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#1 Diez [Arrancar, Espada] on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:10 am


Name: Diez
Age: 17
True Age: Unkown
Sex: Male
Diez, in life, was a man who was always too careful. When the man died he regretted being to careful and paranoid, causing him to miss out on life. From this was born Diez. While intelligent, able to speak and all that, he doesn't really think before he does something. Diez is instinctive and would likely just do something before you even had time for utter a word of warning.

Besides his instinct, Diez has several traits people know him for. The first of these is his love for fighting. Not winning or dominating mind you, just fighting. Be it an absolute stomp on his side, a even match, or heck, him loosing, he doesn't care! He just enjoys the thrill of the fight.

Another trait he is known for is loyalty to his Fraccion. While many would consider Fraccion to be little more than go-fors for the Espada, they are much more than that, especially for Diez. His are loyal friends and Hollows who have been with him for as far back as he can remember. As such they are his family, or in the case of Alma and Esmeralda, lovers.

Diez, as you can guess for a instinctive man, is reckless. Be it in fighting on his own or saving a member of his Fraccion, he doesn't think before he acts, which puts himself into trouble. Such example was when he got his torso torn in half when defending Esmeralda. Not only did this hurt him, but do to his body was cut through and didn't stop it, Esmeralda was still hurt. Mind you, Diez's regeneration healed him back to normal, but he needlessly injured himself and for nothing since the attack still hurt the one he was defending.


Height: 5'6
Weight: 160 lbs
Physical Traits:Diez is a tall (166 cm/ roughly 5 feet and six inches) He has blonde, spiky hair, which is kept short. His eyes are a sky blue, and always seem to have enrgy radiating from them. The trait that makes him stand out the most among Arrancar is that he has three whisker like marks on his cheeks. His Hollow hole is where his gut would be, surrounded by strange seal like markings.

Over his torso he wears an open white jacket with a black trim. On the left shoulder of that jacket is a grey emblem, depicted a circle with a spiral in it. Like the rest of his team, he wears white hakama on his lower half, along with black boots. The remains of his hollow mask form a 'headband' on his forehead.

Reiatsu Color: One would describe Diez's as a blend of colors. He seems to have no one set constant color, but more that his reiatsu is made of layers of colors. The most abundant colors are red and black, with blue purple and green mixed in.


General Fighting Style: Diez's fighting style is very simple: Punch it till it dies. If punching doesn't work, group up. If grouping up doesn't work, use ressurecion and fight until it dies.
+ Regeneration  the strongest ability of Diez. His own regeneration is impressive, regenerating moderate wounds in seconds (two posts). Heavy wounds tend to take a bit longer (four) and limbs take a while, although they do come back(six).
+ Speed  Diez's speed is phenomenal. He can keep up with most hollows using Sonido, and his striking speed is very fast. Most have a hard time keeping up with him, making it hard to hit him and avoid being hit by him.
+ Strength Diez's strength is extraordinary, as one would expect from a hand to hand fighter. With little effort he can send most light opponent's flying through several buildings, and break iron if he feels like it.
+ Hand to Hand Diez is particularly strong in hand to hand combat. With his hands he can break bones and stone with relative ease, as well as preform complex attacks. He can also knock spiritual attacks away, and with his own body motions, even knock/throw/direct them back at the attacker.
+ Reiryoku Diez has a lot of Reiryoku to work with. He can fight for extremely long periods of time, and has an especially power reiryoku, making his attacks, by extension, even more powerful.
+ Rieatsu Diez's Rieatsu is also powerful. With his Rieatsu, he can of course making people much weaker than him struggle to move. Additionally he can control it enough to focus it to nearly any part of his body to enhance it's abilities.
- Bala Diez's Bala leaves something to be desired. While it is just as strong as any other Bala, its speed is slug like for many Espada. As such it is mostly useless in combat.
- Pesquisa Diez sucks at sensing things. For him to sense something, it has to be big and obvious, like a captain releasing their zanpakuto. Anything else he is incapable of noticing.
- Weaponry Diez has never wielded a weapon in his life. As such his skill with a weapon is abysmal. He sucks at aiming with them, doesn't swing right, and leaves hundreds of holes in his form.
- Unique Powers Diez lacks any unique powers what so ever. While each hollow normally has something that makes him unique, or some ability like combining ceros or self modifications, Diez lacks all of those. While he makes up for this in being great at the normal stuff, it does remove any creative approaches to combat from his arsenal.
- Heirro Diez has a weak Heirro. While against significantly weaker enemies, it can stop blades and attacks, people near his level will have no trouble cutting through him.
- Cero Diez's Cero, much like his bala, leaves something to be desired. While he can make it just as power as most his rank, the effort needed to put into it makes it not worth using it in combat.


Sealed Appearance: Diez's zanpakuto is strange, in that it takes on the form of seven masked beasts.

The First was a long figure, with a body make up of mostly black bones. It seemed to mimic what the skeleton of an Easter Dragon would look like. On it's head was a white mask, that seemed to be a dragon skeleton head with fox ears. It's mouth was bordered in a thick blood red stripe, and has two blood red stripes around it's eyes, including the one on it's forehead.

The Second was exactly like a white tiger, very lean and slender, with the exception of two things. The first of course was the tiger like mask on it's face, with three hollowed out eyes, and two blood red rings around said eyes. On it's 'cheeks' the mask had four blood red marks, two on each side. On it's neck sat a leather binding that supposedly kept the mask on the beast. The second strange thing was it's abnormally long claws, long enough to cut a large pillar clean through in one swipe.

The Third was a brown bird like creature. It's tail had many thin and decorative feathers, although they seemed to be as stiff as metal. It's mask yet again had three eyes with two blood red rings around each of them. It also had fox like ears on the top, with a large horn in between them.

The Fourth was a tortise like creature, with a shell made of overlapping plates. On it's head was again a mask with three eyes with two blood red rings each, and fox like ears. The mask followed more of a design like that to a snapping turtle. It's arms were a brownish green, with three fingers and a thumb, each having clawed nails.

The Fifth was a serpentine beast, with a body seemingly made of golden scales. It had the same mask pattern as all before it, three eyes, two red rings each, and fox ears. However, both of its left and right eyes had two spikes on each side, outside of the rings. The mask was very strange, like a snake that couldn't open it's mouth.

The Sixth was an angelic priestess with flowing robes. Her mask was just like the others, three eyes, two rings each, and fox ears. It's mask also had a frown like opening in the bottom. It's actual form was all around humanesque, wearing and extremely high collared tan robe, with leather strips on it's waist, and mid section of the upper arms. It has several transucent ribbons laying on its body decoratively.

The Seventh was a priest that resembles a skeleton and carries a scythe. It again had the same three eyes, two blood rings around each eye, and fox ears. It had several thin skull like teeth, with a human like skull nose. It's hands were a dull brown, with clawed nails on each finger. It, like the Sixth, was very human in appearance.

The Eighth and Nineth were both mirror images of each other. They had masks with the same patterns as the others, three eyes, two blood rings each, fox ears. Only these ones actually had fox like noses, and noticeably covered from the top of their heads to the bottom of their necks. Each had a fox headed wooden staff. With their human like arms, they held a open palm sign, and seemed to stand as sentries.

Each beast is just as powerful as most zanpakuto, and can regenerate from damage just as well as Diez, and can act independently from Diez, although they lack personality and originality in attacks, going on instinct. Even if they die, they can come back two posts later (if Diez is still alive).

Zanpakuto Name: Los Espíritus Enmascarados [The Masked Spirits]
Zanpakuto Call Out: He just really anything special here
Cero: Normally red, but certain special ones may be a different color.


Appearance: Zorro de Nueve Colas [Nine Tailed Fox]
Abilities: Other than an ascetic cloak and slightly longer reach, Diez gains no unique abilities. However, do to this, it increases his normal abilities twice as much as most ressurecion.


Name: Escudo de Armas Sangriento [Bloody Coat of Arms]
Appearance: His red reiatsu absorbs his skeleton into him and becomes a light armor around him. Other than that he looks much like his normal form.
Release Phrase: Vuelve a Mi [Return to Me]
Abilities: His speed gains a huge increase.


Background: A long time ago there was a man. He was plagued by paranoia, always staying kooped up in some area to keep himself safe, and never experiencing life. However, it was not that he wanted to do this, but merely that he felt the need to to stay safe. When he died he regretted not living his life.

Soon his Soul Chain caused a hole to form in his chest and he became a hollow. For years he would scower the land as a nameless, mindless animal. Even when he started to consume other Hollows he remained an animal. Nothing of any importance would happen until years later, when Nine Gillians were made.

Gather in one spot, thousands upon thousands of Hollows gathered, mass feeding and creating Nine Gillians. These Gillains would group together, and fight for three months before dominant personalities began to appear. These would each start out rather base. Of course this is where Diez as he is now began to form. Back then his speech was very broken and he kept to a mostly animal like personality.

Here he would meet his future Fraccion, all of which seemed to have some animal theme. For Diez, his was a HUGE fox. His followers were a Horse, a Turtle, a Bug, a Octopus/Bull fusion, a Cat made of fire, a Tanuki made of sand, a Gorilla, and Slug. All had two things in common, the first being that they were titanic. The second is that they possessed ten tails.

After conversing, as advised by the Gorilla, they grouped together for strength. For decades they would fight together, slowly becoming stronger and stronger until they all were Adjuchas. Each had manifested unique powers...except Diez himself. He had no unique powers what so ever, merely a huge boost to his normal skills. Additionally, of those of the group who could regenerate, his was the strongest. As such he was voted to be the one to live the longest out of all of them.

Eventually, during a fight with another Adjuchas, they noticed it suddenly begin to regress, becoming a Gillian. It was at this moment they realized, they too could regress into Gillians. So now they had to choose, loose the ability to grow in power, or remove the risk of regressing. It was eventually decided that they would wound themselves to keep themselves from regressing. However, they noticed a problem with Diez.

Every time he removed a tail, it merely regenerated. It was clear that Diez's only option was to move forward. So they decided to give him pieces of themselves to him, to benefit both parties. Each gave a certain number of tails, the Octopus/Bull gave him two, the Bug gave him three, the Slug four, the Horse five, the Gorilla six, the Turtle seven, the Cat eight, and finally the Tanuki nine. In that moment Diez gained a deep bond with them, giving each a name:

The Octopus/Bull was Gregorio, meaning Watchful.
The Bug was Esmeralda, meaning Emerald.
The Slug was Tavares, meaning Hermit's Son.
The Horse was Armando, meaning Army Man.
The Gorilla was Conrado, meaning Wise Councilor.
The Turtle was Ambrosio, meaning Indestructible.
The Cat was Alma, meaning Caring.
The Tanuki was Antonio, meaning Praisworthy.

Of all of the bonds, the bond with Antonio was the strongest as he had given all but one of his tails. Infact, when he moved on from the group, Antonio was the only one he let go stay with him. Together the two traveled the lands, Antonio working as their sensor, having gained the ability to passively use Pesquisa if anything was touching any sand (as long as he was on the plain) allowing them to keep an eye on the others, as well as hunt down more prey.

For three years they would wander the wilderness together before a faithful night when moving to the human world. This was the easiest place to prey on weaker hollows. However, here they would meet their first Shinigami! While the fight did end with them winning, the was a cost. During the fight not only was one of Diez's tails cut clean off, but a kido seal was placed on it, stopping that specific one  from regenerating. He was unable to assume his original form. He had no way to grow, which meant he risked becoming food for another hollow who wanted to evolve. He had to find another way to progress. After months of thinking on this one subject, something Diez had yet to in his entire time as a hollow. He decided that, should the time come, and Diez were to be defeated, Antonio would break Diez's mask before he could be consumed.

This day would come four months later, in a battle between a lion like ahjudcas. The two were strong in battle, the battle lasting for literal days, with the lion being able to take any damage Diez threw at it, and Diez regenerating from any damage the lion did to him. However, even with Diez's legendary regeneration cannot last forever. As the battle went on, his regeneration slowed and slowed until two thirds of his torso was blown away by a cero. As he was about to be absorbed, a wave of sand surrounded Diez's head, crushing it.

Diez's entire body seemed to disappear, as the lion turned it attention to the enemy pile of sand that was failing to crush her. However, Diez was not dead, merely in a new body, and slowly adjusting to said body. As he stood up, he noticed the fight between the two combatants was not progressing, so he and several beasts that he had 'awoken' with, all rushing in and crushing the lion ahjudcas with a simultaneous strike. As Diez spoke with Antonio, they slowly figured out what happened to him, and that Diez had become what was known as an arrancar.

Not long after hearing this, Diez set out on a quest to re find the rest of their group, using Antonio's Pesquisa to track them down. It would take a whole year to round up the entire group, each one taking some convincing outside of knowing their names. With each one he first convinced them he was really Diez, and then convince them to let him crush their masks. By the time he had gathered everyone, they had all become arrancar, with the exception of Antonio, whom's sand body prevented his mask from being shattered by hollows. It wasn't until Diez came up with the brilliant idea of 'break it yourself' that he finally obtained arrancar form. While hesitant at first as none of them had broken their own masks before, he did so, becoming the red headed arrancar he is now.

Now with a small task force of arrancar, Diez met with the leader of the hollows, figuring it was something interesting he could do now. Here he was inscribed with a number, specifically four, and given the title of Espada Quatro. His followers became his Fraccion, and they with him now serve the leader of the hollows.
Side Notes: While Diez has nine fraccione, in accordance with rules he in rp will only be seen with 5, the five he does have being Antonio, Esmeralda, Conrado, Alma, and Armando. If anyone else would like to plot with me about rping the others, please contact me Smile
RP Sample: Quality will vary depending on mood.

Footsteps could be heard in the heavily shadowed hallways of one of the many buildings belonging to Los Noches. They were heavy, as well as slow. If one listened closely, not only could they tell the location of where the feet landed kept changing, but they could also here a small crunching noise every time they took a step. As the foot steps grew closer, a figure looked over a couch he was on.

The couch itself was a dark blue color, and very soft and well fluffed. The person as a male, whom was laying back with a relaxed posture. His arms went over the top, his hands resting on the back of the sofa. His hair was extremely messy, as if he never brushed it, as well as heavily spiked. It was a bright blonde in color, almost yellow. On both his cheeks he possessed three whisker like marks, which were  black in color, and extreme thin. His skin was Caucasian in color, and not dark, but no pale either. Over his torso he wores an open white jacket with a black trim. On the left shoulder of that jacket is a grey emblem, depicted a circle with a spiral in it. On his lower half he had on a white Hakama, along with black boots, with one leg resting sideways on the other. He tilted his head backwards, revealing a white headband of sorts that was the remains of his hollow mask, while turning it towards the giant hole that lead to the hallway from which the foot steps came from.

As the foot steps got louder in volume, the yellow haired figure kept his blue eyes on the shadowed entrance. A foot poked out of the darkness, with a lot of weight being placed on it. It took wore a white hamaka, although it noticeably wore black sneakers rather than boots. A slight faint hiccup could be heard as the rest of the figure stumbled out. He was a light African skinned man, with shades blocking his eyes. He too wore a headband, although his was obviously fabric unlike the blonde haired person's was. On the top left of his head, was a set of muscle shaped bones that attached to a downwards horn of similar texture, albeit with the tip cut off. His hair was blasted back, and blonde in color, with a sharp and thin beard to match. On his upper torso he wore a white robe, although his right shoulder and chest were not covered by it. On his hands were both gloves that reached half way up his lower arm. The left one was black, and covered his thumb, index, and middle finger, while leaving his ring and pinky finger free. On his right one, he wore a similar glove, although it was black and the thumb was free. In that right hand he held a nearly empty bottle of what was presumably alcohol, judging by his drunken state.

The blonde one chuckled, a smirk on his face. "Still drunk, eh Gregorio?" He said with a teasing voice. The other one, Gregorio, turned towards him with a slight smirk on his face, before clumsily walking around, trying to find another bottle while making nonsensical motions with his hands.

"Yo, my man you know I love these drinks. When I down glass after glass, it puts me in the mood to shake." The blonde one smirked and rolled his eyes a bit. Just then another set of foot steps could be heard. There were much faster, and lighter, approaching from a similar hallway, that was a straight line from the sofa the blonde sat on. As the foot steps seemingly stopped, a female launched out of the darkness.

She was about the same height as the blonde whom she was leaping towards. Her skin was tan, with a well toned body. She wore a hakama just like the others, although she let hers ride lower than they should. On her torso, she wore a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armour underneath. On her arms she wore long white armlets, which stopped just at the top of her wriests. Her hands were very thin and beautiful, with black fingernail polish on her nails. Her hair was a nice minty green, with a white hair pin shaped shard of her mask over  a small section, with two spikes pointing backwards on it. Her eyes were a dark amber, with nearly as much energy behind them as the blond one. "DIEZ~" She called out lovingly as she tackled the blonde off of the sofa.

The blonde, Diez, rolled with her, stopping on his back, with her resting right above him, faces barely apart. Both their eyes showed a great deal of affection towards the other, as they merely stared for a few seconds. "Good evening, Esmeralda." Diez said, wrapping his arms around her lower back. She laughed a bit before pecking his cheek.

"Good evening Diez. I've been searching for you." She said, kicking her legs a bit while moving her finger down his chest slowly. Gregorio stood up with a grunt, noticing the little girl's appearance after finally finding another bottle. As he stumbled over he took another swig before speaking.

"Yooooooo~,what's up mah sistah. Knocked any hollows on their keister?" He said with a slight slur, while Esmeralda's head looked towards him. It was then she realized he was drunk again, before chuckling, sitting up, but remaining seated on Diez. She looked at his other hand, noticing the empty bottle.

"Hey Old timer." She said, which visibly irritated Gregorio. "Nothin' much, been looking for you guys. How about pouring me half that bottle?" She said, watching as Gregorio did so, knowing he was trying to think of a come back to her comment. Just as he finished, he tossed it to her, before going on to respond.

"You know I ain't old! Just got an older body at creation! Don't smack talk with me bug girl." He said as he took a few gulps from the cup. Esmeralda, whom had already taken a quarter of her serving, looked up at him with a glare. She excused herself from Diez's body, standing up and walking towards him, the alcohol already taking effect. The second they got near, they started a full blown argument again. Diez stood up while this happened, walking off, while looking rather bored. Another day in the Diez's area. He stepped outside, looking around to see if there was anything interesting, very clearly not bothered by the argument currently going on not far from him. He could help but wonder...was there anything interesting to do?

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#2 Re: Diez [Arrancar, Espada] on Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:56 pm

This is finished

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#3 Re: Diez [Arrancar, Espada] on Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:57 am

This is cool and all but with one major problem.

You state there are 8 characters on this app including Diez and that all of them are at his level. This falls under power ranger syndrome and is denied as currently worded.

There are three things I can think of that would fix this and allow you to have them.

1.) Make them only hit as hard as a normal zan strike and be durable (Not zan steel durable) but otherwise not anywhere near as fast or tough as Diez. If defeated/killed I'd say you could respawn them after two posts.

2.) Make them use "Clone" stats. Which means the 7 of them would each be 14% of Diez strength. Effective together but not a "threat". Since they "are" your Zan even if defeated/killed they would regenerate in their entirety as long as you were alive anyways.. (At this I'd say maybe one post?)

3.) Not have all of them at once. but when one is defeated you can immediate summon one of the others. Once all have been defeated you must wait four posts to summon one again.

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#4 Re: Diez [Arrancar, Espada] on Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:12 am

edits made, I believe.

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#5 Re: Diez [Arrancar, Espada] on Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:04 pm

Yes. Just be made aware that your ress and segunda boosts to those stats are still x3 and x4. There just happens to be more of them than normal. Since you took one of the options this character is now approved. Tier 2-3

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#6 Re: Diez [Arrancar, Espada] on Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:22 am

Go, Go, Power Rangers!.. No? Bad timing? Whatever. Seconded and moved.

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