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#11 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:35 pm

The woman was more sharper than Harry had initially thought. She seems to know that Harry was lying when he told her that he was a fullbringer instead of a Bount. However the female confirmed his assumption on she being a Shinigami. Harry didn't like soul reapers. For a matter of fact, he did not like any race unless they were Bounts like him. People may call him a racist and such, but he couldn't care less what people called him. Because to him: Bounts were the greatest race ever to exist.  And no other shit-stain of a race could ever come close or take it's place.

His eye's aimed towards the floor, Harry shook his head. "Fine. I'll tell you what I really am." He responded as his eyes directed back to her. "I'm a Bount. Ever heard of them? Not that it matters if you didn't." pausing for a good few seconds he let the tension build, as he continued again, "We are the greatest race ever to exist." He said in a pompous tone as he stepped near the counter, only to sit on it's table crossing his legs. "So tell me young padawan; what is your purpose here?" a small cheeky smile crossed his face as he awaited for her answer.

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#12 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:48 pm

"Well I've never heard of a Bount before." She gives a small huff at the male's statement, his words just getting more and more rude. "Now that I think of it, I remember hearing something about Bounts a couple hundred years ago. They never impressed me." She walks out from behind the counter, taking the book he had taken off the shelf and placing it back. If he wasn't going to buy the book, then it should go back to it's proper place. "Well, I am here because I want to be. Nothing more, nothing less. My purpose of being here is to sell books. It's what a book store is for, little boy."

She walks back to the counter, hearing a small group of high school students enter the shop. "Good afternoon! My name is Seralin, let me know if you need help!" She could hear their polite replies, bringing back a bit of her good mood. She kneels down behind the counter and grabs a small cleaning cloth. She starts wiping the counter off, as if the short span of their conversation allowed dust to settle. She would block the Bount out for a bit, her attention being on the potential customers that are the group of students.

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#13 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:02 pm

Harry clenched his fist when the female said that Bounts never impressed her. Which he interpreted as "Bounts suck", but in a nicer way. Looking at the woman, he could feel his rage slowly growing inside of him. He could not believe that a low-life soul reaper would disrespect his race in such a way. "Who the fuck do you think you are bitch?" Harry muttered under his breath, as a darkly expression crossed his way. He had huge urge of wanting to strangle her and beat the holy fucking crap out of her. Just bash her head into the counter until she chokes on her own blood. He wanted to do it. He wanted to do it so damn bad. He wasn't going to let any dipshit mad mouth his race. It was the biggest insult someone could ever say to him. And he had no exceptions and sympathy for people like that.

"No, you fuckin dumb bitch!"
Harry shouted at her quite pissed, "What I meant was, why the hell were you here putting up a bookstore? Don't you have Shinigami work to attend to? Or whatever that you soul reapers do." It was quite a weird site to see a Shinigami owning a bookstore. It was something you don't see everyday. "You're fuckin retarded, you know that?" he mocked the woman as he wanted to add something to it but was interrupted by the sound of a group of children entering the shop. "Fuck me" turning towards the children, he slowly sat down on the ground, crossing his legs, he bended a little from his back as he took out a cigarette pack from his pocket to take a cigarette out of it, light it, and to smoke it. "Don't mind me." He said to everyone that was present in the shop as he let out the smoke that had filled inside his mouth.

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#14 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:00 am

The students took their time, giving the male a look before each grabbed a brightly colored Shonen manga. Each paid for their own book, all adding up to fifty-seven dollars and sixty-three cents for a total. Not a bad afternoon, considering. Once they walked out, Seralin sends a glare to the male Bount. "I would like for you to either put that out, or step outside with that. I don't want that tobacco product stinking up my books or shop." It wasn't a choice or asking a favor, it was a request. "At which point we can either continue our conversation or you can go along your merry way. I am no longer a part of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, I went rogue. Running a book store is what I like. If that isn't a good enough reason then you'll just have to swallow your tongue and continue along unsatisfied."

Two middle-aged men walked in to the shop, teachers from the school. They walk over to the section containing the fantasy novels. They were looking between Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, wondering which series they would like better.

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#15 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:21 pm

The students left the shop after they bought the books that interested them. Only for Seralin to take that opportunity to request him not to smoke inside the shop and all that shite. Not phased of what she had just said, Harry took a long drag out from his cigarette as he slowly stood up -- while blowing out the smoke. Keeping the cigarette in between his index and middle finger, he approached the female, standing only a few inches away from her face, a lopsided grin spread across his face, as he began to speak, "do you think I give a shite, woman? There weren't any 'no smoking' signs outside or inside this bookshop. So how am I supposed to know that smoking was not allowed?" he took another drag from his cigarette --feeling the sweetness of the nicotine enter his body was an experience. Harry was not a huge smoker -- more of an occasional smoker, if you will. He smoked because he liked how it had the ability to clear out his mind, in a way. Leaning forward towards her, he blew the smoke right into her face."You mad?"

The bell rings again as another two customers entered the store. Glancing at the two, Harry watched them walk towards the book shelf. Making his attention back to the woman, Harry opened his mouth to speak but kept it shut due to a sudden idea popping up inside his head. Throwing the cigarette away, he took a step back and blurred, only to appear behind the female. Moving his right hand towards her buttocks, he groped and squeezed it. "Daaaaamn, woman... That's a nice arse you got there." Harry said smiling like a maniac, his voice filled with excitement. It was a long time since he ever felt a booty joocy as hers. It was a really good feeling.

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#16 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:29 pm

With all this man was doing, she was not on her good side. Despite his horrible attitude, she could tolerate most of it. Him blowing smoke in her face was not something she was going to just accept. She decides that she'll kick him out of the store, but before she could utter a single word the man was no longer in sight. She could read the movement easily enough with how close he was; her level of control helped when reading others, but what gave him away the easiest was feeling his hands touching an area she really didn't like being touched by random people.

The moment his hands came to rest down on her arse, Seralin's right hand shot back and gripped his lower pair. "You have five seconds to get your hands off me and leave before I drop and rip them off." Like a clasp on wood being tightened to keep the material still, her hand tightens around the twin spheres to emphasize her point. "Five." She was entirely serious in her threat. His childish attitude she could tolerate, but full-on sexual assult was no game. If he wanted to suddenly be an adult, even if a perverted one, she would treat him like one. "Four."

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#17 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:17 am

Seralin's arse felt joocy as hell. Even though she had an average upper body, her lower body was clearly out of this world. Well, maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration -- but it was something else. Though, Harry wished that the woman's boobs were also big as her arse.

It seems that she was not taking any of Harry's doings lightly. She reciprocated by grabbing his testicles and threatening him that she would rip them apart if he didn't let go of her booty. Smirking he would squeeze her arse a little more harder just to feel it's thickness before he let go of his hand. It was unfortunate really. He wanted to hold it for another few more minutes or so. Glancing towards his right, he wondered if the two men who entered the store was witnessing the scene -- and indeed they were. Both of the men were looking at them with shocked expressions on their faces -- like they were surprised that this was even happening. Tilting his head a little bit towards the right, he would look at them from the corner of his eye, only to speak, "the fuck are you two looking at? Mind your own damn business, cunts."

Harry would let go of the woman's arse knowing that she would also do the same by releasing her grip from his balls. Because quite honestly, it was getting a little hard down there. However, after she would release her grip, he would say, leaning towards her left ear, "I'm about fifty-percent more into you now" his smirk would disappear as a large grin would spread across his face.

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#18 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:13 am

She could not came any less what the male thought at the moment, she was nearly seeing red. Harry's hands being where they didn't belong was one thing she couldn't tolerate, and the squeeze he gave just got on her last nerve. She was a woman of her word though, letting the male's junk go once her rear was clear. She walks out from behind the counter and turns back to the male. She gives a glare as she points towards the door. "Out. Now. Otherwise I'm calling the cops."

"And don't talk to my customers like that. At least they're adults." Her hand remains up, pointing to the door. Once these two men got the books they wanted she would close up the shop, no doubts about it. 'I should relocate, I don't want this... boy finding me again.' It's been years since she's felt this about anyone, but she only felt disgust for this man. She heard his final statement, and it only made her want to move faster. 'I don't want him coming back...'

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#19 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:11 pm

It seems like the female did not appreciate Harry squeezing her booty -- since she was all furious about it and wanted him out of her bookstore. He chuckled at the fact that the woman threatened to call the police on him if he did not leave the place. Which in reaction to her saying that he shook his head slightly and face palmed. "You're going to call the fucking cops on me? Are you serious or did the squeeze to your arse do something to your head?..." He said looking directly at her eyes with a smirk on his face. Taking one step forward Harry blurred only to appear in-front of her. Taking a step towards her, their faces only inches apart, he spoke, "Are you sure you're not horny, baby? You don't have to hide it. I know you liked the squeeze I gave you."

Taking a step back, he put his hands inside his pockets, "I find it comical that you want the cops involved. You are aware that I'm not a human, right? What are you going to accomplish involving those poor fuckers in this scene?" Harry asked her, taking his cigarette packet out from his pocket he brought it near towards his mouth, only to use it to take a cigarette out from it, "do you want to be responsible for the deaths of those cops, Seralin?" His voice quite muffled due to him speaking with the cigarette sticking out from his mouth, "stop acting like a fuckin lesbo, woman. I know you're not a faggot." Harry said, taking his lighter out of his other pocket, only to light the cigarette up and take a good drag from it.

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#20 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:47 pm

"Normally, I prefer the company of men. However if I had to choose between the world's ugliest female and you, then that woman would have the best nights of her life." She points to the door. "Out. I know you wouldn't kill those cops, I'm sure you wouldn't want the Fullbringers to become involved to look for you. Living every day constantly looking over your shoulder doesn't seem like the life style someone as irresponsible as yourself would want. You want to keep living that care free lifestyle of yours? Do the smart thing for once and leave my store."

The two men walk over to the counter, having gotten the books they wanted. The one had purchased a copy of Moby Dick, and the other a bundle collection for his wife: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. "Have a wonderful day!" She says to them as they walk out. Now, it was just those two again. Just the thought made her want to pull out one of her few bottles of wine from up stairs and drink out of frustration. "I am closing up my shop anyway for today, I need you to leave."

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