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#1 Sinners Attack the Seireitei! on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:10 am

Ika Mazi

Sinners have broke out of hell, but as soon as the Gotei 13 has dispatched some of their top men to deal with the threat in the Human World, a new threat has emerged on their home turf. Sinners have invaded the Seireitei, with the explicit charge of slaughtering the innocent, and drawing some Captains out from their hidings.. Be forewarned, the charge of the Sinners is not one to tread on lightly.. They are assaulting the very people the Shinigami have been charged to protect, and must be dealt with at once.. God help us all.


(My sinner is 1-1)

Shino Tenshi was ravaging civilians left, right, and center with his micro-filament  fibers which extended from his gloves. He left the thin, sharply intertwined wires around the exit area and waited, then as civilians went to flee he smirked, lifting them with near surgical precision the wires ravaged the various civilians, tearing them to shreds. As Unseated Shinigami began to charge him he formed a net out of the wires, and let them run into it. It was like that scene out of Resident Evil, where the black guy gets split into hundreds of cubed pieces, except instead of the black man these were Shinigami.. and instead of lasers they were split to pieces by wires. He grinned, delighted with himself and his deathly dealings.. it was what they deserved after-all.. It was what they ALL deserved..

As twenty more Shinigami rushed the field they were met with a sigh, "no manners from this lot eh.." and he simply flicked his wrists, the wires wrapping around them as he did so and when he pulled back his hands they too, were butchered. "Such brutes, lacking in pleasantries of any kind, having no heed of formalities.. Truly I say to you the Soul Society is in a sorry state of affairs... Perhaps I'll have to tidy up around here..." He said this with a condescending grin etched across his face, and a patent butler outfit on his body. "I'll be the gentleman here, and await the arrival of the Captains.. I'd hate to kill all these people at once after all..."


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#2 Re: Sinners Attack the Seireitei! on Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:17 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division

Normally, I'd be bored in my office. No one comes to visit, I rarely have anything to do, and my most recent interaction was having a spar with Rena. So when I got a letter from my Taichou, Rena herself, calling me to lead the charge against the recent breach of Sinners, I prepared immediately. Fusoku in hand, I embarked for the outer gates of the Seireitei. I closed my eyes, reaching out to feel for an energy that would be that of a Sinner. Some of the buildings held innocent souls, some held shinigami, and some others still held souls of the fallen. I wept temporarily for the fallen ones, then kept looking. Out in the distance, I counted at least 4 souls tainted with evil. They were all about as powerful as I was, so I wouldn't be able to hold back if I engaged one. I went for the nearest one, which was even easier to find due to the massive slaughter he was taking part in.

Among the varying chunks of once human bodies, I saw many low-ranked and unseated Shinigami. I called out to them, "Enough! He will kill you all. He is much stronger than you. Go focus on helping the other humans to safety. I'll deal with this one." Hopefully, they would have taken the hint. I wanted to put this sinner in his place. His energy reminded me of other people that I'm not very fond of, though his actions thus far were enough to make me want to julienne the smug look off of his face. Without skipping a beat, I jumped down from the rooftop I was standing on, boosting myself to fall faster, and when landing, turning halfway around to face him, stopping the force of my fall as I did. "I am Noziel Aran, Captain of Squad 8. I am the harsh winds given form, and on the honor of my Taichou, I will put an end to you, sending you back to Hell from where you once lived." With the urge to fight rushing through my veins, I elevated to Shikai, without skipping a beat.

If he was smart, he'd try to attack right away, but I doubted his intelligence, considering his jollies seemed to be pretty much come from slicing people into ribbons. A simple buffoon could gather more entertainment with genuine thought. If he didn't start talking in a few minutes, I'd just start with a Hado #1. If he entered the generic, evil villain monologue like any tacky bad guy would do, I'd wait for him to finish before Shunpoing behind him, aiming to land a pinpoint strike. Either way, there was no possible way for him to flatter or humor me. I was going to eviscerate him and leave his corpse to dissolve into ashes.

Technique log

Did I stutter?


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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