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#1 Sir Harry Claus De Xerxes on Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:22 pm


Name: Sir Harry Claus De Xerxes
Alias: The Cunt
Real Age: 125
Phys. Age: 25
Gender: Male

Personality: There are few things that could be said about Claus. None of them are uninteresting. He is stubborn, sexist, racist, rude and all the while he remains focused on getting results. Some could say that's his weakness in almost any situation. He is not ever without focus when he deems something or rather anything to be fit for his attention. It was known to Claus at a very young age that everyone was born to die. Growing up and pacing closer to death tormented his mind to the point where he felt that the only way to achieve peace and tranquility within himself, was to become a God.

While most people who claim to know Claus are intimidated by his will and intelligence, others find it as amusing since Claus makes serious and dire situations humorous with his creativity and his stubbornness. He is very subtle when it comes to doing things discretely, yet because he has proclaimed himself a future god; He doesn't need to watch how or where he treads. Surely with such arrogance he has a lot to back it up. He doesn't needlessly boast and posture himself with such a title because he dreams of achieving it, but because he already thinks that he has achieved it already. His mindset restricts him from reacting to pain and from reacting surprised or as though he was caught off guard at any moment thanks to how he feels he achieved the title of an ascended one.




Fighting Style: 100+ plus years of a life dedicated to battle Claus fighting style has become as vast and open as the sea. He has spent extensive time towards learning many martial styles from around the world from many forms of striking arts to grappling styles and weapon schools as well. He has a particularly focused skill in many kinds of swordsmanship however.

While his preferred style of fighting is a head on rush, Claus recognizes the risks behind this and will remain evasive while using low level hand-to-hand combat to harras his opponent first in hopes of getting them to reveal their powers. Once he had a feel for their abilities, Claus then judges whether or not a more well planned approach or his preferred wild assault would be best.

Doll Name: Lemygan
Doll Appearance: Clauses doll is concealed in a metallic staff that can change its length as it see's fit. The staff is gray and at each end it is pointed. The maximum length the staff can grow is from its original 5 feet length, is Seven more feet. And it can shrink its length to the point where its size is one foot long.

Ability: Empowerment
Description: As all Bounts have the ability of soul absorption, this area is to simply describe the Bount's original ability and to compound upon that. When a soul of another race is absorbed, the Bount's Reiryoku and Reiatsu subsequently increases, and is able to learn the unique abilities that is tied to the specific race. I.e. Cero, Shunpo, etc. The souls cannot be NPC's and will be updated as the souls are absorbed


Doll Appearance: When Lemygan transforms from his staff to his manifested form, he takes the shape of a human. The same height as Claus and an average looking physique. Average meaning he looks as though he has tight muscles but he in a little thicker than Claus, His body looks Metallic and he has two Black blots on his face that look like eyes. While the moon shines on him he gives off a yellow glow and the color of his metallic body changes from its default color (Gray) to a dull Blue. Lemygan speaks as though he is a baby and uses only a word or a sound to act as an entire sentence, spending several years with him; Claus can make out what he might mean. Lemygan is just as short tempered and as rude as Claus but Harry has more of a Farinaceous personality, He is cunning and observative and he likes taunting and baiting people to invoke them into doing something they would regret.

Doll Ability:  Prism Swords
Description: Lemygan (When manifested of course) can shape into anything his size but as a medium, if he is not in contact with Claus then he cannot become completely solid, meaning that he may shape into a weapon but it wouldn't do anything but disperse into a metallic liquid if it comes into contact with a great enough force. While it is connected with Claus, manifested, it remains solidified and can easily change its shape quickly, it can easily rival the force of a Zanpakutou's shikai force wise, and it is strong enough to break the skin of an Arranars Hierro when shaped as an edged or pointed object. When Claus applies his reiatsu to his doll while connected, he can surge electricity though it while he himself remains unaffected by the electricity. The Electricity can discharge at a high voltage. 2 post cool down.

Doll Ability: Magnetic collision
Description: Claus focuses all of his Reiatsu into Lemygan, and Lemygan disperses into hundreds of balls so small, they are naked to the invisible eye. The balls float in the air within a 750 meter radius and within this diameter.

Claus can Discharge electricity from the balls which shoot out in a 3 foot radius from each of them. Anyone within the field of the balls get shocked, frying them to the point of 2nd degree burns and nose damage. This field stays up and the attack continues for 3 posts.


Fused Doll Name: Lemygan
Fused Doll Appearance: There is no outwardly change, the option of amount of Reiatsu exerted is determined by the Bount.
Fused Doll Abilities: The prior abilities are greatly augmented.

Background Details

Background: Claus was born in Saudi Arabia. His mother was Caucasian and his father was Arabian. He was raised in a small shack just outside of area 52 (A paranormal facility made by the USA government). He lived in a village called Shibof Kehlon, A community focused on sacrificing children for the Deer Devil who apparently rapes all the women in the village if he is not offered a child, Every month. People have been sacrificing children for years because of this but no one in the current generation has seen this fact with their own eyes. Claus was chosen as the child of the month of February at the age of 3. He was chosen because his mother died giving birth to him and his father wanted to set an example; That he would sacrifice anything for the good of the foxy ladies in the village. And so his father took him to the Forest of Denial; A forest which was said to turn to wine once the Deer Devil has moved on. He traveled deep within the forest until finally he reached a huge rock.

As a baby Claus made little noise and remained calm as he was being laid naked on the cold flat topped smooth stone, it was remarkable that he has survived the pass week without food and that's what made him a candidate for sacrificing in the first place; People thought of him as someone who might satisfy the Deer Devil since he could endure famine at such a young age. His father prayed to the gods his wife believed in and hoped that his son would be fine without him. He then ran back to the village and left his son out in the wilderness to die by the hand of the Deer Devil. For a few minutes Claus lied on the rock quiet and staring at the starts flailing his arms about as if he was playing around, Then suddenly a pack wolves started surrounding the rock. They were growling quietly and closing in on Claus little by little but Claus remained expressionless. They were within a meter of the rock and Claus's body until the rock started Vibrating. The wolves were not distracted by this, they merely continued to move towards Claus until finally from the ground a metallic pole sprung forth and grew 10 feet tall. The wolves took notice and started backing down but it was too late for retreat, within seconds the metal pole spewed thin pointed spikes that shot out tracking each wolves. Two poles for each wolf, They found their targets quickly and took their lives just as fast. The spikes slowly retracted back into the pole and the pole shaped itself into a humanoid figure. It shrunk to the size of 5 feet tall and it walked over to the rock. It looked upon the child and then grabbed its face while tightening its grip attempting to crush its skull. Claus started laughing in pain instead of reacting normally and the monster quickly stopped while retracting its hand, looking down on the child. It was amazed that while it was a being of superior class, it couldn't' bare to feel pain of any kind yet this child laughed in the face of death and pain. This intrigued the metallic figure and its forearm and its hand into a sharp pointed drill which he quickly jammed into the stomach of the child. Instead of piercing the stomach it merely started spreading over the boy's body, it looked as though it was a liquid metal that was slowly covering the entire body until finally it did so and Claus, inside the layer of metal, grew inside while the humanoid shaped metal that performed the actions completely stopped moving. Claus started growing quickly until finally he grew 5 feet 10 inches tall and tumbled over the rock. Claus sat up and looked around as he sat on the wet dirt, he was confused and didn't know whether or not to feel happy or angry. His emotions were mixed and questions filled his mind, He wanted to know how he grew into this man and how he gained knowledge of so much. He didn't know how to speak properly and he was naked in the jungle without any clue as to what he was doing there. He tried to stand up correctly but he started wobbling as he stood on his legs, his skin was pale but he was gaining his color back and starting to look tan. Though it was cold and he was naked, Claus felt warm and powerful. He started walking in the direction of Shebof Kehlon without knowing that it was the village he just came from, Luck or instinct is what was guiding him at this point.

It was night time and Claus's father was crying and praying on his bed. There was a line of women outside his door waiting for him to finish with his grieving so they could all join him in his shack and start comforting him the only way whores know how to comfort men. Claus just arrived in the village without any memory of it or the people inhabited by it. Claus looked around while walking down the main road to the forest of Denial and was being pointed at and watched as the women, children and men watched him parade down the street without any clothes. He looked around to trying to figure out what he has to do with his life but he couldn't think of anything. Then he layed his eyes on a man with stained clothes sitting down against the bar and Claus realized that he was started to get chills. He walked over to the bum while many locals were watching and then placed his hand on his head. Claus gripped tightly on the man as he sat there and endured what was happening, then Claus smiled as a small and thin tentacle of metal pierced his forearm from within and stabbed into the head of the Man. The metal continued to run through his head as the people of the village started gasping and pointing and clambering among st themselves. Many of them started running into their houses but others just continued to enjoy the spectacle or see the outcome. After three minutes the metal detached itself from Clauses forearm and then busted out from the top of his head as a spear. After killing the man Claus removed his clothes for him and then started traveling northwest towards Japan. He kept the spear with him and on his travels figured out that it can not only change shape, but it can talk and manifest itself
into a humanoid and talk.


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#2 Re: Sir Harry Claus De Xerxes on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:06 pm

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