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#1 Character Creation Guidelines and Help.. on Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:47 pm

Ika Mazi

SO, you want to build an app eh? Well, I'm happy to hear that, but there WILL be a few guidelines to go off of..

IF you've RPed here before, or I've RPed with you on either ROTR/Era X, you may get more of a say in your tier. If you're looking for a high tier and your app is quality, you'll probably get it, within reason.

I grade based off the following things

Have you RPed here before/with me in general? If yes, and I find you worth any tier, you can pretty much attain any tier at or lower than 0-4 within reason.

I do however still grade off the following things, and will adjust to my liking.

Originality- If we have 30 ice and blood manip characters, you're going to get a lower grade due to how generic and overused the power set is. Sorry, not sorry.

What is the app DESIGNED to be?- Some apps are meant to be weaker. If you want your app to be a lower tier, I will take that into account.

Quality of App- THIS DOES NOT MEAN LENGTH. I know your girlfriend/Boyfriend if you swing that way may have said, "I really like length.." We don't. I love detail, but unnecessary fluff and quote on quote "Flavor" text just makes my job harder. I will probably dock tiers out of spite for that, but you've been warned in fairness. A quality app will be well written, fluid, detailed but not 50 paragraphs about one simple ability that I can summarize in 3 lines. Look at any staff member/app checkers application to see what exactly I'm looking for. They aren't hard to find. If you want a list of us, Rena, Ika, Noziel, Zenke, and Alexis. Tada

Complexity does NOT mean high tier- If anything, you'll get a lower tier for being a pain in the ass. Also, SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND EFFORT. You know if a concept is complex and shit, or if it might be too much. Ask us first if you can do it, before you waste your time on it. I'm not going to pity you if you were too stupid to do so, and wasted your time. Why won't I? Other than the fact that it's CLEARLY STATED HERE, I'm an asshole, and you're wasting MY time, or other staffs time as well.

Obviously limited things that you shouldn't shoot for on your first app.

Shunko, Hollow Harmony for Vizards, No Incant Kidou at full power, Twin Zan's/Weapons, tiers higher than 1-3.

Now, have fun, make an app that doesn't give me a stroke, and yeah.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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