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#1 Yuel Duulheim [Quincy] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:41 pm



NAME: Yuel Duulheim
ALIAS: Student Council President -- Head Delinquent
REAL AGE: Sixteen
PHYS AGE: Like, twelve I bet.
FACTION: Karakura High School

PERSONALITY:Yuel sometimes comes across as a drifting conscience naively stifling through her ideals in an unending dream; however, her thoughts towards all things never ceases, and instead buzzes in consideration for the realistically applicable. This manner of thinking eludes to a pensive and detached state of mind, as she's often conducting large scale, complex plans. Truthfully, Yuel is relaxed and friendly, mainly when around familiar and comforting faces, typically those sharing her interests. On the other hand, this manner of social conduct can be replaced by overwhelming skepticism when among strangers, and in case of those not well understood friendly banter quickly shifts to an aggressive approach to the conversation. In extreme cases, she may turn to combat when in difference between her and another's end goal or ideals. More specifically, if their intentions threatens her own.

"Thinking" is Yuel's governing trait, and by extension she is unlikely to properly comprehend others' emotions and their expressions, verbal or visual. In the eyes of her friends and allies, it's known that Yuel is anything but a bedrock of emotional support, setting aside a facade she might present under the circumstances. Similar people likely prefer a series of logical suggestions to the desired result on how to resolve the underlying issue--a perspective not always welcomed by the socially obliged. This disposition extends to most social conventions and goals, for example planning excursions or some other pre-engaged matters with emotionally sensitive context. Yuel is far more concerned with effective and efficient results.

Where logical input is insufficient, typically YUel taps into her impulsive nature, among the array of quirks at disposal. Most everything she does in these situations is a result of her instinctual, on-the-spot conjured theories, regardless of the situation. Flip the coin, and most circumstances of little strategic value from a conservative perspective will be handeled by basic, naturally thought out actions. In which case, the societal 'rational' is rarely considered.

With ultimate motivations taken out of the picture, the 'casual' Yuel's fades complexity, and who she is at her core is revealed. Yuel's open-mindedness--evidently excluding the sciences--is a trait reflecting her interests in all field: from culture to art, archaeology to maths. In short, one can describe Yuel with the following: imaginative, creative, stretchingly a 'seeker of cultural and educational experiences'. Her practical and straight-forward demeanor is only surface-level. At the same time, alongside most of the youth, Yuel is prone to a quick shift in the emotional spectrum, from a joyful disposition to an ocean of negative feelings at the spur of a moment. Even the prodigal Yuel finds insecurities in her heart, and at her age, physical attraction isn't exempt.

If there's one thing Yuel is good at, it's coming up with a never-ending stream of innovations and ideas to keep things moving forward; this is evident in her ideal romances as well. To her, growth is key, and even before she's found a partner, the adolescent imagines all the ways possible to spend with her future other-half, for both to share new experiences and grow in tandem. If her partner doesn't match up appropriately, this can be an overwhelming process. On the flipside, paired with someone who shares her love of intellectual exploration--in short, a frighteningly well-tuned couple may be born.

Even before her tens, Yuel's concept of a fruitful relationship included testing both of their limits to--ironically--fulfill their potential pushing boundaries and traditions in the spirit of open-mindedness and spontaneity. To be together with Yuel is far from a boring experience, and the girl will certainly make use of mutual enthusiasm and creativity to delight her partner with 'something new'. That in mind, it's expected that Yuel's relationships move extremely fast.

As a basic level of introduction, Yuel intends to present herself respectfully as the natural stance to assume. On first contact, she speaks forth with the intent of viewing herself, and the subject, as equals. As with everything, there may be exceptions, but this is the standard. Even if she did possess information regarding a person she's yet to meet (for example if they were to be regarded with reverence or deemed the lowest of criminals), Yuel will hope to conduct herself without overstepping boundaries of intimacy or malice. That is, until something within her--or the subject--is sparked.

Her eccentric psyche has chiseled this characteristic into her, to the point of having a generally polite way of carrying herself in public to the best of her conscientious abilities. Yuel finds it shameful for someone to act without manners in a setting without some level of intimacy; therefore, she commits to doing just the opposite. Furthermore, when someone has actually done something worthy of acknowledgement, she won't simply have manners, but legitimately respect them, at the least holding them in relatively high-esteem. In regards to higher-ups, they naturally deserve respect, for reasons such as simply being "higher-up", as well as doing something deserving of that position. Given that, Yuel will give them respect; however, a situation may arise in which Yuel's personal opinion differs with their position. In this case, she will treat them politely, but express her disapproval subliminally.

Likes: Another side of Yuel prefers to explore things with her own hands and eyes, as opposed to just considering things "in theory". To match up to her pride in being an "engineer", the girl applies her senses to examine the world around her, at least on the inside considering the surroundings with a cool rationalism, and more frequently an air of spirited curioisity. Those of the same breed can be attributed to being "doers" so to speak; like Yuel, they move from event to event, "doing" tasks to complete useful appliances to the superfluous tools. In short, Yuel and her kin learn from the environment as they go. Well suited to her 'engineer' title, one of the things Yuel finds utmost joy in is getting her hands dirty in an attempt to pull mechanisms apart, and later put them back together--hopefully just a bit better than before. For the time being, whether bodies are not exempt is unknown. After all, YUel si the type to explore her ideas and theories by applying them in her creations, subsequently troubleshooting through the trial and error stage for first-hand experiences. This is especially true in case she can't solve the predicament through thought alone. Of course, Yuel doesn't mind having others take interest in her projects, and at times even getting in her space. They just need to keep awareness to where her boundaries extend to. Those that inhibit her freedom and "wrongfully" interject in her principles find themselves having taken on more than they can chew.

Among the few things she enjoys, Yuel loves discerning patterns and spotting discrepancies in anything. In practice, this is generally applied to statements and expression. By extension, lying to her thus becomes a challenge. Ironically, her own words should be taken with a grain of salt. Not to say that Yuel is dishonest, but whether in her own interests or general precaution--or more often, her own confusing way of speech when engrossed in an event--Yuel frequents exaggeration, using others' emotions in relation to hers to gain what she wants. At least, she intends to do so. As has been the norm lately, more often than not Yuel's own true thoughts and feelings express themself more vividly than her sesrpentine attempts at controlling the flow of the situation.

Combining the two factors, Yuel may seem--and can very much be--unreliable. In reality, few are more skilled and capable of reaching a solid conclusion or gaining what she desires. People who share her personality aren't interested in practical, day-to-day activities and maintenance, but when they find an environment where their underlying motivations and potential can be expressed and grasped, there is no limit to the time and energy she will expend in developing an insightful and effective solution as she sees it.

In more casual occurrences, Yuel frequents the ultimate devil's advocate, proficient in the process of shredding arguments to let the metaphorical ribbon drift in the wind--even when contradicting herself or her own beliefs, for the sake of self-satisfaction in being right and another being wrong. One can even take out the strategic purpose and still find that she enjoys this process. Few love the process of mental sparring more than Yuel, as it gives her a chance to exercise her effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove her points, biased as they might be.

As with all those invested in the scholarly, Yuel finds the unknown ever so interesting. If something were to occur, and any relevant information pertaining to it was to be unknown, one would commonly find her obsessively entranced in a pursuit. As is a common philosophy to worldly fulfillment, the fun in obtaining satisfaction is the journey; the Pursuit of Happiness. When in reference to Yuel, there can be no better term—aside from substituting Happiness for Knowledge, as they are typically one in the same to her. Indeed, much of her entertainment comes from discovering the unknown for herself, and while the end result is simply outstanding, she has clearly learned to appreciate the trials taken to get as far as she did. Simply stated, Yuel is an infophile, and given that, supposedly, one can see a gleam in her eyes when facing the foreign.

Dislikes: What Yuel dislikes 'specifically' isn't so crystal clear, but the qualifications to be someone she dislikes is evermore tangible. At that point, heir actions will cause her to lose respect for them, or in a less likely case, gain more respect from her. One's status and/or appearance usually has no bearing on her; as such, if she were to meet a king, they would be treated no different than a girl from a brothel.

Naturally, there are some exceptions to this standard, and sometimes someone's position or appearance does have an effect on her, hence the aforementioned "usually". Afterall, if someone walks into a pub with a sign hanging on their neck saying "I will break you if you come within a metre of me", Yuel, or anyone else for that matter, isn't going to find any benefit in interacting with them. But, in terms of giving someone a different level of respect upon first meet, usually this is done by relation to another person. For example, if she has a good friend, and she meets that good friend's brother, naturally she would having the expectation of the brother to be someone she could get along with, and therefore offers a bit more respect than usual. In contrast, if his hated nemesis's mentor comes along, Yuel isn't going to get all friendly with him/her.

Yuel has the occasional “what is life” rant. With her high level of intellect, it’s understandable that she might have some level of explanation for things not defined by natural laws of logic and the like. Now, this isn't to say she will always throw out a piece of perspective that invokes a lot of thought, as she frequently takes the more casual, simple approach to things; but there still comes the occasion that the girl might just spew out something heart-felt and deep. Especially when trying to prove a point, explain her point-of-view or try to get others to understand something. Even justifying something can lead to some philosophy of hers, or a concept she can agree with.

While not as a whole, Yuel usually jumps to a negative conclusion when judging people. While she will give someone the benefit of the doubt, she would more easily believe someone to have darker motives over being good-hearted. In her poverty-ridden life amongst the less fortunate, assessing someone could not be done through actions alone, as quite a lot of people had always worn a mask over their faces. As a result, Yuel developed the skill to 'read' people, though much of the information extracted from these readings were only speculation and assumptions.

A bit of legitimate deduction is used in accordance with their background, circumstances, appearance and actions, but without knowing someone on a personal level much of this information is relatively superficial, and privy to interpretation. This is where Yuel's cynical characteristic comes in. What seems to be a preferred interpretation of information she comes across is things of the more negative spectrum.

Motivations: Something rather apparent when one becomes acquainted with Yuel is her aspirations. The girl tries to always reach higher and grasp things beyond her, inherently making her capable of an astonishing rate of growth when the circumstances allow. Whether natural or force, her ambitious side has made her a rather capable learner, being able to catch onto things quickly. This trait goes hand-in-hand with his job as an informant.

In a way, one can consider Yuel to be a 'big dreamer'. She has a plenty of goals, whether they are small milestones or ones that reach way up high into the realm of the impossible, all of them are sights set before her. For example, her desire to find something which can entertain her, whatever it may be. Despite ranging from small to big, this goal can only be temporarily achieved, and is therefore never-ending. Or another goal of hers, overcoming the traumas of her past While not having as much of a clear path to achievement, thus vaguer milestones, there is a definitive and tangible goal at the end.

In such a case as the provided examples, Yuel might attempt to grasp both, using them as a catalyst for each other. While trying to forget past trauma, there's almost an expectancy of being entertained along the way, and in an attempt to discover something entertaining, a shard of memories may be lost.

When Yuel is particularly excited, the conversation can border on incoherence as she might try to explain the daisy-chain of logical conclusions that led to the formation of her latest idea. Often times, Yuel will opt to simply move on from a topic before it's ever understood what she was trying to say, rather than try to lay things out in plain terms. The reverse can also be true when people explain their thought processes to her, in terms of subjectivity and feeling. Imagine an immensely complicated clockwork, taking in every fact and idea possible, processing them with a heavy dose of creative reasoning and returning the most logically sound results available; this is how the Yuel's mind works, and her kind has little tolerance for an emotional monkey-wrench jamming her gears without logical basis.

Fears: One thing that really holds Yuel back is her restless and pervasive fear of failure. Yuel is so prone to reassessing her own thoughts and theories, worrying that she’s missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that she might become stagnate, lost in an intangible world where his thoughts are never truly applied. Overcoming this self-doubt stands as one of the greatest challenges she is likely to face, but the intellectual gifts --big and small--bestowed on the world when she does makes it worth the fight, arrogant as it may be.


Considering his lack of over-the-top physical activities Yuel's body isn't rippling in muscle, but as someone who still appreciated the fun in playing around, as well as understanding the necessity in some level of strength to conduct any number of tasks, Yuel doesn't fail to ignore a moderate level of exercise. As a result, he could be considered a minute level above average. At least enough to see some muscle tone, moreso attributed by a lack of body fat thanks to high metabolism. Post "gender-modification", high school has taken away from the heavy weight lifting as he did in the junkyard, but returns it all in plenty of cardio from extracurricular activities and sports. Thus, Yuel hasn't lost his mass, but instead retained it as lean muscle, assuming a fairly slim body-type.

Originally Yuel held varying skin tone, sometimes in patches across his body. This was the result of uneven tanning through numerous activities; ridden with tan-lines around his ankles for any number of reasons, around his wrists from wearing gloves while working namely on machines and other constructs which aren't so easily done indoors, and even around his neck and ears from accessories. Patches and specks of skin which are both lighter and darker than surrounding skin are namely a result of activities such as swimming, with the magnification of water accelerating the skin-tanning and peeling from sun-burns. Additionally, several accidents have given Yuel countless scars of multiple levels of severity, namely around the base of his left shoulder to shoulder-blade and right hip thanks to losing these limbs.

After moving to Karakura Town for a more urban lifestyle, aside from his two missing limbs Yuel's skin had gone complete revitalisation. His rejuvenated surface now presents a porcelain white, taking after both his parents whose original skin-tone was extremely pale as well. Selective areas are slightly pink, and sudden changes in skin colour are more easily noticeable, such as blushing, bruises, or repeated friction. With the use of toned body lotion and sparse usage of foundation and other body-makeup, Yuel has successfully covered his scars and various contrasts of skin colour, namely on his two organic limbs, upper-chest above the breast, lower nape, abdomen, neck, and face. On occasions when he feels it necessary to apply effort to the rest of his back, Yuel will, but the rest of his torso is neglected considering they're generally covered anyways.

In varying lighting Yuel's hair can go from a deep yellow to the point of looking dyed, to bordering a pale white. While it's somewhere around the middle at neutral, shading drastically changes almost his overall look. Yuel's hair was without exception almost always a deep blonde thanks to sun-bleaching, but like every other aspect of his body, the move took Yuel from a rural bumpkin look to something more modern. The assorted lighting only served to change how dark it looked, but it always shined an obnoxious golden hue.


No clue. Yuel has yet to fight, so it's not been established what manner of combat he prefers. Due to his supernaturally undeveloped constitution, it can be assumed that given his natural talent in reishi manipulation, he'll prefer a glass-cannon ranged spell-caster. Of course, he's a blank slate, so while he technically has no explicit strengths or weaknesses, he also has hypothetically unlimited potential and the option to go into any branch of combat methodology. What he does have at his disposal are natural talents that can be used as combat potential, whether in detriment or accentuation.

A neutral attribute is Yuel's inhuman level of adaptability, or adoption of assorted techniques and abilities. That is to say, Yuel can somewhat copy another person's technique. Of course, that's incredibly sketchy if things were left at that. The basis of this ability is more so 'mimicking', or 'learning'. It's just that, the rate of learning is high enough to be misconstrued as "copying". The reason being, Yuel's natural control on a spiritual level, and dexterity that allows an acute level of control of his physical body. That being said, fundamentally it's necessary that the technique is feasibly executed by him. Any racially exclusive techniques at most can be mimicked in a manner fit for a Quincy.

Furthermore, since it's simplying mimicking, there's also a need for developing any absorbed techniques. It will neither be as potent or refined as the original, on top of him needing to understand the basis behind the technique to copy it. Again, at most it's an accelerated level of learning. So, should he learn something, he'll also take in the deficiencies, making learning the basis necessary for any improvements to occur, so that Yuel may thus try and refine the technique, possibly creating his own version. For example, learning martial arts. Yuel may be able to copy the stance and movement of a technique, but without understanding the intricacies behind it, she may visually copy what she's been taught, but may not be able to allocate his strength or weight properly to achieve balance and thereby effectively execute the technique. In the case of how Yuel learned how to manipulate his reiryoku, he needed the shinigami to explain the sensation and process so Yuel could look for and replicate the same sensation, before understanding that he had properly executed the technique.

Athleticism: Not overly agile, fast or strong, Yuel still holds some level of "above-average". Out of acknowledgement towards the health of one's body so as to support his future ventures, Seitou Banchou carried out many arduous physical activities to keep up his athleticism, which was additionally inherently built with the strong foundations of plain physical labour in his past, and participation in a variety of sports currently. Very sparsely aiding the villagers in their own endeavors while taking care to climb mountains of scraps, using strength to forcefully bolt together any number of inventions and hastily compile parts for completion so as to quickly move on to the next project; all these activities evidently contributed to physical growth.

Thanks to a shift of his physical training regiment into nearly pure cardio, Yuel's developed better flexibility than before, and by extension his agility. As always, the main component in his physical attributes, dexterity, was retained to its utmost. As someone who handles the precise tasks of building items that utilise technology, even going so far as to hand-build a rather complex computer for the resources used to create it, Yuel's dexterity is top-class. His meticulous projects have developed keen eyes attentive to the smallest of details, nimble hands that could carefully piece together insanely fragile parts, and focus to disallow distractions as hindrances.

Knowledge: For a human's lifespan, Yuel's banks of knowledge could be said to be incomparable. Naturally, those with longevity and experience would easily go further than him, but practical information on the academic subjects including all fields of sciences, history, politics, economy, geography, and even information pertaining to the otherworldly--in that aspect, Yuel is rarely matched. With non-stop studying paired with a mind whose gears turn at a rate far beyond the norm, simply reading to absorb knowledge amongst other subjects is an easy task. Partially in thanks to a remarkable memory--though not absolute--Yuel can recite trillions of words in all kinds of fields, from quantum biology to polyglot-characteristics.

Handicraft: Having knowledge is one thing; being able to apply it is a whole different matter. Fortunately, Yuel possesses even this skill. Since his pre-teen years, the Student President was able to make the most of even the tiniest bits of information, and out of pure intuition and rational thought he could construct functioning pieces of technology. Granted, they were on the level of the 20th century devices most of the time, and in comparison countless other geniuses have already surpassed on their own specific subjects; nevertheless, without the essentials of prior knowledge, experience, and even a more developed mind to make sense of the contraptions he was making, it's still an impressive feat. While he is still limited mainly to his resources and, to some extent, the understandings of logic and knowledge, with all three present Yuel can be regarded as unstoppable.


QUINCY POWERS: Still undeveloped in comparison to most who've received formal education on the subject, Yuel's natural talent with manipulating spiritual energy is incredible, to the extent of not wrongfully being held as an expert in reishi manipulation. Having gotten to his current point almost solely from the single piece of advice the shinigami in his history offered him, the only thing barring Yuel off from greater heights thus far is proper guidance. After all, self-study can only get one so far. Sooner or later, experience is necessary.

Reiryoku: The immensity of Yuel's reiryoku is a product of his particular manner of developing it. While most, especially the type of combatant that relies on their reiryoku, typically develop their spiritual energy through vigorous and steady training, building the thickness and amount held overtime, some faster than others, Yuel utilised the inborn qualities of a quincy to accentuate, more accurately accelerate the process. While neither vast or all-encompassing, the sheer density of his reiryoku is breath-taking--literally. Presuming reiryoku is to be withheld in the body, naturally Yuel rarely exudes any significant reiatsu, if only keeping it at a normal human's level, any actual release on his expert control provides an ocean of spiritual energy to drown in.

Daoist Cultivation: Given Yuel's autodidact method of learning to control and manipulate spiritual energy, its natural that he also developed personal techniques to go along with it. The primary factor in his unnatural density of reiryoku at his age was his manner in developing it, surprisingly formed off of chinese fantasy novels. With the characters of these novels often taking in the "chi" of the world around them and absorbing it into themselves and making it their own, Yuel applied that methodology to himself. The result was a steady and constant growth of personal spiritual energy, directly empowered by the latent spiritual energy around him. Quincies normally absorb reishi and meld it with their reiryoku to execute an attack; fundamentally, the only difference between the natural use of a quincies' techniques and Yuel's own application is him storing and feeding it into his own natural production.

Sensory Enhancement: As reiryoku can be used to enhance physique, namely enforcing muscular strength or even adding defensive properties to the body, there's no reason for it to not enhance one's senses as well. That being said, Yuel has devised a technique to enforce his senses, including his spiritual sense, through reiryoku infusion. Not only does it improve the strength or sensitivity of his senses, but quality. So, in the case of sight, not only will he be able to see further distances, but also see objects smaller than normally feasible. Or, with hearing, not only is Yuel capable of hearing more distant noises or at a more acute level, he may also be able to differentiate individual noises from a rain-forest opera. In the case of strengthening his spiritual senses, this is achieved by infusing the surrounding reishi into his reiryoku, making a pseudo-enlarged reiatsu so to speak that spans a large distance, and is therefore prone to detecting spiritual presences, qualities, or compositions further and more acutely.

Reishi: A level of manipulation and control intense enough to practically bring the surrounding reishi to life, Yuel's mental strength in conjunction with reishi manipulation bring about a frightening array of possibilities. In fact, his control over latent spiritual pressure are potent enough to forgo the process of melding reishi with his own reiryoku to perform any number of techniques, and go straight to manipulating reishi itself independent of his personal spiritual energy. Of course, it's more difficult to manage this avenue of utilisation since its an entirely external process, but as its also a self-sustained source of power, so long as his mental strength can keep up it proves a formidable ability. Furthermore, Yuel's abilities and techniques aren't necessarily manifested from himself through his Reishi manipulation, and can instead be spontaneously conducted from wherever reishi is within his realm of control, that being around twenty metres, and extending no further.


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#2 Re: Yuel Duulheim [Quincy] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:42 pm



BACKGROUND:  Imagine living a fulfilling, prideful life which takes full advantage of your masculinity. Well, maybe masculinity's the wrong word to use. Actually, it wasn't all that fulfilling either. It wasn't very prideful... Okay, from the top.

Imagine getting by in life at a decent pace; you're a little unlucky with living circumstances, plagued by the demon named poverty; despite that, you're making the most of things. A few bad turns here and there, some misfortune whaps you in the face, but you get up anyways since things could always be worse; for example, you could lose some limbs and... sorry, that's a bad example.

So yeah. Life's not the greatest, but you're moving through. Then, you get the lucky stroke of getting into the city! Hold on, forgot to mention, but you're living basically out in the boonies. So, wham! Once in a lifetime chance for someone of your circumstances to get out there and experience the world, sorta! But once you get there, once again the cruel mistress dawns, and you've yet to escape the plague. A kind soul offers assistance, and the next day you wake up with hope. This is where the masculinity part comes in.

Most of your hobbies are the stereotypical "man-job" which takes full advantage of a male physique, since biology just happens to be this way. And some motherfucker comes along and takes even that from you. Yeah, that's where this is going; out of nowhere, for reasons you can't explain, you went from being a guy who thoroughly took advantage of the fact, to being a girl! And you're still a dude in the head!

So, that ended up happening. Yup. To me. It's not fucken' funny, srsly. But, let's get some context to properly explain what I mean, so that you also know not to [always] take me seriously.


Here's a bit of context. Go back around 15 years, and you get a earnest young couple, early twenties. Despite the boundaries of poverty they were united under the sacrament known as marriage. With the honeymoon comes a fervent night, and suddenly the phenomenon of growing another of your species in a manner not too dissimilar to plants is performed. Wait a couple months and you squeeze out the mushy organism in a bloody mess, unaided by the technology of today because--yes, you guessed it, the poor are unable to afford most decent hospitals. In this day and age, there are those nice non-profit establishments that for the good of the people employ doctors and nurses to perform their duties free of charge. Unfortunately, out in the boonies, that ain't a thing.

This is where I come in. Fabulous, adorable me. Well, you don't have to take my word for it, considering I only heard it from my parents and God knows how much they embellish these sorts of details. Oh, poor people can't afford cameras either. Even the super old, outdated ones that are, like, 5,000 yen. That 5k can feed you for a week used sparingly, y'know!

As you might expect, over time the economy widened the gap between those in poverty, and those just not-so well off. Of course, the variety and range of people in these set economical classes have increased thanks to more generous, smarter and long-term thinking economics (thx world leaders), but utter elimination of the less desirable levels is still impossible (thx human desires). So for the most part we adapted what that one Clinton might refer to as "African-style raising" and had the close-knit community of what can pretty easily be defined as the villagers aid my parents in raising me, while they looked for any job they could get. As one might expect with accelerated technology, most of the menial jobs in this day and age are easily performed by technology auto-magically, for a relatively cheap price comparatively speaking. For that, my parents resorted to performing odd-jobs anywhere in, like, a five hundred kilometre radius, or something like that. Naturally, I sometimes wouldn't see them for weeks on end, at times even months.

It was a bit lonely as I started to grow up and understand the significance of authorial roles and father/mother figures. The villagers were pretty nice anyways, so at the very least my emotional, mental growth and social skills didn't decline. It's not like I suffered any relationship-related idiosyncrasies or anything. Well, maybe nothing too serious. Nooo, the true suffering has yet to come. Wait about a decade, and that's when it happens.

Around the age of four, I was pretty satisfied with my circumstances. I mean, I don't mean to brag or anything, but apparently I'm a bit smarter than the average folk. I think faster--sometimes too fast in my perspective; I understand concepts easier and can apply myself with far less effort, and get far better results than most. With the uneducated circumstances of those around me, it's not as if I had a proper comparison anyways, so take these words with a grain of salt.

So as to occupy myself with an age too young to work, and the 'couldn't-be-helped' neglect of my parents (I still loved them; again, it was just a bit lonely, nothing too bad actually), I immersed myself in the applicable arts. I think this village was some sort of stereotype taken out of a cartoon; there was a mechanical-dump about 20 minutes away by foot from the area. There, I basically taught myself about antique technology dating back as late as the 1990s when I was lucky. Even built my own computer! Took me a year to do that, though.

Rummaging through the mountainous depths of metal parts easily tanned me, but fortunately built up some of my muscle. Surprisingly, there was a small lake amidst the dump. It'd be more accurate to call it a massive puddle, around the size of a 2010s community swimming pool with very different depth, a fact earned through experience; I end up learning about useless bits of history like that through my computer, which could barely access parts of the internet thanks to rudimentary deduction of radiology. Sometimes, I was lucky enough to browse this site called "Wikipedia" or something. Learned a looot of pointless things, but I digress.

This puddle was, as a matter of course, abhorrently disgusting. Dirt and oil mixed into it to the point that I assumed it was a tar pit at first. With a bit of elbow grease--sometimes literally--and perspiration, I slaved away at building a pretty rudimentary water filter. It was enough to at least get the other substances out, but probably not the bacteria. I just boiled the water afterwards, and as far as I know it seemed good enough to drink. Maybe that's what made me a girl: shitty water....

So I basically constructed a sort of hideout, since there was a lack of appropriate trees and planks of wood to make a tree-house: every boy's dream for at least 450 years. With metal works under my array of makeshift skills it was like finding a single steampunk hut in yet-to-be-made steampunk paradise. Sooo much scrap material.

The hideout itself wasn't actually my proudest steampunk-esque invention, though. Well, when I say invention, I'm using that word pretty flexibly. Around the time I was 9, I had an accident while climbing the metal mountains. I made some tools to help me do so, but the piece that caught my eye was only ten metres up. I didn't feel like it was necessary to tediously take the time to put on all my equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. It wasn't that far up anyways. I was careless. Stupid! Arrogant, naive little me! As if the gods held some inexplicable emotion of disdain for me, one of my handles slipped, and I rolled down to the base. the vibrations ran up to the peak before the whole thing came crashing down. I reveled in the pain in my ankles from my fall that I couldn't move out of the way in time, but just before then I shot out my makeshift flare gun. The noise was drowned out by the sound of clashing metal, so I suppose I vainly wasted a flare.

I woke up to find myself missing two limbs! The villagers were well aware of my activities, and when they heard a noise so loud you'd need to be more than deaf to ignore it, in a panicked frenzy they valiantly came to my rescue. Or maybe I'm exaggerating things a little. But, these details are negligible; I was, after all, still missing my right arm and left leg! It was horrible! I couldn't dispel the cynical thoughts, "Woe is me! How will I ever continue my projects! I'm disfigured, cursed for life! Poverty is not the only beast sent to bring me down!" Again, the real suffering has yet to be established. In perspective, it still wasn't all that bad. And why is that? Because I looked soooo cool with my new limbs.

Yes, I got new limbs. It's the 21st century, people~, of course we can regain limbs! With today's technology, you can completely regrow a brand new pair of limbs, even organs. Please refer to my disclaimer at the top as you read along every now and then. Of course, it'll cost a bit, and we're not exactly lizards so there are some difficulties; the tan-lines you get will be horrendous, and typically organic limbs are a bit costly--deals with the devil and all, you know? You can even become a cyborg and get totally awesome apps installed right into you, or weapons and bits of technology that makes life, maybe not easier and certainly complex, but convenient and adventurous! So, yeah, it costs money. Hahaha... what a terrible joke. It still ain't fucken funny, srsly.

Instead, my parents spent about half of the money they made in the past three months getting me a set of artificial, prosthetic limbs that made me look like I came from the pirate age! Super uncool. It was heavy too. And painful. Incredibly painful. I thought I would die from the pain--most anesthetics these days are even more expensive then my mechanical limbs! In the end, they were fully functional, and they weren't too much heavier than my actual arms. It was fairly balanced; with some modifications, it was even more optimal. I tried to balance the weight perfectly, since if I made it too light basically one side of my body would be Steven Hawking, and if I made it too heavy, that side would be hulk. In the end, throughout the years I would make modifications here and there, and adapt it to my growing body that underwent a disappointingly slow rate of growth.

At this point, my life has been pretty easy going despite the circumstances. I'm sure others might see me to have impressive perseverance and drive, mainly because I've so far gone through the years fairly earnestly. From someone else's perspective, I might have gone through hardships and overcome them, but the way I see it it's likely the exact opposite. Others might see me as privileged, more or less. That being said, it's not like I complained all that much. I was a kid, so naturally I whined hear and there, particularly when I got those two massive injuries; I wallowed in self pity for about a week until I realised some of the benefits. But, basically throughout the duration of those times I never really wholly applied myself. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I was lazy. With my inventions, I benefited the village and therefore never really had to work, as the villagers provided me necessities with my parents gone working, such as sharing food and water with me (the latter, I produced myself anyways). But, one day, I was actually inspired.

There are the outskirts of civilisation, and then there's where I lived. Same concept: still within the boundaries that made us established on a prefecture-wide map, but right on the edge. Fortunately, there was a sentry outpost around twenty to forty kilometres due West--a Gotei one, I'm talking about. We'll get into why I know about that later. Its presence warded off hollows and their kin, enough so that even if I had the ability to see them holed beasts, I never would. Whoops, forgot to mention. I'm--was--spiritually inept. I'm one of, like, five people in the entire village, which is kind of retarded and unfair and really rare for humans, I'm sure. But, moving on again.

This is where the inspiration came in. Like a UFO that descended from the celestial bodies off-world, a humanoid creature practically meteor-struck the ground and left a crater some five kilometres away from the village. Understandably, my first verbal reaction was "Holy shit!", but the plausible danger in such an event quickly drew the villagers' attention to the 'staring aimlessly' me. Panic ensued and people began to run away, while the slightly more motivated tried to bring me along. Unlike the villagers who didn't have access to much outside knowledge, I knew exactly what just performed a crash-landing. The images and descriptive details written on the net helped me to understand what my eyes were seeing. The mystical being, a Sword Immortal straight out of a Xianxia novel!

'This was what I've been reading about for years!' is what I was thinking. My following actions--I didn't really regret them. But I probably could've gone about the situation in a far more appropriate manner. Out of sheer excitement and confusion all I could do was dash towards the scene. I couldn't feel the difference between the spiritual energies, but the common-point visual attributes of spiritual energy on the terrain described hinted pretty clearly.

That hastiness? Easily the second most rash decision I've ever made. If I hadn't lost those two limbs in the climbing accident, this is where I would've ended up losing them. The second I arrived on the scene foolishly charging in to get a better look, what I assumed to be a blast of some sort of energy literally swept me off my fight and carried me backwards roughly a hundred metres. I landed using my metal limbs, but the speed was too high and instantly their joints snapped. I hit the ground and immediately lost the air in my lungs. Fortunately, I suffered no head trauma, just a massive, unending headache that only carried on for three minutes, but easily felt like three hours. With a bit of time to gather my wits, air refilled my chest and I started to hyperventilate. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK." So, maybe I'm a bit profane, but it's not like I spew colourful words on an hourly basis. To be fair, I just landed with enough pressure to instantly break metal limbs at their joints, so I think I was justified. That being said, please overlook the fact that most of my pain was generated by the feeling of my two limbs snapping at the elbow and knee, and only when I looked at where the two injuries would be, did I realise that the damage I took was to metal limbs which held no nerves. At that point, the pain immediately subsided.

The adrenaline pumping through my body could probably kill a cow. I guess that means I'm tougher than a cow? Hah! Okay, so there I was trying to calm down. Knowing my metal leg wouldn't be able to support me, I quietly sat down without any alternative options. Yep. I just sat there, front row seat to witness a feat that probably would have killed me if I got any closer. And I was just spectating; didn't even reach 100 metres--never passed that distance. Aaand, this is about the time I blank out. I don't remember whether or not it was from the pain, accumulated fatigue drawn from past activities; this was around five years ago, so the painted picture isn't so clear in my mind, despite this being basically a turning point in my life.

Anyways, when I woke up, an obnoxious blend of pink hair and blue eyes loomed over me. If at the time I had a means to interact with energies, I'm sure an aura of intimidation would have made me faint. That not being the case, for me it was just plain weird. Reminded me of something like candyland for some reason; they were really bright, the pink and blue. Who in the world besides delinquents dyes their hair so brightly? After waking up and adjusting my eyes to the sudden darkness and sparkling lights in the sky, the moonlight revealed to me exactly what I wanted to see! For the first time, the Gods rewarded me. Sankyuu, Kaguya-hime! I'll be sure to treat the bamboo well.

So who is this pink-haired, blue-eyes White Dragon you might ask. Why have my metaphorical ovaries turned gears? Or you might not; basically, the person watching over me in what for some reason at the time I thought was giving me a lap pillow was none other than the Sword Immortal that crash-landed! Well, one of two; this one was the guy. I didn't get a good look at his opponent, but it's just my assumption that their god-tier mammaries signified 'girl'. "Oh, you're awake?" Naturally, his voice was insanely tender. I hope it was only a thought, but an impulsive "Kyaa~" came out. I guess not. I could practically feel the subsequent confused smile and raised eyebrow staring down on my probably awkward face. But let's just say it was the immaturity of a eleven-year old. Yeah, let's go with that.

Fast forward a few verbal exchanges that would happen with anyone encountering a bordering uncanny nice guy, and you find us at my home in the village. After inquiring my physical state and health--and mental, unfortunately--I brought the Sword Immortal  to the village in order to express my thanks for him checking up on me (ignoring the fact that he was the cause for my possible danger). At that moment, the still excited me disabled the "tact" featur+e in the settings page on the main menu, and a burst of questions came rambling from my mouth as a fast as I thought them. After realising it was an exaggerated 1200 words per minute being spewed out, I carefully retracted and begun asking them one at a time. Through my selfishness, which I also do not regret presenting, the man stayed with me for some several hours. The sun dawned, and at that moment he left. It was kind of abrupt, but he seemed to be in a hurry, and who was I to stop him? Oh, that's what I was doing for the past several hours.

The Sword Immortal mostly answered nearly all my questions. Nearly because a lot of them were weird and unrelated to the rest, like "Do you know where Davy Jones' Locker is?" Yep, Wikipedia. For some reason, I feel like that page specifically was purposely edited to feature incorrect information. Apparently, Davy Jones' Locker is mythical? But then again, so are angels and demons. Speaking of which, as I initially suspected, Azure turned out to be a remarkable individual--but not a Sword Immortal. I wasn't disappointed, though! Even better, he was a DEATH GOD~? Sounds edgy, but I was an eleven-year old boy. Nothing excited me more than meeting a Shinigami. What surprised me even more was the fact that I was a remarkable individual too!

When he explained that he was in essence a ghost, I told him that everyone in the village but me could see ghosts, so clearly he wasn't. That is, until he made things glaringly clear.

"You said your name is Yuel? Yuel Duulheim? Who in all of Asia has that name? And who in all of Japan naturally has blonde hair and blue eyes, let alone in this isolated village. You're clearly not the norm."

Oh. That made a lot of sense actually, but how did this tie into me being able to see a Shinigami when I explicitly mentioned that I was spiritually inept?

"From what I can tell, you're a Quincy. Likely what happened was, my presence and fight with the Arrancar from earlier jolted your spiritual senses which were dormant. Though, it seems like what was dormant was... an insane amount of potential."

According to him, he could visually see the surrounding reishi coalescing around me as if it were alive, melding with my reiryoku and caressing my body. To be honest, I was torn between feeling incredibly uncomfortable with the thought of some unseen force "caressing my body", and indescribable excitement for knowing that I was "special". Again, eleven years old at the time, my concept of adventure was much more glorifying than the actual experience.

Another thing that made me feel a bit uncomfortable was what he said about the 'complications' between Shinigami and Quincy, or rather most Quincies and everyone else altogether. Such as the Shinigami once being so hostile with Quincies, genocide was in question, if not enacted. The person before me I was looking at like a superhero in essence just told me, our ethnic background was justification for him murdering me. It was daunting, to say the very least. Naturally, I couldn't help but inquire why he was telling me any of this, and the response was a tad heartwarming, actually.

"The politics of today are, as always, ever more complicated than the past. Things aren't as blatantly hostile as they were back then, and you're just a child unaware of any of this. In fact, the only reason I told you about yourself was due to the innate powers within you now exuding. It's inevitable that you will attract unwanted attention, even despite your village being so close to a nearby post. That being said, I also can't be a guardian angel for you, protecting even this village as a whole at all times of the day. Objectively, it's not a priority to safeguard this village amongst other key locations on Earth; you're a smart kid, so I'd hope you understand what I mean. But, I'll at least leave you some knowledge on how to control yourself, to protect yourself. It's a bit selfish of me to do just this, but it's all I can afford to do right now."

And that's when I finally reached level 2 and acquired my first general skill! The shinigami described the feeling of reiryoku as best he could, before describing the feeling of taking it in and withholding it, suppressing it, controlling it. To be honest, he was a terrible teacher, but this method of learning actually suited me well! Though he didn't tell me whether or not I was good at this sort of thing albeit my incessant inquiry, it took me a whole hour before I could successfully perform the technique. Now the only thing I needed to do was learn how to control latent reishi, which was apparently a natural Quincy ability. He couldn't explain to me how this worked though, as he wasn't a monk. Well, neither am I, guy! A cultivator--call me a cultivator of the spiritual arts! Like a daoist... monk. Like a daoist monk. Hahhh.....

Before he left, I made sure to ask about where he was going. "Karakura Town" slipped from his lips; it didn't seem like his intentions were to tell me. But I suppose that was how it worked out. I tried to establish some sort of way to continue communicate with him, but all he gave me was something like an identification number? 13th Division, blah blah blah. It was fairly useless information. Oh, before I forget, it's probably best I mention that it seemed like he thought I was a girl at that time. I didn't really get the difference in the pronouns he used back then, but now that I've become a bit more literate I eventually found out. Which makes the current predicament I'm in all the more disastrous!!! How ever will I explain myself and sound sane?!

I'll get to that eventually, though. After the shinigami left, like a young adventurer looking at the back of his trainer walking off into the sunset in some sort of anime, I yearned to meet him again and learn more. Learning turned from a lax hobby to what I basically dedicated myself to. Ah, also that's not actually how the scene played out. From my understanding the shinigami just 'poofed', probably using something along the lines of Shunpo? And it wasn't the sunset before him, but the sunrise. Anyways, at this time I finally had some sort of motivation; something to inspire me to not just do whatever I fancied in my steampunk paradise, but actually strive to achieve something. That being, inserting myself into the world of spirituality.

I learned about it from the net, of course. Even spiritual beings use the net every now and then! With my super russian 4chan hacker skills I infiltrated the underground scene of the spiritually aware, and not those occultist hacks with their edgy websites, but legitimate chatrooms and information sharing forums between the spiritually aware. Knowing some keywords of what the world of spirituality was like made it easier to look for the proper sites and distinguish between which ones were authentic or not. It certainly helped, as I became more and more knowledgeable on even the more advanced topics, such as the built organisations of the world like "The Committee". They probably had the most presence online. Propaganda and advertisement is the key to recruitment, after all!

Things worked out fairly well for me. Though I basically had to take the autodidact route with my cultivation of the spiritual arts, I'd like to think I excelled. It took me about a week to get a handle on at least passively controlling the reishi around me without having to strain my focus, but learning the fundamentals often was quicker than building it up to a stable and exceptional level. Even now, I can't take hold of all reishi within the surroundings. It's not that easy to become god, yanno. But, I at least got a hold of some key techniques, such as enhancing my own body, or forming objects out of spiritual energy.

Building foundations was important, but going out into the world to acquire experience was an important part of a Daoist Immortal's journey! Albeit living the hikikomori life style for five years, a certain event prompted me to bring my sights toward the horizon. I met a girl online--never saw her face or anything, but GOD she was fantastic. We held all the same interests, both self-taught on utilising our powers, and had a bubbling desire for adventure ready to burst out and take us all over the world. Of course, both of us had hesitation, as neither walked too far out our comfort zones, geographically speaking. But, being the blindfolded fool I've always been, I made a hasty suggestion. I'll go to school! In the city! The nearest town was "Karakura", which coincidentally was where my sweetie was, and even better yet, where that Shinigami guy from back then went to!

They were equally excited, and even offered to help out with the process, enrolling me into the high school there and taking care of some paperwork for me! It was ambitious and naive of us, I know, but at the time our confinement to an ordinary life despite being extraordinary people--it was suffocating!

Being the country-bumpkin I was, I had a stretched understanding of how the civilised world work. All I knew was what I learned from the net, and with my fervor-propelled gun-jumping, I didn't put enough grains of salt into my research towards the next step in life. My parents were supportive, as from what they understood this was a path towards a better life for me, to receive higher education. Knowing I found a supporter as well, especially since I tricked them into thinking it was some sort of scholarship thing I earned from an online contest, there were no bars holding me back, except for my personal fabrications.

I thought at the time that such a famed institution could give some sort of dorming and guaranteed scholarships for uni so long as I got accepted at, like, top of the class or something. From thereon, I dedicated all my time on the internet, even neglecting my spiritual studies. No, not doing anything indecent--I was studying the entire time. No, really. For the next year, all I did was study. Like, almost literally all I did was study. So much that on multiple occasions I lost consciousness from sleep deprivation and famine. At some point I finally came to the totally original conclusion, to care for one's mind one must care for their body. I eventually learned that this was not, in fact, original, and instead a proverb probably from China or something. I thought I was special, so when this donned on me I wept and forgot the rest of the information on the subject.

With obsessive dedication a good (loosely stated) year past. I learned everything from foreign languages to quantum physics. Unfortunately, that's all I could cram in within the span of a year. With that, and the support of my parents who encouraged me to get an education, I set off for Karakura. Of course, all the money they gave me was to be saved of for once I got there, so the distance from my village to the actual place in question was walked. Again, to take care of one's mind, one must take care of their body. I didn't neglect the muscular growth, and to do so in what would probably be considered the impact of puberty, it seemed practical to apply effort in raising my physical attributes. Hue, maybe I'm a man of practicality. Oh... not a man... that's right... *sniff*

From there, I took the entrance exam to Karakura with the support of my yet-to-be-met guardian. The test was way harder than anything I expected. Everything was a trick question! I was so excited to have a picturesque anime high school experience, I went straight to the prestigious institute to starts school right away, only to be a met with a truly formidable opponent. Or so I thought. It was my ignorant misconception that the high-class Karakura High School would have such a massive wall of knowledge barring people from entering simply because it was so reputable. In hindsight, I probably overestimated the difficulty level and over-studied. While taking the exam, everything seemed too easy! Logically, I assumed it all to be trick questions, designed not only to test your knowledge, but intellectual capacity and psychological prowess, or something like that. Whenever available, I chose an answer that seemed philosophically and morally correct, as opposed to the literal options. Because of that, I barely passed the test with only a 2/5.

Good ol' optimistic me still rejoiced! After all, a passing score is still passing. Even if it's bad. What mattered more at that point was that I could now live in the city! WOOHOO! And once again the Gods shat on me. Another one of fruits of my naivety: Karakura High did not, in fact, offer dorms. Rinse and repeat, "Woe is me! How will I ever continue my schooling! I'm homeless, cursed for life! Disability is not the only beast sent to bring me down!" So what I did instead was just sleep on the streets, waiting for the school term to start. Occasionally I was stared at, but who could help it? Rather, who could help me? The answer was someone. Someone else who seemed to be equally forsaken by whatever deity was certainly experiencing a wealth of pleasure witnessing our misfortune.

A boy was walking out from the school campus--which beyond the gates was where I happened to make camp at--whom practically exuded a presence of misfortune. The second he came into my view, bird poop dropped on his head. Some of it landed on the floor, which he ended up stepping on as well. I think some of it even got in his mouth, but the sight was so pitiable and kind of appalling that turned my head away. Around that time, my stomach sung me a ballad. I completely forgot about food, and the sudden hunger hit me hard enough to induce tears. "Ueehhh..." It was quite frankly embarrassing. Without hesitation I packed my stuff into the massive potato sack I carried there and walked away in hunchback, writhing in pain. Or so I tried. "Hey, uh, if you're hungry you want to try [Japanese] Denny's?" I turned with tears streaming down at a far faster rate. Yup, tears of joy. I wanted to scream out with all my heart, "KAMI-SAMA~!!" and embrace him. Oh, turns out I actually did that. >///>

So the kind bocchan took me to a family restaurant and treated me out for a meal. It was there I vaguely described my circumstances. In truth, it was a pretty detailed summary put into as few words as I could muster, but the reason it turned out vague was because the only words that could be heard spewing from my mouth were in between the incessant gobbling and lip-smacking produced from my gluttonous presentation. After I was done, with all my heart I conveyed my thanks as much as possible. In my eyes, the boy basically saved my life. I actually had some dried food in my backpack, but the offer of free food blindsided me and all memories pertaining to the fact evaporated as quickly as the water in my rations. But his magnanimity knew no bounds! It was at this point, Touma offered me stay at his own home. At least, for the time being. I didn't have the intention of overstaying my graces.

After settling into the spare room he had available, I took the best nap I had in days. And when I woke up, the most disastrous thing! Once more, "Woe is me! How will I ever continue my life! I'm disfigured, cursed for life! Homelessness was not the only beast sent to bring me down!" It was at this moment--the present, that I faced the most demeaning event of my life. I brushed with death watching the combat of mystical beings, lost my right arm and left leg in a climbing accident, and carried through poverty. But this? How was I ever to deal with this?! I literally just randomly woke up to a set of female pajamas on my bed. Naturally, my first reaction was excitement; I slept on finer linen and a feather-filled bed for the first time in my life. This was what luxury was!! Until I realised my circumstances. Frankly confused, I reached down to discern whether mini-me went concave. It freaked me out! I jumped up and sat upright, only to realise that what had seemed a pleasant awakening at first, was a very confusing morning! I ran up from the sheets and to the nearest mirror. Noticing nothing different in my body, the first entirely rational thought that came mind, "Yeah; get naked." At blinding speeds I stripped myself, only to behold an actually really appealing body, and fortunately, elephant of let's-not-talk-about-it size. I ogled at the mirror a bit before noticing my thoughts of "damn, he's hot" was directed towards myself.

In a frenzied panic I, without redressing myself, ran out the room and scoured for my patron. Bursting through the door I cried out, "SENPAI!!" I jumped on top of his bed and cried aloud. "What's with this?!" Before pulling out the set of clothes he prepared me and an incoherent ramble of complaints. But soon enough, as always I regained my composure and instead tried to think of a reason behind the situation. Senpai used female pronouns when talking to me at the restaurant, didn't he? I didn't notice at the time because the beast within me occupied all my processing ability, dedicating it towards ravaging the meal.

A feeling of trepidation washed over me, before his equally astonished face guided itself towards my chest, alongside his hand now cupping my right breast. I unconsciously let out a "kyu!" noise before backing up to the wall now realising the horribly confused and uncontrollable beast before me. After a literal minute of pause he finally got up from his own bed and kowtowed, presenting profuse apology.

I naturally ran away the minute I saw him get out his bed, in fear of another attack. And, with a good hour passing by, I regained my composure while unwillingly putting on the clothes he prepared for me. I had nothing else clean, after all! Besides, they were pajamas. We can say they were metrosexual clothing. Coming to terms with the circumstances, I went back to senpai's room and had a good talk, establishing what just happened and why it did.

Obviously, he confused me for a woman, and I never made any attempts to correct his line of thought. Furthermore, his thinking was supported by the idea that I was Yuel Duulheim--the Quincy he met online and mutually fell in love with. W-wait. What?!

"HOLD ON, N-N-N-NO NO NO--I, I thought YOU were a girl?! You catfished me?!?!"

"What're you talking about--aren't YOU the one who catfished me?!?!"

Fast forward an embarrassing debate, and we finally came to terms with what happened. Knowing the circumstances actually served to close the gaps between us rather than expectantly pushing us further apart. After all, before meeting in person we were very compatible individuals, with shared ideologies and motivations. H-hey, I ain't gay though! Don't take it like that! The thing is, I think senpai now is...

Senpai also goes to Karakura, so he's well aware that they offer no dorms, unlike myself. His understanding was that I was going to be rooming with him, in the apartment he lives in, financially supported by Mr. IDon'tCareWhoThisPlaceIsSupportedByBecauseThey'reNotRelevantToMyStory. So, we decided to go with that, as he already made preparations, hence a highschool guy like himself, who lives alone, having female pajamas prepared. It's actually quite nice that he took my financial circumstances into account and bought some clothes for me ahead of time. Romantic, even. BUT, I STILL AIN'T GAY.

Here comes the major issue I've bitched on non-stop. He only had one stipulation for me living with him, besides the common household rules of modesty and cleanliness. I had to dress as a girl! Everyday! Like he didn't want to be reminded that he got catfished, and that we should continue to live this lie he construed! The worse part was, when he was looking at me with my entirely metrosexual clothes on, he blushed every now and then! The worst part? I agreed!

My enrollment was even as a female at the High School, so the uniform received was for a girl! Not only at home, but even at school I have to cross-dress now?! GAHHH!!! And you, Inner Me?! Why do you have to be so ambitious?! Spending a year to become the student council president and even head honcho of the rest of the delinquents at school?! I could've gone by my humiliating high school life low-key, yet my natural inclination to be the best in any given circumstance puts me down once again! Not only did I have to achieve academic success and even accept responsibility over the school body, but to personally alleviate the pressure on the faculty I even went straight to the den of lions and took up leadership for the misguided and rowdy souls of the school. Forcibly, when necessary.

Haahhhh..... Okay. I'm done with my rant. Time to put my... s-skirt on, face life head-on, and press forward taking responsibility for my poor life choices. Thanks for reading the vent of my whole life.

RP SAMPLE: /*An RP post transferred from a different site.*/

Unsure of what to make of James's avoidance of the gem, Yuel simply jotted down the mental note of the two possibilities having equal probability of occurrence. In a way, she turned the curiosity of a situation into something comparable to the principles of quantum theory she so thoroughly understood. Having thrust her perspective on the matter into a familiar subject and therefore putting herself in her own element, Yuel finally became comfortable. The surroundings now felt more so easing considering she just recently used it as a medium of experimentation.

"Mm... I wouldn't necessarily call it perplexity from your magic? I'm more interested in the results of your creation than the process, though thinking back maybe focus on the latter would have been more effective? That's interesting; maybe the gem really does effect my mentality? But isn't this oversight an inducement of negative output?"

As her nerd-brain went to work, Yuel proceeded to comment on James's observations, though she seemed to have come to some conclusions of her own in the process. Whether or not they were accurate was besides the point. One thing was for certain, though; the man was looking down on her, evident from the attempt to explain the processes of magic... More or less? "Because magic"? To say this explanation was disappointing... is an understatement. In Yuel's few years of study, for the most part she came to the undeniable understanding that causality was not definite, but always present.

As one who sought information, understanding that information equated entropy was fundamentally necessary, and as with quantum theory, knowledge converted the unknown, into the definite. From extensive research, though the reasoning behind all supernatural phenomena wasn't nearly as straightforward as instances of untouched physics naturally reacting with the world, it could be said that even magic had origins and measurable results that led to definitive confirmation of the cause and subsequent effect of magic itself. After observation, nothing happens without justification.

His lecture from what Yuel perceived to be more or less a high horse, a tinge of annoyance filled her. If she was respectable enough to be invited with reason being her intellectual prowess and the fact that she could apply it so effectively, what sense could be made out of disrespecting that very notion through insufficient explanations, and even worse, a worrisome lack of proficient understanding of one's own abilities? With a furrowed brow, Yuel promptly retorted his ever so poor attempt.

"Science quite literally has instances of unavailability of 100% confirmation of results; that's the entire concept behind probability, a methodical observation so deeply embedded into maths and sciences. You can't possibly expect me to believe that such a statement is "debatable", do you? 'Cause, you know, it's not? It's outright factual?"

In that small bit of dialogue, Yuel already conveyed quite a bit of her feelings, and present disposition towards the James's own intellect--that being, not so respectable. Without disregard to any belligerence in tone and the idea of "keeping calm", the girl continued on to refute all his claims.

"Fundamentally, magic's no different; I don't know how your magic works, but its not as if there's a lack of rational explanations behind it. It's ignorant of you to claim "because magic", you know? I've done my fair share of research into magic as well, you know? I'm not just some run-of-the-mill scholar, you know? I'm an intellectual in my own right, you know?!"

The more she spoke, the further she self-propagated her anger. Simply speaking her opinions out gave further emphasis to the level of insult she felt in her own mind, and in a spiral her emotions simply escalated endlessly. Of course, this only happened internally in a manner of nanoseconds on a personal scale, as Yuel proceeded only to spew rationalised information, as she always did in a heated situation.

"I can understand if the effects of your own creation made so suddenly wouldn't subject you to any changes; I suppose it's like eating your own waste in an attempt to gain nutrients. If your own experience brought you to the conclusion of magic having no definitives, either you're failing to look into your own abilities and make sense of the results simply out of ignorance or intellectual inability, or you've simply gained insufficient experience!"

With a huff, Yuel lightly frowned and crossed her arms, waiting for any responses to come out of her counterargument. She didn't even bother to make any note of his comment on her "maybe being able to take apart his creation", or "understanding the makeup of mankind". The first was, frankly, taken as an outright insult towards her abilities as an engineer. The latter was just stupid altogether. With the physical makeup of the human body being known entirely by the mid 21st century without exception, even down to a sub-atomic scale--and the history of the human "makeup", the only thing left to delve into was the mystical or spiritual makeup.

Considering the realms were already intertwined at that point, it was equally ridiculous to suggest that the human body, mind, and soul, had any bit unknown. There have already been artificial souls created, and entire being and consciences made, both by man and their kin races, as well as by the gods themselves. What daft individual would imply the notion of a thorough scientist being unknowledgeable towards a subject with such heavy prevalence of research? Genetics were already a major focused in the first half of the 21st century; one could easily find scores of research papers and depth'd explanations even on the free internet.

Taking note of James walking off while creating two more objects, Yuel's interest rose a bit; unfortunately, the stubborn girl kept to an angry disposition. She did a bit of thinking, however; mainly on whether or not the compisition of the rock he compressed was entirely carbon or graphite, considering the results were what seemed to be diamond swords. That's strange; a sword with the compressive strength of diamond should have no flexibility; if one knew the fundamentals in making practical swords, flexibility was necessary so that the sword wouldn't suffer any issues self-induced. Well, if energies outside of physical enabled matter to exceed lightspeed, without further inspection Yuel could only ironically leave it as "the result of magic". If she had a chance, some time would certainly be taken towards looking into the subject.

As James passed one of the diamond swords to Yuel, she nearly groaned in how unexpectedly heavy it was considering the gem's weight. In truth, it was mostly just the girl's own poorly developed muscles, far below the average human. At the very least, she had enough arm strength to hold it out straight with both hands, parallel to the ground. In response to James's taunt, Yuel scoffed in annoyance. While there was the scary thought of combat, her newfound dislike towards James bordering the desire to get hostile washed away the tension.

"Fine! If I beat you, there'll be a lot more than just that wristpad in it for me, deal?"

Unaware of how skilled the man was in combat, Yuel proceeded to fly into the situation essentially blind. And, alongside the intention of flying blind, without reserve she entered the "bubble" James provided without questioning it. Of course, some observations were to be done before actually entering, but in moments the girl confidently deemed it safe. A part of these observations included stomping on the ground now that the bubble covered her like a thin film. The sensation initially felt uncomfortable, but soon became unnoticeable.

Provided the surroundings were included as one of James's object--considering this whole room was his--the ground beneath her feet would be registered as an object "coming towards her with lethal force" given the induced velocity of her stomp. If the film was to keep her safe, surely it could do so even with herself as the primary detriment to her own safety, right? At this point in time, Yuel already looked down on James's intellect to some extent, but at least had enough faith in it to assume this attempt wouldn't be overlooked. Otherwise, the girl would outright collapse and writhe in pain from a broken leg.

Under the assumption that what happened was not, in fact, Yuel breaking her leg, she took stance while scoffing at the man's words. Certainly, Yuel had no experience in combat. But at the very least, she was capable of rational thought. Even if you did generalise, the blade and mind were certainly not the only methods of combat. That being said, the teen felt oddly comfortable with the sword in her hands. She experienced holding weapons prior to this event out of the desire to learn self-defense, but few felt so natural in her hands as the sword--any sword, for that matter.

"Hmm? Are you still looking down on me, James? I don't know exactly how much experience you have in combat, but there's no way that stance is legitimate."

Completely disregarding any respectful attempt towards honourifics and going straight to a first name basis, Yuel once more felt annoyance glossing the back of her head. While she had no profound level of experience in fighting herself, observing the surroundings through her senses was something more or less natural to Yuel; taking into account the stance James took being fundamentally disadvantageous when taking into account physiological instinct, centre of mass, and the effects of outside and inside forces simultaneously coalescing to reach a desired form... to be honest, his just looked messy. Inefficient and composed without thought, as far as the Yuel's observations went.

In response, Yuel took borderline perfect form, taking into account the physical differences between herself and the opponent, the outside forces, atmospheric pressure and levels of gravity considering the two were underground. Not a single detail was missed, and to any moderately experienced fighter, Yuel's stance created the aura of a veteran around her. With a profuse lack of openings, even with James's overwhelming speed, the girl proceeded to easily respond to his strike. With dexterous hands as the product of countless creations, even taking into account the weight of the sword she had already adjusted to, Yuel guided the blade to meet James's, the two velocities were forced to meet as best she could. With a slight shift in direction and magnitude of her counter, Yuel motioned to redirect the power behind James's attack entirely.

At the same time, her knees bent with a back kept straight, and her entire body fell forward onto the ground. Upon impact, Yuel curled into a ball while dropping her sword. The weight of her weapon was used to increase the speed of her fall, but now on the ground it only served to inhibit her intentions. Dropped her forearms to guard her face and bringing her knees up to her chest, Yuel's shins and arms were intended to meet James's legs. Taking into account the diverted swing, unless James reacted quickly enough the logical conclusion was for him to trip.


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