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#1 [Open] Exp for days on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:18 am

It was another cold winter day for Shin as he woke up in his apartment Fuck its cold I should talk to Dave about that he thought as he jumped out of bed and landed on the icy floor when he felt something off about it but quickly brushed it off and took a shower then got dressed for his job at Fine Fair on west 116st. Shin made his way to the roof of his building and activated his fullbring and jumped from roof top to roof top until he was 10 minutes away from it.

He pulled out his phone and saw that he received a text from his brother Tommy who also works at Fine Fair "I don't have time for this." he said jumping back his apartment only to find some weird looking people that his window. They look like that guy from before he thought as he jumped up and came down grabbing the two people that were floating by his window.

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#2 Re: [Open] Exp for days on Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:44 pm

As Shin crashed throw his window he realized that no one was even there and that he just broke his new window "OHHHH CRAPPPP I JUST HAD THEM REPLACED!!!!" he yelled as he took out his wallet only to see a moth fly out Why do I spend so much on dumplings? he asked himself as a few more pieces fell from the shattered window. That took three weeks worth of pay to fix he thought as he grabbed the broom and swept up all the shattered glass, then moved his gaming chair and console into his room "I can't risk losing these." he muttered as his roommate walked in and quickly rushed into his room without asking about the window.

Shin made his living room into a makeshift training room so he could better control his powers "Okay I can do this I just need to stay in control and let everything flow through me." he said doing some basic Tai Chi movements to get started. Soon enough afternoon was here and Shin had moved on to perfecting his striking and leg work Okay I can do this just a bit more he thought performing a spinning back fist leg sweep combo on No no I can't do this I need to find a teacher so I can be ready to fight that guy again, he thought remembering the face of the man that he lost too. "Call your Uncle dumpster." his roommate said walking out his room to the bathroom "You're right I can get a ticket to K-Town and train with him to get stronger!!" Shin replied rushing off to buy his plane ticket to leave the next day, He wasted no time packing his bags for the trip.

The next day Shin made his way to the airport and waited until his plane was ready to take off "If memory is right then Uncle should still be working at his gym." he thought aloud putting his bags in the overhead. He didn't really think about anything else other seeing his uncle again and if there were dumpling in K-Town I will get stronger just so I can fight you when that day comes. he thought to himself looking out the plane's window and New York.

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