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#1 [Private] Cultural Enrichment (Hagane) on Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:34 pm

Berlin, the Athens on the (river) spree or the Grey city some would say. Others would call it the greatest city in  world, while some others call it the most dangerous and corrupt shite-hole in the world. It was true that muggings and rapings were an all time high in this city due to cultural enrichment carried out by the Syrian refugees that had taken asylum in the country. But for some fucking reason it did not stop the tourists from coming into the city. They paid for the Bus rides to see the Gendarmenmarkt: a public square lined with impressive architecture, seeing the remains of the Brandenburger Tor, visiting the remains of the once great Berlin wall and so forth. These were just some of many things of many that caught the eye of tourists. They all gathered and risked their miserable life's to see shite that had no impact or relevance in the modern world today. That's how pathetic human's were. It was sad in a way, but what could one man do?...

Harry held his hands inside his pockets as he let out a overwhelming low sigh, "Fuck me. How long is this drive going to take? Can't this thing go more faster or something? Such a waste of my fuckin time." He spoke underneath his breath. He didn't give a flying fuck if the other members in the group looked over at him with crude thoughts. "Fuck them." He just wanted to experience a simple bagel. Just one simple old bagel would make his day. He vowed for the soft and lushious texture of the bread. He let his tongue slip out of his from his mouth from the thoughts of it hitting his tongue. Looking around every and corner on the streets, he remained still on bus seat. That was until he spotted a lowly bakery on the corner of the 15th avenue. Grinning he grabbed the edge of the bus as he jumped off it only to sprint towards the bakery. As he sprinted he noticed a certain spiritual pressure coming near from the place he was going to. Not a level that he would be frightened, however, fairly strong. Shrugging it off, he kept sprinting knowing whoever it was, he would meet that person soon, while experiencing German food.
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#2 Re: [Private] Cultural Enrichment (Hagane) on Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:00 pm

Rain, Hagane loves the Rain. Just as it so happens most of his visits to the Human world are to see the rain. Germany, a place hagane has visited quite a bit. Thing is the only time he really came here was to meet one of his old friends, someone who owned a small restaurant just by a river. Berlin was the place, although to half an extent it's amazing Hagane even knows that.

How did He find himself in Berlin? Well... he was 'anonymously' told it was going to rain. So why do you think he'd be there?... the rain of course.

Hagane waited patiently in the corner of the restaurant, tapping at the window as he did. The name of the place was called 'Kapkan'. To be completely honest nobody knows why it's called that, although there's a prize for someone who guess' correctly. The place looked old, stone floor, old wooden tables, and the place felt slightly damp. That's how the owner liked it though. Nobody ever had a problem with it.

A waitress brought him a giant plate of food, actually more like she was bringing him his 27th plate of food. It's not like Hagane needed much from the sereitei, but they insisted, more like trying to bribe him to not go berserk when learning of strong characters. as the Waitress walked away, Hagane couldn't help but notice her perfect round ass as she walked away. He quickly disregarded the thought, as he would, but then again he is a man. His mate, the owner of Kapkan, waved at Hagane as he continued to eat. With a slight smile and wave back, he'd hoped he didn't get caught having a perv on the Waitress.

Just down the street, a few blocks stood a bakery. The owner of the bakery was a nice man, had good relations with Hagane's mate, althought Hagane didn't know anything about the guy. To be honest Hagane never paid much attention to the bakery, not because it wasn't worth his time, but because he'd never really had a look.

Hagane sensed something Approaching, spiritual pressure, being let off by someone approaching his direction. He didn't pay much thought to it, hopefully the being would just simply walk by without noticing Hagane.

He Continued to eat as more plates of food came to his table, and the ever stacking pile of plates continued.


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#3 Re: [Private] Cultural Enrichment (Hagane) on Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:30 pm

Harry entered the bakery shop feeling pretty good about himself. He had waited for this moment for a long fucking time. He wanted to taste all those delicious buns that were placed neatly on the boxes like shelf's. As Harry started to think what kind of bun he wanted; he was suddenly interrupted. Not in a direct way, of course. It was due to him sensing a surge of spiritual pressure coming his way. Letting his eyes roam about he tried to detect where it was coming from. Turning his head towards the left he spotted a man sitting down, enjoying his meal; the pulse was coming from him. Harry was now extremely curious about this individual, as he decided to move towards him. Hell, even if shit turned south; what could he do? Judging by his reiatsu he was a slightly stronger than him. Nothing more, nothing else. Even if the man was stronger than Harry in someway, he wasn't going to give a flying fuck. Harry was a God. The man however was some schmuck eating a poor man's meal.

Walking over to the man, Harry got himself in front of him, as he sat down, facing the man. He could care less if someone has already booked the seat or was going to sit down on it. As long as he was concerned; it was his now. Looking at the man, he smirked. He looked like a mix race person. Most likely a result of a white male banging some Asian chick. Which was quite the norm nowadays since most white woman were nothing but literal cum dumpsters these days. So, it was only fair for a white dude to hook up with an Asian chick. Harry would do the same, but he wasn't interested love and all the bullshit that came with it. It was way too fucking stressful to him. "Hey, I'm Harry. What's your name boyo?... Oh, and I forgot to ask... you ain't human know?" He asked as he awaited waited for the man to reply back.
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