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#1 Muninn Kuchiki (Finished) on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:52 am


Name: Muninn Kuchiki
Age: 19
True Age: 190
Sex: Male
Personality: Muninn is a rebel, through and through. Having been born into a house of aristocrats and holier-than-thou nobility, he REALLY doesn't care for people that think that they're better than anyone else. Everyone is equal in his eyes, no matter who they are or where they came from. This doesn't mean that he disobeys orders in the Gotei 13, however, as most of the officers got their positions through hard work and dedication, therefore earning his respect. If they do something to lose it, however, they'll be on his shit-list until they go kill an Espada ranked Quinto or higher with both hands tied behind their back with a high-ranked Bakudo and half their starting reiatsu. The only weapons at their disposal shall be a hamster, a slice of cheesecake, and a rubber band.

This doesn't mean that it's easy to lose his respect and loyalty, however, and those that have it generally keep it for life. This extends through his friendships, relationships, and rivalries as well. If you are worth spending time with, then you can count on Muninn being the guy in the Maggot's Nest next to you laughing at how much fun you two had the night before. He's utterly fearless, able to face death with a damn-near sadistic smile. This carefree, live-and-let-die-but-I'll-take-you-with-me look on his face can be started by almost anything-as long as it's either fighting or general mischief. All in all, he's the guy that everyone steers clear of when there's nothing going on (as he normally has something planned to "spice things up"), but as soon as a fight breaks loose or you need hilarious revenge on someone you want him right next to you. A loyal friend, a fierce opponent, a playful soul, and a dashing scoundrel all rolled into one. What more could you ask for?


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145lbs
Physical Traits:
Muninn's Appearance:
Clothing: Muninn, for all it's worth, wears a sleeveless version of the standard Shihakusho while in his soul form, and while in his Gigai prefers to wear an almost punk-rock style of clothing, similar to the picture above. Really, he's the rebellious child in a clan of aristocrats and stuck-up snobs.
Accessories: Muninn doesn't really carry much on him at any point in time, other than a ring that was passed to him by his father. It was said to have been granted to the Kuchiki family by the Soul King as a symbol of nobility, and Muninn treats it as such. After all, his dad seemed to be the only one who cared about HIM, and not his contributions to the clan, or unique abilities.

Ring's Appearance:


General Fighting Style: Muninn focuses on his unique abilities and swordsmanship more than most, but this is to cover up the fact that he was injured badly as a child. All of his strength and physical capabilities have to be constantly maintained, or else he'll lose it all.


Reiryoku: Muninn has an unusually large level of reiryoku, courtesy of being from a long line of powerful Shinigami. His reiatsu is still maturing, however, and as such is stunningly average compared to his potential.

Speed: Muninn is faster than a normal Shinigami of his caliber, due to the harsh physical training that he forces himself to undergo. Who knew using Shunpo with 500 pounds strapped to each leg until you're used to it would work?

Strength: Physical strength is definitely one of Muninn's specialties after his incident, as he forces his muscles to gain more density through training. He is easily capable of destroying boulders and cutting down trees in a single strike.

Zanjutsu: The young Kuchiki's skill with a sword mark him as a prodigy, unmatched by all but the most experienced of opponents. His style is quite fluid and elegant, not unlike watching a bird in flight, or a leaf fall from a tree.


Endurance: Muninn's lungs are filled with scar tissue from his accident, preventing them from expanding fully, while most of his muscles suffer from both muscular dystrophy and tendinosis, which is a degenerative disease that causes tendons to break down and form scar tissue when the tendons are no longer able to repair themselves after an injury. He is in constant pain. Stretching before a fight normally helps, and his exercises can restrengthen the muscles, but there is only so much that he can do. He has to constantly report to the Fourth Division for treatment due to this, and his ability to fight is limited to approximately two pages before he must rest for half a page. If he attempts to do anything other than this, he will fall unconscious from lack of oxygen.

Weakness to Fire: Due to the damage to his lungs, any abilities involving heat or fire are a problem. Fighting someone with these capabilities effectively halves the amount of time he can fight before requiring a break, and causes him to need to rest for an additional post in order to allow the cells to expand to their normal size.

Kido: Muninn, for all it's worth, really didn't score that well in class when it came to Kido. He's able to use it as a last, LAST resort, sure, but it's really taxing given the fact that his personality and reiatsu is a little too free-spirited for the amount of discipline required.


Sealed Appearance:
Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:

Sword Affinity: Muninn's connection with his Zanpakuto is stronger than normal, allowing him to summon it to his hand from wherever it happens to be. In addition, he is capable of repairing his blade of any damage by flowing his reiatsu through it.


Call Out Command: Slash, Mugenjin! (Infinite Blades)
Shikai Appearance:
Spirit Appearance:


Blade Spawning: While in Shikai, Muninn is capable of spawning up to five swords at a time in addition to his primary weapon. Each of them takes the appearance of Mugenjin's sealed state, and is as strong as quality carbon steel. Each time one of the blades is broken, it takes 2 posts before he is able to summon a replacement. If anyone other than him attempts to use one of these swords, they will get shocked in an equivalent to a Hado between 10 and 20.

Kenatsu: Mugenjin's ability to cut extends approximately one inch from the edge and twelve inches from the point of the blade due to the sharpening of Muninn's reiatsu. This false edge cannot block attacks, however, as it is created by his blade passing through the air, increasing the air pressure and creating a wake as it slashes.

Endless Assault: By focusing through Mugenjin then stabbing the ground, Muninn is capable of creating up to 10 blades per post out of the reishi, iron, and carbon present and bring them to the surface, spawning a field of blades that is then capable of being shot at Bala speeds towards his opponent. This technique takes one post to charge enough reiatsu to initiate the attack, and lasts for five posts, as long as Mugenjin is in the ground. Once Muninn's Shikai is removed from the earth or the time period is up, all of the blades that were created will dissipate. This technique requires five posts to cool down after this has occurred.

Boosts: x2 to Strength and Speed, x1.5 to Reiatsu.


New Name: O no Heiki (Arsenal of the King)
Appearance: O no Heiki takes the appearance of thirteen ghostly, crystalline weapons floating around Muninn, whose eyes begin to glow magenta with raw power. These are rumored to be the Royal Arms of the Soul King, gifted as a Bankai once every thousand years. Regardless of their origins, however, the truth remains that they are not something to be trifled with.

Spectral Arms: Muninn has the capability to manifest up to three of the weapons making up O no Heiki physically in order to fight. If he already has three manifested and attempts to manifest another, the one he has had out the longest will dissipate back to it's original position floating around him. He can choose between a one-handed sword that allows for him to use Kenatsu, a greataxe that increases his strength, a glaive that is capable of splitting into two (counts as two), a bow that creates arrows from his reiatsu that strike with the force of a Cero, a mace that increases size as it swings, a staff that fires Bala-like projectiles, a trident that has the ability to create a clone with 50% of Muninn's reiatsu, a large shuriken capable of being guided with his hand, a shield that can block any attack up to and including a Cero Oscuras while sharing a cooldown with the technique blocked, a longsword that strikes harder with each hit, a greatsword that can split like a whip, a katana that increases his speed, and a one-handed sword that increases his reiatsu output. When manifested, these weapons are only able to be used by Muninn. If anyone else attempts to touch them, they take damage as if hit with a Bala.

Field of Destruction: While in Bankai, Muninn focuses his reiatsu into his foot for one post, then stomps, filling a circle approximately twenty feet in every direction centered on him with up to 50 blades, that can then be fired at Bala speeds towards his opponent. This technique requires 3 posts to cool down after each use.

Royal Decree: This is O no Heiki's final ability, and it's most devastating. It takes a full three posts to charge, indicated by any manifested weapons beginning to turn back into their spiritual forms around the edges throughout the charging period. Upon completion, all manifested weapons will turn into their ethereal counterparts before glowing brightly and forcing themselves together into a formless mass of reishi around Muninn's hand and forearm. Slamming his clawed hand into the ground, Muninn then brings down a massive bolt made of pure reishi that strikes everything in a 100 meter area centered on him with the force of two Forbidden Kido, leaving him the only thing unaffected. Once Royal Decree is used, Muninn's Bankai ends and he is left fatigued and unable to fight, with his sealed Zanpakuto lying nearby.

Boosts: x2 to Strength, Speed, and Reiatsu, with an additional x1 if labelled with the weapon.


Background: Muninn's childhood, in all honesty, was pretty boring until his accident at the age of 110. This might seem rather old to most people, but having been born in Soul Society, Muninn aged around a year to every ten, and will continue to do so until his power fully matures, when it will slow dramatically. His mother wasn't really in the picture, as she had died shortly after he was born, but his father loved him more than anyone could describe because of it. One could even say that his old man was the greatest impact on his life so far. Of course, that would come to an end sooner than Muninn could have ever dreamed.

One day, as he was walking through some of the lower-numbered Districts in the Rukongai with his father to get away from the rest of his Clan, stuck up old geezers that they were/are, something rather strange happened. A Hollow burst through a building nearby and slammed him through a solid brick wall before anyone could react. Now, this would have been more explainable if they were anywhere but the 3rd West Rukon District, and it wasn't an Adjuchas-level Menos Grande that had attacked. As Muninn would later describe the incident, it was the perfect storm of randomized bullshit. As it was, the 11-looking boy's ribs were either broken, sticking out of his chest, or both. They had lacerated his lungs, most of his muscles were torn from the initial strike and from impact, and the only reason he was even able to keep breathing was the fact that even soul kids are springy. His father rushed over to him and began to apply Healing Kido to his wounds, but they were too extensive to do much other than seal them and stabilize the injured boy. Turning around with rage evident on his face, the Kuchiki Clan Head slipped his ring into his son's pocket, officially designating him as his heir as he walked towards the rampaging Hollow and drew his Zanpakuto. Muninn couldn't hear or see what happened next, as he passed out from the pain soon after.

When he awoke, bandaged and bloodied in his room at home, the new Head of the Kuchiki Clan could hardly understand what his stuffy elders were saying. His dad was dead? It couldn't be true! Just like any other boy his apparent age, Muninn suffered from the belief that his dad was invincible. Unlike the other boys, however, he had ample proof to back up his statement. Fuujin Kuchiki was a Captain of the Gotei 13, and his son had SEEN his Zanpakuto's ability to seal any wounds he got! Yet...maybe...maybe it was just skin-deep, though...

Years passed, and Muninn made an honest attempt to cast those depressing thoughts out of his mind. He had taken to being a bit of a rebel despite his noble position and upbringing, and decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Gotei 13. He spent around two years in the Shin'o Academy and only graduated recently, preferring to keep his identity mostly under wraps so as not to get special treatment. After graduation, he wonders where the world will take him, next...

Side Notes: Muninn is meant to start at a low to mid-Lieutenant level of reiatsu, despite not being a Seated Officer. Also, his ass belongs to Rena until she thinks he's strong enough to blink on his own XD
RP Sample: This is Graven. Why do I need an RP sample?

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