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#1 Dre Jaegerjaquez [REVAMP] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:44 pm


Dre Jaegerjaquez

Name: Dre Jaegerjaquez
Alias: Demyan De Ermolai, Jimmie Reese  
Age: 24
True Age: 24
Sex: Male
Personality: Dre appears to be a laid-back and irreverent and unwanted individual at first glance, but this interesting being hides his brutal, impulsive, excessively-violent personality. However it may seem, Dre has the intellect to figure out his opponents opening at a nick of a time and quick exploiting it to full use. And in addition to his intellect, he is cold, sadistic, arrogant, and disrespectful in any way you could take him and his most distinguishing features are his psychotic grin and maniacal laugh; whenever he becomes repulsive or excited.

Dre  has an absurd enthusiasm for battles which would contain blood lust, which he so likes. Also he battles like an insane berserk-er, ignoring his wounds and trying his best to over-powers his enemies would brute force and such. And loathes when his enemies looks down on him. He would not rest still his enemy is down on the ground crushed into pieces. No matter, what cause it would be.

In the other hand, Dre is generally quiet and solitary person that acts in a very aristocratic manner, except of course in battles when he gets over-excited.  He always seems serene and apathetic towards other people, even while he is actually deeply conflicted. Dre is also a very intelligent and logical, possessing a knack for controlling and manipulating others to abide towards his own intentions. He does not rant or whine about things. He wants things to be in the calmest and peaceful position. Because it gets on his nerves when things starts to get out of hand. He's always cool-headed, smart and shows great interest in reading books of the modern era. Which he gains knowledge and puts into use.

Dre enjoys eating junk food which he is very fond of. He always rides off to the nearest shop and buys himself some food to eat. Dre loathes his clothes getting unclean or messy which can be easily perceived as he keeps very tidy and clean.

When it comes towards loyalties and allies; he doesn't give a fuck. For the reason, he fears that his enemies would take an advantage of it and attack his friends, family, and comrades instead of him and take it as an advantage to lure him out to the open. However having no family, friends, comrades etc gives him and advantage as well, to not too fall for any kind of traps. However he is blind of compassion. "Compassion weakness the soul." he would simply answer, if anyone would ask him; why he doesn't have any relationship with anyone.    


Height: 6'4
Weight: 230lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Dre is mostly a berserk of a fighter. Going all out and hiding nothing, including his abilities and powers. But however after defeating his enemies to a point which they cannot go on; he uses his small knife to kill them off. Because rather than a gun or a sword or a bow which is too quick when it comes to killing. A small knife has the ability to infect pain into other and it helps him become happier by the minute, to see his enemies in agony. Rather than a bow a knife helps you to see the person’s emotions. In which in-turn, you can judge the person what kind of man or woman he really was.

Strengths: Durability, Speed, Regeneration, Strength, Endurance

Weaknesses: Reiatsu Control, Planning ahead, Reiatsu Detection, Stamina


Weapon / Item(s) / Whatever it is on you:  The dormant version is the chain he wears on his neck. Upon activation a metal armor is generated around his whole body, even covering his face. A long dark blue scarf is generated around his neck, and also he acquires a sword which he can form again whenever he wants.

Fullbring Appearance:

Ability Name: Sanguis Agri
Description: At an instance of a wave of a hand, it uses the air around to convert into blood. By doing such a thing, the blood covers the whole area and transforms itself into a powerful cyclone. Dre has the ability and the power to surround his enemies within a cyclone of blood. The technique has the ability to heavily damage the enemy upon contact.

This technique gives the enemy a damage worth of 2 two Cero's, also affecting an area of 200-ft in all directions. 3 post cool down.

Ability Name: Sanguinem Ianuae Magicae
Description: Dre can de-materialize himself in one place and re-materialize himself a distance away. He breaks down his body into multiple drops of blood and reassembles himself.

Dre is able to teleport anywhere within 30 feet of his area. However, he would be 5-feet apart from his enemy. 2 post cool down.

Ability Name: Sphaera Sanguinem
Description:By using his hands, Dre can convert the air surrounding him to blood, in which he would utilize it to create a redish energy sphere on top of his palm. One blast is powerful enough to create a large crater, with an accompanying explosion which creates a shockwave.

The damage done by a sphere is equal to 2 Cero's. 2 post cool down.

Ability Name: Kighte Obice
Description:A red hexagonal blood barrier which is fixed to his back, front, left and right side of body, and when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the barrier enlarges fully to protect which side it is affixed to. The barrier keeps the attack away from Dre, gathers the energy in one area, and momentarily absorbs the energy from the attack before forcing the attack outward and away from the shield, dispersing the attack altogether.

Can take up damage equivalent to 2 Cero's. 2 posts cool down.

Ability Name: Sanguinis Globuolus
Description: Dre has the ability to create a total of 40 globulus sanguinis per a thread, 2 per post with a 1 post cool down. Each globulus sanguinis takes the size similar to a table tennis ball. It has the ability to travel at a speed equal to a Bala.

Upon contact the globulus sanguinis ignites and explodes causing 2nd degree burns for the enemy.

Ability Name: Deus lux
Description: Using his sword Dre releases a highly condensed spiritual energy from the tip of his blade, which, magnifying the slash attack, flies forward. This slash takes the shape of a massive crescent moon or wave. It heavily damages anything caught within the blast.

2 Cero's worth damage, 2 post cool down.

Ability Name: Sanguis Obiectu
Description: Using his mind, Dre is able to set up a powerful barrier. While being a mostly defensive, the blood barrier blocks anything up to a Gran Rey Cero, 3 post CD. (The barrier takes an area similar to Bakudo 81)

Ability Name: Sanguinem Texentium
Description: Dre can charge spiritual energy through his blade and fire it in the form of a beam. Does damage equal to one Cero Oscurus, 4 post cool down.

Ability Name: High Speed Regen
Description: Dre has accelerated healing, he can heal all external damage such as fractured bones and deep cuts, burns, and etc. Dre is also able regenerate his arm after having it torn/or cut off (not instant). He can quickly regenerate any part of his body except for his brain and internal organs.

Ability Name: Sanguinem Cornibus
Description: Dre has the ability to use blood and shape it into two vast wings together on his back. After activating this technique, he has the ability to use the wings as a shield to block any attack up to 2 Gran Rey Cero's.

Can be only used once per thread.

Ability Name: Sanguinem Phoenix
Description: In this instance Dre gathers all the blood he mustered, and transforms into an enormous phoenix of blood. This state is powerful enough to make a person vanish without finding anything left of he/or she. The phoenix strikes its target with incredible power, also the incoming destruction with it is immense. Dre is able to channel the entirety of the force of the impact into specific targets.

This technique gives the enemy a damage worth of 2 Cero Oscuras's, also affecting an area of 200-ft in all directions.

Once Dre uses this technique he temporarily looses his power for the rest of the thread.

Ability Name: Sanguinem Sonic
Description: Dre is cable of tightening his throat muscles to create an echo chamber in order to release an hot air attack from his mouth. It has the power to cause 2nd degree burns and shake the enemy on contact. The technique can also be used to disperse enemy attacks and also defean enemies temporarily within a 30 foot area in all directions. 3 post cool down.

Ability Name: Sanguis Serpentes
Description:  Dre can create multiple individual snakes using blood. These snakes can strike with enormous force and also explode on contact with enemy. However, they can also be used to strangle the opponent (not outright), slash the opponent with their fangs, or hold them down. This technique causes the enemy 2nd degree burns, 3 post CD.

Boosts: 4 x to everything.




"Let's See How The Story Unfolds...Shall We Begin?

He had left home when he was in the age of seven. He had 5 members in his family, including his: father, mother, himself, and two brothers. They were all atheists, though there neighbors were all Christians and they were making story of this family saying that they were "The demon worshipers" , "The followers of the devil" and such as, so there family was not accepted in public, because of this very reason.

Little by little,the family started losing members. Dre's 10 year old brother died by hanging him self, and his 13 year old brother was murdered after 4 months after his 10 year old brother's death. His 13 year old brother was murdered in a cliff top: his head was neatly severed from the body and placed on a small pole dug into the sand. Besides it lay the corpse. It was a tragical, "The work of the Devil" himself the local people would say after viewing the remains of the pale, cold & lifeless head hanging out of the pole.

6 months passed, his drunken father, a burly dockworker, and who was a former shinigami, enraged by the arrival of a son, beat his mother regularly, blaming her for the boy's embarrassing condition.When the boy tried to defend her, he was too badly beaten by his own father. But he didn't care, he was doing every thing thing to have peace in his family. But apparently it didn't work out so far.

One cold and terrifying night, when Dre was talking with the ghosts as usual in his bad, he heard a horrific scream. He ran downstairs to see there parents fighting horribly, and his mother never got up. The boy stood over his lifeless mother and felt an unbearable up welling of guilt for permitting it to happen. "This is all my fault" he thought bitterly depressed starting at his mother. " And now I will avenge her death with violence" He said to himself coldly.

As if some kind of demon were controlling his body, the boy walked to the kitchen and grasped a butcher's knife. Hypnotically, he moved to the bedroom where his father lay on the bed in a drunken stupor. Without any word, the boy stabbed him hard on the back. His father cried out in pain and tried to roll over, but his son stabbed him hard again, over and over again until the apartment was dead silence.

The boy fled home but found the streets of St. Wales equally unfriendly. His was an outcast- the other young runaways, and he was forced to live all alone in a basement of a dilapidated factory, eating stole fruits and raw fish from the dock ahead. His only companions were tattered magazines he found in the trash, and he taught himself to read them. Over time, he grew strong. When he was twelve, another drifter and a girl twice his age mocked him on the streets and attempted to steal his food. The girl found herself pummeled to within inches of her life. When the authorities pulled the boy off her, they gave him an ultimatum to leave St. Wales or go to juvenile prison. The boy moved down the coast to Jade. Over time, the looks of pity on the streets turned to looks of fear. The boy had grown to a powerful young man.

At eighteen, in a port town, while attempting to steal a case of cured ham from a cargo ship, he was caught by a pair of crewmen. The two sailors who began to beat him smelled of beer, just as his father had. The memories of fear and hatred surfaced like a monster from the deep. The young man broke the first sailor's neck with his bare hands, and only the arrival of the police saved the second sailor from a similar fate.

However the police themselves couldn't stop him. Dre was totally berserk at that point. His emotions were controlling him. He was not sure how he was acting or whatever he just wanted to hurt someone. The police gaining the upper hand by the number of them managed to pin him down and trap him. However that did not stop him from struggling as one of the policemen took a huge metal poll and aimed it at Dre as he struck it hard as it could. However Dre was not aware of this as he struggled to get free, he manged to take a leap, the metal poll stuck hard towards the back of his head. Motionless Dre fell down on his body, as his eyes began to close... He could feel himself floating...frothing... as everything went black.      

"A New Life...A New Target."

Dre was now 24. He has spent a total of 6 years in prison for his accusations and such. He was not aware of it for the fact that he was suffering from amnesia. Because of the fact of brain damage. He did not know how he had got here in the first place, he did not remember his own name, family, friends and such.

After undergoing rehabilitation, Dre was finally released as he made up a name for himself and continued to test his abilities. Being a man of great strength, Dre got involved with mercenaries. As he engaged with them and learned different techniques and moved into high ranks. As of this day he continues this- still being able to remember his past...

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