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#1 [Private] Strolling Around Karakura Town (Saga) on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:07 am

Dre found himself, not for the first time, walking the streets of Karakura town. Why was he here? Well, he couldn't honestly decide, himself. There was a sort of grungy allure to the place, sordid but peaceful, loud and noisy but somehow still fascinating in the strangest of ways. He couldn't deny that he hated the way the little maggots scurried to and fro with no compulsion to look up at the sky, even for a moment- "No." He stopped that train of thought and took a deep breath, pausing on a street corner as waves of people flowed past him. "That kind of thinking is wrong. I can't fall into that trap; I'll never venture out again if I do." Strengthening himself, he moved forward again. As he walked, he took the opportunity to look closer at the people around him. As always, he found that whenever he condemned a group completely, he simply was not looking closely enough. Now, peering through the crowd, he could indeed see reasons to be hopeful. Several young girls dashed past him, laughing and giggling as they were pursued by an equally jovial set of boys. They weaved through the crowd with ease and delight as one blew kisses to another. To his right, a man and his wife were walking slowly, hand in hand, gazing radiantly at each other. Behind him Dre could hear several college-age boys discussing the recent lecture with their professor. He listened closer, enjoying the debate. "Ah, I see," the man continued, "symbolism is a rocky road. We hope to understand what an author truly meant, but can we really? Take Orwell's shooting of an elephant. Is the elephant merely that? Couldn't it be something more? But what if all he means to convey is his horror at killing such creatures" the voices moved away, turning onto a different street.

Dre walked on, peering into shop windows as he went. An ice cream store, "Cool Sunday, Bro?" Ridiculous. He looked into the next, immediately smiling at what he saw inside. "A chocolate store. How quaint." There were young people of every variety buying chocolates, some blushing, some smiling, and some eagerly perusing the shop's selection. The researcher sighed and moved on, passing a haberdashery and furniture store. Abruptly, he stopped. Walking slowly, he moved forward to the next window, and confirmed what he thought he'd seen. He thought for a moment, then looked around and decided no one important could see him. Feeling a bit embarrassed and more than a little foolish, he stepped inside. "Just browsing. I'm just looking around." He moved around the store, carefully checking each person for signs of spiritual power, but found nothing. Finally, he relaxed, ignoring the door swinging open and then shut behind him.
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Yuel Duulheim, Seitou Banchou of Karakura.

Companions. What was life without a few friends to share it with? Yuel appreciated the experiences of friendship--the only issue was the friends he tended to make. His first since arriving in Karakura had a distasteful disposition as far as Yuel was concerned, and the vast majority of the rest were female. Of course, some might see that to be an adolescent boy's dream: constantly surrounded by the opposite sex. The issue with Yuel was the fact that, although he too shared that constant-spring mentality, no-one could see him for the truth. Not in some edgy angst-filled teenage perspective, but literally. And for that, any attempt at a social life beyond acquaintance and surface-level companion could never be achieved.

For that very reason, the rambling of the teenage girls around him concerning a subject he couldn't by any means hold interest in, escaped his attention. Yuel instead opted to listen to his surroundings, of course keeping eyes on the sidewalk ahead of him and occasionally offering glances to his party as to imitate sympathy for whatever feminine struggles they were venting about.

"Symbolism is a rocky road...."

Geh... Liberal Arts majors. The term Rocky Road should be exclusively reserved for the god-tier ice cream itself.

Putting his own cent--or by Yuel's perspective, an opinion worth gold--into the matter, as a mental note of course and nothing further, the boy went about, now intensely craving a scoop of cold delight of his own. That in mind, Yuel passed word to his friends, and with the overwhelming majority intent on staying strict to their diets, their Seitou Kaichou went on ahead without them. Surprisingly, his companions chocked this up to be "Kaichou being Kaichou: independent, and holding food as priority over friends." Unbeknownst to the subject, his sorted priorities were construed to be something favourable. Well, good for him.

In fact, the broad subject of food over friends was one of the exceptions to Yuel's standard indecision. Running up ahead and squeezing through the crowds at a dash like some tiger through the rainforest, the boy came across two stores nearly side-by-side. One was an ice cream store, the other a chocolate store. The predicament at hand was deciding which store to buy from, as both had Rocky Road ice cream. Honestly, this seemed like poor marketing. The ice cream store was cheaper, but the chocolate store tasted better. And, for a town such as Karakura on the higher end of the financial spectrum, it was a clear which store to choose. The ice cream store.

Yuel came from a frugal background, and the habits of feeling the weight of money far heavier than commodity stuck painfully strong. Prepared to run into the store without reserve, Yuel hesitated before moving his sights on something far more interesting.

A Fullbringer?

His understanding of the geographic layout of Japan and the turfs by racial predominance was Karakura Town definitely not being under Fullbringer jurisdiction. Especially with the Gotei specifically watching the town as a sort of hot-zone. Then again, the majority of knowledge on spiritual politics was with the internet as his medium, or Yuel's very confused housemate. So, naturally his understandings might not be accurate. Nevertheless, as goes his infophilic tendencies, the prospect of establishing that very understanding more thoroughly was irresistible.

Racing onward towards where Yuel could feel the Fullbringer presence, Seitou Banchou gathered a bit of surrounding Reishi to infuse with his own reiryoku, essentially putting him in-tune with the latent spiritual energy around him and enhancing his spiritual senses. Whether he intended to enact this mission as a covert operation, or blatantly approach the subject with a flurry of question was negligible, considering Yuel caught a glimpse of his aforementioned housemate.

At this point, he could easily be considered one of Yuel's weaknesses. Even after a year, their relationship was still awkward, and when in public, Yuel couldn't help but avoid him. The level of comfort they reached with one another within the confines of their own home was unquestionably high, but public circumstances were a different matter altogether.

With a kick of his foot, Yuel bolted forth after the Fullbringer, putting a bit of his reiryoku into the mad dash.

Damn! He caught on sooner than I thought! His sensitivity is better than me now!

Behind him was a racing figure easily matching his speed. Yuel's only viable contingency--as far as what was sensible by his standards went--was to call his house mate and send him home. Unfortunately, this distraction proved a larger hassle than Yuel could have ever anticipated. Right in front of him was the Fullbringer in question, fresh out the store. Now he had to decide--stop here and send his house mate home at risk of having to go home with him and miss out on the chance to ask a live Fullbringer, well, anything he could think of, or... Well, no other possibilities came to mind. It was already too late to take a subtle approach to things. Without realising, Yuel released a decent spurt of spiritual energy while his focus was divided. Now, it was up to the man before him to steer the future.

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Dre had no idea what he was doing inside a furniture store. His intention was to find any person that remotely had any spiritual presence of his interest. That was his plan. Or was it? Did he simply want to believe that he found himself inside a furniture shop just because he wanted find someone? No, of course not. Dre had another purpose in his mind. That purpose being him wanting to check various furniture designs. He was not a fan of furniture or anything related to it, but when it came to art or designs, he found a sense of great attraction towards both. It was something he had ever since he was a child.

Pushing the door open, he entered outside. A breeze of cold wind hit and flowed through him, giving a sense of refreshing feeling towards him; which he honestly needed after spending a few minutes inside the furniture store. For some reason, every furniture store had a particular scent to it. A musty kind of scent, to be exact. Dre was not a fan of it. He just couldn't withstand it. But he was not going to let something irrelevant as that stop him from admiring the beauty which was art. Nothing would ever insult him more than that.

Taking a deep breath, he exhaled -- as he turned towards his left, only to start walking. He was not able to go far, as he came to a sudden halt after walking a few steps. Dre was sensing a pulse of spiritual pressure. It was coming from somewhere very close to him. Turning towards his right, he let his eyes roam the entire area. He needed to pinpoint where the pulse was coming from. "Could it be her?" He asked himself as he saw a girl standing a few foot right towards him. What he noted was that this strange girl was looking at him with a pensive look on her face -- as if she was wanting him to notice her presence.

Walking towards the girl, he stopped about 5 feet away from her, only to observe her. She was a short, skinny looking girl wearing clothes similar to as a boy. She looked as if she was still twelve, which she could very well be. This bothered Dre. It bothered him a lot. The last thing he wanted was to get caught for engaging in a conversation with an adolescent female. Considering his age being twenty-four, most folks would not take it lightly seeing a grown man talking with a small girl. Be that as it may, Dre was curious to know what exactly this girl was. Gazing at the female, he began to speak in a soft tone, "Hey there. Can I help you?" He asked, only to await her answer.
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Yuel Duulheim, Seitou Banchou of Karakura.

The circumstances taken into consideration, there were few options for Yuel to achieve anything remotely close to a favourable result. The issue was his conflicting goals and the fact that both were entirely dependent on the decisions of separate parties.

Hoooo... Calm down, it's okay. This is where I excel in: making really hard things really simple--like senpai's brain! lol gottem.

Weighing the scales, Yuel jumped forth without putting too much detail into his plans. An outline of his intentions? Pray that the gods favour him this day, and that the Fullbringer before him would just go with the flow. As the saying goes, if the Romans impose, do as one's told. Something like that.

"Hey! You! Fullbringer! Don't ask questions and just follow along! Oh, uhm--please!"

Barely fitting in that hardly polite remark, Yuel practically jumped forward--literally, actually--with rockets at his feet, a coating of spiritual energy formed from his reiryoku as the conduit for flight. Aiming to grab the man's wrist, the next step from there was to pull the man along to a more remote location, far enough to be out of his house mate's range of sensing, thereby losing "sight" of Yuel.

"Heh, you may have caught up to me in sensitivity, Senpai, but you're still a long ways away from truly matching me in speed; behold, my final form!"

Yuel's reiryoku built up at a frightening rate, from his initial suppression to a point easily capable of overwhelming and incapacitating even some of the spiritually aware via presence alone. Making sure to keep his emitted reiatsu confined to a certain distance, albeit releasing some control on the output, the almighty Banchou revved up his engines and blasted forth at just enough speed to prevent the surrounding crowds to fully perceive what just happened, and the rest of them chalk it up to an intense gust of wind.

After all, what body of people would readily admit unanimously that a fleeting image of some adolescent girl and prime-age adult running around at blinding speeds.

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"Huh? What?" Dre asked, as a confused expression spread across his face since he did not know what the young girl meant by what she had just said. As far as he could gather, the girl, wanted him to follow her. Which was fucking mental, if you think about it. There were so many variables in this situation that did not make any sense. One being; how the hell would she know that he was a Fullbringer? Dre wasn't the one to hang a sign on his back that says, 'Fullbringer here!'. So, how she was able to come to a conclusion that he was a Fullbringer was a mystery. The second being; why in God's name did a twelve year old want a twenty-four year old to follow her? It did not make any sense. There was too much happening here that Dre could not wrap his head around. The only plausible explanation for all of this was that the girl having some kind of secondary-agenda, and wanted him involved in something of her wanting.

The girl grabbed hold of Dre's hand as she started to sprint, while pulling him with her. "What the hell..." he muttered as he was pulled forward, only for him to start sprinting as well. This was all very weird for him. Here he was trying to find a person of interest that remotely had any spiritual awareness of any kind. Fast forwarding now; he was stuck with some kid, who not only wanted to talk with him, but also was eager enough to drag him off to wherever she had in mind. And whatever this kid was, she was fast. She used her speed efficiently to get them away from the crowd in a matter of seconds. Though Dre didn't appreciate how she thought of him being more slow than her for some reason. "Don't get too cocky, kid." he muttered under his breath, matching up-to her speed to keep in track and not to loose her.

Coming to halt, Dre stopped at his steps only to look around. "Where has she brought me to?" turning his head around he observed his surroundings. It was some kind of alleyways. It was really bizarre that out of all the places she could pick, she chose an alleyway. Maybe the reason being how remote the location was -- and how it in a way was cut out from the open. Gazing back at the girl, he started to speak, "Who are you? Why have you brought me to this location?" his tone of his voice raised as he spoke. There were so many questions that he wanted to ask. Because all of the things that had taken place until now was something he not had predicted. Taking a step back, Dre crossed his arms across his chest, "Answer me, kid. I don't have all day." frowning at the girl he waited for her response.
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NOTICE: Thread Discontinued.

I'm really sorry about this. I've been having some issues with Yuel, visualising his potential development and growth as a character, and given the way I set him up, amongst various reasons, I'll be deactivating him as I just don't see him compatible and viable considering the way I intended to play him, and the dispositions he had in those intentions that just don't match up to the character. Again, sorry. All things said, naturally I'll be exiting this thread as well.

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