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#1 Kaitou Eta-Naru on Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:12 am


Name: Kaitou Eta-Naru
Age: 19
True Age: 219
Sex: Male
Neutral Good is known as the "Benefactor" alignment. A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. A Neutral Good character has no problems with co-operating with lawful officials, but does not feel beholden to them. In the event that doing the right thing requires the bending or breaking of rules, they do not suffer the same inner conflict that a Lawful Good character would.

Just like his hair being the first thing you'd notice about Kaitou's appearance, the first thing you'd notice about his personality is his glaring smile. There's little that can bring him down off his nearly constant high of happiness, and surrounding himself with friends and family only assists in that high. Kaitou doesn't like spending days pissed off or upset for any reason. Even as a shinigami, the number of days he has is limited, so there's no point spending them brooding. (Plus, it's easy to think this way when you spend an entire century doing exactly that.)

The second thing you'd notice about Kaitou is that, for someone who loves fighting so much, he actually doesn't do all that much of it. He prefers to get to know people and judge their strength based off of confrontations with others, rather than a spar with Kaitou himself. It's too easy to judge how someone fights and what skill level their at if you're the one fighting them, but it's more satisfying to do it to two people at once.

Kaitou looks at both men and women as though he's an older brother to them. He has his own insecurities about it, but for the most part tries his best to be there for anyone who needs him, no matter what he's doing. He has a bit a shorter temper with men, especially men who are clearly older than him, but he'll try his hardest to hold his tongue if he feels like lashing out. His chivalry with women is extreme, and while he's charming, he can't help but compare everyone to his own skill and make comments regarding it.

People that are stronger than he is are treated with more respect, and they have earned that right. He does not talk back to them, usually, and will instead abide to their desire. Not always, but a majority of the time. Kaitou treats people who are stronger than he is as though they are rivals, and though he doesn't always do so, he will sometimes attempt to get even stronger than they are. He enjoys combat in any scenario, but he doesn't have a thirst for power; it takes someone of significant skill to drive him to become stronger than they are, and once he gets to that level, he will forever treat them as an equal, even if they get stronger than he is or weaker to any degree. They've earned that right.

Equals are how he treats most people, male or female, be they stronger or weaker than him to a certain degree. People that fall under this category end up be treated with respect. Kaitou treats most equals not unlike he treats superiors to an extent; he still has the friendly rivaling with them, but spends less time bonding with them and more time trying to train them so they become more powerful and drive him to be better. People who are significantly weaker than Kaitou actually receive quite a bit of respect, even though he doesn't need to do so. They are treated much like a doctor treats his patients, with careful respect. Kaitou hopes that by treating them the way he does they'll look at him much in the same way he looks at someone superior to him, which causes them to work to get better than him. Even if they never do, Kaitou will still cause them to get stronger and stronger, which helps his squadron in the long run.

To everyone, Kaitou is a very analytic person. He constantly analyzes everything he sees, even to the point of over-analysis. Everyone and everything he sees is categorized and labeled, thrown into its own little holding cell until its needed. His hyperactive logical reasoning annoys the crap out of him most of the time, but out of the three methods, he specializes in deduction, and has minor abilities in abduction and induction. Kaitou's ability to form relationships is almost uncanny. He has a natural knack for being able to pick the right thing to say in order to gain the affection of people, though not always in an emotional way. He's a very charismatic person, and for that reason is more than able to lead any group he needs to just by convincing others to work with him under some extent. Most people who he has work for him tend to stick around if only to see his true ideals when it comes to just about any aspect of light.

Due to Kaitou's constant over-analyzing things, he ends up being oblivious to certain situations. While he is aware of the concept of love & attraction, he rarely feels them for anyone else, and is blatantly unaware of anyone's feelings for him in that matter. Whenever someone is acting odd in front of him, he just assumes they're having a bad day or something, and the fact that they may feel attraction towards him is almost never something he bothers thinking of. The analysis of things also causes him to hold grudges towards people rather well, simply because his memory is very good and he can't help but keep score of things that people do to him. He writes off when he's beaten in combat, and will give someone a clean slate if they do so, simply because they deserve it for having beaten him.

All of this falls away when he's by himself. Kaitou constantly hears his inner demon literally screaming at him, forcing him to get stronger. He'll never admit it: he'll say he's getting stronger because he was challenged to, or someone was in danger; he'll never admit that he's in danger all the time of turning Hollow unless he continues to get stronger. Kaitou will never admit how much that terrifies him, so he'll continue hiding it away inside, and trying to be with other people so he can pretend he doesn't have to worry about it.

• Kaitou is a fan of food of any sort. There are no food items Kaitou will not consume, and he can tell the ingredients in nearly anything by tasting it once. In fact, he may be a better eater than he is a fighter.
• Kaitou prefers the day time to the night time, for two reasons. In the day time, he can see his opponents far more clearly than he can at night; and, in the day time, Kaitou can relax and soak in a bath of the sunlight comfortably. The moonlight does not offer the same comfort.
• Kaitou is a chess master; not just chess, but anything that even remotely resembles chess, especially including war. He excels at impossible challenges, and prides himself on his ability to turn nearly any fight around to his side's favor.
• Kaitou enjoys the thrill of combat. He doesn't like hurting anyone or being hurt, but he absolutely loves a fight were he can go all out and use everything at his disposal. It's not even that he wants to be stronger, he just really likes combat.
• Having Rivals is one of Kaitou's favorite things. The strive to be better is enjoyable, but the knowledge that someone constantly thinks about him and uses him as their basis to get better, to get stronger, is satisfying.
• Friends and family are also something that Kaitou very highly enjoys being around. It's nice to be able to relax from a difficult fight with people who care about you and want to make sure you're okay, and it's also very nice to have people worry about you.
• Kaitou has an intense respect for all shinigami: if they're stronger, equal to, or weaker than he is, he will respect them and help them to get better (or push them to stay past him, in the case of stronger than he is). He drives everyone around him to better themselves at all times.

Dislikes, Fears:
• His hubris will be his downfall. It's impossible to tell when, but as much as Kaitou likes fighting, and even won't admit to his desire to be stronger, Kaitou innately believes he is the strongest Shinigami, or at least that he will be. Even if someone is stronger than him for now, which he can admit to, the back of his head tells him that he'll be stronger than they could ever be; this happens with everyone Kaitou comes in contact with, no matter how much he tries to bury it in friendship.
• Kaitou cannot swim. Period. He enjoys being in water up to his knees, but any more than that will freak him out and activate his flight or fight instinct, almost always ending up in flight. He panics whenever he's forced to fight near water, especially if his opponent knows that he lacks the ability to swim. He will sink like a rock in water, and it drives him crazy.
• While he likes being in water, he strongly dislikes rain. Being in water voluntarily is one thing, but having it forced on you and everything you're carrying is just a huge annoyance to him. It doesn't terrify him like deep water does, but it does bother him.
• He also dislikes animals, and they dislike him. Most animals will growl or bare their fangs at him (if they have them) or simply flee in his presence. Larger animals will often be provoked just by his existence and will track him down to the ends of the earth just to kill him...Not really, but it certainly feels like that to Kaitou.
• Another thing which Kaitou dislikes are bitter drinks. Any drink that Kaitou has to add sugar to just to enjoy, he innately dislikes. He'll tolerate them in the presence of friends who had them prepared or have nothing else, but he does not enjoy drinking anything he adds sugar to; these include coffee, tea, and artificial juice.
• He also doesn't care for music. There are some songs that he'll admit to enjoying, but he certainly won't go out of his way to listen to any sorts of music. Loud music is especially bothersome to him, as it can break his concentration on anything nearly instantly. He's even put down food and walked away because someone was playing music too loudly.
• Being Alone is one of more terrifying things Kaitou can go through. With his inner demon constantly screaming at him, he surrounds himself with friends and family, and even enemies, just so he doesn't have to listen to the Hollow side of him.
• Kaitou despises being cold; snow irritates him, and it's just yet another reason to hate the rain. He's been known to use his shikai when it's cold, just so he doesn't have to suffer through it. He really dislikes the cold.
• The Hollow within Kaitou is what drove him back to the Gotei 13, but it also replaced something inside him; Kaitou's love for battle is accompanied with a complete lack of guilt or remorse for anything. He chalks this off to the Hollow forcing him back into the Shinigami while he was still grieving for the murder of this mother, even if it was accidental.
• Surprisingly, while Kaitou absolutely loves to eat, he cannot stand cooking. He doesn't think it's beneath him like one might assume, he just doesn't enjoy cooking. It's never something he really cared for.

• Kaitou longs for a world where there is no war, where people can coexist peacefully and get along with each other, even going so far as to teach each other their abilities, even if it's across race.
• Kaitou dreams of mastering all known Hadōs, and creating more advanced Hadōs that other shinigami beg him to teach. The thought of having something that other people want to have so much that they're willing to beg for it is satisfying to him.
• To live long enough that he dies of old age, even as a shinigami. Though no known shinigami has done this yet, it's a different way of playing in his head that he doesn't want to die, ever. If he can die of old age, then he wants to, simply because he doesn't want to be killed by anything.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 151lbs
Physical Traits:
With how he wears his clothes and the way he normally stands, Kaitou usually looks about five foot eight or five foot nine depending on the given situation. With his height, he's completely proportional in every degree, having slightly longer and larger arms and legs, as well as broader shoulders. With a body-mass index of twenty-one and one tenth, Kaitou's weight of one-hundred-fifty-one pounds makes him perfectly fit. His weight is a combination of his fat and his muscle, although the muscle is more prominent by far. His body type is considered Mesomorphic; as such, he has well-defined muscles and large bones. The torso tapers to a relatively narrow and low waist. The bones and muscles of the head are prominent. Features of the face are clearly defined, such as cheek bones and a square, heavy jaw. The face is long and broad, and is cubicle in shape. Arms and legs are developed and even the digits of the hand are muscled.

Kaitou's hair is a small phenomenon, naturally spiking upwards the way he normally wears it. Platinum blond in color, the hair compliments his oceanic blue eyes, which look gentle enough that he could literally force the ocean to do his bidding. When he's irritated or focused, the moisture in his eyes makes it almost look like they are glowing a much lighter blue than they are. His body is mostly free of any scars or marks, although there is a band of green thorns around his left bicep which he keeps covered by his sleeve. His skin is tanned gentle, having a balanced amount of pigmentation in it. At his arms, his muscles are somewhat averagely sized, but are more highly detailed and defined, clearly marking just where they are. Aside from the wolf head piercing in his left earlobe, his body is free of any visible piercings or anything to that effect. His neck is barren of any necklaces not because he doesn't like them, but instead because he has yet to find something that fits him. The wolf's head in his earring is symbolic towards him: he's a loner, sometimes feeling abandoned by those around him, but he works just as well in packs. Originally he was going to go with a lion's head for valor, but he felt it was too overplayed.

His mood and facial expressions translate cleanly throughout his body: when he's angry, his muscles tense up and become a bit bulkier; and when he's relaxed or sad, his muscles open up too. The veins on his forehead pop out slightly when he's getting irritated, but do not do the same in any other context. Kaitou's body betrays most of his emotions, but when he's concentrating on something (for example, playing chess) he's a stoic robot where nothing gets through to him and nothing is emitted from him. He calls this his poker face, and it sort of is just because his eyes gloss over just enough and his hair reacts as if he's sad, laying flat on his head.

With a massive sword nearly always on his back, Kaitou doesn't like wearing his uniform. Instead, he wears a more Human-style of clothing, with a white tanktop under a no-sleeve vest, which is always zipped up to his collarbone. He keeps his sword on his back, with the hilt to the right side of his head, so from his right shoulder down to his left hip is a belt he uses to keep the sword in place, while his left shoulder is covered in a single piece of armor, black leather to provide some resistance. His left arm is also covered by an oversized sleeve, which is attached to the vest and the leather mantle he wears to cover the arm. Both forearms are covered down to his fingers in long black gloves, which are doubled at the wrists. His waist is covered by two belts which hold the long strap in place, and also attach a long piece of cloth which acts almost like a sleeve for his left leg, keeping that covered as well. Both legs are, however, covered completely by a pair of baggy black jeans, which he prefers because they're more durable than his standard uniform but they're not too restrictive that he can't move comfortably. Finally, his feet are covered by steel-toed boots, which are clad in a thin layer of steel on top too, burned black by his own flames, just to offer a bit more protection. Also because they look cool.

However, the time often comes when Kaitou does have to wear his uniform. In these cases, he has still modified the uniform slightly; Kaitou wears a black haori over his shinigami clothes, which is void of any unique markings such as his division. This haori is custom fitted to him, and is wrapped under his belt at the waist in order to better carry his Zanpakuto. Under this unique haori is, however, a fairly standard shinigami outfit: a black Shihakusho with white trimmings, a white belt, and sandals that cover his white socked feet. He desperately tries to get out of using this outfit at any time, because it feels alien to him and it's obvious to anyone who looks; he's constantly pulling at the neck of the Shihakusho, shifting the shoulders around and adjusting his waistband.

The alternative is when Kaitou is forced to attend a more formal engagement. These times are equally as uncomfortable as the times when he has to wear his shinigami uniform, if not more so. These time he wears an inverted shinigami uniform, but does not wear his haori for his Zanpakuto. A white kimono with black trimmings, black belt, black socks and sandals, but he only wears a single black strap from his right shoulder to left waist to hold his Zanpakuto, since he views these formalities as more strict about what he can wear, but still has a sense of individuality. The white kimono he wears during these events is bleached carefully in between them, so that it's almost like it's brand new whenever he needs to wear it.

Ironically, while he's in the World of the Living, his outfit also changes; he doesn't need to carry around his Zanpakuto, so he makes changes to his outfit because it makes sense to him. During his times in the World of the Living, Kaitou wears a white t-shirt and leather jacket on his upper body, and keeps it unzipped. His belt is black leather, and he only wears one so he can show off a cool belt buckle he found that has an eagle on it. His jeans are still black denim, but while here they fit a lot better, and cover his legs just until they reach his black shoes, which have wheels in the back so he can roller blade while moving through the world.


General Fighting Style:
Kaitou prefers a ranged fighting style, opting to attack most enemies from afar due to his proficiency with Hadō and the abilities of his Zanpakuto. Kaitou can still hold his own in close-range combat, but when given the opportunity, long-range just makes more sense to him and keeps him safer for the most part. While staying afar, the Shinigami prefers to use Hadō for the first few minutes of a battle, just to get an idea of how his enemy fights, before he releases and uses his Zanpakuto. With the abilities it has, staying at a distance is still relatively easy and comfortable to him, but Kaitou has been known to get up close and in melee range with Caliburn, emitting the flames at point-blank ranges to minimize dodging or mitigating the damage they provide him. When forced to use means other than Hadō or his Zanpakuto, Kaitou's Hakuda is sufficient, but is far inferior to his Zanjutsu. When without his Zanpakuto, Kaitou has been known to use Hoho, specifically Shunpo, to flee from battle; or at least get back to his Zanpakuto. He's also competent with make-shift weapons, and in a pinch can use metal rods or even sticks as swords if he has to (though they're much weaker than a Zanpakuto and often break, but they're just sicks. Who cares?)

•+ Strength
•+ Speed
•+ Stamina
•+ Kidou Master
•+ Zanjutsu Master
•+ Shunpo Master

•- Unarmed Combat
•- Dealing with both Caliburn & Solstice
•- Multitasking
•- Water


Kaitou does not feel the negative effects of spiritual pressure exerted by all living things, and is immune to it. This includes, but is not limited to, being intimidated or frightened by someone's power.

Kaitou is naturally gifted at supressing his reiatsu signature, and can hide it from nearly anyone. This does not work while in combat, because he releases it to use it.

[天国の盾]Tengoku no Tate, Shield of Heaven
Technique Description: Kaitou can focus to create a barrier around him, which glows blue and blocks Kidō equal to or weaker in power than Hado 89 from affecting Kaitou. Due to the nature of it, Kaitou cannot use his own Kidō while it is active. Non kido-based attacks pass through this barrier harmlessly, but kido-augmented attacks act differently: the augmentation from the kido stops at the barrier, while the attack itself goes through. The barrier extends 6 inches at all times and shifts with his movements. This technique lasts for 2 posts, and has a 6 post cooldown.


Sealed Appearance:
In it's Sealed Form, Caliburn is a massive cleaver-like sword five feet in length with a foot long handle. Kaitou keeps the blade stored on his back, wearing a thin metal harness so the blade's weight doesn't cause it to break while holding. The sword has been cracked in use before, and the chips and wear are clearly seen; for the more serious injuries to the blade, Kaitou has welded metal plates on the dull side of the cleaver to give it a bit more reinforcement.

Spirit Appearance:
Caliburn most closely resembles an Earth demon, sitting on his throne of fire and brimstone. Horns extend and wrap around themselves backwards, leaning down almost like hair, rigid and made of bone as they are. His eyes glow with a fierce anger, with fangs always bared. Caliburn's fur is a dark brown, and he wears armor over it on the shoulders and his face, with the mask molded to constantly look angry. A single look at the armor is all it takes to see that Caliburn has been in many battles, and hasn't won all of them outright. His tail is five feet long on its own, and changes near the tip from lithe fur to a huge flaming tuft, which he commonly whips around behind him. His fur ends at his stifle, and from there to his feet are tough scales, save for his hocks and wrists which are covered in chains that flow to his chest, constantly clanking as he moves around.

Spirit Personality:
Caliburn cannot speak directly. His bestial nature causes any time he tries to speak to come out as grunts and roars. He can, however, communicate with Kaitou telepathically, in short bursts of words. Kaitou is forced to derive meaning from this short sentences, and if he gets it wrong, Caliburn does not hesitate to make that fact known. In a few short words, Caliburn is (for whatever reason) constantly pissed off at Kaitou, as though everything he's ever done was for the sole purpose of punishing Caliburn. He does, however, respect Kaitou as a fighter, and has challenged him to a duel on more than one occasion.

Inner World:
Kaitou's inner world is most easily compared to Hell. Extending as far as the eye can see in any direction is a boiling ocean of magma, the smell of sulfur piercing through any attempt to hide it, and pillars of skulls and chains where the screams of his past demons can be heard. The only exception to this never ending nightmare is a single circular ring with a skull throne on the outside facing in. The ring itself is massive, nearly two hundred feet in any direction from the center, and the skull throne is where Caliburn resides unless he chooses to fight Kaitou for any given reason, up to and including because he's bored.

Hollow Appearance:
Kaitou's inner hollow resembles Caliburn a fair bit, with obvious differences. Rather than metal armor, his hollow wears black bone plates on his shoulders and covering both his arms & legs. The plates on his arms are constantly ignited, as well as the skin that is shown; the only place of the hollow that isn't on fire are his shoulders and thighs. Everything else has some degree of cracked flames, including his tail, which remains on the ground behind him unless he's using it to be intimidating. There are obvious similarities too, though, with the Hollow having similar horns to Caliburn. That's about all they have in common though.


Call Out Command: Incinerate everything, Caliburn!

In the First Release, Caliburn remains the same length as in the sealed form, however changes drastically. The handle now has a thick cloth for seven inches, which then has a solid gold stone for weight and counterbalance. The blade, still five feet in length, now glows beautifully, but instead of being a straight cleaver-like weapon now bows outwards a bit before coming to a much sharper tip, which curls back inwards. The metal plates Kaitou keeps on the sealed form grow to cover the entire backside of the blade, with a circular chunk of the blade missing just before it goes to the point. In this hollow space is a flaming orb, which is part of the glow that Caliburn has, and is the source of the Shikai's abilities.

[永遠の怒り]Eien no Ikari, Eternal Fury
Every swing of Caliburn releases one hundred tiny bladed embers. These embers will proceed directly at the angle Caliburn was swung at and can be destroyed by being struck directly. Kaitou can control these embers and move them around by using his left hand, while his right hand holds the sword. Kaitou can have 500 embers at a time if he's wielding Caliburn, and by using the First Flame technique, his limit is doubled. Every 250 embers manipulated creates a 1 post downtime before Kaitou can manipulate embers again, while he can still create them.

[まず炎] Mazu Hono, The First Flame
Kaitou thrusts Caliburn straight into the ground in front of him, which causes the shikai to change. Rather than release embers at each swing, they are constantly produced from his hands; both of them. He can control them with either hand, and can create up to 1,000 embers at any one time. This ability has no charge time, lasts up to 5 posts, and has a 5 post cooldown.

[エンバースピア]Ember Spear
By compressing embers together, Kaitou can create a thin stream of fire that solidifies itself as a spear. He can throw this spear, and when it hits, it explodes with the force of one Cero per 100 embers, up to 500, and releases the embers that made it. This ability has a 5 post cooldown.

Boosts: 2x Boost Overall


New Name: Excalibur
The use of Bankai changes Kaitou and Caliburn's appearance drastically. Caliburn becomes a massive sword, while retaining its cleaver look: the blade alone is ten feet long, with a foot and a half long handle. The end of the blade moves outward and downward to protect some of the handle, while the opposite side has three chain links which hang off an extrusion of the blade, and are there to make noise and distract enemies while swinging the weapon. The blade itself retains the Shikai stage groove near the tip, which this time has nothing in it and is simply blank. At the end of the handle is a counter weight which is almost as heavy as the blade, to keep it balanced. Through connection to Kaitou, he can use the weapon with little to no effort, treating it as though it were the size and weight of a katana, if not less.

Kaitou himself also undergoes changes in his appearance while his Bankai is active. His hair grows a reddish tint, while his eyes shift from blue to red. His body is covered in a thin, flexible metal-like substance that offers him protection without sacrificing mobility. His upper body, shoulders and arms, are covered in red cloth; these are held together by a metal plate on the back in between his shoulders, and a simple string in the front. Around his waist is a dual-banded metal plate which holds up a full red-clothed version of his standard black half skirt and covers both legs from the back ,leaving them opened up in the front. While in this form, his Zanpakuto is too large to carry in a sheathe, and as such is usually in his hand or resting on his shoulder.

[千炎怒り]Fury of a Thousand Flames
During Bankai, Kaitou emits a constant aura of flames, producing 200 bladed embers per post up to a maximum of 2,000, which no longer require him to manually control. Additionally, anything within 6 inches of him gets burned due to his aura.

[太陽のスト]Strike of the Sun
Kaitou can absorb all of his embers in the area directly into his blade, causing the physically destructive force of his Zanpakuto to increase drastically. For every 1,000 embers drawn in, this technique lasts for 1 additional post. During the duration, Kaitou's speed and strength have a 4x boost instead of 3x. This technique has no charge time, but has a cooldown equal to double the duration [2-6 posts].

[エッセンス破壊]Essence Destruction
By releasing his Bankai, Kaitou can scatter the blade into 1,000 embers, increasing how many he has access to instantly. To restore the blade after using this technique, Kaitou must use the Strike of the Sun technique. This ability has no charge time, but has a 5 post cooldown.

[火災のスポーン]Spawn of Fire
Kaitou can create an addition 400 embers on his blade and release them with a swing. These embers will proceed up to 50m in the angle and direction swung, but will then react like normal embers. This ability has no charge time, and a 3 post cooldown.

[コアの抹殺]Obliteration of the Core
Kaitou splits each ember into five and then causes them all to explode, with each ember being roughly equal to a Bala. This technique can allow him to temporarily go past his cap of controlling the embers. This technique has no charge time, and has a 10 post cooldown.

[最終的な爆発]The Final Explosion
Technique Description: This technique compresses all flames, embers or otherwise, in a 5000m radius around Kaitou. All of the flames are compressed into an incandescent super charged red orb of pure reiatsu that rests in Kaitou's hand, which can be thrown like a base ball, but if not thrown will simply disappear. This technique requires a full 2,000 embers active from Kaitou's bankai, has a 1 post charge time, and can last up to 5 posts without exploding. Anything caught within 100 yards of the impact when this attack lands will likely be disintegrated, suffering damage akin to 2 full powered forbidden Kidou. At 200 yards, the damage is similar to a single forbidden Kidou; at 300 yards, a gran rey cero; at 400, two cero; and finally, at 500 yards, the damage is similar to a regular cero. Use of this technique will end Kaitou's Bankai, and place him in a fatigued state for the remainder of the thread.

Boosts: 3x Boost Overall


Toukai Name: Caladbolg
Toukai Appearance:
Upon release of Toukai, the changes Kaitou undergoes during Bankai are reverted, leaving him back at his normal appearance while all sources of fire surrounding Kaitou in a massive radius (approximately one kilometer) are absorbed into the blade of his Bankai, causing it to glow with radiant light as they erupt and surround him in a blazing tornado. His weapon changes drastically, becoming a Nodachi, with a five foot blade and two foot handle, forming inside a sheath with live flames moving around on the surface. When the blade is pulled out, the sheath can be used as a separate weapon, or it can be dropped and forgotten; the sheath will always reform upon release of the Toukai.

Toukai Abilities: (All Prior Abilities Retained)
[隠されたエネルギー]Hidden Energy
During his Toukai, Kaitou releases no reiatsu. He cannot be detected through any means other than the standard five senses.

[ゼロフルーム]Zero Flame
Kaitou's aura increases, producing 1,000 embers per post up to his new maximum of 10,000. Anything within 1 foot of him is in danger of being burnt, and his aura dries up all moisture in a 100 yard radius.

[黒炎]Black Flame
Kaitou can target an area by focusing on it. Within 10ft of the area he targets will begin to get hotter, and one post later it will erupt with Black flames. These flames will burn for up to 5 posts, unless Kaitou wills them to fade away. Kaitou is not immune to these flames. This technique has a 5 post cooldown, beginning after the flames fade away.

[白炎]White Flame
Kaitou can convert any flames created by him that he can see to white, causing them to slowly heal any non-fatal wounds to anything he desires them to heal. This cannot regenerate limbs, but it can repair them. Minor cuts and bruises heal instantly, while large gashes and blood loss can take up to three posts depending on their severity. Lasts for up to 5 posts, with a 5 post cooldown beginning after the flames fade away.

[グリーン炎]Green Flame
Kaitou can coat himself in a visible green flame so intense that it acts as armor, giving him defense equal to an Arrancar's Hierro. This technique lasts for 3 posts, with a 5 post cooldown.

Kaitou's ultimate technique, MegaFlare is an advancement upon Obliteration of the Core, which causes every ember Kaitou has to shatter into ten shards, with each one regrowing and shattering a second time. For 3 posts, Kaitou has no limitation on his embers, with each new ember created also shattering into 10 (though only once), and can manipulate all of these embers at will. Once this technique is over, or any point during it (which will end the technique), each ember Kaitou has will explode with the force of a Bala. Use of this technique will drain all energy from Kaitou, rendering him unconscious for the remainder of the thread.

Boosts: 4x Boost Overall


History is probably the most important aspect of any given person in the entire world: it determines who you are, what you’ve done. With a long and bountiful history you have made mistakes, but you’ve learned from them and moved on. With a short and rookie history, you haven’t made the mistakes others have and don’t know what you’ll do. For any aspect of history, you have to be able to understand the origins of a person, from earlier than birth. When it comes to being born and living your life, then good for you, you accomplished surviving. However, to truly be able to analyze the history of a person you need to be able to understand their origins, what type of family they came from.

For Kaitou Eta-Naru, those origins reside in Seireitei, within two individuals whom both possess a latent knack of shinigami powers: Ketsu, of Division Eleven, and Kira, of Division Four. The two of them grew very close together, and eventually got married which led to having a child: Kaitou. Upon his birth, Kira resigned from the Gotei 13 in order to keep Kaitou safer by all but guaranteeing that he would always have at least one parent while growing up. She continued to live in Seireitei with Ketsu, but her worry proved to amount to something when Ketsu was killed in a Hollow attack in Soul Society.

Forced to raise her newly born child alone, Kira didn't want to have anything to do with the Shinigami, and refused to train Kaitou in the ways of the sword, firmly believing he would only end up dead and she would be alone again. Kira decided to, instead, teach Kaitou everything she could about the human world so as to keep him uninterested in the Spiritual one they lived in. This ultimately proved to be a mistake, as during his free time Kaitou would end up whacking strangers with sticks, and trying to teach himself the techniques so he could join the Shinigami. Eventually, Kira caved.

She taught him the base ways of the sword; how his body should react to being hit, how to avoid being hit and how to hit someone else correctly. These were the first things she was taught, and she wanted them to be in his head next to don't hit strangers with sticks, though admittedly the ways of the sword stuck in his head a bit faster. He spent years training for countless hours a day, looking forward to when he could enter Shinoreijutsuin, and on his one-hundredth birthday his mother finally gave him permission.

The entrance exam was a peace of cake to Kaitou, who had his mother coaching him and teaching him the ways. He was assigned to the second class, and when he finally received his Asauchi, his pride could be felt by anyone who looked in even his general direction. Knowing he couldn't stop yet, he continued to train in his sword techniques, but found a passion in the ways of Kidō, especially Hadō. His time was mostly split between Hadō, Zanjutsu and Hoho, leaving little in the way of Bakudō or Hakuda. When he had completed the Academy's curriculum, Kaitou opted not to immediately apply to a division of the Gotei 13, nor join the Kidō Corps.

Kaitou instead chose to continue his practice, not wanting to be in a division until he was satisfied with his own abilities. He continued his Bakudō and Hakuda training, finding them lackluster after the Academy, and spent long periods of time in Jinzen, meditating to communicate with his spirit. Eventually, the world he was in melted away and an eternal pool of lava was in every direction except the platform Kaitou was on, with a single skull throne facing inwards being the only other difference. Pillars rose from the ceiling and floor, meeting in some places and going all the way through in others. Screams could be heard faintly, and Kaitou finally heard a voice call out to him: He had met his Zanpakuto.

What Kaitou could only describe as a demon called out to him, in a guttural growl that Kaitou felt immensely intimidated by. He held up his new Zanpakuto, which was much heavier than he expected it to be, and faced it towards the demon. It made a horrifying sound which Kaitou took to assume was laughing as it held the same sword back at him. Kaitou realized the demon itself was his Zanpakuto, and relaxed a bit. It launched itself at him, and Kaitou barely reacted fast enough to block the intial strike.

The two of them fought for what felt like days, until it finally backed off, sat back in the throne, and placed the sword down. A searing sound ripped through his head as Kaitou communicated with the demon telepathically, straining himself to understand what it was telling him. Eventually, he figured out that it was screaming its name at him: Caliburn. The Jinzen finally ended, and in one day, Kaitou had gone from Asauchi to Shikai.

He continued his practice, learning how to use his Shikai for another few years before he decided to apply to any division in the Gotei 13. His Kidō was at a level he was comfortable with, and his Hoho was as good as it was going to get for the time being. With just his Shikai and Hakuda left to train, Kaitou confronted his mother and asked her to spar with him. She accepted, feeling confident that her abilities would prevent any serious injury, but were also above Kaitou's and could help him get better.

She was wrong.

Kaitou's shikai took her completely by surprise; the intense flames that his Zanpakuto put out were too strong for Kira, and she was seriously injured in under ten seconds of the fight. Kaitou damned himself for going all out, and told himself he'd never use his full strength against an enemy he wasn't sure could handle it again. Kira recovered slowly, but once she was fine, she told him to spar with her again and not hold back. Kaitou chose not to argue with never recovered from the damages, and Kaitou blamed himself for years. He fled Seireitei and went into Rukongai, where he tried to simply live his life as a normal soul, intending to never again use his Zanpakuto.

An entire century passed before Kaitou would have anything significant happen to him. He felt a burning call from his soul, and decided to see what Caliburn wanted by going into Jinzen. When he went to confront Caliburn and see what the hell he wanted, Kaitou instead found something... different, waiting for him. A being which looked similar to Caliburn, yet especially different. The other demon called out, screaming in the same guttural sound that Caliburn spoke through. It launched itself at Kaitou, wielding no weapon, who defended himself easily. The new demon also spoke to Kaitou telepathically, though it didn't hurt this time as much as it did the first with Caliburn, where he learned that this demon was as much a part of him as Caliburn was, but he wouldn't hesitate to kill Kaitou and be the dominant part of the soul if Kaitou didn't return to the Gotei 13 and become a stronger fighter.

Kaitou didn't understand what this part of his soul was; and, with both of his parents dead, he couldn't figure out what that meant. Having passed the Academy, Kaitou knew that there was at least one Shinigami who was old enough to know nearly anything about the Soul Society, and who could likely help him: Okami Shiba. He returned to Seireitei and found Okami, where he talked to him in private, and told him everything that had happened. The surprisingly young-looking old man was calm about it, and explained that his mother was a purified hollow who had managed to keep some of her hollow reiatsu, which was passed down to Kaitou though birth. The other soul inside of him was a Hollow, and to keep Kaitou from becoming one, he should do as the Hollow says and rejoin the Gotei 13.

Kaitou did so, and after just a few months in the Gotei 13 remembered why he loved battle so much. The exhilerating thrill of combat was enough to make him remember why he wanted to be a Captain. Caliburn and his Hollow were still very much a part of him, making him crave the power of Bankai.

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