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#1 Luca Lévesque on Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:13 pm


Name: Luca Lévesque
Age: 25
True Age: 25
Sex: Male
Personality: Being a butler by trade, Luca does not mind being subservient, and catering to the needs of others. But in addition, with the uniform comes a certain level of charm that must be upheld. He is quite the gentleman, with a tad bit of flirting to do, and plays all of his games fairly. He gambles quite often, always making sure all his cards are on the 'table'. He does have a compassionate side, and in line with that, a sense of humor, but most of what he does revolves around magic, cards, and girls. When serving others, he always asks them if they would like tea, sugar, cream, the works. He pulls out chairs for his guests like a proper gentleman, and will make sure everything is to their liking. He also does magic tricks for audiences, both young and old. Most would argue he's just really good with cards and sleight of hand, but in Luca's case, it's as close to magic as one could get. Cards are his element, without a deck of cards in his pocket, things are just not the same.

In combat, he keeps his laid back persona, charming and elegant as always, and is pretty much the same. He never shows any signs of fear, panic, or doubt, and rolls with the punches. Being at the mercy of his cards, he has learned to appreciate the fun of random chance, luck, and drawing for his strength. He appreciates the challenge, and respects the outcome, no matter the odds. However, if someone plays in such a manner that is alike to that of poor sportsmanship, Luca will switch to Hyper mode out of sheer hatred for that person. No one likes a salty bastard, and at that point, Luca is more than ready to put them down. However, after his frustration has been unleashed on you, he will offer one final act of sportsmanship. His final gamble will be his proof to you that the way he sees the game is very serious. Seriously, just respect the guy, he deserves it, and doesn't bend the rules of combat to pull dirty tricks.

That being said, if his choices in combat can induce a change of heart or act of mercy in his opponent, he may not just disappear altogether. Truthfully, once Luca unleashes his full power, he does it out of regret. To him, that act proves that the opponent doesn't know how to have fun, and ruins the game for everyone. If Luca can bring this ideal to light in the eyes of another, he'll smile and shake their hand, deserving of their victory. Should Luca ever meet the hand of death, however, he will accept it with one last game.

Appreciation: As a butler, he tries his hardest to meet the needs of those in his company. Though it may be a little difficult to please everyone, he takes great pride in making the lives of others more comfortable.
Gambling: Both as a personal past time, and also when others show interest in taking part in his 'game' of combat, Luca is always pleased to see gambling taking place, including the use of luck in battle.
Fair Fighting: Another aspect of his butler persona, he chooses to even make combat fair and comfortable for his opponent. While he prefers the turn-based style of things, if his opponent wants to rush into it, so be it. He will adjust his fighting style accordingly and attempt to keep things fair either way.

Melee Combat: As a butler, and as a caster, he prefers distance fighting by all means. Once melee combat begins, it probably won't be long before he decides to use 52 Pickup to escape.
Arrogance: By means of being a respectable host, he'd prefer it if his company were kind and appreciative. However, should one harass him or seem ungrateful, he will punish them with a disgusted expression across his face.
Poor Sportsmanship:Everything Luca does in combat is set up to be fair, from his self-damaging abilities, to the high-risk, high-reward style he uses. So sadly, when someone cries foul play, and tells him that he's not in his right mind, his face sours as he prepares to show them what rulebreaking looks like.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Physical Traits:
In addition to this, his dark red hair extends down to the middle of his back, and wears a Black Butler-style uniform. He always carries a deck of cards with him, and as a result, never turns down a game of poker. Standing tall and upright, in the proud and noble guise of a butler, his professional and regal air in general appearance says a lot about who he is. Occasionally, he'll summon a top hat with a red ribbon just above the brim, to play his act as a magician.

He has a set of cards of his own, and if he needs to replace the deck (which happens frequently), He just changes the first deck he finds to match. It's a simple change after all. The deck he changes to is seen below
(fair warning, it's a large filesize, so it may take a while to appear.)
Credit to Lexie for putting the sheet together for me.


General Fighting Style: His entire fighting style is dependent on chance, drawing cards from his deck to cast spells of varying strengths, throwing cards to have the possibility of harming someone else, messing around with them, defending, or healing. While mostly just a gambler, Luca prides himself on fair combat, and as a result, can do varying amounts of damage as he sees fit. Luca puts his power choice as a priority only when the opponent refuses to play a game unfairly, and as such, may bend the rules of the gentleman's code should his opponent be rude and surly. He has access to spells based on the cards he carries in his deck, with effects that range in power, based on the hand generated. Luca will only play unfair hands if his opponent is being unsportsmanlike.

It should be noted that any cards that are in Luca's current deck have the durability of a Zanpakuto. Any cards used for abilities will break if hit by something strong enough, but will be shuffled back into his deck regardless. If he teleports away, the deck will remain unchanged appearance-wise, but will be the same durability as a standard deck of cards.

Strengths: Reiryoku, Reiatsu, High Potential Power, Durability, Thrown Weapons.
Weaknesses: Speed, Holds back in combat, Stamina, Hakuda, Zanjutsu.


Luca, when meeting a caster for combat, will request that the battle be done in a duel format, calling out attacks, and taking turns attacking and defending.

Ability Name: Auto-Shuffle
Description: All cards used are automagically shuffled back into the deck, preserving the value and odds of each card. In this deck, there are 54 cards. The standard Ace, 2-10, Jack, Queen, and King of all 4 suits, and two jokers, one Red, and one Black. The Black Joker will be the low joker, and the Red Joker will be the high Joker. The Jokers serve as the extremes of the deck, no matter what the criteria for the required spell may be. While not using a card simulator, I will keep the abilities as they are, using changes in Luca's mood to gauge what cards are drawn, how they are used, and how much he 'bends' the rules.

Ability Name: Card Toss
Description: Luca selects one card from the top of his deck and throws it. He may look at it first, but will not re-draw. He throws it as he sees fit, and may adjust the throw depending on the card that is drawn. Each card has similar effects, based on the suit and value. In this case, Ace will be a low card, and when thrown, will be the equivalent of a Hadou 4 in power. The Black Joker will explode into confetti when thrown, and effectively be useless. The highest possible outcome is a Hadou 40, which can be attained upon drawing a King or Red Joker. Each number from 2-6 will be a Hadou 20, and from 7-10 will be a Hadou 30.
Red Cards: Explode in a radius of one foot, doing the damage of the card over that area
Black Cards: Knock back targets equivalent to a Sho, while doing the Damage indicated.
Jacks: Cut on impact, being able to cut at the equivalence of a katana, but will not penetrate armor or Hierro.
Queen: Will heal the impacted target minorly, equivalent to that of minor scrapes and cuts.
Kings: Cause the effects of both Red and black Cards
Face cards ignore the color rules.
Jokers will not do effects based on the generic color rules, and in addition to the Black joker bursting into confetti after being launched, the Red Joker will split into three when thrown, doing the equivalent of three Hadou 30s

No more than five cards can be drawn per post.

Ability Name: Card Shield
Description: After a draw, Luca can instead chose to face the card out, generating a giant card, just slightly taller than himself, of the same card drawn in front of him, following the same rules as before. The Black Joker is equivalent to a paper shield and does nothing in the way of stopping attacks, and from Ace-5, the shield will stop a Physical Strike equivalent to that of a Hierro in defensive capabilities, from 6-10 it will stop a Hadou 40, any face card will stop a Cero, and the Red Joker will stop a Gran Rey.
The Jack will mirror the outside area, and appear as though Luca and the card have vanished.
The Queen will deflect attacks if they are blocked at a perpendicular angle of impact.
The King will absorb the attack, and fire back with the same power, in the direction the card is facing.
The Red Joker will allow Luca to absorb half of the energy of the attack taken, restoring a small portion of his reiryoku.

He can summon a Shield card only once per post

Ability Name: 52 Pickup
Description: With a flick of his wrist, Luca sprays his entire deck of cards into the air, surrounding himself with the cards, bending space and time, then warping to a location of his choosing. This is only usable out of combat, or as a dramatic escape. There can be nothing done about the deck of cards spilled onto the ground, but he'll replace his deck as soon as he can. If he is fatigued, his deck does this for him.


Ability Name: Blackjack!
Description: Following the rules of the traditional gambler's game, Blackjack, Luca draws two cards. If they total under 17, he can draw additional cards. As they are drawn, they appear in front of Luca, facing the opponent. If he goes over 21, the ability blows up in his face, dealing a full Cero worth of damage to himself. If he goes over 17 and stands, a Gran Rey Cero equivalent card is fired from the center of the hand. If he reaches 21 exactly, Each card that made the hand 21 will be fired at the power of a strong Cero.
Cooldown: 5 posts

Ability Name: Draw 5 Poker
Description: Luca draws 5 cards, and depending on the results, a different magical blast comes down from the sky and does damage to the target.
Royal Flush: If Luca draws a King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and Ten of the same suit in a single draw, the blast is equivalent to a forbidden Kidou.
Straight Flush: If Luca draws any 5 cards in order that match a suit, the blast does a Cero Oscuras in damage.
Four of a Kind: If Luca draws all four of one card, the four cards fly out, each at Hadou 40 power.
Full House:If Luca draws any two cards of one suit, and three of another, Two Cero-like blasts are fired, one red, one black.
Flush: If Luca's entire drawn hand is of the same suit, but none of the cards make a combination, a Gran Rey equivalent blast is fired, matching the color of the hand.
Any hands lower than this will shower the opponent with confetti.
Regardless of the outcome, Luca will be visibly exhausted.
Cooldown: 6 posts.

Ability Name: Quickdraw
Description: Luca draws 7 cards, and throws them at the target, each of them following the same mechanics as in his primary stage, but with doubled effects and damage equivalent to a Hadou 40 per card.
Cooldown: 1 post

Ability Name: Hit me!
Description: This is a simple draw spell.
If the card Luca draws is red, it heals him equivalent to healing major cuts and major internal damage. It does not heal damage caused by fatigue. If it's black, it damages him equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Ability Name: Sleight of Hand
Description: Luca draws three cards, without revealing them to the target player. The three cards appear with the back of the card facing the opponent. Luca is transported to the card with the lowest value, and without being seen. The opponent calls out a card's position, and if Luca is not behind the card, a Gran Rey-equivalent blast is fired from it, matching the color of the card's suit. The illusion is then revealed. If Luca is discovered, the three cards will strike him, equivalent to the equivalent of a Hadou 40 each.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Boosts: x2 to Durability, Reiatsu, and Reiryoku


All of these abilities, aside from the card toss are available ONCE during Hyper Mode. After all four have been used, Luca will only have enough energy to teleport out of the thread before collapsing.

Ability Name: Stacked Deck
Description: Luca is tired of your shenanigans, and has decided you are not worth the respect he would normally give. He forgoes all rules of the game set beforehand, able to throw any and all of the 54 cards per post if he so chooses. Once the deck is empty, he can throw them no longer for that post. They will still be re-shuffled back into the deck, but they can only be used for other spells. All of them have similar effects to what each card could do previously, except doubled. Each card's damage is upped to a Hadou 40 each.

Ability Name: House of Cards
Description: All 54 cards are enlarged to about 4 feet in length, 3 feet in width, and will begin stacking themselves in a fast and orderly manner. If allowed to finish, Luca then will knock the cards over, spilling them onto the opposing target. Each card is as dense as steel and weighs as much as a motorcycle or a small car, and if they land on you, you'll most definitely feel it. If interrupted, the cards will fly towards the one who stopped them, and self destruct as close as possible to them, at that of a Hadou 40 each, in addition to the impact damage that may occur if they get close enough.

Ability Name: Card Trick Facade
Description: Similar to the last 'pick a card' ability, Luca deals 5 random cards. The value does not matter, as all five cards will fire the equivalent of a Hadou 50, each card spinning as it flies in a curve trajectory towards the opponent.

Ability Name: Final Gamble
Description: Luca shuffles the 52 standards card out, and offers the opponent the chance to call out the Red or Black Joker. Holding them both facedown, shuffling them so even he will not know which card is which, he will draw one of the two cards. The card that comes up will determine the end of the match. If the card drawn matches the request of the opponent, Luca is struck with both cards, doing enough damage to put him out of commission for the remainder of the thread. He will still be able to use 52 Pickup to escape, but can no longer stand. If the card the opponent has chosen is NOT drawn, Luca summons the entire 54-card deck in its expanded 3x4 foot state. He separates them into 6 piles of nine cards each, stacking them in equal positions around the opponent, and the piles expand vertically, attempting to shuffle the opponent into the deck. Luca will only use this as a final act of good faith. If you ever see this ability used against you, please be respectful of the outcome.

No, that is not a Final attack. He will not be fatigued because of this alone. However, this will be the last skill he uses out of character preference. A final act of grace. Then he's going to leave you and your salty ass. However, if you're nice about the final length of battle and don't attempt to finish him off, he'll stay to shake your hand, and serve you tea.

Boosts: x3 to Reiatsu and Reiryoku, x2 to durability.


Background: Ever since Luca was a young boy, growing up in the streets of Marseilles, France. The Levesque name is one of great pride and honor, and no doubt would be had that Luca should uphold that name's legacy. At a young age, as early as 6, he would begin his hospitality training. He would learn how to brew tea, to use manners always, to be kind, gentle, and humble. As the years grew on, as many kids did, he'd eventually get tired of the "I must do things such and such a way" and start sneaking out at night. He started this at the age of 9, and would often end up in one of the many bars. Though he wouldn't take part in drinking, he'd always end up at the poker tables with some of the half-drunk locals. He found that even at a young age, he understood the rules, and played well. He understood the odds, the importance of keeping track of which cards had been shown, among other thing. The more he played, the richer he became, just off of making bets with the drunkards who had no idea they were being played. He lost money often enough though, and when he did, he smiled and attempted to shake hands with the winning players. Some took part in it, thanking him for being such a good sport. Others... not so much. The bargoers that were poor sports about winning were the same that physically beat him when he was the one winning, and the alcohol rushing through their veins didn't make the beating any more controlled. There was, however, a bright side to the nightly beatings. He became durable, his body adjusting to take the hits. He never dodged, mostly because he knew he could take it.

Something about this life, and his affinity for cards pulled him out of the bars at night. At the age of 12, he stopped sneaking out for a while, and kept several decks of cards in his room. He began to practice card tricks, varying methods of shuffling, and at this point, kept the manners and servitude imbued into him by his continuing hospitality lessons. At 13, he began doing magic, by way of sleight of hand, shuffling, and face-reading in the streets at night. He became a hit with the night crowd, and soon drew fans and crowds. People loved him, and some even recognized him as he walked the streets in his formal outfit during the daytime. This could only turn badly from here, as his parents found out what he was doing, one night as he was slipping out. They forbade him from exiting the grounds after dark, and hired civilian guards to watch during the night to ensure he would not be able to leave. He could not. During the day, his parents went everywhere with him, and those passersby that recognized him before, waving as usual, were only met with a sad Luca, shaking his head in submission. It became well known that the performer the Luca once was, no longer was allowed out on the streets. His parents, at the very least, honorable, finally sat down to talk with him, instead of blatantly insisting that he be solely that of a butler. He explained to them his affinity for cards, for performing and playing games. He also shared that he retained his professional and clean composure when doing so. He said that while he wanted to uphold the honor of the Levesque name, that he also wanted to explore his potential. His parents, now informed, chastised him lightly for concealing his actions, but dismissed the guards indefinitely, and allowed him to do as he pleased in the streets of Marseilles. His fans returned soon after he did, his outfit now enhanced with that of a dark coat with long tails, and a silk top hat. He performed day and night, not for money, but for applause and cheers.

Yet more years went by, and on the 16th birthday of Luca Levesque, a Hollow appeared to him. It was a very low-class Hollow, but it targeted him, attempting to devour him. Though new and curious to Luca, he didn't fear it too much. He went to his trust deck of cards and used his varying skills that he'd been continually developing with his affinity for cards over the years, and tossed the first card in the deck, the 5 of Hearts. It impacted the Hollow's forehead, exploding on contact, and leaving a small hole in it. Luca, severely surprised by this, threw another card. The Jack of Diamonds. The card cut clean through the Hollow's mask, and it groaned, as its heart turned from the mask, into a shining blue orb, a Plus, then flew off somewhere. Luca, increasingly confused, looked through the deck. Oddly enough, the cards he threw were back in the deck, shuffled in, as if by magic. The next day, he went out of the city, into a remote area that he could test his new powers with, and sure enough, tossing the entire deck, card by card, every card had a different power and effect when thrown. Additionally, when trying new things, he vocally called out a card's name, holding it out in front of him as he would if he were showing the audience. The card appeared in front of him, a much larger version of the card he originally called out.

As he became known across the world as the one of the World's greatest magicians, he was contacted by the Committee, under the guise of Albatross Inc. At the age of 25, he was asked to travel to New York City... for a performance.

Maki Kesshou entered the area they were supposed to meet. It was rather desolate, concrete walls and steel reinforcements. She pulled her staff from her waist, twirling it for a moment, then expanding its length. "Are you a true magician too?" She shook her head, laughing, simply holding her hand out, calling him to fight. He shook his head in return. "Oh no, Miss Kesshou, I don't fight. My magic is exclusively for an audi-" In the middle of his explanation, she fired a small shard of Crystal, that she emitted on her own. With a deft movement of his hand, Luca caught the shard, flipping it in his gloved hand. "Now, now Miss Kesshou. That wasn't very nice. I'm going to have to show you how to act like a proper lady should act." Slipping the deck out of his coat pocket, where most butlers carried a pocketwatch, he tossed the first card, which Maki blocked, knocking her back considerably. He gave a smile to her, which only irritated her more. She immediately oozed a fair amount of liquid crystal, then coated her body and staff with it, forming a glaive. Very shortly after that, she rushed forward, initiating the real fight. With a casual shrug, Luca flipped another card off the front of the deck, summoning a shield card, which would stop Maki cold. It was the Jack of Clubs, which concealed Luca from the eyes of Maki. Though most people would be fooled, Maki's eyes were accurate and precise, drawn to see what his card was, an illusion. She appeared behind him, poised for another swing. "Hold it! Time for a card trick!" said the cardcaster, who then threw up three cards into the air. The three appeared as illusions again, but he was nowhere to be found. Maki would attempt to break the card on the left, though Luca was on the right. The three cards would fire at her, damaging her. Luca would appear from behind the card on the right, and clap slowly. "That's enough fighting for now, Miss Kesshou. You've fought well, and I applaud not for me, but you. I believe I understand why you called me here now. I will join the Committee and serve you well." After this statement, Maki relaxed. It was hard for her to be upset when such a polite man had treated her so well. She released her crystal, vaporizing it, and put her staff away. The two walked inside, and as soon as they did, Luca went to work to brew tea for the both of them.

After being attacked suddenly by Ika Mazi, Luca found himself in a very poor position. After nearly being cut in half, he slowly developed a hatred for all things living, especially humans. He didn't fully understand who Ika was, and he didn't care. After his time of recovery, much time was spent stealing from stores and other people's homes. Much of this was left to gambling, and he was very lucid about his usage of his powers to win games. So much so that where he frequented, people were warned not to bet against him or they would lose heftily. Because of this, he had to travel from place to place. Soon, he became even wealthier.

RP Sample: If you don't know how I RP by now, you haven't been paying attention.

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Moved, Ika will play Yugioh against your Poker horse shit D:<

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