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#1 Anubial Zala-en Ske char app on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:12 am


Name: Anubial Zala-en Ske
Age: 28

True Age: 1989

Sex: Male

Personality: Quiet type that'll listen more then speak. Observant to notice small things. Anubial would be the first person to jump into a battle to protect comrades and enemies alike. He prefers not to kill above all else unless it's unavoidable. He looks to the lighter side of things to bring laughter into the lives of others.
           Anubial can be graceful just as much as clumsy. Prefers to be in solitude when making plans. He will try to be the voice of reason in heated situations and during avoidable confrontations.


Height: 5 ft 11in

Weight: 163

Physical Traits: Anubial is a white male with two different color eyes. One green one gold. He has no scars, doesn't wear glasses and his right arm is stronger then the left. His short black hair is always covered by his hat. Without the hat it's combed back.

Clothing: Three piece black suit with red vest and black shoes.

Accessories: Wears a pocket watch in left pocket with chain. 


General Fighting Style: Tatical, fights defensively until an opening is revealed. Will use traps when possible and when offensively fighting will mislead. (Example: Anubial throws up his sword and swings with his sheathe so enemy can block. He then grabs his sword from the air and swings.)

Strengths: Hohou, Zanjutsu and Bakudou

Weaknesses: He is very weak against water and his kido skills aren't perfected. 50 50 chance kido could fire or blow up in hand.


Sealed Appearance: My Zanpakuto's name is Bochi No Reivun. Means Graveyard Raven. In its sealed form it is the normal zanpakuto look. The difference is the blade is on the opposite side of the sword and blue.


Call Out Command: Breathe Deep, Bochi No Reivun.

Appearance: Double sided reverse bladed Scimitars, one blade is gold and one blade is blue. One eye opens on each scimitar, each side. 

Abilities: Reizā-Fū (razor wind) Bochi no Reivun spins unleashing a violent wind with blades. The razor wind is equivalent to Hado 33 in power. Razor wind can only be used once per post.

Boosts: 2x speed and durability increase.


New Name: Shibo-Sha No Heishi (Soldier of Demise)

Appearance: The released Zanpakuto disintegrates into a dust tornado completely consuming Anubial. A skeletal hand emerges from the tornado slowly as the dust begins to form around the hand. As more of the arm emerges the dust forms around it faster. The other hand emerges and the dust does the Same. The skeletal body emerges as the tornado stops and covers the head, chest and legs creating a black figure. With each step the weilder takes, the dust slowly forms armored black feather wings. When all the dust is gone and the wings stretch fully out, the weilder is then covered in gold and blue armor.  Two sword hilts emerge on each shoulder plate.

Abilities: Each sword hilt pulled with the right hand becomes a shining gold scimitar. Each hilt pulled with the left becomes a smoking blue scimitar. Gold blade momentarily increases swing speed. Blue blade creates an after image when swinging able to cut enemies twice. Only one blade power can be used at a time. When hilts connect at bottom they become a long black scythe with four blades on top. Blades from top to bottom go from largest to shortest. Scythe can become a body double with same abilities. No weapons are available at this point but feathers on wings.

Boosts: Bankai mode increases awareness, Hearing by 3x and can smell reiatsu.


Background: Anubial was the son of the human Saiko-Ren. Anubial chose not to torture  an punish his deciples but to treat all as equals when he gained power. On his 16 birthday his father had him poisoned. A soul reaper personally took him to the soul society on captain Unohanas orders. 
      Anubial woke in a cell chained to the wall. Tests were always being run. Tests like running and lifting. Eventually blood tests were done. Like all things thou, an answer to why comes in time. 
      Anubials father was in fact a human hollow described as a human, born with a hollows soul. His mother was a soul reaper in hiding but was found and executed at Sokyoku hill. When Mayuri took over the department of research he concluded the tests on Anubial inconclusive and a failure. While in the process of being disposed of Anubial was able to get away. 
      Confused, scared and sad he ran till he collapsed to his knees. He found himself in a graveyard. A black crow flew down to the headstone besides him. Anubial could hear the bird telling him to follow. He followed the crow to a blank headstone. The crow told Anubial this was his mother's headstone.
      The bird kept putting thoughts of revenge into his head over and over again but Anubial disagreed with revenge. He chose to help however he could for those who are mistreated and misunderstood. The crow flew down in front of him, eyes glowing purple. The crow asked him, if I give you the power for revenge or protection what would you choose in the end? 
      The crow grew to a tall black creature. I am Bochi no Reivun the bird said, then stretched out his hand. Anubial reached out grabbed his hand called out his name. The black creature covered Anubials body, continually forcing revenge thoughts into his head. Anubial kept screaming out in pain and anger. 
      The spiritual pressure coming from him was enough to alert everyone of his presence. Struggling for control of his own body he seen a zanpakuto leaning against the headstone. Without hesitation he grabs and unsheathed the sword. He turna the blade upon his own chest and yells out. "My body will never be a tool of destruction or revenge. If I fail so much as one person It'd be a fate worse then death itself to me!" Then he plunged the sword into himself. 
      Anubial was floating above water. Flower pedals swirling around him as he attempted to stand. To his amazement he was able to. Looking down at his reflection he seen his clothes had changed. He went from wearing tattered clothes to a black suit.
      The reflection winked at him then took the form of a man with no face, one black wing and a hook on his left hand. The man put his fingers in the water. The water ripples took the shape of Anubials father walking down a corridor towards a fish platter. He ordered the servants out and when the last left, Anubis took a green vial out and covered the food. The fish was then eaten by Anubial and he died shortly after. The water then returned to ripples. 
     Anubial dropped to his knees crying. His tears went into the sky. Despite all he seen and been through he stood up, breathed deep and still chose the path to protect others. Anubial knew, to act upon others as they have is to become them himself. Anubial awoke alongside his mothers grave. He raised the sword he plunged into himself to see no blood or wound on him. The blade itself shined in the moonlight. Two captains had seen all the commotion, confused and curious they hid him away in the rukon district. When the next group of students entered the academy his name was second on the list. After graduating from the academy he was assigned to squad 12. 

Side Notes: none

RP Sample: The night was calm and a slight chill was in the air. A figure flew across the sky. Another followed. "Stop! Identify yourself or I'll be forced to take action!" Anubial yelled. "Hado #33 Sokatsui!"
The figure stoped, it was cloaked with a zanpakuto drawn.  He picks his hand up and absorbs the blast.       Anubial was standing behind him. Sword drawn against the neck. "I don't ask nicely twice. Identify yourself now!" Anubial yelled grabbing his shirt. "Answer me! Did you take the...." 
The cloaked man stabbed him in the stomach. Anubial let's go of the man and jumps back. 
      After putting a cloth in the wound, Anubial laughed a bit. "Thank you, you've made this patrol interesting finally." Anubial said. "Shame you didn't see me put that bomb on your shirt."   
      The man throws his cloak off and sees Anubial slashing at him. "Gotcha dummy!" Anubial yelled. 
      The man blocks with his zanpakuto, Anubial kicks him in the stomach. The man flies to the ground while Anubial chased. The man hits the ground then turns to smoke, leaving his clothes. Anubial investigated the clothes and then dove forward. The mans clothes stood up and the zanpakuto comes out of the sleeve. "What are you?" He asked. 
      Smoke fill the clothes and the man takes off his hood then charges. "Not talking eh? Well doesn't matter." 
      Anubial swung his sword and blocked the attack. The man swings faster and faster. Anubial grabbed the mans blade. "Now that I've got your best attention." He said with blood dripping from his hand. 
      The man struggles to escape. "I think I understand now, your not able to let go of your sword are you?  That's beautiful just beautiful." Anubial said
      The man punches him in the stab wound and Anubial released the mans sword. The man jumps back and raises his sword. "Swirl of night." The man yelled.  
      His sword became a halberd swinging around smashing the ground when hit. "That's...a......cute trick their." Anubial said. "My turn. Breathe deep. Bochi no Reivun!"
      Anubial swung his sword into its shikai state and rushed him. As the man began to swing Anubial vanishes and then swings from behind. The man jumps away with a small cut. "Reiza-Fu!" Anubial yelled spinning then swinging his blades. 
      The man gets quickly engulfed into the wind. "Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro!" Anubial yelled. 
      Six prison rods stop the mans movement. Anubial runs over and kicks the halberd away. "Under the power given to me your under coming with me." Anubial said. "And to be sure you don't run, this is a chain specially made of spiritual pressure by squad 12 for sword beasts like you. Unlike my Kido or Bakudo skills, this things perfected. The more you struggle, the more your energy is drained from you." 
      The man began to turn to smoke but materialized again fast. Anubial puts his gold blade by the man. "You my friend are coming with me." Anubial said. 
      "Ban.....kai!" The man said.
      The chain broke and the pillars binding him shattered. Spiritual pressure began pouring out of him. His halberd duplicated into two as it returned to his hand. Chains connected the bottom of the weapons. As the man swung one the other began to swing around twice as fast. Anubial jumped back "Reiza-Fu!" He yelled.
      The mans halberd swung and destroyed the wind. "Breaking wind huh? That's not overplayed much." Anubial said. 
      The mans arms and legs kept growing bigger. Anubial stood in puzzlement. The man began screaming louder and louder. He dropped his weapons and grabbed his head. Anubial jumps back to oversee what happens next.
      The man then shrinks an Anubial moves closer. "Hey, I'd ask if your ok but clearly your not. Can I help you in any way?" He asked.
      The man grabbed his arm and pulled him in. "Beware the red moon!" The man forced out turning to dust. 
      A zanpakuto is in place of the body and breaks into two pieces. Anubial picks the pieces up. "I've gotta report this." He said. 
      Anubial opens the senkaimon and returns with his report.

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#2 Re: Anubial Zala-en Ske char app on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:40 am

Ok third time is the charm eh lol

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#3 Re: Anubial Zala-en Ske char app on Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:28 am

Meet me in the chatbox and we'll help you. It'll be easier that way.

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#4 Re: Anubial Zala-en Ske char app on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:50 pm


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#5 Re: Anubial Zala-en Ske char app on Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:11 am

Approved, 3-1. Happy RPing mate. ;P

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