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Important Rule change in regards to character creation!

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on Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:47 pm


Everyone likes to create characters, and I originally did NOT want to impede on that process. But between everyone messaging me pre-app to approve their abilities or figure their abilities out, then to couple that with the fact that everyone is making apps a lot more than they're Roleplaying.. It's becoming difficult for me and other staff to keep up with while maintaining any form of Roleplay consistency. Especially since I occasionally like to frequent the chat to chat, and knowing I have 30 apps to grade tends to dim the mood on that.

Effective immediately, I am capping people at 8 characters since it is the current maximum we have on the forum. You can create no more than two characters per month, and you MUST prove that you can keep up with the character count. This is subjective, and Mods will get to say yay or nay dependent on whatever factors they deem necessary. Want to create more characters? Prove that you're active enough to sustain them. If you want 8, you better be VERY freaking active.

All current characters ARE grandfathered in and they do count towards that character cap. If you have more than the cap, say 10 for example, you will need to kill off 3 characters before being allowed any more.

I may make character slots purchasable, but for now, to increase the emphasis on Roleplay and to decrease the staffs general work load, this is the new rule.

Disclaimer: I don't think two a month is unreasonable, and I'm really not wanting discussion. I and the rest of staff are nice enough to lend our ears and help you work your apps WELL before they are ready to be reviewed, then we review them again afterwards. I think this is beyond fair, and hope that everyone is understanding as to why this rule is being made.

Thank you for reading, and as always have fun!

Edit:We've also come to the conclusion that we should start limiting the amount of apps allowed at one time. We understand that once a concept pops into your head, it can get a little overwhelming, especially when other concepts are popping up and everyone wants their shot at said concept.

That being said, having several members that may have 6 or more unfinished apps in the works tends to be a bit much for the staff to handle. Out of request for courtesy, we ask that you keep active (unapproved/WIP) apps to a maximum of 3 or 4. It's a fair amount to be working on at once, and will make things easier on us. We also request that if you know we are having a hard time getting through the app flow that we have, that you put off the filing of multiple apps altogether. The staff will begin to move excess and old apps to the inactive session as we see necessary.

Thank you for being patient with us, and we hope you always have fun!


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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