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#1 [Sinner Event] Kaze vs Sakura and Mei on Fri 13 Jan 2017 - 20:07



The woman had recently arrived and asked who he was only for another woman to show up to assist her comrade. Kaze didn't look very amused. Of the opponents possible in this day and age he was stuck with women. Seemed even in death the universe had a sense of humor. He didn't answer her immediately though as he half expected someone else to arrive. However when no one else did he frowned as if disappointed. His spiritual energy began to climb as he wasted no time in small play and prepared for battle but he did respond to her before acting.

"Cute choice of words child.. but the answer is clear for all to see. I am a sinner from Hell returned to the world of the living for.. practically any reason I wish.."

He grinned as his hand grabbed a passing by civilian by the hair, though his eyes remained forward and his body facing the shinigami, bringing the person closer as he began to crush their skull in front of the girls until pop. Blood and skull spewed in front of him and he held the grey matter that was the man's brain in his hand for a moment before dropping it.

"I am Kaze Lisola... The Blackwind.."

The earth around the two girls shook, trembled and cracked, around the two girls before a diagonally crossing pair of concrete spears formed an X in an attempt to impale Sakura and Mei, since they were so large. A bolt of lightning fired from the side of the man's head at Sakura's face and another from the other side of his head launched towards Mei's right knee. He wasn't expecting either to do anything he just wanted more information about his supposed opponents. His cloak still covered the general bulk of his body, but paying enough attention showed the glint of gold on his right arm through the folds.
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