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#1 [Private] Rethinking Stranger Danger [Ika] on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:24 am

Yuel Duulheim, Seitou Banchou of Karakura.

Being proactive was more like an innate quality. Sure you can force it, but that'll never match up to the naturally inclined busybodies like Yuel. He didn't earn Student Council President through slacking off, after all. Whether he regrets the fact or not is beyond the point.

One of those points of proactivity which propelled Yuel's reputation was the track-team. Perfect for building stamina, his intentions were to get back to spiritual training; god knows how enduring dedicated training is. The average samaritan wouldn't understand--it's a spiritually aware thing--like all things Jersey.

Fortunately, practice was over, and Yuel changed back into his school uniform. Never would he dare take the chance to shower at the school's locker-room. There were far too many flags to raise, and as a dedicated believer of any number of superstitions, even at him age some stress-induced stroke wasn't impossible.

The issue is, as goes with Yuel's constant stream of misfortune, unsolicited flags always popped up around him regardless of intention. Normally, Yuel concealed his reiryoku and overall spiritual awareness, especially in a hot-zone like Karakura Town. Suppression of his own presence didn't take away from his capacity to sense others, however. So, when he felt this massive presence bearing down on him, it couldn't be ignored.

Assuming this was just the passing-by of some sort of big-shot, Yuel still kept his own energy at bay, but counteracting the overwhelming reiatsu was still absolutely necessary. Consolidating that energy out of his body but still tightly controlled so as to not let any emissions out, Yuel was able to carry on normally--the issue was whether the big-shot in question would.

I'm exhausted and sweaty and would really like a shower, so please, god, let them pass over. Dealing with vizards are by no means on my agenda right now, so please.

Passing on that silent prayer, the hopeful scene of a hot shower, bath, and decent meal consumed Yuel's mind in aims of distracting him from the circumstances. As with most things, if you pretend they're not there, then normally they won't be, right?


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#2 Re: [Private] Rethinking Stranger Danger [Ika] on Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:22 am

Ika had heard about some school-girl Quincy that was kicking ass and taking names in regards to.. Well, everything. He knew that he needed some Quincies to join his group before he could really take off with it, as he knew that he would them for his ranged combat group.. Archers, it was as though the middle ages never left.. He had heard that the woman was great at sports, even running on the boys team strangely enough, and she was working on both endurance training AND Spiritual training at the same time! Such a woman, such a Quincy, would surely have something to offer Ika in regards to potential military force, and as such, Ika slowly narrowed in on her Reitsu signature, before following it with relative haste. It turns out that the woman was still in school, probably finishing up some sport obligation. He decided he would take a seat on the nearby bench, and light a cigarette, waiting for the woman to walk out. Apparently, the principal wasn't the brightest soul to ever live, and Ika decided in order to draw the Quincy out with furthered haste, he would make a point.

He threw on his mask as the man talked, clearly scaring the living hell out of him as evidenced by the pool of piss that covered the ground, soaking the sidewalk beneath Ika's feet, and because of this Ika airwalked, ever so slightly above the surface in order to keep his shoes clean and free from the puddle. "This will only hurt a little bit.." and as Ika said this, he launched a Cero. He had more or less vaporized the poor principle whom had threatened to call the cops, and now there were firetrucks on the way.. What a fucking pain in the ass.. Ika took his mask off quickly, before seating himself once more on the bench, to wait for the panicked mess of people that would be flooding out fairly soon. Ika certainly wasn't known for subtle approaches to much of anything, but this was a large departure from the norm even for him, and to be quite honest? He kind of liked it in his own, odd way.. The woman seemed to be making her way out, that was of course assuming he was sensing properly... and he began to watch, hoping he would find her, in order to.. well, chat with her..

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#3 Re: [Private] Rethinking Stranger Danger [Ika] on Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:55 pm

NOTICE: Thread Discontinued.

I've already discussed with you the reasons in PMs, but to document it on-site and in-thread, I'll be setting Yuel to bed, therefore discontinuing this thread. Again, sorry.

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