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Ika Mazi

Sinners slashed their way through seated and unseated Shinigami alike, setting the area ablaze with death and destruction.. In front of them laid few obstacles that remained formidable to any extent.. You had the unhinged squad 12 Captain Kokoro Nashi, the former Maggots Nest Resident Kairu Zukinio whom was about to have his first taste of true combat as a Captain, and several other Captains whom could possibly arrive for the fight.. The Captain Commander was out on vacation, and there was no telling if she could, or would make it back in time to make any sort of difference.. The remaining Captains would have to hold out, and hope for the best.. That was all they could do, and thus all they WOULD do as the Sinners approached, leaving death and destruction strewn about in their wake..


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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