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#1 Seto Alexstrasza on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:29 pm


Name: Seto Alexstrasza
Age: 24
True Age: 2683
Sex: Male
Personality Type: ESTJ-A [The Executive]
A representative of tradition and order, Seto utilizes his understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring people together... to an extent. Honesty, dedication and dignity are very important traits and are valued highly, and Seto respects people who stand up for what they believe in regardless of what happens. Seto leads by example, demonstrating dedication and purposeful honesty, and an utter rejection of laziness and cheating, especially in work.
AWARENESS - Seto is extremely aware of his surroundings and lives in a world of clear, verifiable facts. Even against heavy resistance, he will stick of his principles and push an unclouded vision of what is and is not acceptable; his opinions are not just empty talk, as he is more than willing to dive into the most challenging projects, improving actions plans and sorting details along the way, making even the most complicated tasks seem extremely easy and approachable. He doesn't work alone, either, expecting his reliability and ethic to be reciprocated, and will not hesitate to show his wrath on subordinates who jeopardize his plans with incompetence or laziness.
DEDICATED - Seto sees things to completion, bordering on an ethical obligation. Tasks are not simply abandoned due to becoming too difficult or boring, and as long as a task remains the right thing to do, Seto will make sure it is done. He is very strong-willed, making this dedication possible, and is patient enough to make sure that things get done, even if it's not in a timely manner due to things beyond his realm of control.
CALM & COLLECTED - Whether it's because things are going according to plan, or because he knows he can adapt to any situation including whatever is currently going on, Seto Alexstrasza always keeps his calm. While it's not correct to say that nothing can take him by surprise, that brief flash will always fade and be reabsorbed into his extremely calm demeanor, with a smile on his face as he knows he can handle anything going on. Seto never loses his cool and never finds himself in a fit of rage, because he chose to focus himself on staying calm and trained his brain to readjust to any situation extremely quickly.
INSPIRING - Aside from his aura of charisma, Seto is an extremely inspiring person, pushing people to and past their limits quite often. Any means necessary to allow someone to reach the potential that he is aware they have, up to and including the risk of death, Seto will not stop until they are where he knows they can be, and this causes people to look up to him. Due to his nature of knowing when to back out of a fight, his troops will fight to their last breath at most times, knowing he will call them off if the fight can't be won, and finding a blazing will to keep fighting at all times.
PRIDEFUL - Seto is extremely proud not only of his own abilities and status, but also of his accomplishments and the respect he's given. Perhaps his biggest weakness, Seto's hubris could be his downfall, as he has a need to foster respect and maintain his dignity, getting so caught up in the expectations of others that he can fail to address his own needs.
MERCILESS - While he is loyal to his subordinates, there are things Seto cannot forgive. Knowing when you're beaten and retreating from a fight is acceptable, but begging for mercy is not; similarly, when somebody does something against his ethical code (such as begging for mercy), Seto will stop at nothing to make sure that person feels his true wrath. While this ethical code is fairly solid, there can be changes made to it, but there are no exceptions, regardless of personal status and respect to and from Seto.

RESPECT - The most important thing to Seto as a person is the respect he's earned. His regal demeanor carries with it a dire need to be respected by others, and a lack of this respect is nearly unforgiveable. While he can understand someone not respecting him immediately, someone losing respect for him will not be tolerated to any extent, and Seto will go to great lengths to make sure that he is respected... or feared into it.
POWER - Raw power is another important thing to him. Seto will attempt to help bring out the potential a person has so they can realize how much power they are truly capable of, but he will grant his own respect to people who prove themselves to be at a certain level of power without his assistance. Seto's respect is not easily earned because of his high standards, but people who work on increasing their power constantly can get it.
LOYALTY - Seto is fiercely loyal to his own troops, and admires when his own troops are as loyal to him. Not caring about their own safety or goals, and simply trusting in what he has planned or his own abilities to lead them to battle and safety at the same time are what matters to him, because while he can respect power on its own just for being power, he respects people trusting in him more than it.
BRAVERY - Similarly to loyalty, Seto has a strong admiration for people who are brave enough to head into dangerous territory to complete the things he needs them to do, even at the cost of their own life. While Seto will make an attempt to save them should things go awry, they should not expect him to save them when they accept the mission, and their bravery in doing so is something he can admire.

COWARDICE - The number one way to piss of Seto is to show cowardice. Begging for mercy, be it on yourself or someone else, will always have the adverse effect of invoking his ire, leaving him to take out the newly found wrath on the person begging for mercy, and then anyone else in the nearby area.
ENVY - People should be proud of what they have and what they can do, not envious of what someone else has. If someone were to voice that they were disappointed with what they had and wanted what someone else had for the sole purpose of them not having it, it would invoke Seto's wrath even more than cowardice would.
SLOTH - Similarly, Seto dislikes it when people are lazy and not occupying their time with something that matters. Even if a person is enjoying nature, they're okay; it's when they're sitting around doing nothing and wasting time that Seto gets irritated at them. People should always be trying to get themselves more powerful or making relationships they can utilize at a later time when they need something, and Seto has no respect for people who waste large amounts of time.
AVARICE - While it's true that Seto believes people should be utilizing their time in some manner or another, he also has no respect for people who constantly just want more. When someone attains a new level of power, they should be happy with it for at least a little while, instead of immediately trying to push themselves further. A person's avarice must be held in, or else they can be consumed by it and Seto dislikes that.
FEAR - Ultimately though, the thing Seto hates the most is fear itself. The rest of the things that Seto dislikes or hates can be summarized by this one word: fear. Fear for their life, fear of losing what they have... showing this fear is an incredibly high sign of weakness that Seto has zero tolerance for, and is another way to invoke his wrath fairly easily.
WEAKNESS - All of that being said, Seto fears his own weakness; while he knows the limitations on his power, and strives to increase them, he cannot account for everything at the same time, and he is only so good at hiding his true emotions because of his fear of his own weakness. Showing it, feeling it... these things infuriate Seto, and the knowledge that he's not as strong as he thinks can drive him to new heights.
ISOLATION - Having spent so many centuries completely isolated from anyone, even other Hollows, Seto buries himself in crowds of people, fearing the dark thoughts that could return on his own isolation. With no one to talk to, listen to, or train against, Seto can become afraid at just the thought of being alone again, though he doesn't show it very well. The fear of returning to the isolation he was once inside is what drives his loyalty and power, refusing to let anyone send him back to what he was before.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137lbs
Physical Traits:
Being the only unclothed portion of his body, the first thing a person would likely notice about Seto is his sun-kissed skin, bright blue eyes, white hair, and lack of a Hollow Mask fragment. With a face that is clear of any blemishes, markings or scars, being perfectly smooth, with attached earlobes that each have a small sapphire stud in them, he seems nicer than he actually is. His piercing blue eyes reveal his reiatsu's true nature, flowing with his emotions and revealing them to an extent, to the people who know how to read them. Seto's snow-white hair is semi-short, reaching the back of his neck, and though he often makes an attempt to keep his hair slicked back and smooth, circumstances can easily lead to it being messy and downward, covering his forehead and looking sloppy, though he will try to fix it as soon as he can, or realizes it's out of place. Unlike all other Arrancar, Seto has a complete lack of a Mask Fragment anywhere on his head.

Although hidden behind several layers of clothing, Seto's upper body is very well-toned, and minus the small 4cm hole above his third rib on the left side, is also free of any blemishes, markings or scars. Strength isn't where Seto shines, meaning his muscles can't do extreme things like other people, but they are incredibly toned and well-defined, showing their full size without even flexing. Seto wears a black turtleneck long-sleeve shirt against his body, with an ornate black coat over it. The coat has several markings on it, with a subtle floral pattern on the the entire outside of it, and several blue flame-like markings on the bottom left front of it. The coat is longer in the back than it is in the front, tailing evenly on the left and right of his body, with a dark silky blue interior, and a pocket on the inside left breast which Seto keeps a cell phone inside of, to communicate with others whom he respects. Additionally, the left arm of his coat has a blue wrap around the bicep with his own name in Kanji sewn into it.

Compared to the rest of his body, Seto's legs are riddled with scars and knicks from former fights, as they are the first part to get cut when he fights. These scars are beneath a layer of denim jeans, one of the few things Seto likes from the human world, held up at his waist with a plain black leather belt and silver belt buckle. Tied around this belt is a small gold chain which has a pocket watch on the other side, one which generally sits in Seto's left front pocket so he can reach it if he needs to. His feet are covered in thin black socks, which are underneath a pair of black loafers, another of the few things Seto likes from the human world. These loafers are tight enough that Seto doesn't have to worry about them falling off in combat, but he can kick them off or slide them on when he needs to do either.

Seto Alexstrasza carries himself in a very regal manner, emitting an aura of respect at all times around him; one that isn't related to his reiatsu. He holds his Zanpakutou in his left hand with the cutting edge facing upwards towards his palm, and only unsheathes it when he actually needs to. While his hands are covered in thin gloves, the color of these gloves changes based on what he's doing for that day, ranging from white for nothing to black for combat. If you knew nothing about him when you first looked upon him, you would see that the way he carries himself is not just for show, but also in the way he speaks. Though his words may not have the deeper meaning of royalty, his tone of voice is rather soft and welcoming, but at the same time both stern and dangerous. While Seto doesn't mind blood on his clothing, he will remove blood from any revealed skin he has (especially his face), and will remove it from his Zanpakutou as well.


General Fighting Style:
Generally speaking, Seto stands still while fighting. Due to his powers, he often has no need to actually move during combat, simply letting his abilities do the work for him while he just watches with his hands in his pocket and a sly smile on his face. Regardless of Seto's release state, his Manipulación de Acero is primarily used defensively, though he can attack with it as well. While in Resurrección, he becomes much more aggressive, using his own body in addition to his sword, for a relentless onslaught of attacks. His Segunda Etapa grants him an additional element to manipulate, but he retains his aggressive fighting style, and augments it with the new abilities. Additionally, Seto is extremely skilled with almost every form of Cero, and will not hesitate to using any of them in ways that other Hollows don't generally think of, be it using a Bala to create a cloud of dust for a surprise attack, or using a Cero to deflect an attack instead of attacking with it directly.

Reiatsu|Seto has an incredibly high level of spiritual pressure, able to manipulate it to help defend himself or hone the edge on his weapons. When someone is in close proximity of his full reiatsu, they will have feelings of dread and sorrow, though whether or not these feelings are enough to make them unable to fight is dependent on their own strength.
Reiryoku|Similarly, Seto has a nearly limitless pool of Reiryoku to draw upon for his abilities, allowing him to continue using them without fail for incredibly long periods of time without so much as a single bead of sweat on him.
Intelligence|Seto has an un-matched level of intelligence, with an IQ of 297. Although his IQ is just a number, Seto does have some level of practicality with it, able to plan several tens of moves in advance, knowing the outcome of certain situations before they've even begun to develop, and is a dangerous person to underestimate.
High Speed Regeneration|Due to his lack of Hierro, Seto managed to keep his High Speed Regeneration, allowing him to regenerate anything but major internal organs (Heart, Brain, Lungs) in a single post.

Hierro|Surprisingly, Seto has absolutely no Hierro while he's not in his Resurrección. Any attack which manages to reach him will inflict full damage, as though he were a Human.
Endurance|While Seto's Stamina is high-ish, his Endurance is relatively low. Combined with his lack of a Hierro, Seto is at a surprisingly high level of risk to attacks, and only manages to survive based on the combination of his abilities and his speed.
Strength|Seto is incredibly weak in regards to brute strength, having the Strength equivalent to a normal Unseated Shinigami.
Pesquisa|Seto has only the bare minimum of Pesquisa, allowing him to locate people that are roughly equal to him in power, but not being able to discern the exact different, nor their exact location.
Hand to Hand|Similarly, Seto has no skill whatsoever with Hand to Hand combat, relying entirely on his weapon and abilities to fight opponents.


Manipulación de Acero
Seto's passive ability allows the generation and manipulation of tempered steel within 50ft of him. The applications for this ability are limited only to Seto's imagination and Reiryoku, and Steel which exceeds his 50ft range keeps its active velocity and trajectory. This steel is very strong, and only characters with very high strength can break through it with brute force.

Pared de Acero
Seto can create a 5in wall of Steel 5ft by 5ft, empowered by his reiatasu. This wall lasts for 2 posts, is as strong as Zanpakutou Steel, and can be moved around by Seto as necessary. This technique has a 5 post cooldown before being used again.


Zanpakuto Name: Yamato
Zanpakuto Call Out: Purify

Sealed Appearance:
Yamato looks very similar to a standard Katana, with a polished blade that reflects light, a silver handle, and a solid tsuba. The handle is wrapped in cloth in a very standard diamond-like pattern, and the very bottom has the word 'Seto' carved into it in Kanji. The sheath of the blade is pure black, with a single marking towards the top in the shape of a gold dragon, representing his heritage from Japan.

Cero: Seto has access to Bala, Cero, Cero Cornea, Cero Oscuras, Gran Rey Cero, and the following special cero that are unique to him:

A technique which fires off 5 Cero simultaneously with a 5 post cooldown. Although Seto's normal cero are blue, Cero Metralleta are red.

A technique which combines Cero Oscuras and Bala, Bala Oscuras fires up to 3 Bala in a single post which each have the power of a regular Cero, while retaining their speed. This technique can be used every other post, and the Bala fired are Black.

A technique which fires off 50 Bala in a single instant, each having a red color, and has a 5 post cooldown.


To active his Resurrección, Seto unsheathes the blade of Yamato and slams the tip into the ground. His reiatsu pours into it and explodes with a bright blue light, enveloping him for only a moment before it explodes a second time, disappearing completely as he steps out in his new form.

After ascending to Resurrección, Seto's clothing is absorbed into his skin and he generates a thin layer of armor, acting as a Hierro. His head is coated in a skin-tight mask with two horns extending from his temples, simultaneously going towards the top of his head and away from it. The armor has no cracks of breaks in it, with his entire body be coated in the same pale steel armor with bright blue markings all over it, protrusions on the shoulderpads, and a large tattered purple cape attached at the nape of his neck. While in Resurrección, Seto's eyes turn yellow and glow dimly.

Boosts: 3x Boost to Speed and Reiryoku
Armadura de Dios
While in his Resurrección, Seto is granted armor that is similar to Hierro of normal strength, and is used to augment his physical capabilities. The armor is a manifestation of his Reiatsu, and while it is as strong as a normal Hierro, it does not regenerate the same way. Once it's pierced through, the hole remains until Seto ascends to Segunda Etapa, or until he reverts back to his sealed form.

Histérico Sonido
Histérico Sonido is a specialized version of Sonido which has the same abilities, except for the fact that Histérico Sonido creates no sound at all when used.

Mezclado Cero
Mezclado Cero allows Seto to fire off a single Cero with the strength and power of two. This technique can be used every other post, and the Ceros generated are Green in color.

Fuerza Antigravedad
Seto is constantly cloaked in his own Reiatsu while in his Resurrección, granting him the ability to slow down his impact before colliding with anything. This effectively means Seto cannot be launched through any object, as he will automatically regain his balance before hitting it.


To ascend to Segunda Etapa, Seto sheathes his blade and holds it to the sky, coating it in his reiatsu once more. The blue energy surrounding it turns to purple, and then to red as it begins to envelop him as well. He then places the tip of the sheath on the ground in front of him and places both hands over the edge of the handle, holding it in place as he closes his eyes, the red energy surrounding him compressing as it changes his form and then explodes into nothingness, while he's changed once again.

Similarly to his Resurrección, Seto's Segunda form coats him in an armor, although this armor is much more ornate and thicker than the previous one. His reiatsu in Segunda becomes red, with the two small horns in his Resurrección curling downward to make it more intimiating, and to frame the contours of his face. His purple cloak repairs itself and becomes a dark red almost the color of blood, while his pale steel armor becomes lined with silver and gold. All of the blue markings on it are gona, with gold trim in it's wake.

Seto's sword Yamato becomes a massive blade, made of what looks to be polished silver, with a cutting edge on both sides of it. The handle is now a solid piece of metal, with the guard becoming a screaming Hollow's face and rib cage, with two extensions which look like bones forming the guard.

Boosts: 4x Boost to Speed, Reiryoku and Reiatsu
Abilities: (Retains Resurrección Abilities, except where noted.)
Manipulación de Plasma
While in his Resurrección Segunda, Seto gains access to the generation and manipulation of plasma within 50ft of him. The applications for this ability are limited only to Seto's imagination and Reiryoku, and Plasma which exceeds his 50ft range keeps its active velocity and trajectory.

Segunda Armadura de Dios
While in his Resurrección Segunda, Seto's reiatsu solidifies around his armor, increasing the strength of it by 4x. Just like his normal Resurrección, attacks which pierce through the armor will leave gaps that are undefended, so long as his Resurrección Segunda is active. This ability replaced Armadura de Dios from Resurrección.


The earliest memory that Seto can remember is his father, Emperor Jimmu, sentencing a man to death for begging for mercy. Although Seto was only Seven years old at the time, his memory of the incident is vivid, with his father unsheathing his own blade and making one clean slice, ending the other man's life. This memory is what fuels Seto's own ethical code.

Life under his father was good, for the most part. Seto was trained in the way of the sword, as well as taught by the greatest minds his time had to offer, under his father's orders. There were very few, if any, times which Seto got into mischief, and those times were met with quick reprimand by his father. Due to Seto recalling the incident of begging for mercy, he never did such a thing; he always accepted his punishments, knowing that his father was a reasonable man and nothing would be done that wasn't deserved.

Seto's sword skills were very good. At the age of Twelve, Seto entered into a swordfighting contest, to see who of his brothers and family friends' sons was the best among them. None of the fifty six battles that took place lasted very long, as each time Seto defeated them with only two or three slices of his weapon, attacks which would have been fatal had they not all been using dulled blades. At the end of the tournament, Seto was unharmed while every other participant was covered in bruises and small scrapes.

By the time he was Fifteen, Seto decided he was ready to take over his father's reign of Japan, and proposed the idea to him. This infuriated the still living Emperor, as the idea of giving up his own reign was absurd; nothing, save for his death, would cause Jimmu to give up his throne to anyone in the world, even his own child. Understanding that his father knew best, Seto did not argue this decision, and instead only continued his studies and sword training, practicing and honing his skills for the day when he did take the throne.

Three years later, one of the towns under Emperor Jimmu's rule was attacked by a band of rebellious teenagers. While Jimmu set up a meeting with the other nobles to determine the best clan of Samurai to send to the rebels, Seto snuck off and went to deal with them himself. When he found them four days later, there were twelve men and one woman who were sitting in a circle, planning out their next move. Rather than attack them from stealth, and likely kill one, Seto simply walked up to the group and made his presence known.

Immediately, all thirteen rebels grabbed their swords and drew them, ready for a fight. Seto smiled likely and asked who the leader of the group was, stating that he was alone. When the leader announced himself, Seto challenged him to a duel. If Seto lost, he would join their group; if Seto won, they would all follow him back to the Capital and accept their punishment. Allowing them an hour to decide, the leader agreed to the duel, knowing he was unmatched with a blade. Seto's Katana was still in its sheath when the duel began, and one draw later the duel was over.

The leader dead, the other twelve rebels were shocked. Two of them ran up to attack him, but Seto made quick work of them both, then reminded the other ten that the terms of the duel were clear, and they'd all agreed. The remaining ten rebels followed Set back to the capital, and after four more days he returned to his father's throne room with the ten surviving rebels, all of whom accepted their punishment.

The earliest memory Seto has is of his father executing a man for begging for mercy. Although Seto was only Eighteen years old at the time, his memory of the incident is vivid, with his father unsheathing Seto's own katana and stabbing the man through the heart, ending his life. This memory is what fuels Seto's ethical code.

The other nine rebels accepted any punishment they'd be given, and all nine were sentenced to five years of labour, at which point they'd be released. Emperor Jimmu was a fair man, save for those who invoked his wrath. As Seto sheathed his katana once more, his father bowed to him, silently thanking him for his service, and Seto bowed back.

At the age of Twenty, Seto was undefeated with a sword. He had never taken a single hit in combat, and was especially good at a sword style which he developed, one that wouldn't be officially recognized as a discipline of the sword for almost a thousand years, known as Iaido. The style focused on the sword remaining sheathed unless it was directly in use, returning it to the sheath immediately after. As the blade was meant to be an extension of himself, Seto created the style to show that he wasn't leaving himself out in the open, and was instead only used when he needed to be.

Eight years after the original tournament, there was another one; Seto entered it, hoping to prove himself once again. Two thousand forty eight people entered the running of the tournament, and ten days later, Seto emerged victorious. Just like last time, he hadn't taken a single strike during the entire tournament, and he came home with the trophy, a small katana statue made of metal which had his name engraved on it.

The earliest memory Seto has is his father begging for mercy from God for his own life, having been sick for two years. Although he was only Twenty-Two, he can't remember why he unsheathed his blade and sliced at his father's chest, putting him out of his misery. This memory, as incomplete as it is, is what fuels Seto's ethical code.

As he first sat upon the throne, Seto was proud of himself. He had done everything he ever wanted to, was still undefeated with a blade, and was now Emperor of all of Japan. He gathered a meeting of the Nobles under what was now his rule, to introduce himself to them and explain that his father had finally given into his sickness and that nothing could be done, but he would prove himself capable of being their new Emperor as Jimmu's eldest son.

The nobles seemed to accept him fairly well. They explained their needs, and his new advisor made sure that none of them were lying about things they said they didn't have that Seto's father had promised them. Seto made true on every promise that was within his power, as well as making some of his own that he also came true on; and, just like he said, Seto proved himself capable of being their new Emperor. None challenged his rule, there were no rebels, and for several years, everything was fine.

The earliest memory Seto has is a man kneeling before his throne begging for mercy. Although Seto was only Twenty-Nine at the time, his memory of the incident is foggy, and he doesn't know why he executed the man, just that it was the right thing to do. As foggy as it is, this memory is what fuels Seto's ethical code.

At the age of Thirty, Seto had been Emperor of Japan for eight years, and everything was running smoothly during much of that time. His brothers became his advisors, his sisters were married off to expand his empire, and he found love. A commoner girl who was picking flowers by the river near his palace, a girl whose name matched the color of her hair, and the flowers she was picking: Rose. He immediately married this girl, and gave birth to four of his own children by the age of Thirty-Five.

At Thirty-Seven, Seto entered the last tournament he would ever be a part of. He hadn't picked up, trained with, or used his blade for over a decade, but he knew the limitations on his ability. The tournament was special and unique, being the first tournament ever to use sharpened blades, as the risk of death was enough to make everyone fight harder. There were sixty-three other competitors, and much like before, Seto made them all surrender the fight after a single draw of his blade, stopping just shy of hitting major internal organs of his opponents. He was extremely proud of himself for reaching the Grand Finals of the tournament, despite not touching his blade for over ten years.

In the final battle, Seto was against a bald man with a long white beard, who kept his Katana sheathed until he needed to be used. Confused but not showing it, Seto did the same, and the two circled each other in the ring for sixty five minutes, even though it felt like years. In a flash, both of them stepped forward and drew their Katanas at the exact same instant, clashing the two together with a spark of light, and both simultaneously returned their blades to their sheaths.

Seto had never met anyone else who used this fighting style. He developed it on his own, but it made sense that other swordsman would develop a similar style, just not the exact same one. He needed to know who this man was and why he was able to use the exact same techniques he did with a sword.

The two stepped at each other again and the swords clashed again, and again, and again, again, again, again, again. For six hours, the two swordsman never made any headway, bouncing their blades off of each other as they were identical fights. Seto decided to try something different, and when the swords clashed the next time, he swung his sheath at the man, knocking it into his head. In a fit of rage, the man countered by doing the same, and then slashed his blade down Seto's chest.

The earliest memory Seto can recall is at the age of Thirty-Seven, when he fought the urge to beg for mercy. He steeled himself, refusing to beg and grovel, accepting his fate. Although he did die, this memory is what fuels Seto's ethical code.

Waking up with metal links attached to your chest is an extremely weird feeling. Seto tried to pull on them, but nothing seemed to work. He wasn't chained to anything, even though he could see his body several feet away, with... a chain also coming out of there? Wait, was he dead? He didn't fully understand what was going on, so he tried to figure it out. His body was taken away, and the man who killed him took his own life; fuck. Now Seto would never know how or why he... wait, that was his spirit right there? They could talk!

Seto questioned him, asking him not only who he was but how he developed that sword technique. The man revealed himself to be Seto's Grandfather, and the fighting style was his own invention, just like Seto's. The two talked for several hours, before his Grandfather passed on to somewhere else. Still in the Human world, Seto decided to go see how things would work without his being there.

Things at the palace were going as well as they could. Seto's death was unexpected and unplanned, so there were no contingency plans. He vowed never to leave anything unplanned for in the future, if there was one. His eldest brother, who had been his advisor, took over for him as emperor, and his son was trained to take over the spot as soon as he was of age. Seto remained as long as he could, trying to help guide his son on his studies.

Although his son could not see him, Seto knew he could be heard. He told him everything he would need to know as Emperor, and then felt like he was done and ready to move on... whatever that meant. Nothing seemed to happen though, with him still being in the Human World as a soul, and he tried to figure out why.

It took Seto three years to figure out what he had missed. Three entire years of wandering his palace and the city it was in, before he finally realized he never said goodbye to his own wife, Rose. As he made his way back to her room in the palace, he felt his chain hit the floor and finally disappear, and felt an inhuman rage build inside of him.

The earliest memory Seto has is struggling against himself, trying not to eat the woman in front of him, until she begged for mercy when she felt his presence. She couldn't see him, but he gave in and ate her soul the moment she begged, a memory which fuels Seto's ethical code.

Over time, Seto began to consume other hollows, grow in strength, became a Vasto Lorde after like a thousand years or shit, then continued trying to get stronger for another thousand, ripping off his mask fifty years ago. Since then he's been reintegrating himself with human society, figuring out what they're like now, learning technology, and other shit like that. Now he has a goal in mind.

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~2600 years summarized in 67 words.

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Approved. Challenge will be done on equal tier grounds.. 0-4 for now, 0-3 if you win. Good luck, have fun. Approved.

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