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#1 Kazuku Mazi on Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:16 am


Kazuku Mazi

Age: 16
True Age: 800
Sex: Male
Former Personality (Pre-Demon):
Unlike his father, Kazuku is at the very least respectable.... sometimes. He thinks about the needs of others when he decides to do most things, and takes into consideration what will come of his actions both good and bad. However, he does have some desire to take after himself, and this is proof that he is indeed Ika's kid. When taking after himself, Kazuku is usually only a minor asshole, but if you cross him, he will more likely than not make you eat those words, by way of stuffing them down your throat. Aside from those quirks, he's pretty laid back. He'll help out ally and enemy alike, so long as they're not living garbage. Bitch, you better not cross him, he's going to carve you full of dicks if you're not careful. He does think that the peace that Shinigami and Vizards has value, but shouldn't be put above the needs of the Vizards. Should he ever meet his father again, he's likely going to give him a rude awakening, chastising him for being such an asshole all the time.

That being said, in combat, he is not to be taken lightly. The kid's a genius, and a combat prodigy his father would be proud of. He looks to inflict damage in ways that will last, and this includes poisons, acids, none of which his zanpakuto is capable of administering on its own. Even so, his specialty involves landing small hits that turn into lesions and burns, followed by extra bleeding. Once you get past the part of him that dances with disease and poison, you may notice that he backs up his combat style with heavy kidou. In addition to this, he has a tendency to quickly unravel his mind in combat, relying less on logic and more on contact frequency as fights go on. He will not hesitate to kill in the slightest, so one should watch their tongue in his presence.

In the end, if you've fought well, Kazuku will commend you, and try and make you feel like you deserve to live. Then he'll bury your ass into the earth and carve you to bits. However, if you fight poorly, or just try and make a scene, then Kazuku might want to end your sorry existence at that very moment. Seriously. Die. So you may ask, where's the sex, violence, and alcohol Ika is known for? While Kazuku has been known to drink, even in public, he rarely abuses it. His lust for violence is only equalized to by his drive to kill, and so long as his opponent isn't unruly, this will be manageable enough. He has an extreme distaste for arrogance and will eliminate you on the spot if you ever suggest that he's a fool. He has little to no sex drive, as he believes that most girls are horrid creatures, and will only cater to you if there's something they want. There may come a time when a girl comes along that he may respect enough to lay with, but at that point, he may want something far more than sex. Occasionally, he'll smoke cigarettes like his father, but usually only during combat.

Unfortunately, he's also earned a genetic predisposition to some mental instability like his father, including a high affinity to slide into psychotic tendencies. Mercy is an aspect that slowly dissolves from his psyche as time goes on.

The truth comes around in the most mysterious ways, and for Kazuku Mazi, he has been refined by the truth of his zanpakuto. Not just a spirit lies within, but one of a demonic entity, one that if he allowed it to, would ruin his body and soul. Instead of allowing it, he chose to embrace the inner demon of his blade, and now carries a new truth, one of blood and hunger. The red of his eyes reflect the blood that drives him, and will continually renew the thirst for killing and death. He has developed a searing hatred for all things that live and breathe, only barely tolerating those who are friends and compatriots of his father, out of sheer respect. Do not expect raw, uncontrollable anger from him though, for all that you will hear is a quiet, sturdy voice that demands attention. That said, his calm voice can be outpaced by his sheer hatred of humanity and soul-kind alike. His driving force is anger and rage, a clear-cut and nearly divinely focused edge of emotion that is quick, precise, and direct in its strokes.

In darkness, there is light also, and Kazuku, while being malevolent and harsh, is not blind to this truth as well. His art and blade works are only symbols of this very truth, and reflect the power that dwells in the dark, while also showing the light that must be carried to survive its pull. While being gifted with power, he is not without knowledge, tact, or wisdom. His fight to survive is only equaled in urgency by his ability to make swift and tactical decisions. To be able to blot out other's vision, as well as strip them of sanity, little by little, torturing them by making them bleed out, harming them, and eventually, ending their pathetic existence, he enjoys this process far too much to be a mere sadist. Truthfully, it would more easily be said that he is a madman who revels in the trade of blood for blood.

Nothing is pure anymore, and only those that know the truth deserve to live. As far as Kazuku is concerned, all have fallen short of being deserving of mercy, and when faced with the choice, must die. Everyone else, failing to see the truth, is beneath him, and does not deserve even a false mercy. Kazuku's true goal is simply this. A quick and violent purge of life. No more mercy, only blood. That is the price that must be paid for the right of humanity and soul-kind to live properly. Hollows, including the mask he bears, remind him endlessly of the corruption that humans have taken into their hearts and minds, and as such, will destroy them just as quickly as most human life.

Should someone ever come forward, with his truth in her heart, his heart may soften, for that particular person, but none else. Until that day, his blade will separate truth from corruption, burning away the damage that has been done until it is gone completely from the world.

Though to be fair, a lot of this stemmed from being around his father so much,
and since Ika's ascension, has displayed quite the mellowing in general conversation. The bloodlust is still on full display for combat though.


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs
Physical Traits:
Kazuku has short and tousled dark hair, and crimson eyes. He's got a pretty fair build, so try not to underestimate him. Though there is a suave look to him, try not to upset him, things get less pretty the further off the edge he goes. 


General Fighting Style: Kazuku's fighting style is precise, deliberate, and takes the form of well timed blows, heavy hits, and sudden rushes in force and power to dominate his opponent, as well as wounding them. His style revolves around trying to completely destroy his opponent from the get go if possible, and if not, going for weaker blows to focus more on wearing them down, then going in for the kill.
This makes him a very terrifying adversary. While he is primarily offensive in combat style, he weighs the situation based on prior knowledge, sensory input, and his ability to get back up and try again via staying power.

Overall, his ability to switch from tactical prowess to the raw power of a berserker in a moment's instance creates a combat presence that could rival even Ika.

Strengths: Agility, Stamina, Reiatsu
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Sensing


Sealed Appearance: Personal Ability: Cloak Deflection - Kazuku stops the reflection of light from the area surrounding him, effectively rendering him invisible. This allows Kazuku to hide his spiritual pressure as well. If Kazuku attacks, this skill breaks.

Spirit Appearance: 

Personal Ability: Dark Shell
Kazuku can summon darkness in any form that obscures light and allows him to hide. This can be used as a surface, a shield capable of withstanding a few blows or as much as a Gran Rey Cero before shattering. Aside from creating it, energy is only consumed if it is moved, and can thus leave it freestanding with no drain.

Darkness Web: Kazuku's darkness acts as an extension of his body, and as such, if he were to blanket an area with darkness, he could 'see' in the same way one could by sensation of touch, sight, smell, and spiritual detection. It could easily be said that he likes dark areas for this reason in particular. In essence, if his darkness encases something, that something and everything encased with it is fully disclosed to Kazuku's senses.


Call Out Command: "Hikari o torinozoku!" The original paper seals have been done away with, now no longer needed.


Shadow Force: His dark energy that he has a natural affinity for can be exuded into an alter ego like form. Quite literally a physical manifestation of his shadow that has potent reiatsu bolstering it, it cannot speak or act on its own. However, it is ferocious, and can be commanded to be sharp, blunt, to grasp, lift or restrain objects, or outright crushing them. If used for the purpose of restraining, the ability begins combat at Bakudo 40, and gains 5 levels after each combat post.

Darkness Rune: Kazuku can activate one of four runes on his Force's arms that generate a unique effect.

[赤 - Aka] : A crimson marking is applied to the Kazuku himself. For the duration of the post, Kazuku's projectiles home inward, and the attacks he make do twice the damage. All abilities used during this rune's activation have an extra post tacked onto the duration.

[黒 - Kuro] : Popping this rune simply re-engage's Kazuku's stealth, either until the post ends, or until he makes an offensive move.

[取る - Toru] : A single ability used by the opponent can be swallowed up by this rune and disabled for three posts. Cooldowns will still wind down during this however, and this cannot be used on the same ability twice.

[獣 - Kemono] : This rune requires Kazuku to impact the opponent with a projectile, at which point the projectile will explode into a small army of wolf familiars that sack the opponent with the force of a Bakudo 60 for two posts.

Only one of each is usable at any given time, meaning they cannot be stacked. Each rune has a separate 4 post cooldown.

Trace Gather: Any object comprised of or coated in Kazuku's Darkness can be drawn into Shadow Force, bolstering it with more of Kazuku's reiatsu. It also becomes stronger if Kazuku's mist is present.

Bloodletting: On contact with the opponent whether physical strike or dark-powered cut, any wounds that would bleed are imbued with some of Kazuku's reiatsu, thinning the blood, and causing the affected blood to flow at double the rate. This causes wounds to bleed out faster. The only way to prevent this is by fixing the wounds, or by flushing his energy out.

High Speed Regeneration: Just like his father, he has the ability to regenerate wounds, cuts, limbs, and blood, but not organs. The scaling is the same as is standard, 1 post, minor wounds. 2 posts, major wounds and broken bones. 3 posts, major damage, trauma, etc.

Boosts: x2 to Stamina and Reiatsu


New Name: "Yami ni naru"


Howling Storm: During combat, Kazuku can use his speed to leave a mark somewhere on his target's body, which must be made by palm contact. This mark will then glow as he hones in on it. If and when a successful strike is made to the affected area, the hit will deal twice as much external damage, and will deal half of the overall damage internally to the nearby skeletal structure and tissue. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with any of his four Runes.
Post Cooldown: 4

Sealing Marks: Kazuku bears three seals on his body that once undone, do not re-seal until he reverts to sealed form entirely. Releasing the first seal causes his body to look more shadowy, like a fine mist. The one benefit aside from being naturally harder to sense is that he can now use "Crimson Blink". The second one cloaks his body in shadows, and only his red marks and red eyes show in glowing crimson. This indicates that his inner defenses have activated, and as a result, take 25% less damage from physical strikes. Energy-based attacks still affect him the same though. The final seal's release causes his body to appear cloudy, boosting his agility to it's maximum and dropping durability as a result.

Crimson Blink: Can only be used after the release of one Sealing Mark. Allows Kazuku to blink very short distances, no more than 2 meters. If he is targeted by an ability, he can use this ability to blink both himself AND the ability to another location. This is optional. If he does however, both he, and the other person take full damage from the same ability unless mitigated.

Encapsulation Rune Trap
This ability requires all four of his runes to have been used once during the thread, and this activates every rune's effect simultaneously. The order in which their effects is used is up to Kazuku, but they must be used in a single post of the effect is lost. This can only be done once per thread.
Cooldown: Kazuku cannot use any runes for four posts.

Boosts: x3 to Stamina and Reiatsu



In this form, wolfish qualities exude from the mask onto his physical body by way of dark energy. This same energy isn't quite stable and as a result, leeches outward in waves, tendrils, and other various amalgams. In this manner, Kazuku can use these odd shapes as extensions of the darkness he already commands.

Hollow Powers: Cero, Bala, Sonido, Gran Rey Cero.


Appearance: I kinda figure it's like this, but with the same zan as in bankai, more wolfish qualities and the like. etc.etc. 


Darkness Demon: In his full Vizard form, Kazuku's 'apparent age' rises to 30, his body adjusts to be much 7 feet and 6 inches tall, 410 pounds, then is cloaked in pure solidified darkness energy, forming a tail, claws, and can take up to a Gran Rey in damage before falling away. Someone who makes a physical strike will do damage to the darkness, but without any additional effects, it won't harm Kazuku. Any touch of this darkness to a target's body will proc Bloodletting at the same bonuses as in Bankai, and Kazuku does not lose his regeneration in this form. His wounds and limbs will not regenerate until out of combat, but so long as the Vizard form lasts, the darkness will replace limbs and cover wounds automatically after every post. This acts as an extension of Shadow force, further amalgamated and enhanced by the demonic hollow within.

Blood Destruction: The more damage Kazuku takes while in Full Vizard, the more powerful he becomes until at a critical condition. If Kazuku becomes visually wounded, a small blast radius will appear on all of his projectiles, spreading the slash damage to everything in the radius. Minorly wounded, this is 2 inches. Deep wounds, 4 inches. Missing Limbs, 6 inches.

Unleashed Demon: (Passive) If Kazuku has not done so already, his sealing marks are released. This allows him to gain all the benefits of the power within at once. (x6 Agility, Lowered Durability.)

Demon's Gambit:
Alternatively, since use of his zan is disabled for this form, he can use his the following abilities in full power during Full Hollow. Howling Storm, and Crimson Blink.

Boosts: x4 to Speed and Reiatsu.


Background: Somewhere, in a time long past, and with a woman that if we're being honest, no one really gives a damn about, I was born. Yep, Good old Kazuku "Nobody fucking loves you" Mazi. To be honest, I don't care too much about my childhood because it doesn't really matter, so let's just skip to the good part. Born as a bastard son by Ika's sire, I grew up, but only about as much as a Mazi can. I went through the Academy just like everyone else, and come to find out? I'm pretty fucking cool. I showed a similar prowess to what my father did when he went through. They thought about it for a while, then decided to teach me about what my Zanpakuto was, how to manifest it, all that fun shit. The problem? My spirit, Mahiru really liked to mess with me. Like a lot.
The first form she took was some stupid rusty scrap of metal. The elders told me that it was just a phase, but you couldn't fool me with that crap. Oh no, she did that because she wanted to embarrass me. It wasn't like I could force her to teach me though, because every time I challenged her, she completely floored me.

It's not like it wasn't fun, while she could be the absolute worst some days,
she was the closest thing I had to a mom. She was a bit of a tease and would lay into me for being a lazy piece of shit, but she was good-natured too. That is, when she wasn't in demon mode. To be honest, she rarely left that. Ehhh.
Anywho, as I graduated from the Academy, they stuck me in Gotei, and damn if I could remember which division they stuck me in, it wouldn't matter really. All I really remember about Gotei is meeting Kokoro Nashi, an old friend of my father's. I grew to like him, though he was a sick bastard. This is coming from a sick bastard. Either way, he liked his experiments, and I decided to ask him if he'd make me part Hollow, just because. I'd heard from him that my dad was a vizard and of course I wanted to see what my father was like. Kokoro agreed and worked on me. Like most mad doctors, he did a mediocre job, but I wasn't allowed to complain or he'd rip my mask off and gut me.

In time, I grew to hate everything that lived and breathed. In part, due to the hell that humans have made for themselves living on earth, and in part also, due to the madness that dwells within my Zanpakuto. That'd be Mahiru... She's gentle at times, but when it counts, her voice is much like a siren's. It's alluring, enchanting, and before you know it, you've done as she asked. She gave me the full extent of her power, that of both darkness and light, when I stopped resisting, and allowed her madness and demonic influence touch my heart. I don't honestly mind it that much, considering that I've been thinking more clearly since that night.

Kazuku's history according to Ika.:

(Disclaimer: This is Ika's perspective, written by the only certified asshole on site.)


Why the fuck am I writing Noz’s history for him? He better be dead or dying, or he will be by the time I’m done with this shit. Now, which of my 30 bastards am I writing about? Yes, I have 30 bastard children, what, did you think I was MADE of coat-hangers? I mean believe it or not, some girls aren’t dumb enough to get close to the steps when they’re pregnant, so some babies just gotta go daddyless. This one included, so, which one is this? Kazaku? Is that the mexican, black, alien, jewish, or simple child? Simple? Fuck I should have known.. Wait, wasn’t that the one who’s mom liked hot wax on her tits and shit? Loved that kinky bitch. Should have punched her in the stomach while she was tied up.. OH. Right, PG. Anyway.
Ahem. This is the story of ONE of my many sons.

Kazaku was born to a fairly hot mother, and I would know seeing as I put my dick in her on several occasions. Hell, most of the time it was even consensual!.. She liked surprise sex, don’t judge me. ANYWAY, I never actually heard about the birth of this retard, since Soul Society pregnancy takes longer than the Second Coming of Christ, and frankly, after hearing about an ultra-sound and trying to have an intelligent conversation with the boy’s mother, I wasn’t overly excited by the prospect of dealing with either of them long term. Pretty sure I swallowed a Hollow to avoid the two of them, though in retrospect I should have kept the mom around cause FUCK.. Anyway… If you didn’t get the picture that I’m painting for you in the same substance that created little Kazaku here, his mom was a whore. I mean a huge whore. Big whore. Big big bigly hoe..

So as little Kazaku grew up, he was the simple one right?.. Yes, little retarded boy, he thought love and compassion and caring for people was all the rage! Just like his hippy mother that had daddy issues! Well, he would soon learn from his father that this was NOT the way to live, but Ika currently had bigger issues. Yes, much of what Kazaku probably knows about me, his father, is from watching a TV screen and seeing me disembowel the former Captain Commander and telling the rest of the Soul Society to eat cock and die. So I went out in a blaze of glory, and the mother wasn’t too far behind. Apparently, when she told a Hollow to eat her, it took it literally as opposed to sexually. Stupid bastard <-<..

When his mother died, I of course thanked the heavens above that I would no longer still have to play Spiritual Child Support! Hundreds of years in, I was beginning to get nervous! My son was pretty good at the academy, kicked ass like he damn well should have seeing as he was my son after-all, ain’t know son of mine bringing shame to the Mazi name, simple or not <-<.. He got top marks in his class and graduated early, just like his pops, made me so god damn proud :”).. He was in a class that consisted of students with the following names, Chris Brown, OJ Simpson, Jamal Mazi, Felipe Mazi, Jose Mazi, Christina Mazi, Ming Mazi, Ping Mazi, King Mazi, Ding-a-Ling Mazi, Donald Trump Mazi, Jewfucker Maziberg, and of course, Roo-Jew Mazi. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Wow, Ika’s a handsome bastard, surely he has no life ails at all!” Now I want you to consider all these women wanted Child Support. Now you know why I went into hiding.

Since I couldn’t just smother the child through excessive smoking while he was in the womb, I figured I’d keep tabs on my little fuck up throughout his time in the Soul Society. He became a Captain pretty quickly, which definitely meant he had taken after me and not his mother. Then again, he got his looks from his mother.. He had man boobs, Spiritual Puberty was gonna need to work miracles for this poor fucker. What’s that? I’m being paid by the hour to narrate this boring ass history? I’M NOT EVEN HALFWAY DONE? Fuck you people. Smoking break, and I wanna negotiate my contract <-<.

I am now back with a sizable portion of cash in my pocket and the original producers of this show are currently sucking my cock. So, through the occasional moan, I will orally, NOT YOU PRODUCER! I will continue to orally recite the history of my most “special” child. And I don’t mean my favorite, because he missed that boat by a long shot.. ANYWAY, he became a Captain at about 150 years of age, cause he’s a try-hard faggot with a thing for shenanigans. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT BOY, FIGHT ME. He eventually got caught up in an experiment that may or may not have involved my old Lieutenant Kokoro, and that may or may not have hollowfied him, and those may or may not have been my orders/wishes that I conveyed to Kokoro. This is all obviously speculation… You know if you guys keep sucking dick like that I’m going to raise my contract numbers <-<.

So, long story short, they chased my son out just like they did me, but he wasn’t running from child support, so we differed there. My son up to this point has the sexual identity of a castrated Llama. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds funny in my head. He also definitely did not inherit my devilish good looks and charm with the women, if you couldn’t tell I mean. Apparently, from what I hear, NOW THIS IS JUST SPECULATION. I’M A WILD MOTHERFUCKER. I SPECULATE. The kid is coming, looking for me. How he knows I’m his daddy is beyond me, though he could be like a third of the world's population.. And just assume that much.. And be correct. That’s probbaly it..

So back to the point, my “special” son is on his way to Bogota to meet daddy! In a confrontation that is sure to make hearts swell, and Ika’s pride shrink ever so slightly! Hell, if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of me crying in disappointment in the future, right here in the present! It’s a somber sound, replacing the world’s tiniest violin for the saddest of sounds around. I’m tired of doing Noz’s shit for him. And I’m ready to beat the fuck out of my kid like any sensible father would, if his son was this ugly AND stupid. What the fuck did I do to deserve this.. <-<. Fuck the paycheck, I’m out.

Side Notes: and unlike his father at this age, Kazuku isn't a whiny emo bitch. Okay, so maybe I lied.
RP Sample: Me and Jeff met halfway.

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