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Yuel Duulheim, Seitou Banchou of Karakura.

The end of the school year was racing fast, and just as at any grade, these next few months were the fastest of the year. Christmas break just passed by, and the ever progressive Yuel already put some work into thinking about his future. The fruitful dream of adventure, to delve into the world of spirituality--sure, that sounded like a wonderful experience.

But all journeys come to an end, and some never even start. The ideals of the poverty-stricken will never stray from some the plague known as practicality and realism, even bordering pessimism in contingency towards the worst-case scenario. For that reason, what with Yuel's academic success and extracurricular participation, there might as well be an effort placed into taking advantage of his hypothetically free-ride.

Being offered a tour of Tokyo U, Yuel couldn't resist. Having set his future in motion, the ambitious Student Council President boarded a train to the big city itself. Misfortune always struck the most hopeful, unfortunately; at a stop around half the distance, the train systems went down. Anxiety filled his chest as the unavoidable surge of worst-case scenarios flooded his head. What if he didn't make it there on time? Would this ruin his chances to attend the most prestigious institute of higher civilian education in the entire country? What if he had to pretend to be a girl forevermore? Attending Tokyo U was of course his avenue of escape from the imposing Senpai Yuel still had mixed feelings about.

So, like all things, Yuel had to take matters into him own hands. This was the same mentality that brought him to be the school's president, leading him to replace the at-the-time incompetent incumbent, or take position as the figurative head of the delinquent force of Karakura High.

Yuel immediately set out to board the nearest and quickest series of buses to Tokyo. Perhaps not as fast as the train, she should still be able to make it there at noon, giving plenty of time to attend the touring. And once more, misfortune struck the most hopeful. Lo and behold, just barely in the same prefecture as Tokyo, the bus Yuel boarded broke down.

With not many other options besides a reishi-propelled mad dash that would if anything leave him spiritually exhausted, a level of fatigue likely to cause him to faint and therefore be redundant, Yuel could only frustratingly take a breather.

Walking through the nearby forest the road cut through, a sense of serenity returned to him, if only for a moment. Just thinking about the circumstances and how futile his ambitions were in the face of the heavens--it was infuriating! Yuel perceived himself to be privileged, if only to make him less appreciative of how good things were, so that when some higher power eventually took all of it away, he'd be left broken. That was true modern-age pessimism.

With nothing to do but rage on, in a venting burst of anger Yuel punched down a nearby tree with a reiryoku-enhanced fist. The abrupt strike served to cut down the tree fairly clean, but the subsequent combustion of the awfully dry trunk offered by the friction induced by Yuel's attack came without warning, and frankly freaked the boy out.

"Oh shit oh shit oh no oh shit not like this !!"

Where was the ranger bear when you needed him? Was Yuel really the only one around to put out the starter to a potential forest fire? The matter of being capable wasn't relevant right now--after all, panic ensued! Even if it were for only one person, that just meant 100% of the occupants in the vicinity were panicking!

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Espada Tercera
Espada Tercera
Since her awakening from her more animalistic side, Seras had been enjoying her time in the world rather than burning it to cinders. At heart (if she had one that is) she was a gentle creature, filled with wanderlust and a sense of adventure. The endless white desert of her home was bland, featureless and filled to the brim with other less intelligent hollows that preferred to greet visitors with their teeth and claws. As such, she spent as much time as she possibly could escaping the place.

This is what lead her to the wonderous forest she found herself in, as her ability to accurately create a garganta seemed to be entirely based on luck. That was fine though, the arrancar preferred it like that. She never quite knew where she might end up. With such a lovely landscape she couldn’t help but explore! Examining everything she could on her way too… well, wherever she ended up!. Adjusting her dress, she stepped out of the dark void she had appeared from and set about her way.

It was amazing to see the world, every time she came here there was something different. Be it a forest, a city or some lovely lush plains. So far though, this forest intrigued her the most. Carefully making her path through the trees, blissfully unaware that there was something going on nearby. It came as a shock at first, with a burst of spiritual pressure managing to catch her attention. Somewhere nearby! Maybe it was finally one of those shinigami she had wanted to meet. With glee, she heads off in the sources general direction, ecstatic that even out here she might get to make a new friend.

As she closed in however, the power seemed to fade, lingering only in wisps that she could barely sense. With a feeling of anger that seemed to resonate with her. It seemed to ring through her ears like some awful high pitched ring. Her own inner turmoil seemed to want to flow freely once more, but she wouldn’t let it, not here. With a new hop in her step she rushed in hopes of finding this being with the goal of helping it, however she could.

Concentrating as hard as she could, she followed her senses all the way to what seemed to be the startings of a forest fire, one of those mighty trees had been cut asunder. Smoke followed of course, blocking her vision with some eerily familiar feelings. Closing her eye she holds out a hand as the flames would miraculously begin to raise, leaving the charred body of the tree extinguished before she dissipated the heat. With the major distraction out of the way, Seras drifted her vision across to the boy that had apparently started the blaze.

“Are you okay?”
She raised an eyebrow as she straightened up her cloak a little, affixing her zanpakuto securely to her back. Stepping over the tree to get a better look at him, crimson eye slowly looking the boy over while he was panicking. She had hopes that now his feelings would fade, that he would calm down so she could maybe help him. After all, they were in the middle of a forest, he must be lost being out here all by himself.

She stepped on inwards, closing the distance between them before offering her customary greeting of a well practiced curtsy. Mostly to show that she wasn’t a threat, even if he could feel her spiritual pressure weighing down on him. Her own inner fire warming up the area substantially, almost being uncomfortable. Though it seemed to dissipate a little, it’s strength slowly simmering down as she let the expended energy slowly drift back to her.
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NOTICE: Thread Discontinued.

I'm really sorry about this, asking you for a thread only to after just one round opt to end it. I've been having some issues with Yuel, visualising his potential development and growth as a character, and given the way I set him up, amongst various reasons, I'll be deactivating him as I just don't see him compatible and viable considering the way I intended to play him, and the dispositions he had in those intentions that just don't match up to the character. Again, sorry. All things said, naturally I'll be exiting this thread as well.
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