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I've went over this with most people, but for clarity sake here it is..

Hyper Mode/Segunda/Toukai/Whatever equivalent: 0-5 or higher tier required. If you have over 500 posts and are tier 1-1, ask me, we'll do a training thread, and hash that out there.

Bankai/Resse/Secondary Form/Equivalents: 2-1 and higher. 2-3's and 2-2's can if they have 500 posts, and get staff permission.

Shikai/Equivalents: 3-3 and higher.

Have fun.

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Quincy's Letz Still and Arrancar Resurreccion are a default now. All Quincy and Arrancar have at least one release stage, regardless of their tier. In the event that they grow strong enough, they can use their second form; respectively, Vollstandig and Segunda Etapa.

Additionally, if a Quincy or Arrancar is not technically strong enough to use their Release State properly (outlined by the above guidelines), their boosts are adjusted to Neutral in Passive and 2x in Release, bringing them on par with a Shinigami and their Shikai. Upon reaching a high enough tier, their boosts will return to normal, being 2x at Passive and 3x in Release.

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