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#1 [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:33 am

Bells were ringing. Somewhere in town the students of a local university were being dismissed. This was nothing new to Harry though. He thought that he should be a part of the university, seeing as he just moved here and him not having the chance to go to one. However he didn't have too much of a reason to go get an education. Since there was no real reason for him to go at all. He was bright lad, but he knew he had no way of having a college life. That time had come and gone -- and he missed it. Be that as it may, he knew nothing of Japanese culture, really. Even though it was a pretty nice place, in a way It was crawling with hollows, and other spiritual bullshit shenanigans. Which was one of the reasons he was out in the open. He wanted to experience the shite that was happening around here.

Walking down a lone street, he noticed that the university mids were walking past him now. His tall stature made some people look and stare, but this didn't slow his pace. He kept his stance sloucheod and stared down the street. The kids were talking about pointless things, like who did what and how the teacher smelled like tonsil stones, which was not funny at all for him. He even saw some good looking women; which wasn't bad at all. Harry was finally getting some social exposure of the new town. Which was what he needed.

Harry walked past the crowd, and eventually the street they were coming from, and turned left at a intersection at the end of the street. He came to see that this whole part of town was neighborhoods. Taking each step lightly and carefree, he ended up at another intersection with a book store on the corner. He raised an eyebrow, as he sensed a spiritual pressure coming inside of it. Harry knew he needed to go check who or what was realising it, and that was what he was going to do. Walking near towards the door, he opened it, as he entred the store. Not knowing what lay ahead.

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#2 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:16 pm

It would be mid-afternoon if the schools were just letting out, meaning the bookstore has been open now for a good few hours. Every day the store opens at 10:00 in the morning, meaning Seralin would be behind the solid dark oak counter of her shop. She was on the computer there, furiously typing away at something. Whatever it was it was causing her no end of aggravation, which caused her to slip on suppressing her spiritual pressure. An error which she quickly catches on to and fixed just as the man had walked into the store. Opting to take a break from the stressing computer work, she takes a step away from the technology and instead towards her cash register. Her shimmering brown eyes gaze at the potential customer as she gives her customary greeting.

"Good afternoon, valued customer! My name is Seralin, and I am the owner. If you need help finding anything, please feel free to let me know!" She casts off her previously annoyed expression from before in favor of a more polite and happier smile. After all, an unhappy worker makes for uncomfortable customers. She takes a moment to feel for the man's spiritual pressure, and starts to think to herself just what he could potentially be. 'It's not refined enough for a Quincy, and those empowered humans just don't feel the same as him...' In truth, Seralin has never encountered a Bount before. She's never seen one for herself and thus doesn't know what their spiritual presence felt like. She decides to remain cautious, for if someone like this man was around, there could always be Shinigami waiting right around the corner.

She really didn't want to get dragged back to the Soul Society now of all times. They'd put her in whatever they had for jail by this point. That, or even worse; they'd put her in a position of influence and force her to help in whatever problem they got themselves into. That was an idea she wasn't partial to considering just how long she has evaded them so far.

Inside the male would see that the interior was rather dim for how bright it was outside, including the many ceiling lights and lamps about the place. That wasn't to say that the store looked dead, in fact the polished dark oak shelves and walls were accented nicely by potted green plants that were varying in how dark they were. The books were organized alphabetically and by genre, much like they would be in a library. The newest volumes of popular shonen manga were all across the far wall in back, their decorative covers being the only source of contrast to the dark building. Well, that and Seralin herself with her bright and nearly pale skin.

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#3 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:48 pm

Harry stepped into the book store, and the first thing he noticed was the weird kind of smell that was coming from the place. Which was not new to him at all since most book stores he went to had that musky kind of feeling to it. Like it was fucking hundred years old or something. Every damn book store had that particular smell. He just couldn't understand why it was like that. Though the last time he went into a book shop was about fifteen years ago or more. He couldn't actually recall how many years it was distinctly. But be that as it may, Harry did not go into a book shop after fifteen years to buy a book, so he can read it. No, that was not his intention. He went in because of the fact that he sensed a spiritual pressure belonging to a person of interest. Who more likely will be his acquaintance or his enemy. Time would tell.

Walking towards the the counter where the owner was at, Harry smiled at her in response to the female greeting him. As his eyes roamed through the entire place he noticed everything was ordered and placed neatly. It was a nice touch in a way. Gazing at the woman, he began to speak, "Yes, I do need to find something." He looked towards his right at the book shelves, "Do you have any comics in here? You know, the American ones, I mean. Marvel or DC. Not the fuckin Japanese black and white bullshit." He said in a mocking tone, only to look back at the woman that was in front of him. Bending his back, he rested his arms on the counter table as a smug look crossed his face, "So tell me; why is a good looking woman like you doing here? Yeah, I know you're the owner and shite, but we all know where a woman's true place is-" pausing for a good five seconds, he continued, "the kitchen." winking at the female, Harry awaited her response knowing fully that she was most likely going to get triggered and come at him. Which he was going to enjoy a fucking lot.

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#4 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:13 am

Seralin was calm and patient with the male. He seemed to have a quite vulgar vocabulary, but it didn't bother her any. She's been around people who were much worse. What he said about women though, that got to her. She knew just how to handle this situation too. Not with anger or spite, but with tact and wit. She leans forward, leaning her elbows on the clear counter with her arms crossed. Her navy blue sweater gave nothing away to what was underneath, and her matching long skirt gave a slight sway with her small movement. "I have a few comics, they're all Toon Books for little kids. Go have a look, the small words would be a good contrast to your massive ego." Where she leaned was a good few inches away, so if he wanted to do anything he would first have to reach across to her.

"As for what I'm doing here, I guess it's to find someone who is as smart as they are strong. So far I've only been finding all brawn and no wit." She stands back up straight off the counter, her eyes keeping to the male. "If you'd like I can point you to the closest gentleman's club. Maybe you can find a cute girl there you could have show you a good time out of pity." This was strange to her, for there to be someone she couldn't pin as either Shinigami, Hollow, Human or Quincy. She would have to look into this, she didn't need another group finding her and either wanting to kill or recruit her.

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#5 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:28 pm

Harry was a sexist in the highest order. He knew what he was, and he didn't give two shites about it. Since he knew what he expressed was true and not some false bullshite. It was since he was about thirteen or fourteen that he gathered that, as a species, men were the most important. Without men, the world would not function properly and would collapse. Without men, war and choas would rampant around the world and no one would step up to do shite about it. Especially not women. If you were to look at the greatest achievements ever achieved by mankind -- it was because of a men. Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and etc, were all men, great men, who renovated the world with their gifts. What has women ever done to the progress of civilization and mankind in general? Nothing. They are nothing but a baby factory. The person who coined the idiom, "Behind every great man is a great woman" was most likely a feminist cunt who pegged her beta boyfriend/husband in the arse.

This woman seems to have some fight in her. She didn't back down, even though she was a little bit triggered. Harry liked that. He liked that very much. Leaning back up, only to stand still, he looked at the female as he observed her. She was a pale skinned women with brown coloured hair, about the height of five feet three or five feet three. She seems to be good looking but nothing out of the ordinary. If Harry was to rate her, he would give her a five point five out of ten. Then again, that was a little bit above average. "Well, forgot what I said above the kitchen. Seems like you already spend in it a little too much." as he titled his head to the left to check her thigh and arse. "Guess all the fat goes in there, huh?" His eyes met with hers, "ever thought of getting a boob-job? Hell, my twelve year old sister has bigger breast than that." He said in a mocking kind of tone, as he leaned back a little and ran a hand through his purple coloured hair awaiting her response.

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#6 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:47 pm

"You wouldn't even know how to handle it, little boy." She walks out from behind the counter and makes slow strides over to a closet sitting opposite the counters. "If your little sister's breasts are bigger than mine, then good for her. If breast size is all you're looking for then I'm thinking you came to the wrong place." She opens up the closet and takes out a stick of Egyptian incense as well as a lighter. She walks back to the counter and sets the incense up in it's proper holder next to her computer. Using the lighter, she ignites the end of the stick and blows the flame out just enough so the incense would burn slowly, letting off a delicate and sweet aroma.

Just as much as there have been important male figureheads in history, so too have there been female contributors. Rosa Parks, Cathrine the Great, Julia Child and Cleopatra were all great women who influenced history. Seralin would consider herself in that list, but she never really influenced anything. She only kept records of history, never affected it. It would have drawn too much attention. "If you're seriously here for a book, Action books are towards the back on your right hand side. The Hobbit has been a popular buy over the past month." She had a business to run, if she was to keep going back and forth with this man she wouldn't get her job done.

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#7 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:09 am

Harry sneered in response to her comment about him being a little boy. This was the first time a female has ever called him that -- and in a way, it was a nice change. Most of the times, whenever he associates or converse's with a woman; they would call him a sexist bigoted misogynist, just few minutes into the conversation. It was basically the norm for him to hear such, and he was just used to it after hearing same old shite every god-damn time. However he wondered why this female didn't call him any of that. Either she did not know about the words, or she knew about them and had no interest in using them against him. Whatever the case maybe, it was a nice to hear someone using some fresh insults at him. Even If it did not affect him in anyway.

"Alright, alright...Sheesh. Get a sense of humour woman." Harry said to her shaking his head as he walked towards the right side of the book shop, where the action books were kept at. He started to look over book by book to see if there was anything interesting that he could buy. "Shite, shite, more shite." He kept taking books out of the shelf only to look at the cover and place it where it was originally kept, since no specific book caught his interest in whatsoever manner. It was frustrating Harry, in a way. He was never in a position where he would take a long time to choose a god-damn book to buy. But then again, there was always a first time for everything.

Finally after going through a variety of books, Harry managed to pick one that interested him: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Walking back towards the counter he placed the book on the table, as he gazed at the woman, "how much for the book, woman?" he asked, his right hand reached the back-pocket of his trouser as he took out his purse. "You know, back in the day books were so much fuckin cheaper. Now it looks like the price is increasing every damn year." looking down at his purse he took out a few notes of cash. Lifting his head up, he gazed directly at the female, "let's cut the bullshite, shall we? You are a Shinigami, aren't you?" his tone was low, his eyes were frowned at her. Harry didn't know exactly what the hell she was. As he was just assuming that she was a soul reaper.

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#8 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:26 am

She remained calm at him insulting the books, knowing that he could always act worse. Not one week ago some punks thought they could get away with writing on some of the covers of books in the history section. They ended up with red palms and a call to their respective parents from the police that same day. She watches him walk over with the book before ringing it up. "The book is 1,280.48 Yen, or eleven U.S. dollars and thirteen cents. This includes tax." She was impressed with the choice he had made in a book. She herself had read the book on multiple occasions and found it interesting every time.

She was about to make a polite comment about it too, but the male's question caught her a bit off guard. Instantly she starts to wonder how he could have found out. It suddenly strikes her that she had slipped on keeping her spiritual pressure suppressed earlier, and he had probably felt it. 'Fuck... so that's why he came in.' "I'll tell you what I am only if you tell me what you are." She replies, leaning her palms gently on the store counter. "Clearly you felt that I'm not an average human, and I can tell the same can be said of you. So what are you, Quincy? One of those Fullbringers that I've heard about?" Hey, if she was found out so quickly she might as well try to gain as much information as she can. A question for a question, an answer for an answer.

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#9 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:43 pm

Harry felt a spiritual pressure coming from the book store, when he was strolling along the street. Being the curious creature that he was, he decided to check it out. That was the reason he found himself inside a book store. Basically because curiosity took over him. Granted, he did not know what race the woman belonged to. For all he knew, she could have been one of those humans that had a high level of spiritual pressure. He was not aware that the female was a Shinigami, in anyway. But be that as it may, his assumption and simple guessing of the woman being a soul reaper was accurate. Now all he needed to do was wait and see was what kind of game she was trying to play. Because he knew one thing for certain. He didn't enter the shop to buy books.

"Yeah?" Harry said in response to her wanting to know what race he was, so she could tell what she was. Taking a few steps back, he looked at the female with a irritated look on his face, "what are we fuckin twelve years old? The hell should I say what race I belong to? Stop being a fuckin pussy and answer the god-damn question, woman. I ain't got all day." The tone of his voice raised as he said it. Harry had no intention of revealing what race he belonged to -- or so he thought. Bringing his right hand up he rubbed his chin for a few seconds, as he thought what he should do. Then it hit him suddenly. Gazing at the female directly in her eyes, he crossed his arms around his chest, as he spoke, "Alright. I'll play your game. I'm a Fullbringer." a lopsided grin spread across Harry's face. Obviously, he was lying to her. Which was one of his many characteristic mannerisms. Sometimes lying can get you to places telling the truth can't.

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#10 Re: [Private] A New Beginning (Seralin) on Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:29 am

"We both know I'm not falling for that." Seralin replies. She gives a sigh out of frustration, she should have known it wouldn't have been that easy. "You are correct, I am a Shinigami. What of it?" She asks, knowing that he would probably want to ask something else. If not, he surely would have some statement or another for her. Her palms remain calmly on the smooth oak counter, a counter which she was thinking would need to be cleaned soon with how much she has been rubbing it with her arms and hands. Smudges did take the shine out of things, and polished wood is no exception.

"You are no Fullbringer or Quincy, are you some other type of spiritually aware human I haven't encountered before?" She would not be letting the topic drop for a second. If he was some sort of spiritually aware human that she has never seen, she would need to try finding more and add information about them to her history collection.

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