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#1 Michael on Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:56 am

Vampire Template

Basic Information

Name: Michael
Age: 36
True Age: 1988
Sex: Male
Personality: He is shown to dislike being in debt to anyone and strives to pay them back as soon as possible. His desire to be alone and attack people that annoy him usually gets him in more fights than needed but he doesn't care. He views the world and it's people/events going on around him as unimportant. He does only what he wants and has no ties to anything but himself. Though he still tries to be nice to people this makes it very difficult to get near him.

Michael can be a very scary character with no care in the well beings of others, preferring to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He is shown to be calm and observant about his opponents. His desire to be alone and attack people that annoy him, though his actions are shown with more thought.  He is idealistically rational he has his own ideals and is very open minded but he keeps them within the realm of reason. If anything this actually is limiting his true potential.

Most of the bad side of him only happens if you have annoyed him. On an average day he's as nice as any other normal person as long as you haven't done something to make him think less of you. To this end he still has very few most people tend to annoy him.  In actual combat his persona differs from his normal ones. He gets excited and start acting almost creepily insane while having the time of his life during a death match if his opponent can actually entertain him. It doesn't happen often though due to his immense self confidence and pride in his own monstrous capabilities.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'11
Weight: 227 lb
Physical Traits:

Clothing: He always wears the clothing of the first image, using his vampiric power to change it to match his mood if needed.

Accessories: A ring on his right hand and a weapon summoner necklace.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: As a purely melee trained fighter he has honed all of his muscles to respond as quickly as possible. With use of this speed he makes quick and hard assaults relentlessly like a storm. He is so well versed in martial arts and his weapons of choice due to his hyper competence that it may be said he has no equal in skill. Michael uses solely pressure style attacks for the general bulk of his combat tactics. While he "can" use explosive style movements, he dislikes it because it's hard for him to control them at max output and he views that as a personal weakness and flaw.

Strengths: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Double damage from all non-physical attacks. This includes magic, kidou, elements, energy. Blah blah. if it's not physical and it manages to hit him it automatically does double.

Primary Powers

Weapons: Blood King


Ability Name: Telekinesis
Description: The user is able to move, manipulate, cut, or otherwise alter objects around them with their mind's power alone. This doesn't effect other people directly and doesn't work with special items like Zanpaktou. Michael is able to lift cars, trucks, semi's, even a building if he wishes, but anything larger than a standard car limits his number to 5 objects, one if it is bigger than a semi, while he can lift anything else that is smaller without any real limit. He is able to use this telekinetic energy for a variety of other feats as well such as enhancing his physical body, making constructs of "will/pure force" to mess with, fly if he doesn't wish to form wings, cut objects using psionic energy whether or not he touched them, compress objects under his control (turning a chair into a wooden ball), and even using the pure psionic energy in blast, wave motion, or explosion forms of varying strength. Any "buff" cannot exceed x2 and lasts 2 posts with a 1 post CD. Any attack or defense gains a CD equal to the damaging power it had, and he can use this ability at bala speeds for any object smaller than a Beach ball. Cero speeds for anything larger than that.

Ability Name: Inertia Negation
Description: The user can negate inertia, allowing extraordinary feats of agility, including turning on a dime and moving around tight corners even at high speed without losing speed or acceleration and/or deceleration to top speed or at zero speed instantly. Being hit by an attack will still hurt him the same but it won't knock him back or move him at all.

Ability Name: Accelerated Perception
Description: The user's mind and eyes process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down, allowing the user to easily perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly.

Name: Steps 2-10
Effect: Michael is insanely difficult to finish off, but not impossible to defeat. His vampire regeneration becomes to the point that full body restoration is easily achieved several times without even a sweat drop. His ability to regenerate is considerably greater than before. He can regenerate from a pool of his own blood and from being decapitated, blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance and reconstitutes. Naturally as with all regeneration's his ability to regenerate and remain in combat is tied to his stamina reserves. Wearing him down would become your best chance.

Vampirism Bonuses

  • Name: Psychic Bond (Seras)
    Effect: The two share a psychic link that reaches anywhere at any time for any reason at will and requires no focus or energy to activate. Michael can use this to talk to Seras or for Seras to keep tabs on him and offer advice or lectures if she feels it needed. She can speak directly with his mind and vice versa or speak in the area around him by projecting her voice. (Mostly RP tool)

  • Name: Superhuman senses
    Effect: Unlike a human Michael's sense are as finely honed as cosmically possible. he could sense the heart beat of an ant over 100 yards away if he truly tried. As long as you have a heartbeat..he'll be able to find you. His eyesight is also greatly increased allowing him to see ( if nothing was blocking his vision of course ) up to 300 yards with pinpoint accuracy. He also  possesses predatory instincts, allowing him to become a master of hunting and tracking. One with this ability can discern numerous factors of a situation that make him a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where he is headed (if the user is in the foe’s proximity, or knows the foe fairly well), as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into one’s hands in combat/pursuit.

  • Name: Blood Absorption
    Effect: Any blood that is spilled on the battlefield will make its way to Michael's body and be absorbed into his being. This replenishes his own blood or just simply make him feel refreshed. This cannot absorb blood still in the body. In regards to cuts. the blood OUTSIDE the body will drop off and slowly glide its way to Him but the Blood INSIDE the skin of the cut will not be effected. If anything..this ability would help stop the bleeding of his enemies and allies wounds quicker.

    Name: Shapeshifting
    Effect: This ability is what allows him to alter his body with energy to form "wings" or a tail and such so that he can even more effectively fight against any foe he encounters. He is able to mimic any animal who has been scientifically proven to have existed on earth and does not have to fully take the animal form. Capable of a pseudo-animal/human hybrid form that has the aspects of both.


Once upon a time.. Humans huddled around a camp fire, shivering in the cold.. While this was not far back in time when compared to the dawn of man with the flame.. This was still quite far back.. In the dark one figure stared and stayed waiting patiently and quietly.. Man and his company eventually rested, trying hard to stay warm in the process. The thing in the night struck, instantly killing the first, ripping the second's throat open with it's fangs and pouncing onto the third, a man who stared at it with no fear, no despair, only sheer awe and amazement and wonder. This thing, having been so used to being feared and attacked. Hesitated. It thought to itself of what to do with this new predicament and proceeded to drain the man of his blood without causing massive damage to him in the process.

Time swirled around and the man's mind clouded. Everything became nothing.. Then he awoke, feeling cold, yet warm, alive, yet no beating in his chest. The thing showed itself as a woman and greeted him.. She was Seras. She did not give a last name and told Michael he now had no last name as well. As monsters did not require any such "attachment". As he had found this monster a wonder and had shown no fear she had "blessed" him to be like her. She would unleash him upon the world to do what he pleased as he wished without fear of true consequence.

The words she spoke began to muddle and his vision blurred however.. because he was merely remembering his origin as a vampire in a dream..and had woken up. Opening the blinds of his room as he got up he squinted as the light burst in, but did not feel pain or become damaged. The details of vampires always put them as weak to sunlight.. but that was only a rumor started because they had always attacked from the dark.. They were always the things in the dark.. Along with every other monster.. He had done well for himself, he did exactly as Seras had promised he could do, whatever he pleased. He spent the first centuries trying to pretend he could fit in to normal society, but in the end they had always found out what he was and shunned or attacked him. After that he traveled the known world.. cutting a path through battlefield to battlefield as a common soldier in innumerable armies to find ways to sate his hunger.

He saw the rise and fall of countless civilizations, the dark ages, plagues, diseases, magical humans, monsters, myths, legends.. He had experienced a great deal first hand in his long life. While he knew of Shinigami, who were even older than he and Seras combined, he cared little for them and for the most part they left him alone, but as the years dragged on, he found himself missing those long centuries filled with combat and violence.. Not because he was evil mind you.. But simply because there was always someone interesting to face during them. No matter the battle. The armies involved. The reasoning behind the conflict. There was always at least one person who shined like the sun amidst the chaos..

A true warrior..

Michael, like his master Seras, had come to the conclusion that while they easily enjoyed their existence. They had the most fun, the most thrills, and experienced the greatest joy they could know.. When they were enthralled in danger, conflict, and battling against humans who proved to be courageous. He had kept quiet for the last hundred years.. peering out of the old dusted window of a long abandoned almost completely worthless home in the middle of nowhere within Europe, but perhaps.. That dream was a reminder that he was bored and needed to do something about it..

Perhaps it was time to re-enter..the Light..



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#2 Re: Michael on Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:09 am

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Please don't try to suck my blood D:

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Ika is adopting the vamp, oh also, moved.

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Re-approved, but you'll never be Alucard!

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Re-added his shapeshifting ability. Didn't actually realize I had removed it. Re-approve if able.

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Never saw this, but approved and moved.

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