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#1 Arngrim Wolfcloak on Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:19 pm

Arrancar Template

Basic Information

Name: Arngrim Wolfcloak
Age: 36
True Age: 1021
Sex: Male
Personality:He is ruthless and commanding, he cares little for the feelings of others, or for what most have to say to him. Do right by him and he'll reward you, but betray or fail him and he will crush you to dust beneath his feet. He has no time for fools. He trusts very few people, making somewhat paranoid and allot more dangerous to those he doesn't know. The very few people he does trust, he sees only as tools to get things done, but he has a few close companions too.

For a man who was born to lead he's not very eloquent, he prefers a strong show of power over some fancy words. The best way to gain his interest would be for the person to show they are strong, by any means necessary, even attacking him. He uses fear and his own strength to get what he wants, but he's not completely stupid. He is intelligent when it comes to battle, he knows when to pull back, and when to charge in screaming. He may make rash decisions from time to time but he tries not risk loosing the more important things, such as strong warriors, in pointless things. That wouldn't stop him from sacrificing a few hollow or lesser arrancar to complete a goal.

He is a true warlord, a man who wishes to bring death and destruction across the realms, however he does not strive for total annihilation. He wants to take the human world for the arrancar and enslave the humans, keep them as pets and slaves and the occasional snack. He hates Vizard, they are abominations that need to be destroyed, and hes not fond of shinigami either. Sinners, he knows very little about, although he has met two during his time. His daughter, Helena Elenesta, and Ningirsu Utu, who he met before the man became the king of hell.

He is not the kind of man who falls in love, or even cares for another person. Even people he considers friends don't mean much to him. Killing someone "close" to him before his eyes will not phase him. Threats on their life means nothing to him, he will just attack you all the same. The relationship he shared with Marie Elenesta was nothing to him, just something to pass the time and give him children. The same could be said about his relationship with his wife when he was alive. However of the children he's had, he's very fond of his daughters Olivia and Helena, and his adopted children Ezia and Tara are also quite important to him. His son Styxx is a different matter, while he spares no love for the boy he does respect the strength he's earned by himself.

He is an honorable man, and makes it a point of pride to follow through with an agreement, whether it be to spare someone if they do so and so, or fight in one on one combat. He takes the challenge of a duel very seriously and any who interfere will incur his wrath. He has no time for beating around the bush with sneaky tactics, politics and intricate plans. If he wants someone killed he'll do it himself or make it very predictable, and give the target a fighting chance rather than a knife in the back. Likewise if he wants to talk with an enemy, he'll talk. He's shown he has no fear of walking up to his opponents front door and knocking to say hello.

Likes: His daughters, war, honor.
Fears: Peace, his life would be pointless with peace. The loss of his powers. Harm coming to his children.

Character Appearance

Height: 6'5”
Weight: 210lb
Physical Traits: Green eyes with a ring of yellow on the inner side around the pupil, and a dark ring around the edge of the iris. He has red hair and a red beard with no mustache. A hollow hole directly where his heart is, and the mask fragment starts at the bridge of his nose, going up and around the eyes to the end of the eye brow, ending in a small sharp spike that twists and points back at his ear. His is thickly muscled with multiple scares to fit his height.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: When his powers are sealed in his two weapons, he fights with quick violent flurries, using the weight of his axe and speed of his sword to deliver quick and powerful attacks. He Uses cero and gran rey from closer ranges then most would find safe. He fights with the mentality of a berserker, trying to defeat his opponent before he himself is defeated, making him dangerous to both himself and his enemies. That's not to say he does have some sense in battle, he knows when its a good idea to dodge. His hierro is thick and hard to cut, he is strong, but he lacks speed.

His pesquisa is very strong and in large battles it gives him a good advantage, allowing him to decide where reinforcements are needed, or where he's best placed in a fight. Its range is 300 feet. If he can sense a person at all, he can tell how powerful they are. However, his ability to hide his own reiatsu is useless, not that it bothers him.

In large scale battles, he may hang back and watch, usually seeking out the strongest opponent before moving into attack. Despite the fact that he himself may fight like a berserker, he is quite tactical, using his instinct and battle smarts to his advantage.

In Resurrection, his massive size and formidable strength is complemented by his powers. His hierro is even stronger, making him even more dangerous. He uses heavy swings of his sword to smash trough enemies. He's still not all that fast, making it hard to close the distance with faster opponents. That wont stop him from going all out with his powers, ceros, and anything else that might hit them. In this respect he can be very destructive, fighting him in a city would end badly for the city.

In Segunda, he uses his now behemoth size to cause chaos on the battlefield. He is just as slow as before despite the boosts, and his massive size can often strike fear into his opponents.

Heirro: His heirro is his best trait, it is strong enough to stop shikai blades of captains outside ress. It can resist captain level bankai in ress, but some attacks will make it trough, and in segunda, it can stop him from loosing limbs and taking deep cuts to captain level toukai blades, but can not stop them from cutting him for the most part. below a certain tier, cutting him is close to impossible in ress and segunda. It's able to resist vibroblades and seele snieder though, but due to their nature, they still have a decent chance of peircing his Heirro. His hierro complements his berserker fighting style.

Strength: He is physically very strong allowing him to smash heavy objects aside with ease and lift huge loads.

Pesquisa: His pesquisa is very good, allowing for him to sense a good distance. As well as that, if he feels so much as a flicker of someone's reiatsu he can tell exactly how strong they are and their race, unless its hidden, in which case he can tell they're hiding it and now what they say they are.


Speed: he is slow which can be a problem at times, especially against very Fast enemies as he can't keep up. and his sonido is pretty much useless, allowing for only short bursts of speed.

High speed Regeneration: His high speed regeneration is close to useless to, only healing minor cuts after 2 posts.

Suppresion: He cannot suppress his reiatsu past a certain point, leaving a large portion of his power on display, and making it impossible for him to hide.

Berserker: He goes wild when enraged, causing him to make mistakes and leave openings.

Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance: A waraxe and a longsword, both of viking design. The axe has a heavy broad head and the handle 40 inches in length. The longsword is slightly longer, the handle being around seven inches and the blade 35 inches. Both weapons are dark steel, with the edges highlighted in silver. When he's holding his weapons, they give off a grey-red smoke.

Zanpakuto Name:Harbinger.
Zanpakuto Call Out: Set the world aflame and darken its sky, Harbinger.
Cero: Cero, Bala, gran rey cero.
(Arngrim cannot use these in Resurrection or Resurrection segunda, but can still use his customs cero.)
Custom Cero: Burning Barrage, burning shout, burning bomb.



Arngrim in this form is covered in thick armor like plates of chitten and rock. He is 10ft tall and weights 750lbs. He wields a sword as long as he is tall.  The sword is made of rock and burns hot, fire flickers along the length of the thick blade, and is Zan steel strong. Arngrim's face is covered with a mask and he has a pair of long horns that point up, adding about a foot to his height. His armor is adorned with skulls and spikes, and he has 4 chains hanging around his waist, each with a axe like blade hanging from the end of the chain.



Rock Armor: A passive ability, this shell of rock forms over Arngrims entire body. It grants no extra protection from physical attacks, if its struck it cracks and the attack will pass through to his heirro. Anything weaker than a hado 91/cero oscuros will go through the shell without trouble and hit his hierro directly, and the shell will reform very quickly. However, if arngrim is hit with an attack stronger than a hado 91/cero oscuros, the shell will mitigate half the damage and shatter, while the rest of it will go through and hit him. The Shell takes 5 posts to reform there after.

Earth Manipulation: Arngrim has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can manipulate up to 10 tons of earth at any time. He can launch earth at enemies, but the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a bala.

Bulwark: A Large Rock wall barrier capable of blocking a gran ray worth of damage. 3 post cooldown.

Rock Spike Driller: Arngrim's left arm is replaced with a 6 foot long drill made of rock with sharp spikes as strong as a Zanpakuto. The rock drill spins at high speeds increasing its penetration abilities quite a bit, backed with arngrim's strength it can be used to pierce through physical blocking barriers such as something that can stop a gran rey, but it may take a few thrusts of the drill to fully shatter the barrier. It also makes mincemeat of strong hierro and armor. 3 post duration, 3 post cooldown.

Rock Golem Hadagaar:

Arngrim can summon a large rock golem named Hadagaar, who is 10 feet in height. This chunky formation of rock has a huge durability and packs a punch, but is slow. When Arngrim summons the Rock Golem he looses the use of his Earth manipulation, but the rock golem has minor rock manipulation with a range of 25ft on the manipulation. It focuses on defending Arngrim and distracting the target. As normal the rock golem is 3 tiers lower than Arngrim. The Rock Golem lasts for 5 posts with a 3 post cooldown. Arngrim regains rock manipulation one post after it dies.


Combustion beam: Arngrim fires a beam of super heated energy from the palm of his hand. The attack travels in a straight line for 50 feet, before exploding outwards 30 feet with the power of a gran rey, igniting anyone caught within the blast. 3 post cooldown. 1 post burning that can cause second degree burns if not dealt with as soon as possible, and the fire can be put by normal means. If its dealt with fast, it'll only cause 1st degree burns.

Fire manipulation: Arngrim can create and control fire at will. This works much the same as his earth manipulation but he cannot use both at the same time. He can create walls of flame, fire blasts ranging from as weak and fast as a bala to as strong and slow as a cero. Up to 50 foot in range.

Fiery Limbs: In Resurrection, some may notice sparks and flickers of fire around Arngrim. When someone gets within 10ft, these sparks turn to fiery fists or tentacles that punch and lash out at the attacker. They attack with a will of their own. They have half the strength of arngrim's hierro, so they can be cut through. There are four arms/tentacles in total, which may convert between either form as they attack, depending on if they slap or punch.

Fire beam shield: He can create a shield of fire that can block up to hado 88 or gran rey, and fire it back at 2/3 the power, as a beam of pure fire. The strength of the attack depends on the one that hits the shield. 3 post cool down.

Fire fiend Beatral:

Arngrim summons a fiend of pure fire named Beatral to fight for him. When on the field he cannot use his fire manipulation, but Beatral can, with a range of 25ft on that manipulation. She has high speed but low strength. She concentrates on attacking the target foe Arngrim has directed her to attack. 3 tiers lower than Arngrim. Lasts for 5 posts with a 3 post cooldown. Arngrim regains fire manipulation one post after it dies.

Boosts: strength x3, speed x2, hierro x2, reiatsu x2

Resurrection Segunda


Like the picture above, Arngrim takes on the form of a heavily armored beast with a long tail, thick claws and fiery wings. He has no weapons, but has thick blades on his forearms, and can deliver nasty bites with his fangs, or use his tail like a fiery axe. His body is protected by his supreme hierro. Arngrim can stand on two legs or move on all fours. He is 17 feet tall when standing up right, with arms 9 feet long. His tail is 10ft long. He has not lost any speed in his massive size, and although he gain a boost to it, he actually gains no speed. The speed boost is just enough to off put his huge size. He weighs 2 tons.


Weapons: Arngrim has razor sharp claws about six inches in length, and a large axe  like tail. Both are zan steel strong, and can block zanpakuto.

-Previous Abilities-

The Following Abilities follow over from Resurrection.

Earth Manipulation, Fire manipulation.


Rock graveyard: Arngrim smashes a fist into the earth and thick 10 foot tall spikes explode upwards in a 30 foot area around him. They get close to him but none will ever hit him. Obviously wont work in the air. Because of his size, you could probably hide under him and be safe, but you'd need to know that first, and also be careful not to get flattened by him.

Rock fists: Arngrim smashes his fist into the ground and a 10 foot tall large stone replica of his fist explodes out of the ground near the target. It can be used to send the target flying into the air or to grab them with permission, but it can onlt move as long as Arngrims fist is in the ground, if he pulls it from the earth the replica will stop moving. It is as hard as a strong hierro.

-Molten Earth-

Lava manipulation: A combination of Arngrim's Fire and Earth manipulation, He must first actually use his fire and earth manipulations to form any lava used by this. Arngrim can control one ton of 'lava' at a time. This lava isn't extremely hot like natural lava, being no hotter than Arngrims fire. However it is sticky, making it more dangerous than normal fire. Arngrim can move the lava and form walls, barriers, pillars or other shapes, or launch it like a fire ball, ranging from the strength of a cero to the strength of a bala. Impact cause's mild 1st degree burns.

Sticky Enhancement: normally The lava created with lava manipulation will stick to anything it hits, burning it constantly unil it cools. It burns out after 4 post in the enviroment or when hit with water. In the case of characters, if they are hit with lava it will stick to them for 1 post of burning that can cause second degree burns if not dealt with as soon as possible. It can be cooled with water, or scrapped off which is harder, but If its dealt with fast, it'll only cause 1st degree burns. if not removed it will then harden and can be cracked off. However the sticky enhancement will not take effect if it hits someone who currently has lava stuck on them, and for 3 posts after they've removed it. They can still be hurt by the lava though.

BaleFire: A white hot bar of rock and fire as strong as a cero is shot from Arngrims hand. Its capable of dispelling a barrier that can stop up to a gran rey in power on contact and continuing at the same power. It can only do this once, and if it meets another barrier strong enough to block it it will be stopped. 2 post cooldown.

Molten Armor: Like Rock armor, this armor covers Arngrim. It works much the same, allowing attacks weaker than a cero oscuros through to his hierro, but Mitigating 2/3 the damage of attacks stronger than a cero oscuros, with a reform time of 4 posts. It is also very hot to the touch and will burn and melt just about anything but Reiatsu coated bullets, Zanpakuto and other soul bound weaponry. In the case of characters, coming in contact with Arngrim will leave 1st degree burns, while wooden or cloth objects will easily catch fire. This often leaves trails of fire in his wake.

Molten Combustion Beam: Arngrim charges and fires this attack from his mouth. Working like the other, only when it explodes it sends sticky lava with the same properties as the sticky enhancement across the 30 foot explosion radius. Does a cero oscuros worth of damage. 4 post cooldown.

Explosive Magma bulwark: A combination of Bulwark and fire beam shield, this defensive dome structure can block up to a cero oscuros worth of damage. It will then explode outwards with the force of a gran ray covering a 100ft area in the blast. 4 post cooldown.

Magma Maulers:


 Arngrim can summon up to two of these monsters, one at 3 tiers lower than him or both 5 tiers lower than him. Ireeth and Kreshta are their names. Ireeth is always summoned first. For each one he summons, he sacrifices a manipulation ability of his choice, and lava manipulation because it requires both fire and earth to work.

The Magma mauler itself is 10 foot tall when it stands up and about 18ft long, it moves about on 4 legs, its front legs are about 5feet while its back are 4feet, and they can fire a cero powered lava blast from its mouth, smash with its arms or use its tail as a massive mace. It has high durability, strength and average speed. If both have been summoned, they will work together, one attempting to defend Arngrim even if it means getting in the way of an attack aimed at its master while the other attacks a target. They follow arngrims orders well.

They both last for 5 posts, but if he summons two he cannot summon another until 3 posts after the last one on the field dies. He regains control of one manipulation one post after one of them dies. He regains lava manipulation once both have been dead for 2 posts.


World Ender: rips up a 50ft squared chunk of earth and it starts to form in into a fiery sphere of lava. He then launches the ball of lava at his target. It hits with massive force and is capable of crushing people under it. It must obey gravity and eventually crashes down into the earth and then explodes outward in a 150ft radius, the blast doing the equivilent of one cero oscuros and a half, splashing molten rock across the battlefield. Arngrim is so exausted by the use of this move that he barely has enough energy to make a garganta and escape, if he can move at all.

Boosts: strength x4, speed x4, hierro x4, reiatsu x4, stamina x4.

Back Drop

Arngrim was born in the 10th century. In the year 1079 to the Viking Thorngrim Blackaxe, desendant of the viking Thurstan blackhorn. Arngrim was trained by his grandfather, while his father was away raiding and sacking villages or fighting in wars. He began training at the age of 5, in the art of duelwielding. His grandfather though him to fight with a savage style, but a tactical mind. Being the next in line as jarl, Arngrim was trained in the art of tactics, command, and gaining the trust and respect of others trough fear and strength.

Arngrim learned fast grew strong, and by his 14th name day he earned his weapons. By his 16th, he'd killed his first man and participated in his first raid, bringing pride to both his father and grand father. His life was filled with raids and pillages, and he was made a thane and given command of his own men and ship by his 19th year. About a month after, battle broke out between his fathers realm and that of the neigbouring Jarl. Arngrim was dispatched as in a preemtive strike, that went badly.

Arngrim's 50 men were ambushed by the enemy, and almost every man was slain. Only 17 men made it out alive, and most were badly wounded. What was worse was they were cut off From Thorgrim's army. Arngrim led his men into the mountains to circle round and try get past the enemy and back to the main army. It turned out it was easier said than done, as they were discovered and driven deeper into the mountains and farther away from safety. They faugh a hard retreat, and the numbers dwindled to three, Arngrim and his two huskarls, Borske and Jaskis.

But being hunted by enemies was not the only problem they had, and on the seventh night they were set upon by wolves. Borske was killed, but Arngrim took his revenge, savagely murdering the pack of grey wolves that became dinner for the remaining survivors. After that, the remaining two managed to slip past the enemy and make it back to Arngrim's father, who did not take kindly to his failure.

After that, Arngrim made himself a wolf skin cloak, and the battle raged on, ending soon after. A few years later, the war kicked off again, and Arngrim took the chance to take revenge. However this time, his father lead the advance, and Arngrim was sent north to raid a village of the neigboring jarls land. Soon after, A man brought word that the war had turned for the worst, and Arngrims father was driven into retreat, before becoming trapped between enemy forces.

Arngrim led his men led his men back, and arrived just in time to save his father. He charged into battle with a battle cry, his cloak of wolf skin billowing behind him. After that, he became know As Arngrim Arendelle the wolf, Arngrim Arrendelle of the wolfcloak, or just Arngrim wolfcloak. That was the end of the second war, and also his father.

Arngrim became king in his fathers place, and his surviving Huskarl was promoted to Thane. Arngrim took a wife by the name of Marie and had several children over the course of his rule. Most perished but in the last 10 years of his life he was blessed with 2 daughters, Elsa and Anna, and life was quiet for a few years. Elsa possessed powerful ice powers, and as much as he loved his daughter he was forced to isolate her and hide this fact. Not long after Anna was almost killed by her sister he was forced to seperate them and lock down the castle, for fear of his men finding out about her and killing her. 

Two years later his right hand man discovered Elsa's powers and created a plot with a foreign dignitary to kill Arngrim and his family. They took the life of his wife. War kicked off again this time an invading army from the south. In His 55th year, Argrim fell in battle, betrayed by his own men. He killed all those involved before succumbing to his wounds though the invading forces were driven back.

When arngrim woke, he woke half hollow, his soul chain severed inches from his chest. He made his way back to his kingdom and the remains of his family. Elsa, who possessed advent human powers could see her father, but despite his insistance she believed she was seeing things and didn't believe him. He left in sadness.

The transformation was quick and painful and when it was finished, he was a hulking 10 feet tall beast. He found his way into hueco mundo, and began consuming other hollows. It didn't take long for him to kill enough and gain enough power that he Ascended to Menos grande.

He made his home in menos forest, feeding on anything not quick enough to escape him. By the time 100 years had passed, he was strong enough to become a Adjuchas, and also had a massive base of hollow soldiers. As The self declared Jarl of menos forest he brough war against the other hollows. Any that did not follow, died. However he did not expect such strong resistance from several vasto lorde, and his campain was cut short.

Arngrim, happy with what he held, led raids into the human world, sacking small villages. On one such raid, he encountered a visard who slew most of his hollow. The pair fought for hours, and when finally Arngrim devoured the vizard, something changed within him. Soon after he was reborn as an arrancar.

His new form as an arrancar came with strength and he found himself enjoying the form. He eventually met a female arrancar who gave him two children, a boy he named styxx and a girl named Olivia. Arngrim had little time for these children, but as his spawn he made sure they were well cared for and protected. When both were five or six their mother vanished.

Arngrim trained both children, but to his surprise and annoyance the boy was weak and useless. He exiled him to the desert at a young age, telling him not to come back unless he could prove his strength. The girl, Olivia, was a different story all together. She showed promise from the first day she could fight, and although they had a rocky relationship he was very fond of the child.

As she grew up Olivia showed obedience, but Arngrim couldn't help but imagine she was hiding something. He eventually had her followed and discovered she was going to the world of the living to slay hollow and protect humans. Arngrim was furious and called her on her actions. He questioned her courage and honor, and she punched him in the face.

Olivia at first must have expected him to go insane and kill her, but he didn't. Even though the punch barely stung his cheek, she'd shown great courage, honor and power, and Arngrim let it be. Though he acted angry and told her to get out.

Eventually Styxx returned to confront Arngrim, and although he beat the boy around the room like it was nothing, he accepted that Styxx was powerful, having survived in the desert alone. He allowed him to return.

More time passed, and he met another arrancar, a woman called marie elenesta. He gave her a child, Helena Elenesta. The girl was born pure arrancar like her siblings, but turned out to be weak like her mother. Arngrim attempted to kill her, but Marie did it herself, before leaving in anger. She said she'd done it to spare the girl a cruel death, which was not wrong, he'd intended on eating her.

On one visit to the human world, arngrim met the man called Ningursu Utu. They fought for a time, causing much destruction in the small town the battle took place, but neither could land a killing blow. After that, Arngrim declared Ningursu comrad, and they went their seperate ways.

Arngrim continued to fight and battle and bring death to those who defied him, gaining strength and followers. He fough several pitched battles over territory, crushing even vasto lorde under his boot. The only Vasto lord he never took on was the self proclaimed king of hueco mundo. Like wise he never took on the arrancar know as the god of hueco mundo, but killing both was definately on Arngrim's list.

Years past, years filled with war and death and strength, and the time of Aizen came and passed. It was after that, the Jarl of Menos forest moved up to the white desert to take a place for himself as an espada.

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