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#1 [Battle] Exploratory Battle (Lexie) on Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:07 pm

A tall man in a long black trench coat was walking through the streets of Karakura town. It was late at night, and the city was quiet. Scanning the skyline with slightly glowing blue eyes, searching the night sky. But he wasn't just looking. He was trying to get a sense of a shinigami. There was always one around to fend off stay hollow attacks, and where better than Karakura town to find one. It was almost always under attack. Markus felt a flicker of something, and his head snapped around to look towards it.

The energy didn't belong to a shinigami, but that of a hollow. And where there were hollow, Shinigami were sure to follow. Markus jumped, his strength carrying him a good distance through the air before he started to fall and his Icarus dash slowed him down before landing on a roof. The hollow was in the street below, chasing a young man. He cornered the kid and almost caught a hold of him, when a shinigami appeared and cut into the hollow's back with his sword.

The hollow roared and spun, slamming his large fist into the shinigami's face, sending the woman flying. Roaring, it charged and tried to crush her beneath a double fisted slam. It reminded Markus of a gorilla, only not as smart. The shinigami rolled to the side, and was thrown by force of impact hitting the ground. She flew into the wall. Markus drew Talon his signature pistol while this was happening, and loaded it with explosive rounds. He dropped to the ground with an impact that cracked the path loud enough for the hollow to hear him. It turned towards him as he crossed the street, casually raised his pistol, and shot it in the eye.

Normally the explosive round wouldn't go very deep, but it burst through the soft flesh and weak bone of the hollow's eye socket. It let out a screaming roar, started to charge, and then its head exploded. It stumbled and fell past Markus as he approached the shinigami. "Good, your mostly unharmed." He said, and slammed Talon's handle guard into the side of the woman's head, knocking her out cold. He caught her as she fell, and threw her over his shoulder.  "Its nothing personal. But I need to lure out someone stronger than you." He said.

Leaving her Zanpakuto behind, he got a firm grip on the shinigami and jumped to the roof above. Then, jumping from rooftop to rooftop he put some distance between himself and where the hollow attacked, heading for a prearranged location. Someone would come looking for her when they found her weapon, and hopefully it would be a strong someone. Otherwise he might be knocking out allot more shinigami, and come to regret taking this contract.

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#2 Re: [Battle] Exploratory Battle (Lexie) on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:40 am

A very short girl in a long black coat walked through the streets of Karakura Town. The city was quiet this late at night, and scanning the skyline with her blue eyes, she was trying to find a sense of someone's presence. The black-haired girl didn't know who she was looking for, just... what.

Sometimes, Kuro really fucking hated not being able to sense Reiatsu at all. It made things very difficult when trying to find someone to fight, because her boredom was flaring up. Deciding she'd get a better view on the rooftops, she crouched down and jumped straight up to the top of the nearby building, scanning the streets below as the wind whipped her coat behind her, snapping away. It was a good thing she enjoyed the cold, because otherwise, a bikini top would not be enough.

While Kuro lacked the ability to sense reiatsu, she did not lack the ability to hear. When a Hollow roared out in pain, she immediately turned her head towards it and began heading in that direction. For a brief moment, it looked like there was someone else on the rooftops with her, but he disappeared before a loud explosion occurred, making Kuro stop. Whatever happened, it was already over- Hollows that were capable of surviving that level of explosion didn't come to Karakura town without Soul Society being aware of it, and if it was something Soul Society was aware of, Kuro didn't want to get involved.

Turning to face the other direction, Kuro began walking off, jumping over to the next rooftop as she heard someone else jump with her. Snapping back around on a dime, the short rogue Shinigami saw someone else on the rooftops with someone over their shoulder, heading towards what looked like somewhere he knew he was going to, even if Kuro didn't.

She decided to follow him and see where he lead, since he clearly wasn't a Shinigami with his outfit... which lead to the question of why there was one over his shoulder.
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#3 Re: [Battle] Exploratory Battle (Lexie) on Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:56 pm

As he jumped from roof to roof, Markus sensed a shinigami nearby. He kept moving and kept track of them, but didn't let on that he knew he was being followed. Markus landed on the roof he was looking for and set down his captive carefully. Then he left a note apologizing for knocking her out in the first place, and turned around. He looked in the General direction of the person following him and hopped up onto the low wall that surrounded the rooftop. "That is a quick response time." He said, loud enough for the person who had followed him to hear.

He waited for the shinigami to show herself, and took in her clothing with an analytical gaze. "Interesing. Are you part of the gotei?" He asked, his face passive. "I don't suppose it really matters actually." He continued, more to himself than anything. All he needed was a decent blood sample from a strong shinigami. He didn't know why, but he hadn't asked to many questions, given the amount of money on offer. "Well, gotei or not your a shinigami. I hope your strong, because I am in the mood for a good fight.", he said with a brief grin. She seemed half decent, stronger than the one he'd knocked out. He couldn't be sure how strong that was of course. Only fighting her would tell/

Contract or no, he enjoyed fighting. The fairer the better. He didn't like stomping weaklings, and being smashed by someone a great deal stronger tended to take the fun out of it. But he'd been itching for one for a while, and he didn't have anyway of finding out how strong she was. He waited to see what she had to say for herself, and if she even agreed. She might just run off. Which would be a pain.

If she didn't just run away, he would take off his coat, revealing cybernetic arms made entirely of metal. He dropped his coat behind him and in tilted his head slightly, looking at her with fighters intent. This was going to be fun.

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#4 Re: [Battle] Exploratory Battle (Lexie) on Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:40 am

A quick response time? So, this guy was expecting a Shinigami to take care of him? Or was this a trap?

Kuro tried to go over it in her head, but gave up; tactics wasn't her strong suit. She landed on the rooftop across from the man and looked at him in a brighter light. He asked if she was with the Gotei, indicating that he didn't really care, and then challenged her to a fight.

"I am not a member of the Gotei 13 any longer, but you may call me Kuro. I'll admit, I could use a good fight too. Please don't disappoint me." As the man took off his coat to reveal mechanical arms, Kuro unsheathed the blade of her Zanpakutou, smiling lightly and staring back at him with her own fighter's intent. Either this fight would be a stomp in her favor, or it would be a good, long fight that ended in her favor.

Kuro was the Kenpachi for a reason.

Kuro didn't lose.

She waited long enough for the man to say his name, but would cut off anything else he said by dashing towards him over the rooftop, and slashing her sword down. If he attacked first, she'd block his attack with her Zanpakutou, then move to kick him, followed by dashing and slashing.
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