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#1 Rena Lisola on Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:38 am


Name: Rena Lisola
Age: 20
True Age: 305
Sex: Female
Personality: Somewhat cocky but masks it with indepth knowledge and cool. she loves flowers and has no problems trying to help out others. She usually keeps her power level at next to nothing simply to keep others around her from knowing her true strength. She hates taking sides as it gets confusing but will do as she's told by superiors.

She see's the world as a beauty more than an annoyance so she still does not wish it or those who dwell within it any injustice. She believes that whatever she is doing is the correct choice as she always follows her gut in the heat of a situation. She is a severely logical person. If something irrational happens she'll find a logical way to explain it regardless of if it is 100% accurate or not.

She tends to not be very creative and as such would rather read books than paint or draw. She is both playful yet serious as she tends to switch between the two of them. She'll follow her ideals and goals to the letter but she can't help having a playful and cocky attitude during matches. When push comes to shove however she becomes fully serious and gives it her all in order to complete her objective.

She will never back down from a challenge. She will always step up to the plate and fight back whether its mentally, verbally, or Physically. This might be considered being stupid but its one of her more admirable qualities. There is no challenge she won't accept even if she knows she can't win. She is extremely confident..perhaps even OVER confident in her abilities. She is considered very vain in how cocky and somewhat arrogant she can be when talking to others.

She does not have problems formulating plans of her own devices but isn't exactly bright when it comes to mind games. She easily falls for being baited into anger and usually responds extremely hostile to any form of threats. She cares about her subordinates as much as a she should but she doesn't have any strong feelings that would guide her to be overly protective of anyone. She is more of a loner in this respect and doesn't show much affection for anything. She can organize plans well enough but when it comes to keeping her home clean and neat she utterly fails. She cannot maintain any amount of organization within her own life.


Height: 5'8''
Weight: 135 lbs
Physical Traits:

Clothing: She is usually seen wearing her shinigami robe and captain-commander haori these days.
Accessories: N/A


General Fighting Style: Sendo Genkotsu - This style focuses on the fluid motion and constant switching of many different forms, stances, and styles to suit the needs of the situation the fighter is currently in. Making it hard to predict and harder to counter this style encourages growth and change rather than rigid "pattern" and "technique". So you may never see the fighter fight the exact same way twice or you could see her do the same thing many times. It really depends on her opponent. It combines all of ones martial knowledge with tactical analysis and through this refines into a style that cannot become obsolete. One might argue it could be considered the "ultimate" style, but due to how complex and never ending it can get.. It would also be considered impossible to learn and dismissed. The Lisola Blood-line specialize in this "impossibly growing" style.

Strengths: Hakuda, Strength, Reiatsu, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Limited Shunpo*, Spiritual energy drains quicker than normal when using Zan abilities.

*Her ability to use Shunpo has been hampered though she's not entirely sure why. It also moves her faster than she can properly control given her already apparent increase in natural speed being massive. She can only use shunpo once per post. 3 times of this causes a four post CD on shunpo.


Sealed Appearance: The basic structure of her reforged Zanpaktou takes the form of the below with two differences. First the inside is lined with cloth to keep the chainmail from irritating her hands. The same cloth that makes up shinigami robes in fact. The other difference is that on the backside of the hand is a solid plate melded onto the chain for better protection. This was added by Rena's specific request. It's big enough to cover the bulk of the area while still being small enough to not keep her from twisting her wrist properly. Think like a thinnish strip rather than a plate if that helps.


Name: Power Beyond
Effect: She is able to power up much like one would normally by using shikai and bankai, except there is no change beyond the wild showcasing of her massive spiritual energy. This has two stages that Rena can access. The first is  easy to use but generates more "Energy" and her spiritual aura now generates random harmless traces of lightning throughout itself this release is just like using Bankai and powers her accordingly (But does not provide "Boosts" it only raises her towards her natural maximum). The second is more straining, takes some time, but not too much only a second or two if she is in a rush, to unleash and is akin to her activating Toukai in terms of boosting her towards her maximum limits (She still doesn't get "Boosts" though) Her aura becomes much more "Dense" and the sparks of electricity become more frequent (But still roughly no more harmful than a static shock). She is able to hold either of these indefinitely and swap between them at will.

Name: Kiai
Effect: Rena is able to enhance her yells or words to such extents that they cause massive concussive damage and even effect large areas due to the sheer volume involved. Damage dealt would be equal to a bala but the disorientating effects and temporary damage to motorskills, 25% loss to both cuz thats how bodies work, can last up 2 posts. This ability does not refresh it's effects but can be used once per post. Deaf, slightly-deaf, or non-hearing characters would be immune to this skill.

Name: Fist of Destruction
Effect: By channeling her spiritual energy into one of her fists she is capable of doing anything within the following range: Attempt to break another person's bones or otherwise severely injure them "almost" regardless of their durability, Create a massive 20m crater from an explosion of the same range of pure force, or divert an incoming attack in the direction correlating to being hit by her fist without injuring her hand. Regardless of how this technique is used it has a four post CD. (As such it cannot divert things stronger than Cero Oscuras)

[瞬閧]Shunkou (Water Release) - Hīringuōra Tsuyome no Ken
Ability Description: An advanced battle technique which combines the physical techniques of Hakuda and the spell-based techniques of Kidou, Shunkou is the peak of Hakuda and Hohou techniques. Shunkou comes in natural elements such as lightning or wind, based on the user's personality and reiatsu - Rena's Shunkou is water-based. When active, the technique rips apart the fabric on the user's back and arms as they're flooded with Kidou. This technique lasts for 2 posts and has a 4 post cooldown.

Boost: High-Speed Regeneration


Name: Sendo Genkotsu
Effect: Her own Variation of the shinigami high-speed hakuda Technique Raioken. Allowing for her full might to be accessible during the barrage of high-speed punches. Due to this key difference however she is only able to do this every three posts. The punches are thrown at 100% of her power and are at shunpo speeds. Getting caught between a wall and this would not end well for most victims. The punches happen so quickly that they are capable of leaving friction burns where and near they manage to end up. Almost making her fists look like they are on fire, except they aren't really.

Name: Oni Dekopin
Effect: Pulling a finger back against their thumb, the practitioner flicks it at an opponent. The blow carries enough physical force to send the opponent flying a considerable distance away and crashing through multiple physical constructs.

Name: Chōhigezutsuki
Effect: This technique is similar to Oni Dekopin as it is a headbutt attack with enough force to send an opponent flying backward a considerable distance. Because one uses pure force and the other makes physical contact however this technique is considered more damaging.

Name: Ikkotsu and Sokotsu
Effect: A powerful punch technique which the latter involving both fists. It is strong enough that even high level hollow heirro and similar defenses are seemingly made useless against it. Making it that much more damaging. Given a high enough power difference between user and victim it may even partially destroy the area of the body in which contact was made. The first technique is more likely to send an opponent hurling down a street and through a building or two than destruction of the body however.

Name: Tessho
Effect: An open palm strike which can effortlessly shatter a garden variety Hollow's head with a single strike. It is a finish move at immense power.


Rena has learned how to use every kidou known by the Gotei forces with the exception of special custom kidou. She is able to use any of the four Kidou techniques and is semi-good with any of them. With her high reiatsu her kidou are especially potent but nothing a Kidou Expert or Master couldn't match.

She also knows a special kidou which she has permanently created Reika from.

She has gained enough Kidou knowledge and is a master hakuda user to the point she has also created Martial Kidou. Which mixes the two in ways that prove very useful to Rena and anyone she teaches these to.

Zanpaktou Abilities

Appearance: Due to it's reforging and regaining of it's lost powers, having been broken at Toukai because Rena and new things get over used, it does not change when shikai is activated. However shikai MUST be activated in order for her to use these powers still. It is NOT constant.

Call Out: For I am one with that which creates all, I am the life essence of the cosmos and it's destruction, As I move those in my path become washed away, release all restraints and flow freely, Yunibāsaruu~ōtārūra (Universal Water Ruler)

Ability Name: Ice/Water Manipulation
Description: The name almost speaks for itself..In essence she is able to control and manipulate ice and water regardless of circumstances. She is able to increase the speed of what the ice and water is doing by double if she uses her hands to guide the actions though. This has a 500 foot range. Once it exits this she has no control over it at all.

Ability Name: Water Creation
Description: she is capable of creating water from essentially nothing using the power of her Zanpaktou and her own spiritual pressure, empowering it with her reiatsu so that it can be used as a weapon..without actually changing the nature of the water itself. She can only create within 150 feet of herself.

Ability Name: Water conversion
Description: she is able to covert water to ice and vice versa and control it thus as if it were made by her..however if the water or ice is already in motion she needs time to do it. So she can't convert them if it is within 10 feet of her and moving. It'll hit her anyways.

Ability Name: Purity
Description: She can remove the impurities in the water around her, creating a liquid that is below the freezing point, and cooling it further and causing it to become quick ice if it hits another object.

Ability Name: Weather Manifestation
Description: Using her high levels of spiritual power she is able to create rainstorms and blizzards of varying degree's in the "Battle" area she is in. From simple rain and just light snow falling around the place to gallons of water at a time pouring from the sky and vision obscuring Blizzard madness. However each time she activates this ability she cannot change it for eight posts. This power lasts between 2-5 posts depending on how much energy Rena expends to cause it and whether or not Rena turns the weather off herself prematurely.

Ability Name: Arctic Eulogy
Description: Rena focuses her spiritual energy and causes snow to fall around her opponent, as long as she has "any" means to track this target the snow falling will be transfixed on them and move to where they are. Once this is done Rena converts all of the snow and stops half-way through the process by force leaving nothing but unstable half-altered snowflakes. Pumping her spiritual power into these causes them all to explode at the same power as a Hadou 4 for a few feet per snowflake. This can deal a total damage limit of Two Forbidden Kidou in a rather short time frame to any target caught in her ability. This does not spread the damage between targets. Each target can take up to two forbidden kidou in damage if they don't defend themselves somehow.. Rena is not able to use her Zanpaktou powers again during the thread this is used and what remained of her spiritual energy is completely tapped for the thread as well. She can only do this once per thread as a result.


Background: Rena was born into a family of slaves, her father and mother having been forced into servitude in order to repay a debt to a vicious and wicked man. As she grew she was forced into the same labor and servitude as her parents, but through this a rare spark of pride began to show in her. She was always questioning, always arguing, and above all, always fighting back. She refused to take verbal or physical abuse of any sort, a trait her "master" came to notice very quickly. And in the world Rena and her parents lived in, that was not a good thing.

Rena's pride continued to get her in trouble, with people in higher and higher positions of authority. Culminating in a confrontation with the masters own son. Rena had been in the field, enduring another long, agonizing day of brutalization and assault at the hands of the foremen when the masters son happened by. He stopped to watch, laughing as he commented on the need for a sturdier hand, even taking the whip from the foreman's hand to show him proper whip use. On Rena. Rena had had enough and, showing impressive reflexes, caught the whip, turning it back on the masters son. A big mistake.

It took four men to restrain Rena and then chain her, dragging the young girl of only thirteen at the time to the master, who was livid. He ordered Rena's family executed in front of her with the statement "As you have struck my own, so to shall I strike yours!"

He then sold Rena to a man he knew that ran a small gladiatorial arena, expecting Rena to be killed in her very first bout, a two on two where Rena was teamed with a veteran, though he was old and damaged, gladiator who was also expected to die. To everyones surprise though, they not only survived, but won the match. From that point on Rena and the old gladiator, Greecus, were a team, sent into matches together to please the crowd of powerful criminals who ran the secret arena.

Greecus took Rena under his wing, teaching her how to fight in every form he knew and arming her with a mixture of pride and the ability to fall fully into the fight, allowing herself to enjoy the bloodshed and forget about the pain.

Finally one evening, Greecus told Rena it was time. He had been planning to escape from this life, fighting and killing for criminal overlords, for quite some time, but he would need Rena and her impressive power to do it. Rena agreed and that night they made their escape. Normally, it would never work, the guards had guns and they had nothing. But Rena tended to even such odds easily. Escape was in sight, the very gates, before real trouble appeared. A powerful and specially powered henchman on the books for the boss of the arena.

Rena and Greecus found him to be a real challenge, simply due to his several abilities, but finally Greecus managed to slow him, with a hammer he picked up during the escape, screaming at Rena to leave him and go. "One of us has to make it kid! I am old and have lived my life. Now go! Its your turn!"

Rena took his advice and his words and ran for her life, escaping servitude forever. Or so she thought. Just as soon as she reached the outskirts of the Arena and was about to make it into town the man Greecus had slowed down had shot her in the back.

Dying.. she could only think of freedom and the need for power..

But then something happened she didn't know how to explain. Someone appeared, bonked her on the head, and said she'd be going to Soul Society.

She didn't know what that was.. but it certainly beat dying...she thought? She wasn't sure..thinking was very hard.

When she next opened her eyes. She was already in Soul society. Her body felt different, even seeming to be more powerful than before. She didn't realize at first she was a spirit and it took her at least a week to realize she was a potential for becoming a Soul Reaper. Since she had to ask around and figure out what in the world was going on..

But now that she knew she knew what she was going to do. The same thing she had been doing before. Reaching for the top. Aiming for the goal so that she could be proud and show her pride to those who would push her down.

What she soon discovered however was that Gotei 13 and even Soul Society as a whole were not quite as grand and strong as the Academy had lead her to believe during her years of training. By the time she had graduated she had quickly risen the ranks for her naturally high combat prowess and become a captain of the 13 court guard squads. Fifth Division in face, the so called Jack of all Trades division with very versatile members.

After fighting many battles and ending up taking on some serious damage that altered her appearance permanently, as she refused to have them regenerated and healed, her combat style improved drastically and she even gained new methods of using her powers she had previously not known she had access too, but the fact remained that while she grew stronger Soul Society still failed to have a strong leader. Central 46 had a substitute captain commander in charge but the poor fool was clearly out of his league in terms of running the Squads properly.

So Rena began her many attempts to try and fix this by becoming the captain commander herself. It wasn't that she was feeling superior or that she believed she was the best fit for the job. She was merely trying to be as best help to Soul Society as she could and being in such a position would afford her many methods to strengthen their forces that she simply can not do as a normal captain.

Thus began a new chapter in her relatively short, as of yet, Shinigami life.

As time passed during her time as Captain-Commander, she finished "learning" what she wanted too from her disfigurement and previous failure, which aided her in multiple ways really, and eventually decided that since more powerful forces were beginning to appear. She needed to forego her own stubborn nature and gave into to letting the fourth division restore her arm as they originally wished to. However, circumstances occurred that resulted in her losing her Zanpaktou while it was in it's bankai state.. permanently damaging it beyond the ability to repair. She worked tirelessly to gain enough power to compensate.. but the loss is still felt by her and anyone who knew her full potential.

Theme Song:

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