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His smile wasn't one of happiness or acceptance; rather it was one of enjoyable pleasure from the suffering he was causing this blue eyed beauty. However, her face seemed to be growing more and more hot as he spoke to her. When she found herself to be attracted to strength, is this really what she had in mind? His actions came clearly as a surprise to her but they also felt so normal to her body. The pain had been immeasurable and quite unappealing to her mind, yet it was found to be attractive by her bodily reactions. Bright blue eyes seemed to crave something... anything but what was she truly looking for?

As tears continued to stream down the sides of her face, Selica's eyes would widen. Small bumps would find their way forming upon the surface of the young girl's frame from the newly exposed skin. Her pink underclothing now being obviously noticeable. The arrancar's arms would twitch at the sudden want to cover the hole directly in the middle of her chest. However, the exposed feeling was too overcoming bringing a sense of longing with it. Her face would turn cherry red while the rest of her would be noticeably pale at this point. Bright blue eyes would stare at his face before realizing the rate her heart was beating, which would lead to the realization that her mind seemed to be growing quite dark.

The world was surrounding her as she could tell, however something seemed to be overwhelming her. The concept of thought was still active, yet seemed to be hard to keep a grasp upon. Her mind only grasped this feeling of sensation she was feeling from this man and his cruelty towards her. She hadn't felt anything such as this before. She wanted to feel more and know more.

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She was quite the twisted individual.. And perhaps she was even one Ika could mold to be whatever he needed her to be?.. A flower not fearful of it's own destruction is still a flower, and one that at the right time would be easiest to pluck.. He smiled at her, for the first time since the assault had began and extended his hand to her, motioning for her to grab it. "My name is Ika Mazi if you didn't catch that.. and what is your name sweetheart?.." His smile seemed sincere, despite the blood that stained his face. "So little Ms. Thing, are you one of the Espada..?" As Ika would await a response, he would hopefully be pulling her from off the ground, as she'd perhaps see the light..

"Regardless of your allegiances, they can always be strained, no? After all, I'm for the most part aligned, and I've believe it or not, taken quite an interest in you my dear.." Ika allowed for the Cero in his left hand to dissipate as he smiled warmly towards her. "Relax, you're safe now.. For now, so long as you want to be.." He had plans at this point, perhaps he could use some company after-all.. Besides, he could have done worse.. And, more importantly, he would need the Canon-Fodder.

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The girl would be upon the ground now looking up at this man that her body seemed to be growing attracted to from the few hints it was giving her. A smile spread across her face that only seemed to confuse her quite the bit more, however her mind was slowing down and catching up, as her throat still burned. Small tears would continue to roll down the sides of her face out of the far corners of her eyes from the pain of the acid eating her inner tissue. He spoke his name, Ika Mazi, and all Selica could wonder was why he was beginning to be one friendly with her. He would begin to ask if she was an Espada as she gave him her right hand, which clearly had a number 8 stretched across the top of it. However she would speak with a hoarse and raspy voice, "S-Selica Aciles... Espada... Eight."

He would ask her about her loyalties being strainable, however she wasn't quite sure what he was talking about. If he was an ally of her King, why was he treating her as such a menace? Unless, of course, he was lying or holding up some sort of appearance. There were always the many options that she could conjure up at a later date when she wasn't partially on death's porch having tea with the devil himself. The girl would be slightly leaning into Ika from the pain she was still recovering from as he spoke about her being safe. Although, it left a small, worried feeling deep within her leading to her question of, "How.. do I...?"

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The woman was an interesting one, a smile spread across her face that seemed to be not forced, but confused.. Was she experiencing bliss for the first time or was she just that insane?.. Her throat surely still burned, and her thoughts were visibly slow given the glassed over look her eyes held but she still seemed to be holding out for something.. She was crying, though the tears were small they still stained her face all the same, which to an extent gave Ika power over her.. The power of fear. Her eyes were still wide and clearly pain-stricken as she tried to speak and think at the same time, what normally were simple functions could no longer be classified as such.. And it was all because of him..

She appeared to be perplexed by his kindness but also wanting of it at the same time, and as he asked about her position she held out her right hand.. Ika would grab it and examine the top of it, "Espada number eight eh?.. So you're pretty powerful all things considered, am I right to say that?.." She had answered him prior to that, with a raspy and tired voice probably strained by her current levels of pain and confusion.. "Selica.. That's a pretty name, you know you're mine now regardless right?.. There's no say in this anymore, just power.. Power which I hold over you in every way.."

His smile had went from sweet to demented and wanting.. As she seemed to start to think, she seemed to try to frame a question that wouldn't quite come out.. "How do you what my dear?.."

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Selica would grin quite conceitedly as Ika asked the woman if she was pretty powerful to which she would replying matter how bad her throat had hurt, "Damn straight I am." If there was one thing Selica would never lose confidence in, it was her strength and power. She would never tell that she was weak or that she was exhausted. She would never give up, even if all of her limbs were gone. She would be and stay strong.

Selica would blink at the man's outline still, her eyes were quite unclear yet she could still make out some things. Ika would say some things that would have her questioning his motives, if she could speak. However, when he asked her a question in response to her own, she would respond in the simplest if ways that should have been seen in her original question, " How can I stay safe, of course?"

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The woman radiated with confidence for the first time since Ika had shown up and he couldn't help but lightly smile in her general direction.. "Oh well what do you know... You do have some spunk to you eh?.." He shook his head a bit, still wearing that knowing grin he had been wearing for quite some time.. She had strong will for a woman that had just been more or less torn apart with ease, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing..

She seemed to be analyzing him, which he didn't really care about to any over the top extent.. But her question was an intriguing one.. How could she stay safe.. "Well.. it's quite simple, in a world of kill or be killed is it wiser to stay with the ones that CAN kill you, or the ones that can't?.. I don't guarantee safety from me, that was never part of the deal and frankly, you wouldn't be safe whether you were with me or against me.. What I CAN promise you, is that no one else will be able to kill you while you're with me.. and isn't that what really matters?.." His smirk dripped of sadism and bad intent.. but he knew it wouldn't matter.. Not to her..

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Although Ika was strong, he didn't seem very intelligent or observant in any way possible. Considering he had just began to notice he amount of energy and confidence within her, Selica would begin to think very low of his mental thinking level. She had been showing a sense of "spunk"throughout the whole endeavor, except it had become less prominent as the very energy was beaten from her living vessel. However, that was the portion that didn't seem to matter to the woman. Instead, Selica had been more intrigued with Ika's looks and began to stare, once again, at his grinning face. She would critique his features and absorb the sense of attraction that seemed to pour from him.

However, it only grew more interesting as Ika had answered her question about staying safe. His reasoning was sound and his words weren't hidden. He was very blunt with his meaning, which Selica accepted wholeheartedly. As she assessed the situation, Selica would think about the advantages of what this man spoke unto her. She wouldn't die in his presence, yet she wasn't safe from him. She would take that in many way whether it was death, beatings, or many other things among the category. However, Selica didn't seem to care, in fact she adored the attention, "Yes." Her voice was quite clear and sounded fairly made up. Ika was very persuasive.

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"Well it's settled, I'll be seeing you in a couple days and then?... You'll be joining me my dear, I'll keep in touch.." Ika smiled a bit, lighting a cigarette before blowing the smoke from it in the air.. Clove, his favorite.. The sweet scent would fill the air and cause him to smile ever so slightly... Before he would turn to walk away.. "I'll be visiting Las Noches in 3 days, you better be there doll, or I won't be able to take you with me.. For now? So long.." He would wave goodbye and be on his way, heading towards Bogota, his one true home..

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At this point, the quirky arrancar would be standing on her own listening to the words of Ika. Would he really take her away? Did he really want her to come with him? How long would that be? What did he truly want with her? Bright blue eyes would lock onto the man seeing a genuine smile that she hadn't seen among his features yet. Then, he would call out as he was walking away. 3 days. She would have 3 days to wait. What was in three days? Oh yeah.. a meeting of some sort. Selica would watch the man until he was out of site, then a Garganta would open behind her allowing for her to step backwards turning around as it closed off, "I'll be there."


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