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Her heart was pounding, her energy seemed to be skyrocketing but could only be depleting, and her eyes were full of simple adrenaline. Even if she could be seen, her sonido was quite quick only being comparable by maybe those of her skill level and of course higher. From top of building to top of building, the girl seemed to be running from something but it wasn't quite sure what her problem could possibly be. The area seemed so clear, there seemed to be a less than normal amount of spiritual energy radiating on this day. Was the girl going nuts? Every now and then, the girl would let out a giggle and then a scream knowing full well that no normal human being could possibly hear her. So, what was she trying to grab the attention of?

The answer was simply... nothing. This white haired beauty just so happened to finally leave the sandy wasteland named Hueco Mundo. Bright blue eyes shined brighter than they had in a long time, considering much of her time was spent in a place with not many intelligent beings. The air seemed so crisp, the sky seemed so bright, the sun was much more inviting, and the breeze was so refreshing. This "world of the living" as they called it was almost perfect for a dream home, alas she couldn't stay too long. Her heart lied where it could not be, yet her loyalties lied where her path had led her. Her loyalties lied to one of them most powerful men she had ever caught sight of. She wondered if there was anyone more powerful than even the King himself. Perhaps, that's why she was craving the attention of the many who could hear her.

Being lost in thought, one thing would lead to another and "another" would be her foot slipping on the edge of a building. As normal, the blue eyed girl would go from seeing the beyond to seeing the below. At least, it was only a one story building this time.

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Ika was walking around the ridiculously over-filled place known as Karakura Town on reports of some (surprise surprise!) New Hollow Activity. What made this Hollow activity different than most other Hollow activity however, was the fact that the power-level was pretty damn high for most people. In fact, the Hollow that was frequenting this place was supposedly Captain Level. It seemed to be a woman, running about screaming and laughing as she went like some delusional crazy-cunt. What the fuck was up with her? He shrugged his shoulders and used Shunpo to keep a distance but follow nonetheless. After all, this could be interesting!

The woman had white hair and appeared to be an Arrancar most certainly, slightly below average Captain in terms of power, and she seemed to have very bright, very blue eyes for a Hollow, hell, even for a normal person. In all actuality, she was a fairly attractive woman if not for the whole blood-lusting Arrancar deal, but Ika wasn't known for his limitations! She seemed to be enjoying the breeze and the sunshine and he was sure it was a welcomed reprieve from the desert but.. It was all going to come to a screeching halt rather shortly.. She seemed perplexed, as though she were thinking to herself, and that's when Ika jumped into action. "HEY HOW'S YOUR HEALTH PLAN?"

Like that, Ika tripped the distracted Arrancar, presumably putting her on her ass, all the way down from a one story building. Ika hopped down and drew his Zanpakuto, placing feet on both arms and a Zanpakuto at her throat. "Hi, might I inquire as to what in the fuck you're doing here, Arrancar?"

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As the girl fell, her body would twist in midair putting her flat on her back. This would leave poor Selica gasping for breath as she let out a weak, "Well, shit. By the time she had recovered some sort of oxygen, all she could see was a man standing over her, while crushing her little arms with his feet. Soon, she would feel a cold presence upon her neck that was all but inviting with its intimidating edge. She could tell it was sharp and quite deadly, however she was more interesting in the one standing atop her arms. Bright blue eyes would stare at him almost in an overconfident manner, as she tried to dub the power level of this one. Had he just caught her off guard or was he more scary than she thought?

"Might I ask what gives you the right to stand on my damn arms? It's not very comfortable or very polite to treat a lady in such a manner," with every word Selica's grin would be noticed upon her features. "What are you some sort of city protector? If you must know, I haven't done anything wrong nor am I planning to. Can't a little ole arrancar like me simply want to visit anywhere other than sand?" Selica hadn't moved from her position, except for the occasional movement of her facial features ranging from overconfident to quite innocent/pouty looking. The blade against her neck only made her more and more energized. She enjoyed the thrill of waiting for death.

"I must hand it to you though, I didn't even notice you were watching. Guess I was a little too sidetracked for my own good," Selica would smile up to the man waiting for some kind of visual or physical act of acceptance. This one was exactly what she had been looking for in a sense, considering he was quite bold to come and stick a fucking death weapon to her throat. She didn't think anyone would be willing to with the amount of power she was giving off. Perhaps, this one was strong enough to take her on? Maybe he was just too confident for his own good? The real question she wanted answered was.. what was he?

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The woman began to fall, twisting around in midair as she went where she would land flat on her ass/back. As she did this, she sseemed to gasp breathe and weakily muttered something along the lines of "well, shit" as she plummeted to the ground below which was luckily for her, not all that far. As she began to regain composure and otherwise began to regain some level of awareness after her fall, she seemed to notice that he was on top of her which was more or less what he intended for her to do. He was crushing her arms into the pavement with his feet, and she seemed to take notice of the blade on her neck with relative quickness that one might expect from someone that close to death.. She stared up at him with her blue eyes, seemingly confident despite her current position. This type of stupidity was not to be encouraged, nor would Ika be the one TO encourage it, yet she was seemingly trying to appraise him with her arrogant demeanor not withstanding..

The woman seemed to be grinning in a rather sarcastic manner as Ika was thus questioned by her from beneath him. In his eyes that was probably a perfect metaphor for how she stood to him in terms of appraisal. "The same thing that gives you the rights to frequent my world little Hollow, now might I ask what a girl like yourself is doing around here? Answer nicely and if I like it I might let you leave with more than just that shit eating grin left untouched.. If you do not answer nicely, well.." He would release his Reitsu as though it were on cue, the second the word well left his lips the woman would feel as though she was being smothered by Ika's Spiritual Pressure.. "I am no protector at all my dear, if you're not careful I'll be sure to give you some first-hand experience with that fact.. now I'll ask once more before I cut your tongue out and force-feed it to you, what exactly are you doing here? If a Hollow wants more than sand it can find more than sand, but do so without frequenting a major city that is full of your kind such as this one. It tends to make you a target.." He pressed the blade down a little deeper, holding it to her throat as a warning of a sort. Her face showed various emotions, but they were of little note to Ika at this point.. He didn't care about her feelings or her displays, only about why the fuck an Espada level fighter was prancing around the Human World like had free-reign there or something of the likes.

She continued to speak, though depending on what she had said prior to it may not matter much.. "If you're going to verbally suck my dick I'd rather you just as well physically do it, it's far more appealing than you singing my praises. If you're looking for some form of acceptance, which judging from that smile you are, I suggest you state your actual interests here quickly, and hope that I like them, if you feel you already have? I'd suggest further elaboration as to the point.." He kept intensity, and a narrow, harsh look towards the woman. He wouldn't give her an inch till he heard what he wanted to hear..

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As soon as he had opened his mouth again, the blue eyed beauty would notice the lost cause of even trying with this one. It was such a pity that this man was so dense he couldn't even treat another being in a respectable manner. She didn't so much appreciate the nicknames he was giving to her nor did she appreciate his threatening tone. The girl would only feel the pressure and pain of having her arms crushed into the concrete surface as she listened to this man and his vulgar ways. Even as he spoke death upon her, she seemed to be very uninterested, which would be obvious by her facial expressions. However, something would change her views much sooner than expected as she felt her person being crushed by nothing but pure spiritual pressure.

She would listen to his words closer, yet it was nothing beneficial to her. He spoke out of the same thing as second time... death. Although this time he was making it quite clear as the solid, sharp object pushed into her throat a but more. Sure, she could more than likely try to protect herself using Hierro but why would she want to? If she was going to go searching for the best, she would have to endure their power and the pain that came with it. This one just sho happened to see her as a threat, a powerful threat in this case, so she would simply have to endure his vulgar, rude, and life-threatening ways until she could gain his acceptance. However, she didn't much like it.

The last few words he had spoke would make her mentally cringe with his crude statements as he tried to force her to speak. With a roll of her eyes and a sigh the white haired, arrancar would make her case, "Alright. Alright. Listen, as much as I hate being trapped in such a deserted, sandy wasteland that's not my full reason for being here. Believe me or not, I came looking for someone like you. As cliche as that sounds, it actually means I came looking for someone with your power. I get bored and watching powerful... beings.. I guess.. fight is what really catches my attention. If that's both good enough, go ahead and kill me. It's all I got. Oh.. as for being here, what better place to find power than a spiritual oasis filled with vial creatures that everyone is ready to destroy?"

With her words, the blue eyed arrancar would lay as still as possible. She would await death or freedom, whichever came first. Nobody would miss her. The only trouble anyone would have would be finding an Espada to replace her, at least she's only the 8th.

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Ika had a complete and utter disregard for people, and this woman was unfortunately for her bearing the brunt of it. She seemed to dislike him, which as far as he was concerned that was fine, his interest wasn't in her liking him, but rather in her telling him what the fuck she was doing there. She seemed to take notice of the pain she was receiving by having her arms pinned to the ground, and she seemed almost disinterested as he spoke of death. Her expression however seemed to change as he exerted his Spiritual Pressure, and he stomped on her ribs after stepping off of her arms, keeping the blade at her throat. If she moved, she died. Period. He moved his finger to her knee, and smiled in her face. "This will only hurt a little bit.." His Spiritual Pressure was still exerted to it's maximum, he was sure that no one was around before attempting this, otherwise they'd be dead..

He formed a gun with his fingers, "Byakurai". And a light beam of energy would go through her knee-cap, causing her unfathomable pain as though she had been shot in the knee.. "Hadou 33, Sokatsui.." He formed it but held it on his hand, a beacon of her imminent demise.. He held it over her face. "Beg, me little girl.. Beg me for your life.." She spoke her piece as to why she was there and he nodded, but held the Sokatsui to her face even closer.. "You're going to beg, or this is going through your fucking head.." He pretended as though he were to going to shove it in her mouth, but pulled up at the last second, he would wait to see if she gave him his desired result. The result he sought? Fear. In it's simplest, most primal form he wanted her to fear him, and know that at ANY moment, he could end her fucking life.. It would serve her well to know this in the long run, and if she did as instructed her day would get significantly easier..

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The pain would release from her wrist giving her a,twisting feeling in her stomach considering the blade was still at her most vulnerable point. Then within a matter of moments, the twisting feeling would fade as the woman let out a scream. The woman's arms would move up to her chest as she gasped for air under the immense pain she had received. She had no way to tell whether they were broken, cracked, or simply bruised. The only thing Selica could think was that this shit hurt like hell. Then, Ika would say something that would strike a feeling of uneasiness within her.

After the hand motion and the single word, bright blue eyes would widen and another scream would release itself from her throat. Selica would lie completely flat as tears seemingly began to form within her eyes and she continued to gasp for air. Her body with seem to twitch with the pain in certain places while she bit her lip until it bled and then some after. Bright blue eyes would stare at this demon of a man with a stare colder than she had ever given to anyone. Begging? Did she really want to beg? Of course she didn't want to beg but he was most definitely stronger than she. Her only choice was to comply with him. With a voice so full of pain and anger, Selica would beg, "Don't kill me, please. I-I'm not ready to die." With the words she felt, Selica would feel quite disgusted with herself leaving a sour taste within her mouth. "Fucking hell," Selica would whisper biting her lip once more.

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The woman was clearly in pain, twisting and writhing about as though Ika were attempting to take her against her will, the problem with that comparison is the idea that her will was relevant to begin with.. Ika did not care for her petty feelings and emotions, only for the power he could put on display over her.. As she screamed Ika's mind began to run one hundred miles an hour, ideas of how to make it continue rushed through his brain.. sadism dripped from his eyes but.. It was not time for that yet.. No.. He'd make her fucking beg.. She seemed to be trying to take inventory of her injuries but.. Ika wasn't one to care about that.. Her uneasiness as he spoke only served to force him to accentuate every thing he would do.. every word he'd speak from then on..

After he motioned with his hand and spoke but a single word, her bright blue eyes widened, her life flashing before them.. Another scream emerged much to Ika's satisfaction and he.. well.. he couldn't help but to NOT stop himself.. She began to gasp for air, her pretty blue eyes begging for release from her pained body but.. She couldn't really think she couldn't have truly thought that Ika was just going to take this disrespect lying down, could she?.. Her body twitched to a rather unsightly degree.. Her lips were bleeding, and it was her teeth that were to blame as Ika smirked, giving her a kiss with no aim of romance or care, but rather that reeked of a man lacking restraint, and that was quite literally blood-thirsty.. He let the blood touch his tongue and he removed himself, quickly. Blood stained both corners of his mouth, and stained his tongue.. Perhaps he too had taken a bit of a bit.. Her biggest concern however, would be that Ika's loosely exchanged saliva was well.. Acidic to say the least..

The woman stared at him coldly, clearly unaware of the situation she was in, it was as though she were trying to decide whether or not to beg and well.. Ika wanted to speed up the process that was her decision making.. He lifted her off the ground, seeing that she would not beg unless she was otherwise coerced.. He would succeed whether she liked it or not, and made a point that if nothing else? He was killing an Arrancar. It would be a good days work.. As she begged for her life Ika smiled wryly, "I don't trust such angry words child.. I only welcome the more passionate tones, the ones that truly fear.. Those that want to survive.." With that, Ika's finger formed a Cero, and he pointed it towards her chest.. "Any last words..? Any last pleas?.." Ika cackled loudly, content with his work.. It was good to be him.. Great to be unrestrained..

(I won't kill you, don't worry about that... but WOO this has gotten dark.. xD)

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Her body was pulsating and throbbing in pain as the amount of wounds placed upon her only grew in number. She could feel the pain in her leg, her ribs, and definitely her lip as her teeth continued to clamp on it at full force. She could feel the blood streaming slowly down her chin. The blood was warm and smelled of something that was delectable to her. As she wallowed in the pain and admired the beauty of her own blood, this torturous being would lean into her only to lock his lips against hers. Bright blue eyes would widen in shock, although she didn't understand this feeling that arose within her.

Her heart raced quick and her eyes stayed widened. She would feel like warmth of him mouth, which seemed to hold no passion against hers. Yet, she couldn't help but feel a rising sense of admiration for this abusive male. As he pulled away, a new surprise would force it's way into her brain, while her mouth seemed to bubble and burn within. Selica would spit and gag multiple times at an attempt to relinquish as much of this substance as she could from her being. Her mouth continued to burn and what saliva had gone down her throat still burned her esophagus. Tears streamed from the corners of th woman's eyes, even if they showed nothing of emotion.

Her body would be lifted off the ground clearly out of anger for her previous speakings.However, he seemed to be holding her living corpse more than she could stand. He was her only support between her dropping to the ground. This man was strong there was no doubt about that and at the threat of a cero straight to the chest, Selica didn't wish to risk the facing problem. Even if her hollow hole was located between her breasts, there would be a chance that the cero of this man would be greater in diameter than a simple shot to the chest. As Selica struggled to breathe through the burning of her inner tissue, her voice would sound weak and shaky as if she were crying, "P-Please.Don't kill me. Please. I'll..I'll do anything." Bright blue eyes would stare straight into his own. Her heart racing or skipping beats. Something seemed off about how he looked at her. She should have been angry, vengeful, or ready to die, however the blood around his mouth, the torturous ways, and his strength all seemed to attract her to him. What could she say? Even as she coughed and wheezed due to the forming blisters within her mouth, Selica had to admit she loved strong men and he was certainly strong.

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The woman’s body was pulsating in pain and it was clear by her general demeanor that if she did not collect herself soon she was going to enter Shock. Her legs, ribs, lips, teeth, and every part of her mouth would continue to radiate with a burning, agonizing pain as though they were about to be ripped from her being. As she clamped down on her mouth as much as she could and the blood continued to flow from it at a rather impressive rate, Ika’s actions would take an even more despicable turn, if one could actually wager to believe that at this point. As Ika withdrew from her, blood staining his lips, taste-buds, and tongue he would smile at her. Her blue-eyes seemed as though she were strangely experiencing pleasure along with pain from the experience, as one might expect from a Masochist.

Her heart seemed to speed up in an instant, pounding against her insides to the point that one might suspect it could burst at any possible moment. She felt him against her but it was clear there was not passion, it would be clear to anyone with half a brain that his mind was not set on anything more than his true passion, pain and exertion of himself over anyone who would possibly oppose him.. She seemed to almost admire him which was an exquisitely odd reaction to his interactions, and he couldn’t help but smile a little bit as she spit out the acid, trying to be rid of it as best she could, tears were present but only because of pain and discomfort. Nothing of consequence..

As her body was lifted from the ground and Ika’s eyes displayed nothing but the utmost hatred, sadism, and anger that one could muster from their own being, he couldn’t help but smile at her.. She was a corpse that yet drew breath, that was all she could be equated to at this point seeing as her life, it would seem, was quickly nearing an end. She was dead-weight but that was hardly significant at this point given that she was at best a buck-ten in the weight department as tiny as she was. It was clear at this point her mind was racing, and that there was a real chance she would die and it took this long for it to set in for her, her breathing was struggling and her voice was even worse for wear, but she’d speak nonetheless..

“Please, please don’t kill me..” It was music to Ika’s already happy ears, the sounds of the hopeless, the weak, and the innocent begging, yearning for their very lives was one of his worst albeit most well-kept traits.. He smiled at her, “Anything eh?.. And do you actually mean that or are you just struggling for life, because if it’s the latter not the former well.” he would take the cero on the point of his finger and place it to her chest, essentially eliminating the shirt layer though still leaving her covered for the most part. “I’m willing to bet I could make this Cero rip right through this hole here.. And a whole lot more than just that..” She didn’t seem to despise him but rather she admired him at this point, her life was nearly a flash in the pan but she didn’t seem to care.. “Well.. you’re an odd one aren’t you?..”

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