at the person being healed, Hare will take the full brunt of the attack instead.
Cooldown if more than Cero: 6 posts

Bandage Bullets: By way of separation and manipulation, Hare can technically fire the bandages as though they were bala. Though these aren't very effective, she can most certainly use these to pull off some minor damage and deal with someone in combat.

Focus of Heart: Since Hare's shikai can be wrapped around her body, she can concentrate the natural healing energy generated by her zanpakuto can affect her. Her Zanpakuto's default rate of healing is minor wounds such as cuts and scrapes for one post, major deep cuts, loss of blood and open wounds closed in two posts, broken bones and heavy muscle damage in three posts, and regeneration of limbs, along with any other damage in four posts. These healing stages must be done continuously, otherwise the process must begin again. When wrapped around herself, arms, legs or otherwise, these boosts are the same, and her barrier ability stands at lesser effectiveness, reflecting everything Hadou 40 and below so long as she is stationary.
This is a triggered ability, and lasts for 3 posts, then has a 2 post CD

Boosts: x2 to all


New Name: Tenshi no Koibito
Appearance: Her total bandage length is now 100 meters, and follows the same mechanics as in Shikai.


Stardust Salvation: Her self-shield effects are boosted to reflect anything below Hadou 70, again, so long as she is stationary. She can additionally cast Kidou this way so long as movement is not included in the casting requirements of it. The duration and cooldown are the same as before, and are linked.

Starstream: Hare can separate her bankai into four streams and provide equal benefits to up to four people equivalent to her shikai's barrier ability and regeneration.

Reishi Redux: Hare's natural energy in Bankai mitigates anything that her armors/barriers do not block by 15%

Veil of Divinity: Hare creates a 25 meter by 25 meter veil, absorbing any attacks that hit it. 40% of the damage is diverted directly to Hare, dispersed throughout the most durable parts of her body, like her muscular/skeletal structure, then she can distribute the remaining energy to those behind her however she sees necessary. This cannot stop damage, reflect it, nor nullify it. If a forbidden Kidou hits the veil, all the resulting damage that would be taken must be dealt in some way.
Usage limit: Twice per thread.

Boosts: x3 to all


Background: In the human world, there once was a girl by the name of Hare Menjou. She was part of an experiment in which the hearts of people became their 'tools' The details of this experiment were never released, but her role made her into a Fullbringer. Her item that she could not be parted from was a roll of bandages that she never left behind. With these bandages, she could heal any wound, even missing limbs. Those who knew her were astounded in her healing ability. However shortly thereafter, no more than three months after her awakening as a Fullbringer, her life was cut short. Whereas most Fullbring items were near indestructible, hers held an impeccable weakness. One evening, during a round of testing, the bandages burned, and with it, Hare's human life. After wandering around the world of the living for a while, fondly remembered by her human friends, a Shinigami helped her to come to terms with her life and death, then gave her the Kanso seal. She then became a Plus, headed for the Soul Society. Because of the way she died, she regained the same body she had while she was alive, that of a sixteen year old. She was immediately identified to have reiatsu potential, and was rushed into the Shinigami academy. Her Asauchi took no more than twenty minutes to identify her spiritual power, and take the form of a set of bandages. These bandages were in fact the very same she used while alive. This puzzled many of the Elders at the academy, but at the very least they knew what to do with such a Zanpakuto. The first classes she took were Introduction to Healing Kidou, Bakudo 101, and by extension, Hadou Essentials. Her prowess with Healing and Bakudo were both impressive, talent unlike any they'd seen in decades.

In regards to her Zanpakuto, her spirit appeared as a Phantom, almost angelic. The vague appearance seemed familiar to Hare. As she recognized the familiarity of the spirit, she called it by name, "Koishi". She spent many nights talking with her old friend, and over the years, being exposed to both Shikai and Bankai.

While it was very apparent that her combat ability was next to non-existant, it was nothing they hadn't seen before. Many of those who were gifted in healing tended to be poor in combat. Her prowess with Kidou in general more than likely would be enough to keep her stable. What really impressed the elders was the durability of barriers reinforced with her bandages. They acted much the same way Shinto paper seals did to amplify charm-barriers. As she graduated the academy, she was immediately deferred to Squad 4 for obvious reasons. There she met Mei Tsaki, current captain and head of that division. For Mei, Hare would do many, many things, and as a result, is loyal to her and only her first and foremost. She understands the importance of Rena as Captain-Commander, but Squad 4 is her entire life, and therefore deserves her full attention. She applied without hesitation to be the Lieutenant under Mei's command, especially knowing how much Mei has taught her. There's also the fact that Hare has taken up keeping watch over Emiko as well.

Side Notes:

RP Sample: I'm motherfucking Noziel Aran.

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