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#21 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:18 pm

Harry threw his head to the left, as he looked at the woman with a confused expression on his face. "What? Fullbringers? Why the fuck would they come at me for killing some low-key cops? I'm sure they have much better thinks to worry and deal about." He paused for a second, only to continue, "also when did fullbringer become the new advent human police?" He shaked his head slightly, as he directed his eyes towards her, "you clearly are a lot retarded than I thought, honestly." Harry said in a disappointed tone in his voice. He wished that Seralin was more smarter. He had no intention of mating with an idiotic woman, who had an IQ of equal to a turd.

Harry walked towards the door, only to turn around as his front faced the female, his back leaned on the door, crossing his arms across his chest, he spoke, "Make me!" He said grinning from ear to ear. He wasn't the one who was going to be pushed over by some female. He was an alpha male. A Chad, in other words. Men like him were a rare kind. The woman in front of him had no idea how lucky she was. But she was blind as a fucking bat that she couldn't see the greatness that was in Harry. "Let me guess; you have a boyfriend or a husband, is that it? Is that the reason why you are so hesitant to jump into the hands of a superior gentlemen like me?" He asked wiping his grin off his face as a small smile would appear instead of it.

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#22 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:33 am

She gives a deadpaned look to his statement, her mind flat out thinking of how crazy this boy could be. "Husband or no, I wouldn't purposefully sleep in the same bed as you if you were the only other man alive. Now leave, I am closing up for the day and going to sleep." She locks up her register before walking out from behind the counter. She walks over to the cleaning cabinet, making sure her hips didn't sway so that the perverted man had nothing special to look at. She pulls out the vacuum, plugs it in and starts it up. She runs the vacuum across all of the carpet, making sure to get every corner and crevice.

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#23 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:46 pm

The female seemingly ignored all the questions that he had asked. Only giving him one answer and that being; she wasn't going to sleep with him even if he was the last man that was living in the world. Which honestly made Harry chuckle somewhat. He perfectly knew that she would sleep with him if he was the last man alive. How couldn't she? Harry was the most gorgeous man alive ever to walk the planet. She won't be able to resist his aura of sex that radiates from him. He was most likely sure that her pants must be like Niagra falls this very instant, even though if she didn't say it.

"Very well then. Suit yourself, babe." Harry said, smirking. Walking towards the couch that was near the bookshelf, he sat down. Leaning in thirty degree angle, he positioned himself in a way that he could see the woman's every movement distinctly. Zipping his trouser, he slid his right hand inside underwear, starting to rub his dick. "Fuck me! You turn me on like shit! Those thighs and arse are clearly something else. Thanks for empowering me on my fuckin journey in finding true happiness. The fappening is about to start!"

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#24 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:24 am

Seralin paused half way through a push with the machine, surprised by what the male said. When she looked over, she was beginning geek actually feel livid. She pulls the vacuum up, turns it off, and takes it over to the wall. "Boy, you have three seconds to leave before I leave my Gigai and castrate you with my sword." She exits her false body, the gigai conveniently reforming itself into a one inch cube. She places the cube into her pocket for later. "Three."

She brings her right hand over to the hilt of her blade, wrapping her fingers around the handle. "Two." As stated before, sexual assult was one of the few things she wouldn't ever be able to tolerate. She had warned him to leave before, but he was pushing his luck too far. She starts walking towards the Bount while flaring her Spiritual Pressure.

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#25 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:39 pm

Harry rolled his eyes in reaction to the woman not approving what he was doing, in which she would take her sword out to attempt a castration on him. It was honestly nothing but laughable. He looked at the female as her spiritual pressure began to spike. She was taking this way too seriously. All Harry wanted was to rub one out, but this woman seems to have a problem with that. Harry couldn't wrap his head around the fact how rubbing one out was considered a bad thing all of a sudden. It was a basic human need. Seralin was acting like she has never ever masturbated, which was honestly pissing him the fuck out.

Shaking his head, he took out his hand from his pants, as he zipped his trousers back. "Well, you really are going on a huge way in showing me that you want to suck me off." Harry said with a lopsided grin on his face, standing up. "Are you sure you want to fight me, or in your words; castrate me?" Tilting his head towards the right, he would ask her. "Let's just kiss and make it up, woman. I ain't going to fuckin let you rip my jewels away from me."

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#26 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:24 am

Did this man not understand how serious she was? As is, she wouldn't be comfortable with her shop until that couch was replaced since someone was openly touching themselves on it. "Then get out. If you don't, I will risk damaging my shop to castrate you before kicking you out." Of course, she would be upset by the loss of these books. But these books could be replaced, luckily her important documents were locked away in her basement. She raises her left hand, pointing her index finger at him. "Byakurai." A concentrated beam of electricity shoots out, and would skim right next to where the male's head was. "Consider that a warning shot. Next place I aim will be much lower."

She was likely going to draw attention this way, but the male had pushed too far. She wanted him gone, did he just not seem to get that? She was being pretty blunt about it. She was even threatening what was clearly most important to him. Surely by now he would see how pointless this all was.

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#27 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:05 pm

The woman pointed her finger at him, as she uttered the words "Byakuri". Sighing to himself, Harry would blurr right next to the woman's right. He did not care if it was directly aimed at him or not. It didn't matter to him. He was just not going to let some female attack him. Looking directly at her eyes, Harry shook his head slowly. "I'm utterly disappointed in you, woman. I thought we had an understanding." he paused wanting the woman to know his statement was a serious one, as he continued again, "you suck me off, and I return the favor in eating you out. Guess you don't want that, I guess. Such a fuckin shame, woman." with that he blurred behind Seralin, while swinging his arm right at the back of her head. Only to blurr again to her front and deliver a right uppercut to her chin, hoping to knock her a few feet back. Harry would not stop there, as he would take a step forward, only to thrust his left arm at her solar plexus. Wanting to launch the female backwards and up into the nearby wall. "I'm honestly not a fan of wanting to fight woman... Crazy right? A disrespectful sexist cunt like me against hitting woman!? I'm not against it, however. Don't get your hopes up. You didn't provoke me enough, but here we are anyway."

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#28 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:31 am

She listened to the male's words, and was disgusted with his statement of choice. She was about to respond when the male had disapeared from in front of her field of vision. 'These guys have a technique like Flash Step?'

His location was given away upon feeling the man's hand connect with the back of her head, which brought her attention back to her surroundings. This man's speed was something she could keep up with, and to show it used Flash Step to avoid the male's next to strikes by moving left out of the way.

She listens carefully to what the man said now, and only felt a rise in anger and frustration. "And yet it is you're fault I am being pushed this far. All I asked was for you to leave. Politely, I might add. Yet you still believe it wise to test my patience." She brings her blade up, aiming the tip of her blade at the male before her. Just like when casting any Kidou, her spiritual energy starts channeling into her hand. From there, she sends it to her Zanpakutou tip. "Tenran." With a gust that made books behind her rustle, a swirling cone of wind charged out of the tip of her sword right at the male before her. Whether it hit him or not, it did not matter. The attack would break a hole into the wall of her shopponent out into the middle of the road, making what little people there were on that street hurry away as to not become involved. She Flash Steps to behind where the male would be in that moment after her Kidou, and swings in an attempt to deliver a diagonal slash to the male's back from his left shoulder to his right hip. She follows up with a second use of Flash Step, going to the male's right side roughly twelve feet away. "I'll still allow you to leave now, but if you push me further I will leave you bloody out on the side of the road."

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