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#1 Ongaku 'Oistin-Zeux' Hakushi on Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:19 am


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#2 Re: Ongaku 'Oistin-Zeux' Hakushi on Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:20 am


Placeholder, since the word limit shit the bed on me ....


Roddo was born into the Roman Empire, and for the 1st 12 years of his life it was only him and his mother. His mother was a woman of Carthage while his father was an active member in the Roman Army, known for his fighting skills and tactics. Once his father was appointed 'Legatus Legionis' he wasn't seen much at home. Besides his mother; Roddo had  4 very close friends, with them he shared everything with and he knew that they always  had his back. Roddo had manifested some deep angers inside of him for his father even though his father came into the picture later on in his life.

Despite his emotions toward his father, his mother had deep feelings and love for his father. One day his father came knocking on the door, then proceeded to ask Roddo's mother could he move in ... once she agreed it seemed as though both his parents came to be in  a relationship once again. Despite all his objections to it, his parents later became married which pushed Roddo over the edge. It would seem to Roddo that despite his father's abandonment and other sinful acts, his mother would always welcome him with open arms.

While still in Rome he used this anger as his strength in every situation, school,  sports, fighting, exercise etc. To keep his anger and frustration; Roddo constantly exercised, weight lifted, and trained his body and mind to withstand stress. He found he released his stress best by concentrating on his goals and accomplishing them. Everybody around him figured he was just training by himself to become a soldier like his father, but his mission was to NOT become like his father.

As life with his mother and father went along; Roddo became more and more uneasy due to the presence of his father progressed until one day he overheard an argument between both of his parents. His anger flared and he approached his father with unrivaled raged as he attacked his father relentlessly and without mercy, his actions was halted when his mother attempted to  stop him and he mistakenly struck her. Much harm didn't come to his mother but his family seen the danger he was to the household and to the family so they sent him to official military training. Leaving the most important people to his life did a number on Roddo emotionally, but it also helped him become a lot more self-conscious. By the age of 14; Roddo had already come to size ... towering over all kids his size, he stood 6 ft 2 inches and weighed around 230 lbs.

Once admitted into the army the only thing that Roddo regretted was leaving behind his friends and his family, no amount of training or discipline could replace the feelings he felt when he was around them. As for his training, to the normal new trainee the training  would be considered harsh and cruel depending on the situation ... but these were the conditions which Roddo trained in everyday day. Staying away from home for days; living among the wilderness ... something about the wild cleared his mind, he felt like he belonged more out there than in civilization. Things that allowed him to vent his anger, basic things that everyday soldiers had to learn such as swimming, sword practice, bow, shield, sling and Javelin use.

This among other things was just another common day of training for Roddo, once admitted into the ranks he quickly climbed up to the rank of 'Centurion' which was the highest 'mid-level' officer rank and completely unheard of for someone of his age. He spent the first 12 years of his life in 'poverty' despite his father's position, after that .. nothing about his life could be considered average or normal. His life transitioned at a very fast pace, his mind, his emotions, his body and his environment evolved at a pace way beyond those that were around him. His goal still intact ...

By the age of 16 Roddo was appointed 'Tribunus Laticlavius' (2nd In Command ), such a renown title was given to him mostly due to his bravery, tactics, and ultimate defeat over Sulla in the "Battle of the Colline Gate". Of course there were many people who were against such a promotion but when it was all said and done the young boys accolades spoke for themselves, no matter how many delays his peers and elders threw at him ... they eventually held no weight at his victories continued to pile up one after another.

Even after his uproars among the ranks and his the incidents back at home, Roddo's father held no ill-will toward him. His father looked at it as he would become an even greater soldier than himself if he already hadn't, which was one of the greatest honors in the eyes of his senior. This "defeat" took a toll on his father's reputation as a father but not as a soldier. Even though Roddo gave the credit to an army friend of his Marcus Licinius Crassus for the win over Sulla; Roddo still was promoted due to his father's praise. As much as he wanted to deny his promotion because of that reason alone, he couldnt; he couldn't give all his naysayers the satisfaction they were looking for. They were looking for any sign of weakness to strike him and his position down, something the younf soldier would not give them.

There was Roddo, riding side by side with his father into war as the Roman Republic forces began their march toward Cyzicus, Asia Minor to defeat Pontus forces that had besieged the Roman controlled town. Roddo's position and rank mattered not on the battlefield, if anything it made him more of an target. Oddly enough, he loved that sensation of being the focus of his enemies ... he felt that only a cowardice leader would allow a lesser soldier take the attention of his enemies. The young soldier could very often been seen in the middle of multiple enemies, provoking them to strike him down ... teasing them and coaxing them into making mistakes.

The fact that he was next to his father angered him more and led him to feel no remorse when pummeling his enemies, it seemed the more he fought to do the opposite the more it drew him closer to the likes of his senior. However, those feelings could be easily ignored as he looked to his right, there was one of his best friends that rode side-by-side with him and also 3rd in  command Marcus Crassus. His friend Marcus reminded him so much of his friends back home that it was only natural for them to get along, and despite the five year age difference they actually had alot in common. As they headed into the battle it was evident early that the forces of Pontus were were no match, the Roman forces were easily triumphant over the feeble people with minimum losses.

On the way back to the main base; Roddo and company ran into the slave revolt led by Spartacus, the epitome of annoyance to the Roman Army. This was Rome's 3rd run-in with these slave forces, the previous 2 hard fought battles ending in defeat. "Oistin-Zuex!" his father would scream out as he watched his son ride into battle in front of everyone, the origin of the shout didn't matter much to Roddo or the soldiers ... it was the meaning that motivated them forward. This was Roddo's middle name, it meant 'Revered Son Of Apollo' and he wore that title proudly.

Going into battle Roddo didn't know that this would be his last, as the fight ensued he and his best friend fought back to back making sure no harm came to each other. Such was a tradition among soldiers, especially among the this tight knit unit that conquered enemy after enemy. As Roddo became more and more involved in the fight he could fill himself filling with rage as time progress, as he looked back toward his friend he noticed that he created some distance between them due to lack of concentration. On his way back toward Marcus he noticed a member of the opposing rebel forces coming up behind him, with a swift dash the young leader dispatched the enemy with a solid strike to his neck. The head would be seen rolling on the ground, the face frozen in surprise ... "Pay more attention Marcus, or that will be your head next ..." he would state in a slight chuckle. As serious as the fight was, him and his friend could always make light of life and death situations; it reminded them that they still alive.

As the fight went on it looked like they would come out with the victory, Roddo's friend has somehow received an injury to his leg and was carried back toward his father's area. The younger Ptolemaios could be seen slightly off in the distance making his way back toward what he though was the 'safe area' to tend to his friend, but then he noticed 2 archers in full stretch ready to attack. He ran as fast as he could into the linesight of both archers and knocked down both his father and his friend, one would think he would've lef this father standing to take the brunt of the attack but that was far fromt he truth. They say in the spur of the moment, a life saving action is truly a show of feelings for the target; something Roddo would disagree with if he ever had the chance.

Even though he had saved his friend's life and ironically his father also, he had put himself in danger and paid the price. Roddo took the 2 arrows in the side of his ribs, as he lay motionless on  the battlefield all he could think of is his mother and the friends he left behind. The last thing he saw was his father and his friend as his vision blurred away, his hatred seemingly fading away with him ..[/strike]

Life in District 78 :

As he woke up in the strangest place (Rukongai) it was hard for him to come to grips  that he was alone. Approached by people of his age, he never was willing to make friends or to even concern himself with others fearing that he will somehow once again lose them. Roddo would've actually preferred to have friends but it was a choice which he made, he always thought to himself that he could never get anything done unless he was by himself. But most of his thoughts and even his environment was an afterthought because ever since he had awoken in this strange place; he had an insatiable hunger that began to take presidence over everything else. He had never experienced anything like it, he could have stuffed his face until he was about to burst and he would feel like he was starving an hr or so later. He became a glutton, but his body seemed to adjust and grow according to his new appetite instead of storing the fat and resulting in obesity.

Living among the citizens in West Inuzuri was far from easy, hell ... most souls his age would have perished within the first month or so. The district was the epitome of poverty, most the citizens were barefoot and wore dirty rags to cover their bodies. Food was scarce, violence was at an all time high, and there were no such thing as laws ... your belongings was just as good as everyone's unless you can defend them. Roddo didn't have much but he had something that he later found many didn't have ... his memories, for some reason he retained his memories of his time in the living realm. Whether that was a good thing or not; he didn't care ... he used those memories almost everyday as a driving force behind his actions. He would stay up countless nights staring up at the sky, tears rolling down his eyes as countless battles with his friends flashed before his eyes.

What would this new life bring? Why did he have to live in the condition that he did? He refused to continue in sorrow, he had made the decision early to escape from his current style of living. His living style became harder and harder as time went along though, his hunger grew and the availability of food shrunk. If he was to make a change, he had to return to the person he was before he died. The young soul began to spend most of his days exercising and conditioning his body, practicing his combat skills barehanded and with makeshift weapons he made out of scraps he found laying around. He did much of his training during sun down due to the fact that it was quiet and there less of a chance that he could be interrupted by his peers or strangers looking to take advantage of him.

During the day Roddo would rarely be found out and about the district, mostly because he was catching up on sleep during the say. Due to the fact that he always pushed himself to the limit while training, he found him resting whenever he got the chance. Roddo had never taken kindly to threats and he often find himself defending those that couldn't defend themselves  in certain situations. One day he got up early, (early to him is about 1-2 in the afternoon) he decided to walk around. As he was walking quietly to himself he noticed that a young boy a bit smaller than himself was arguing about what seems to be a soccer ball, as he got closer he noticed that an older fellow had taken the ball and the young  boy was just trying to get it back. Long story short, Roddo was taken lightly in the situation and the older fellow got hurt in the process but Roddo was praised for sticking up for the younger one.

Roddo loved the feeling that the praise brought to him, among his time in the district  78 he was widely known for his actions among it's occupants, he was actually feared among the bullies and they tried to make sure he didn't catch them when they were up to no good. During his training sessions he always found a way or some method to further his training, he often relived thoughts of his past that quickly angered him and gave him bursts of energy while training pushing him to his limits. But this wasn't enough, "there has to be more ..." he would constantly think to himself as he stared off into space at random moments ...

That feeling of being praised was soon overshadowed when later in the day the older boy returned with friends; most of them adults and fully equipped with knives and swords. They were focused on teaching Roddo a lesson and counted on him being frightened, it was obvious that they highly underestimated him. All they accomplished that night was helping him train, the way they held their weapons was proof enough that none of the them had actual battle experience and it wasn't long before they all were disarmed and writhing in pain on the ground.

After multiple encounters with the same men and others who wanted to test their skills against him; the boy previous known as Roddo Ptolemaios quickly realized that he didn't belong where he laid his head every night. After talking to a few elders in the district and inquiring about the 'suited' people that he seldom seen in the night; he learned of seireitei and what it stood for. Despite this being the "afterlife" it's system was similar to the world he knew, he assumed that these 'shinigami' were similar to his Roman army ... a title and place that would probably be as close to home as he'd get. This would be his goal, according to the information he got from the various elders throughout the district ... the chances of one was slim and finding a quick way to get there from the district was even slimmer. His options were to wait to be acknowledged by a shinigami on duty, noticed by a 'Captain' shinigami, or to walk toward the gates of Seireitei.

Judging from what he was told, the further out the district was; the more seldom that one would run into a normal shinigami let alone a captain. Even then, getting ones attention would be even harder so it left only one option. It was obvious to those around him that this particular soul was very much different from the other citizens that resided in West Inuzuru but being different wasn't enough, If he didn't prepare himself for the unknown than it could very well be the end of what he previously was. From then he devised a plan, he would go from district to district ... engaging in duels with the strongest fighters known inside of it. The problem was, he was already 2 districts ahead and it wouldn't mean much if he couldn't defeat the strongest person from district #80; known to be the most dangerous. If he couldn't conquer this mission that he put himself on then it would be meaningless to think that he could become the shinigami that he sought out to be.

80 floors of warm blood:

Years had gone by, many bloody battles,  many complete victories, many wounds later he had only made it to the 20th district; which was way behind schedule for him. He had set a goal to get through all the districts within the same year he started, but he obviously underestimated the obstacles that would stand in his way. There was one miscalculation about this journey he decided to embark on, one would think that as the districts got close to seireitei they would be easier to conquer ... the farthest from the truth. District 80 - 40 was rather easy, only allowing him to 'warm up' or practice new concepts to battling in the spirit realm; most of the difficulty came there after.

The young soul had long ago abandoned the name Roddo Ptolemaios and adapted a name in which his foes began to call him, somehow as he traveled through the districts the news began to travel ahead of him. So everyone began to call him 'Kenpachi' as he continued to slay his foes, the districts ahead of him began to looking forward to the duels that he initiated in. By now; he had the appropriate clothing and footwear that would have been impossible to attain in his original district. As he got closer to the Seireitei walls the villages became much richer and his opponents became less violence driven and more organized, he went from infamous murderers of the 80th to renown law men of the 30th.

Along with better clothes; came better food, came better materials and better weapons but the Kenpachi had abandoned standard weapons. He felt like he had maximized his potential with swords and other long distance weapons and longed for a more exciting experience, an up close and personal experience. "Anyone who can eye down the edge of a sharp sword and a sharpened arrow barehanded and come out unscathed can surely conquer many obstacles ..." was his train of thought, and as such he relinquished all weapons with an exception of cloth wraps around his arms and a pair of metal gauntlets he came across. His appendages was all he needed, though such a transition came with a price. Until he mastered such a fighting style he would definitely take more damage in his battle than he did before, but "there is no better lesson or experience than pain" was his driving force.

More blood, more wounds, more experience and more ... reiatsu? It was only a matter of time before the Kenpachi came self conscious about his own abilities, but it wasn't before he encountered someone who was already self aware.  It didn't come until he was 3 districts away from his goal, but the District of Hokutan would be the beginning of it all. As soon as he entered the district he was surrounded by foes, there he was ... the bull in a ring but did they all want a piece of him? No, it seemed as though they were being organized by one; a suited one ... a shinigami. As the circle began to split; the figure walked toward the center and greeted the ex-soldier, the smirk on his face very much apparent. "So, this is the infamous Kenpachi that has been stirring up the districts citizens and  causing a ruckus eh?" he would state as he looked upon the young soul with a sly smile.

The Inuzuri Kenpachi wouldn't even respond, he just kept his wits about him as the shinigami got closer. His jaw tightened, and his muscles tensed as the shini got closer and closer; "You don't look like mu-" before the uniformed man could even finish his sentence he had a mouth full of the man's knuckles. The sheer force of the punch was enough send the shinigami flying back into one of the nearby watermelon stand, almost immediately as he landed a bright orange aura shot out from the direction of the shinigami. The sensation the aura was given off was strange but oddly enough it excited the Inuzuri, it was evident that it was coming from the soul reaper as he pulled himself out of the rubble ... the blood from his mouth dripping onto his white haori.

"You think you're hot shit, but you're just a green horn ... how about this?!" the shinigami shouted in a rage as his aura seemed to grow bigger, the sensation caused a little tingling in the Kenpachi's fingers and he had yet to figure out what it was ... it was familiar but yet ... not. As he looked around he noticed that the 'minions' that surrounded began to breathe heavy, some of them even falling to the ground. It didn't take much for him to deduct that the cause was this shinigami and this 'power' he possessed, almost immediately he devised a plan. Suddenly the young soul fell to one knee and began breathe hard, soon after the cackling laugh of the shinigami would be heard. "Hahahahahaha, did you really think you could defeat a captain of the Gotei?! You don't even know about your own reiatsu, the reason why you're hungry all the time ... the slight burning sensation you feel under your skin ... that fire in your gut ... I can feel it and it's nothing compared that of a soiled veteran. Do you feel that?!" the shinigami continued to shout.

A slight scoff could be heard from the direction of the ex-solder as he return to his feet, completely  unaffected by the man's reiatsu and a wide smile across his face. "Reiatsu huh, so that's what this feeling is ..." he spoke in a lightened tone as he looked down at his hands, "Well, I guess it's my turn to try ..." he muttered as his slowly closed his eyes. He imagined that tingling feeling and visualized that fire burning within within his body, he could feel his body getting warmer as he tuned everything out. 'There!' he thought to himself as he let the feeling explode from his body, a bright red aura burst from his body like a volcano that had been dormant for thousands of years. The pure force of his aura pushed everything with 50 feet of him backwards; cracking the ground beneath him, the eyes of the shinigami captain were particularly peculiar ... they went from utter shock to rolling in the back of his head. Unconscious, that was the state of every that had surrounded him ..

The Inuzuri Kenpachi just stood there for a minute, looking down at himself and reveling in the new state that he found his body in. Suddenly the aura grew bigger, the tingling feeling quickly grew out of control and his surroundings quickly began to become unstable ... all the stand and small houses began to shake and crumble ... the citizens of the 3rd district screaming and fleeing from the area. "Fuck, get it together ..." he muttered to himself as he began to grit his teeth and fell to one knew, "Come on!" he shouted, punching the ground over and over again. He would close his eyes once again and envision that fire, this time it was a raging volcano but somehow he managed to suppress it and return to normal.  His body was completely exhausted, the warrior previously known as Roddo pulled himself to his feet and stumbled around what used to be the 3rd districts market.

Oistin-Zeux, a name that he hadn't abandoned yet ... he awoke in the 1st district of Rukongai. The fact that he made it their in his condition was a feat in itself, but now that he was there he encountered his next obstacle. Getting behind the seireitei walls ...

He would spend the next couple weeks camping out in the first district, keeping a close eye on who was let behind the walls and who were denied. Their speech, their clothes, their posture, their reiatsu levels, the way their reiatsu felt and even the faces they made when responding to other people. Being that he wanted to become a shinigami, he didn't think it was necessary for him to do anything rash so he focused on a different avenue. There were certain being that were allowed behind the wall, seeing them was rare but when they appeared they seemed to demand respect from all of those around them. After another week of reconnaissance he figured out that these folks were nobles of Soul Society, and that is exactly what he aimed for ... it was perfect.

It seemed as though people never knew who the the nobles were, just that they were nobles. Even the gate guardian didn't know the faces, but he asked the names and evidently sensed their reiatsu before letting them past. 'Miyamoto' or 'Kuchiki' he thought to himself as he fell in stride behind a group of nobles, he made sure to keep enough distance to where the other nobles wouldn't be able to hear his response when asked who he was. "Ro- ahem! Excuse me ... Ongaku Hakushi-Miyamoto" he would state as he looked the Gate guardian straight in the face. It was the only answer that made since, the Miyamoto seemed like people of similar posture and similar features and he thought he was off the hook. Just as he began to walk in another young shinigami was heading into the gate, the guardian didn't even ask for any type of identification "Oh? 2 Young Miyamoto? You guys must've been up to no good .." the large guardian commented.

The now 'Ongaku' thought his cover was blown as he continued in the direction he was goin; he was quickly stopped by the other shinigami, "Heh, who do you think you're fooling ... you're not Miyamoto ..." a slightly quiet voice from behind him would be. Something about that voice was familiar and as he turned around he figured out why, Hakushi's eye's widened as he looked upon the shinigami. "XION!" he shouted and slapped him on the shoulder, though the same reaction wasn't returned ... he was simply stared at as though the ex-soldier had 4 eyes. "It's me ... Oistin Zeux" he muttered quietly with his hand up to his face, indeed it had been almost 50 years since he had seen his friend but it was undoubtedly him. He only knew him by Xion but he was the very first person he met in the afterlife; ironically the only friend worth mentioning.

"Oh my god ... I can't believe you made it this far, eh ... what is this Reiatsu I feel from you?" Xion Miyamoto question is long lost friend as he examined his condition that he was in, "Aye, follow me ... judging from the distance you traveled to get here ... power is what you seek." his friend stated as Ongaku smirked a bit, "Heh, you should've seen what I did to that other shinigami in the white haori ..." the ex-soldier said as he boasted a bit about knocking the shinigami captain unconscious in the 3rd district. But just as he began feeling himself and his power a bright light began to shine from Xion, before he knew it he was thrown back with tremendous force ... his body flying through multiple house behind the Seireitei walls.

"What the hell ..." he muttered to him as he got back to his feet and stepped out the rubble, he was unharmed but he had never experienced anything like that from any of the fighters he previously encountered. Was this the level of fighters that the shinigami had in it's ranks? "Come, I'll open your eyes to the world that you think you know ... you have a lot to learn" the noble said as he motioned his friend to follow him, it seemed as though he indeed had a lot to learn and that he took things for granted. The challenge wasn't getting to the Seireitei walls, but surviving behind it.

Behind the Walls:

After reuniting with his now best friend he began down the spiraling road of the shinigami, learning all there was to know when it came to being one. There was much more to being a soul reaper than knowing how to fight, that obviously wasn't an area that he lacked but the concepts to battle were much different in the spirit realm. The basics were the same, but there were more possibilities and applications than Ongaku could've ever thought of and they all seemed to revolve around one thing ... reiatsu. Something that he was told he had monstrous levels of, even in it's untrained state it rivaled most Shinigami Captains that were enlisted in the corps ... or the Gotei as he learned they called it.

Reiatsu, the concept was pretty simple and straight forward but the problem came when it came to controlling; well not for Ongaku but for most. Infact, up until he came no one was even known for having just 'showing up' with that kind of range in their reiatsu. Control, there were two types that he longed for ... one he seemed a natural or a genius at and the other a complete rookie but it was only to be expect ... he had just learn what it was. He had knew enough and was strong enough to become a captain but with the obstacles ahead he knew that he had to transcend if he wanted to survive.

The kenpachi was a genius when it came to manipulating his reiatsu, the epitome if you will but when it came to suppressing and releasing his own he ran into problems. One would usually looks at their reiatsu like a faucet; you turn the knob a little and a little come outs and you turn it back to shut it off. The problem came when he realized his knob was much bigger than others, and that little turn caused a waterfall to burst out of this said faucet. To help, he commissioned the 12th division captain to design something for him that would limit his total use ... thus allowing him to control his reiatsu like a normal person would. After all; he would cause harm to most of the shinigami around him if he just let his reiatsu levels leak out of his body.

A band made of Sekkiseki stone and lonsdaleite was the solution, the contraption attached to his arm was nearly indestructible and constantly controlled and absorbed the reiatsu that leaked from his body. The minerals inside of it was made from the same stone that prevented reiatsu from affecting the walls of Seireitei, which also prevents anyone; including Kenpachi from attempting to destroy it using the same. It was made to respond to his voice, his dna, and his reiatsu signature. Considering he could manipulate his reiatsu perfectly, a simple application in the direction of the band would release it; as well as a voice command or manual release. The deactivation of the device alone was dangerous to those around him because it actually stored the reiatsu it collected instead of cancelling it out, so when it is released; so did all the stored energy.

There are 3 levels to his now 'controlled' reiatsu, each releasing a percentage more as needed by the shinigami captain. At first there was only one but as he began to hone his skills it was evident that his reiatsu was truly monstrous and needed more limiters added to it, such a thing was both a blessing and a curse as he sometimes mistakenly hurt comrades and then hurt himself by not releasing enough.  Eventually he got the hang of it ..

Many centuries had went by and many things had changed since he first walked behind the walls of Seireitei, the first major change was him becoming an official shinigami. His battle prowess was recognized immediately by his peers and those in command as soon as he joined the ranks, luckily for him the ranks of shinigami were just becoming more ogranized and he was put in a leading position. Each squad was giving a number and a duty, his friend Xion had chosen the 9th division and he himself chose the 11th squad. Ongaku Hakushi, Kenpachi of the Gotei 13 and the 11th Division Vice-Captain; that had a nice ring to it.

Then there was a problem, the title of 'Kenpachi', a title which he was given as he traveled through the most dangerous districts of rukongai. It seemed as though the title had been held already, but the captain of the 11th div and even someone by the name of Kuro who had recently defected. This rubbed the vice-captain all the wrongs ways, he wouldn't give up his now self-proclaimed title and will strive to show who the true kenpachi is, but meanwhile he knew he had a long way to go. His goals would be put on hold for the meantime ...

Then there were other changes that affected the Gotei as a whole, techniques, skills and abilities that were discovered that would shift the way the shinigami fought and defended themselves. Being the genius that he was when it came to the manipulation of reiatsu he discovered multiple amounts of applications in which it could be used with the body; enhancing ones ability to get the upper hand. The basic applications of reiatsu in regards to shunpo, through a century of training sessions with Xion Miyamoto he has designed he own unique fighting style. Not to say that he was the greatest but the basic principle and theory was all he needed to perfect, and after he did the shinigami potential grew to a whole different level.

After breaking the barrier on reiatsu it was only a matter of time before the different shinigami began to make it their own, Xion & Ongaku when ahead and became masters of shunpo; the Miyamoto taking it further and combining it with the kidou concept and creating a technique called 'Shunko'. Despite creating the concept behind kidou, something about Hakushi's reiatsu didn't let him perform them efficiently ... he could initiate a whole chant but once the reiatsu secreted from his body it would become unstable; thus leading to him giving up on it all together. Some would look at that as a disadvantage but the shinigami prospered this long without it; he knew he would be just fine.

One of his most interesting encounters came after the befriending of a young shinigami by the name  of {Blank} , what struck Ongaku's interest the most about this young man was the fact  that he was soft spoken ... but matched Roddo in height and muscle mass. {Blank}'s physical  strength was off the charts, but he preferred a more mystical way of fighting ... the  kidou arts. Training with {Blank} not only gave him a physical challenge when fighting  hand to hand, by gave him plenty of practice when defending against kidou arts ... one of the more effective being a kidou that was developed by {Blank} himself.

It was first revealed during a spar between the two shinigami, Ongaku had brought {Blank} to his knees  and after creating distance between the two ... he fired a chant-less byakurai(White- lightning) kidou aimed for the side of {Blank}abdomen. He made sure not to make it  fatal, but non the less {Blank} remained in his position only to shift his body weight and bring his hand in front of the kidou. The byakurai was highly unstable; to the point that it's trajectory was affected, instead of the typical straight shot it would seemingly bounce everywhere before heading in the direction of his target

Roddo stood emotionless as he watched what seemed to be a condensed air-pocket form in front of {Blank}'s palm, the kidou went right through it ... only to hit an area behind  him of the cave in which they were training in. At first glance it seemed to have  pass through {Blank} as the white lightning would have, but after watching {Blank}  stand to his feet unharmed; Ongaku began to question the event. After hours of persuasion,  the Kenpachi slowly got {Blank} to agree to teaching him what seemed at the time to be an  ability only he could use.


Even though he sat at the near top of his division he knew that there was so much more for him to accomplish, It had been almost a millennia since he had stepped behind those high walls and into his position as vice-captain and he had yet to discover his zanpakuto's true name. For a long time he just believed that he didn't need it, he felt as though that knowing his weapon's name would just lead to another useless relationship but he couldn't have been the farthest from the truth. During a training session he felt something within himself, a longing for a deeper relationship with zanpakuto's spirit so he entered into a meditative state and attempted to make contact.

It wasn't the first time he had contact with the spirit but it was surely a seldom thing, even when the spirit spoke to him he blocked it out as something in his imagination. You would think that someone would've taught him but something involving the relationship between him and his weapon but maybe it was better off this way, countless times he had watched his peers enter shikai and bankai with ease ... it was his turn. At first the zanpakuto seemed reluctant to even speak, only staring at the captain within his inner world but after continuous visits over the next few months they finally started speaking to each other. The problem was that his inner spirit's personality was too much similar to his own, stubborn, angry, arrogant, but after many arguments and disagreements they finally found a common ground ... progression.

Over the next few decades or so Ongaku would build the relation necessary to accomplish what he wanted to, until one training session he secluded himself in a cave in the outskirts of Rukongai. After requesting the presence of his zanpakuto spirit they engaged in a series of questions and answers, things that the Kenpachi always wondered about but thought the spirit was too stubborn to answer. During this session he learned a lot and pushed himself to learn more but became heavily injured in the process, after-all they did more than just have a conversation with each other. The VC was both physically drained and mentally drained, more than he had been in over a century. He slowly made his way back to the 11th division barracks where he was found lying on the ground ... exhausted, when he awoke he was approached by the 9th division captain with questions as to what happened.

The 11th division VC would just smirk and refuse to tell due to the fact that many of his and the 9th division members accompanied the captain,  but once he looked Xion Miyamoto in his eyes and tapped on his zanpakuto; his friend knew immediately without him even saying a word. He had achieved a greater power but left it out when having the conversation with Xion, but he could not help but to think that his commander knew about it due to the fact that he was constantly put on  missions that were usually taken by multiple captains at once. Even then, instead of revealing his abilities he simply pushed himself and fought like he normally would; the challenge in the fight meant more than the outcome at this point.

Roddo usually stayed secluded from the other members of the Gotei besides his previous training partners, he felt the need to so to develop his skills even more than what they were currently at. After one hard day of training, he was called into the manor by the head of the family that took him under his. It was being brought to his attention that a young boy was being brought into the family, someone that was said to have the potential drive that would push the family into nobility along with Roddo.

For decades to come he would develop his power more and more, until he himself was put on captain missions ... such decision was brought on by the captain commander himself after discovering his actual skill during a training exercise between Roddo and himself.  As the years went on Ongaku could see himself changing, allowing himself to become closer to others like Xion and his commander.

About 10 years later, many of his peers seemed to watch him closely after the incident due to the fact that it was rumored he could fight on par with the top captains while they were in shikai with a sealed zanpakuto . Known to most, the only thing that Hakushi could be found doing besides training was researching various things; information was his strong suit. A new captain was appointed to the 9th division, no one in the Gotei including himself knew exactly who he was. Besides sharing the first name,  what made it more eerie was that the shinigami's physical appearance and style matched  closely with his own.

It was like Ongaku was looking at a much younger version of himself, this was something worth researching. Upon further investigation it was found out that he was an ancestor of this said captain of the 9th, his name being 'Roddo Jones'. The chances of finding someone from your life in the real world, let alone a relative was a very rare event indeed. Before he could approach the captain, Jones was sent off on a mission to into the real world to investigate several disappearances of seated shinigami. Ongaku, being the late person he usually was ... doing what he considered priority ... he was dispatched to this captain's location late.

After being dispatched, the Kenpachi had arrived to what seemed to be a barren land and a  massacre of the 9th division. Scattered bodies, seated members laid out on the ground, some bled out and others dismembered beyond belief. After searching the area thoroughly he finally  ran across what looked to be the captain, there he lay on the ground breathing heavily  ... his zanpakuto laying at his side. After running up to him and trying to communicate,  it seemed as though he couldn't speak. After being bent over, Ongaku rose to his feet and  began to analyze the area. His eyes narrowed as he placed his hand on his zanpakuto and  slowly drew it from it's sheathe, something was still lingering in the area but he  couldn't tell exactly what it was.

Suddenly, he quickly turned around swinging his  zanpakuto vertically ... whatever he had hit was moving at extreme speeds, if it wasn't  for Ongaku's earth/air affinity/manipulation he wouldn't have been able to feel it's presence.  After walking over to what fell to his sword, he noticed it was a Raven ... now cut in half it wasn't much of a threat but at the speeds it was traveling it could have easily ripped off an appendage of a seated member which explains what happened to his squad. But it still didn't explain what happened to the captain, after staring at the raven for  a while it began to morph. Hakushi bent down and picked up what it morphed into, it seemed  as though it reverted into a piece of a hollow mask.

It wasn't over yet, as Ongaku began to walk over to the captain he stopped in his  tracks ... his zanpakuto began to decay and fall to the ground as he wordlessly released his shikai. He had sensed something, it seemed far in distance but very close at the same time. The sands around him began to swirl as his reiatsu spiked due to the release of his zanpakuto, suddenly a large arm sprouted from the ground and latched onto the captain's  leg. With fast reflexes the sand around him covered the arm, quickly decaying it. After such; a echoing scream could be heard miles from his location, and the reiatsu signature he had sensed had disappeared. His attention quickly averted back toward the captain, it seemed as though he had already passed. Sighing, the Kenpachi moved his sands over the body of his captain ... a red glow began to illuminate from below the sands as his captains body was absorbed into his zanpakuto. "Long live Roddo Jones ... " he mumbled as he received the order to return and report his findings upon arrival, even till now the person behind the attack was never discovered.

:Blood of A Noble:

After that incident a few investigations had began; both by Ongaku and the central 46, what were the chances of two earth born relatives ended up as shinigami ... both of captain capacity. Blood work and research eventually revealed that Ongaku's blood was almost identical to an ancient noble family that had long time disappeared, their name and status long time forgotten. It was rumored that the whole clan escaped to the living realm and permanently parted ways with Soul society but the information was never proven, well some of it had to be true if this seed of noble blood was now evident in the captain

The Hakushi Clan, it didn't make much sense to adapt his blood's old clan name because he knew nothing about them. What would be the sense in carrying a name you knew nothing about, hell ... even Ongaku's name was made up but the name now stood for something in Soul Society's history. He made the name, he paved the way, his accomplishments his own and now they belonged to a family. Now his name not only stood among the toughest in the Gotei's history but along side the likes of the Miyamoto and the Kuchiki.


A millennia; yup that's right ... a thousand years had gone by since he walked behind the walls of Seireitei. The changes in himself and those around him were numerous, most of the original captains of the Gotei had perished ... leaving only about 3 of them including himself. Now stood his best friend; Xion Miyamoto; the 9th Div Taicho of the Gotei ...what was left to accomplish? Ongaku was indeed lazy but he wouldn't leave his duties; hell ... fighting is one of the most exciting things going on in his life at the current time but a feeling deep inside him told him that there was more.

The now 11th division Taicho longed for something, something greater than his position, his power, his battles, something alot more satisfying ... something almost orgasmic. Of course the chances of that happening out side of his sexual escapades were slim to none but he wouldn't stop trying, he wouldn't stop searching. His clan had flourished, going from literally 1 member to being one of the most prominent noble clans of Soul Society. It has been a long long journey but something tells hims that it is only the beginning ...
Side Notes: Don't think so lol

RP Sample:
The day couldn't really get better, and for Roddo it all started with the rain.  Something about rain always made the atmosphere around him feel comfortable and  serene, he actually looked forward to stormy and rainy days. This was  definitely a day to relax, fortunately ... yes fortunately he received a  request for a spar by a shinigami in the seat below him. The dull clattering of  his boots could be heard in the hallway leading to the training area, his hands  swinging subtly by his side and his hair twirling behind him as thoughts filled  with anticipation encompassed his mind. If you listened closely you could  probably hear the blaring of music coming from the items in his ears, Jino  dipped his hands into everything and one of his favorite living realm items has  to be the mp3 player. "Na na na that dat don't kill me, can only make me  stronger. I need you to hurry up, cause i can't wait much longer. I know i got  to be right now, cause i can't get much wronger. Man i been waitin all night  now, that's how long i have been on ya." The lyrics of the words could be  heard as he parted his lips, he was definitely different when it came to  shinigami but he was never the type to blend in the background. A solemn sound  of a slide would be heard as he opened the doorway to the training area ...

"Wow, I thought I'd be the first to show up ..." he said as he noticed  that his opponent for today was already in the room, and in position to strike  no less. If his heart could smile it would definitely be showing all 32 right  now, what made it even better was that his opponent was female. Regardless of  gender, Roddo would be the last to turn down a spar let alone underestimate her because of such. She didn't even respond, her face was stripped of emotion as she charged Roddo and went for a strike downward. He would meet the blade with  his left hand, of course it wouldn't be barehanded ... jino kept his blades on  his waist for easy access ... he had quickly slipped his fingers into one of  them to block the females advance. "Take it easy ..." he said as his  demeanor quickly changed, the female eyebrow began to quiver as she rose her  blade just to bring it down again ... this time with stronger force. "Must be that time for the month eh?" he said as a smirk creeped across the side  of his as he reached for his second blade to prepare himself for the coming  strike.

The impact was definitely something not to take lightly, this girl was seemingly  mad at the world and this spar can quickly become dangerous if Roddo didn't  keep his wits about himself. So obviously the joking had to stop, as her blade  came down the second time he met her attack with both his blades ... by putting  his fists on top of each other he created V with his blades. This not only  stopped her strike but allowed Roddo to seemingly trap her blade between him.  "Now let's see what you really got ..." Relinquishing his postion on the  ground, Jino did a cartwheel ... even with his large frame this move was fluid  and seamless. With her blade caught between his her only option was to either  let go of her zanpakuto or hold onto it which would bring her body off-balanced  to where she may fall. That wasn't the least of her problems though, for both  of Roddo's feet were aiming for the side of his opponents face ... so even if  she let go if she wasn't the type to quickly think on her feet ... well ...  down she would go.

Luckily for her she made the right decision, by letting go of her zan and  crouching simultaneously she dodge both attempted attacks to her face and  quickly recovered to send a straight kick to the midsection of Jino's body.  Roddo would take the kick, the momentum of the attack would push him to the  wall that was about a foot behind him. Placing his right foot on the wall, he  would push off while using the quickness of his shunpo to close the distance as  the girl would recoil her leg from her attack. Almost instantly his blades  would be at her neck, though she seemingly saved her self by quickly grabbing  her blade and putting it between Roddo's attack as she lay on her back. Jino  towered over her, they were locked in a battle of strength ... in a real battle  the girl's life would have definitely been taken. As he used his body weight  and strength to push her blade back toward her neck she would let out a slight  whimper, as his blades came within millimeters of her neck he would relinquish  his position and and turn toward the exit to leave.

Coming to her feet she would give Roddo a piece of her mind, "WHY'D YOU  STOP?! AS A SHINIGAMI YOU'RE NOT TO SHOW ANY MERCY TO THE ENEMY! NOOO  MERCY!" She would scream in his direction as her eyes would began to fill  with tears, her wrist would began to shake as the grip on her zan would loosen.  Turning around he would approach her, her stance was weak but she managed to  bring her zan up to guard her self. Roddo would hold his arms out after placing  his zanpakutos back at his side to show that he meant no harm, as he got closer  her would grab her hand that held the hilt of her blade to stabilize her grip.  He slowly leaned to the side of her face "You're not the enemy, learn to  treasure those around you and when the time comes it will all make sense." he  spoke calmly in her ear, ad placed a kiss on her cheek. As he turned to the  exit the female shinigami fell to her knees and gripped the material that lay  over her thighs as she began to weep, the life of a shinigami definitely wasn't  an easy one.

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#3 Re: Ongaku 'Oistin-Zeux' Hakushi on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:14 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
Right, so since we're doing this now, few things need to be addressed.

Hakuda and Hoho, are yes, both classified as minor. This on top of Speed and Strength, adds up to 4 strengths, 2 major, 2 minor
The problem is that Vertigo is not a weakness, as it doesn't fall under the stat system we use. This leaves you with 2 weaknesses, 1 major, 1 minor.

To fix this, I'd ask that you put one real weakness up in place of Vertigo, which can be re-tacked into personality for all I care. Since your 'bracelet' seems to indicate that you can't control your power properly without it, I'd suggest spiritual control. Saying that you have more energy or power than normal people isn't gonna pass, seeing as you wouldn't have the stat to back it up.

God's Aura - Let's be real with this one, this is usable even when his zan is sealed. Tis fine. I'm glad at least that you're keeping to the power scalings that we've set. I'm okay with you being able to do hand to hand combat against Zan-users, but there's no way in hell that you're going to stopping Zan strikes cold. I'm going to simply ask that energy-based attacks be stopped once per post up to a Cero in damage, anything over that gets through after being mitigated.

I'm outright denying the ability to nope anything that isn't 3 tiers above you. That's blatant and overpowered as fuck, man. If you can think of an alternative to that, by all means, but you are not going around with seven layers of protection while sealed.

Invisible hands - Woohoo you can punch really fast. I'm not going to worry too much about this since very few people will be anywhere near the 'average' level of speed that you're implying. The problem is, saying that someone needs to be three tiers higher, speedwise to match wits with you completely conflicts with the word 'average' strewn throughout your description. Remove all mention of tier gaps.

Nimble Sense - Most of this is flair, so I don't care much about it. The issue I'm running into is 'moving at 3x your normal speed' Because let's face it, the way speed works here? Speed per tier is speed per tier, you have it as a strength on top of hoho, so you're not going beyond shunpo speed, and you're definitely not moving at shunpo speed for too long. I don't mind the visual effects either though, those are fine.

Removal - I don't mind the removal of say dust, friction, drag, and environmental distractions from a given area, but there's no way in hell you'd be removing and thereby noping someone else's ability to use things like kidou and other powers. Keep in mind this would also extend to things like dust, if it were under the control of someone else, you wouldn't be able to stop that.

Shikai - First off, decaying anything that is organic, or a spiritually imbued object in any way is a definite NO. You are not making your opponent rot to death, not decaying the weapon of your opponent, or anything of that sort. Breaking down of structures and objects, however, that is doable, but in that case, tiers wouldn't matter.

You are NOT siphoning energy off of other people's kidou in this manner, and even if you did, it would cap off at 20% of what little energy you possess.

I'm okay with the melee absorption because someone could literally walk up to you, give you a solid pummeling and walk away before you could even blink.


Ahh yes, now for the main event, Super Gaara. In all realism, we've talked about Decay, so let's skip over that. What I'm laughing at is the Quartz/sand/dust. While this much is supported by science, there's one little thing you're forgetting. Anything with spiritual power is capable of fighting off your sand. It might be a total standstill if a water user went up against you, but you are surely not capable of totally crushing someone else just because they're an elemental. Technically, the way I'm seeing this, the dust would be classified as both wind and earth when used, but this is fine. Just take that into consideration when talking elements. Fire would melt sand, and as a result, likely trap anything that was impervious to decent heat.

Moving on, we have a sand-blanket that basically gives you super-sensing and nopes movement techs. Denied.
You also pull shittons of nearly unblockable (denied af) weapons out of your ass. Okay but how and why?
You also have Full aura control, which previously in your app, you mentioned you didn't have in Bankai. Either way, denied.

Giant dust summon? Cool. It's 3 tiers below you. Other than that, I don't care.

Please review the suggestions I've posed, and if any questions come up, please message me.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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