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#1 Forsaken on Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:45 am

Shinigami Template

Basic Information

Name: Forsaken
Age: 19
True Age: 246
Sex: Female
Personality: She is a one track mind. Battle. It's all she thinks about. She is so serious about proving her might that she never thinks of anything else other than the current battle and the next battle. She is never playful in nature, and has always been shown to be merciless and even brutally cruel in battle.

Forsaken detests company. The only time she wants someone around is when she is looking for a fight. Any other time she views social activity as a chore that she simply has no interest in trying to do. When not fighting she would much rather spend her time alone either training or sleeping than talk with someone, even if she's known them for a long time or even if she's acknowledged they are a strong fighter worthy of her respect.

Her courage is more often seen as stupid than as true courage. She laughs in the face of death and never flee's for any reason even if it means without a doubt that she will meet her end. She is more likely to fight the most powerful thing in existence alone than to even think of asking for help. Forsaken's confidence can be seen as overly arrogant at times. She believes she is the strongest and has absolutely no problems facing any challenge head on even when shown that she had no chance of victory.

She tends to be capable of seeing through plans and deceptions, but does not make her own plans very as well. When she is in social situations her cold-hearted battle veteran nature shines and she tends to be rude and completely lacking in manners. She doesn't feel anything for anyone. she solely cares only for battle. Anything that isn't battle doesn't hold her interest in the slightest bit and she has NO qualms about making it rudely known. Forsaken is also often slobbish. She tends to prefer circumstances that are scattered and in disarray and seems to be in total control despite the mess.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'6''
Weight: 160 LBS
Physical Traits:

She is blind and wears a black blindfold around her head to make it obvious. She viewed reliance on sight as a weakness and removed her own eye sight. She uses her extremely enhanced senses and sensing abilities to fight now. Almost as if she is psychic, but she is not.


Torso: Her shinigami robe is tied to her right shoulder ( the one with no armor sleeve) Much like Isshin did with his haori.


Feet: Though they are black in color and not silver.

Black Cloak: As seen in her appearance she has a black cloak which covers most of her body except her feet.

Accessories: N/A

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: She is a wild berserker. Though having a multitude of ranged attacks from her zanpaktou and using them wisely and accurately she is a unpredictable to all but the most cunning fighters. she is a heavy melee fighter only using her Zanpaktou powers to give her an extra edge if it becomes required of her. Her wild unpatterned strikes packed with large amounts of power make her dangerous even to a battle hardened warrior. She emphasizes Explosive style tactics..meaning she will output as much power as she can as quickly as she can to overwhelm her opponents and gain victory.
Strengths: Spiritual Energy+Control, Sensing Skills, Strength
Weaknesses: No Kidou, No Shunpo,

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Note: Forsaken's spiritual energy is so massive that her Zanpaktou is in a state of constant release in shikai.

Sealed Appearance:

Forsaken's Zanpaktou is actually bigger than she is. She has to have it strapped to her back diagonally just so the tip doesn't drag along the ground. Were it not for the fact Zanpaktou weigh nothing to their owners she would be unable to wield it due to the fact it's basically a large and long solid lump of metal in the shape of a sword. Her sword is 7 feet long and 1 foot wide. It's also 2 inches thick

Spirit’s Name: Gekido [ Geh Key Doh ] ( Rage )
Spirit’s Appearance:

Spirit’s Personality: Gekido is a large male with a rough, antisocial attitude, wearing dark armor and having no visible skin due to being fully armored. He is very quiet and is rarely seen socializing with others when manifested, he is often described as being "strong and cool". He also often seen crossing his arms. He has an extreme laziness disorder due to his own belief that he is unrealistically strong. He resents weakness and as such Forsaken was a perfect match for him considering her views on true strength. However, despite often complaining that Forsaken is too wild for his lazy tastes, he is genuinely impressed with her natural talent and massive power. Though he is quiet and does not generally speak..he has been known to show incredible insight during a fight that Forsaken is in, but due to his hate of weakness he rarely helps her. Considering help a crutch that she shouldn't need.

Inner World:

Kidou: Forsaken cannot use kidou.


Call Out Command: N/A This state is always released.
Appearance: Same as Sealed.

Name: Safe-Zone
Effect: In order to not be effected by her attacks during their use Forsaken's zanpaktou developed a Safe-Zone which extends one inch from Forsaken's skin and only lasts for as long as it takes any of her gravity attacks to be "In action" meaning if she formed a ball of gravity and shot it. The instant it was fired the Safe-zone would be gone. This does not protect her from rebounded attacks or from being caught in her own explosions. This ability only allows her to use her other abilities without succumbing to their increased gravity effects.

Name: Reisu
Effect: Forsaken shoots a small ball of gravity from her Zanpaktou, though she doesn't require it to move for this to happen, This ability is exactly like a bala except it exerts 40% more gravitational force than earths normal gravity all around the ball.

Name: Nyuuborutsu Shin Gravirei
Effect: This ability creates a super concentrated ball of gravity around a target very quickly that is 10 feet in height and width, though it does not form instantly, it is still completed quickly. Making it difficult to avoid but not impossible. The ball starts to collapse unto itself immediately after finishing and implodes dealing a cero's worth of damage to anyone who managed to get trapped inside, though the explosion only expands five feet so anyone who didn't get trapped wouldn't be harmed. Once trapped inside escape is nearly impossible due to the gravitational forces that slam into them upon being contained. Short of Teleportation or Phasing you really can't escape once captured.

Name: Aian Gurabirei
Effect: Using this ability forsaken is capable of firing a cero-like beam of pure gravity. It is black in color and has 35% more gravity around it in a suctional way than earths normal gravity..meaning if someone is within a 5 feet of the attack chances are high they will get sucked into the blast and take the full amount of damage. Either she hits or she misses completely. Glancing blows cannot occur due to the suctional force. This can be used up to three times in one post.

Boosts: X2 Strength and Spiritual Energy


New Name: Anrīshudofu~yūrī [Ahn Ree sho dof you ree] (Unleashed Fury)
Appearance: The studded leather armor she wears normally becomes full body.

Name: Shikai Retainership
Effect: She does not lose her shikai abilities by going into Bankai.

Name: Gigano Reisu
Effect: Like Reisu except four times as big exerting double the gravity as the normal Reisu ( Which means +80% of earths normal gravity. ) This ability can be used three times before needing a one post recharge time.

Name: Gurabidon
Effect: creats a ball of gravity that tries to suck anyone within 20 feet towards it.. when they get within 5 feet of it it explodes out for 15 feet with force equal to a cero. Due to the high difficulty for avoiding this attack it can only be used once per four posts.

Name: Berudo Gravirei
Effect: once per three posts Forsaken is capable of extremely fine tuned gravity manipulation to allow her to redirect non-melee attacks to miss her entirely regardless of strength and size. (Final moves are not subject to this ability)

Name: Kueaborutsu Gurabirei
Effect: She creates a black wall of gravity behind one opponent That is 7 feet tall and 5 feet thick. The gravitation pull this wall causes will slow down an opponent by up to 50% if they remain within 20 feet of the wall in any direction allowing for Forsaken to have time to counter their attack even if they are much faster than she is. The wall itself is equal in durability to Bakudo no 81 Danku. Once per five posts.

Boosts: Strength and Spiritual Energy x3


Name: Mugen gekido mu kōsoku [Moo Gen Geh Kee Doh mu Koh sue koo] (Infinite Rage Unrestrained)

New Appearance:


Name: Zanpaktou Absolution
Effect: While in Toukai form Forsaken is capable of using all of her previous abilities.. as well as now being able to firing an energy wave from her sword the same size as her sword, twice per post, with the strength equal to of a cero.

Name: Gravitonne Armor
Effect: Using her gravity power her toukai release forms black armor around her that is hardened and super compressed by gravity to be very durable easily blocking Bankai zanpaktou's of her tier without even moving her for the effort. The reason it doesn't move her anymore is because she becomes akin to the juggernaut while in this armor. Once she gets moving at all it is nearly impossible, though some exceptions are bound to occur, to stop her because gravity is being manipulated purely for her own advantage. The armor makes her immune to the damage this self gravity increase of x9 would normally cause on someone's body, as usually it would kill them, but does not make her immune to any of her other abilities drawbacks (Refer to Safe-Zone in Shikai). While in this armor she weighs 2070 pounds up from her normal 160 as the armor itself weighs 70 pounds. This increase does not effect her sword.

Name: Rejuvenation
Effect: Her spiritual energy becomes so massive that it actually begins to act like a regeneration ability. Not only does her wounds heal quickly but her ARMOR regenerates as well! This closes ALL wounds immediately while recovering light wounds in one post, Deep wounds in three posts, and is even capable of recovering from ONE fatal moment per thread.

Name: Diborudo Jii Gurabidon
Effect: Forsaken creates a large sphere of gravity above her that is 50 feet by 50 feet in size. She then places one hand inside it before hurling it at her intended target location. The gravity output by the ball is double that of earths normal gravity and once the ball makes contact with anything, even another attack, it collapses on itself and explodes for 100 yards with power equal to a gren rey cero. This ability cannot be used more than once per five posts.

Boosts: Strength and Spiritual Energy x4

Back Drop

Background: Crying, sadness, the darkness which enveloped the very corners of her human mind, Forsaken laid in the outskirts of a swamp. A twisted menacing wasteland, begotten of its life giving soil, lost into the mucky waters polluted from the wreck of the ship Dreadnought. The insignia of Germany proudly glimmering softly in the trickle of light from under the tree canopies. Though, beneath that metal hull of the sleeping giant lay a secret profound and dangerous.

The child's tears flowing from under the former helm of the Dreadnought, Forsaken did not utter but a word, her sorrow unending. The young child, gifted for battle even at her young age, could not help but shutter at the sound of the wind screeching across the cracks and crevices of the renowned warship. The images of her family distorted under the weight of sadness which she felt. Though as her sadness subsided she could begin to recall the events of her tragic departure under the banner of Hitler and was filled with Rage..

It was a calm, cool, day and the pleasant sound of the crickets chirping could be heard from the hovel of a home. The old house laying harmlessly in the middle of nowhere.. Forsaken and her family lived a simple, albeit harsh, life; going day to day, the child of eight years old tilled the fields of wheat and harvested the seeds of her family's plants. Under the watchful eye of her father. A stoic man, never seeming to enjoy life to the fullest as he could, but never one to cheat another. Kind, yet firm, Forsaken's father tried to plant those vary seeds into his own daughter.

For eight years he watched his daughter grow up with only his own hand to guide her, Forsaken's mother having died at childbirth. Heartbroken at the loss of his wife, he had grown more distant than what he used to be, but never forgetting to raise the daughter he had been given. Forsaken's father was a former soldier having lost his dominant arm in a tussle with bandits. However, through his loss he taught his daughter how to defend herself from a young age, She even showed potential in the art of combat and had a very strong body despite her age.

As time past, first days then months, Forsaken's birthday was coming soon, and knowing her potential of power her father had decided to take her to a nearby city to try and find a group of mercenaries there that would be willing to take her on and teach her the ways of the world, knowing he could not teach his daughter anything further. Leaving the farm under the watchful eye of neighbors the two set out forth, Forsaken not knowing what was prepared for her, just vibrant and excited to leave the farm having never ventured into the world before. To say the least it was a quiet trip until the reach the outskirts of the city, the caravans plying their trade as they moved quickly across the dirt paths.

At this point, starring up at the large wonder of the populated town, Forsaken's eyes glimmered in anticipation as she walked through the streets, astounded how everyone else moved along their daily lives, travelers and peddlers alike, not taking in the gorgeous beauty of the city. Being ushered along by her father the two arrived at an inn where they stayed their first night. The moon risen and the streets quiet under the layer of stars and darkness. For here started the beginning of Forsaken's tragedies. In but a few hours she would be nine years old in a fantastic place.

But as all good things must finally come to an end, there was a light from under the door a flickering light, odd and quaint nothing a small candle should be. Inspecting it further the temperature had grown warmer, the doorknob hot to the touch, Forsaken yelping as her hand burned upon touching the framed metal. At that moment her father awoke, stammering in the dark he tripped from his bed, the floorboards hot. Realizing that the place had caught on fire in an instant, her father moved quickly as he snatched up his daughter, kicking down the door with his wiry sinews, the door frame cracking under the weight of the former soldier.

The blaze glowing bright orange in the night as shouts from outside the inn could be heard, people shouting for dirt and water to put out the fire. Watching the flame from the open doorway, he looked at the window, knowing he was three stories from the ground. Taking a deep breath he whispered to Forsaken that everything would be fine, as she clutched her burned hand. Charging forward with adrenaline the father moved as kicked dived head first, using his one good arm to hold onto her from slipping. Glass gashing the skin of her father as he fell, bracing the fall for his daughter as he fell to the ground in mere seconds. A loud thud could be heard as it echoed. The impact killing him in an instant, his brain dashed across the surface of the cobblestone road, body beaten and battered.

Though she had not hit the ground having landed ontop of her now dead father.. The one who set fire to the inn saw that she was alive..and took her as a slave to be sold abroad. This brings us back to the ship which was mentioned at the beginning of our tale.. Forsaken, in shock for most of the trip due to her young mind registering her father was actually gone forever, finally sunk into depths of rage..and with her natural talent..she had managed to get ahold of a weapon and began killing everyone on board in their sleep after escaping her cell. alone..crying..remembering the memories of days past..she stay'd on that wrecked ship..unable to sail it herself..unable to make it to land.. and she died there..of starvation..all alone..

Luckily.. a shinigami eventually appeared..hearing her cries as her spirit remained there due to her grief and rage.. After much effort, as the girl was in a blind rage of despair even though she had died over 10 years ago, the shinigami managed to put her soul to rest so that she could ascend to soul was a shinigami's job.

The first thing Forsaken did when she came to.. was march straight towards the Shinigami Academy in order to gain power. She was denied upon entering however..being told her rage needed to calm before they could even attempt to let her in. This didn't come easy to actually took her four years in order to come to terms with everything and calm down enough so that the shinigami officials would allow her to try her hand at the academy. Fifty years she stay'd in the academy. Excelling in everything except shunpo and kidou, neither of which she was able to use despite any attempt she made..though more than making up for it with spiritual energy and control of it and pure melee well as wondrous control over her zanpaktou abilities.

After this time..she was assigned to the 11th squad.. Though not given a ranked position of course which didn't matter to her at all. She felt the most at home here.

Though her rage over her human life had calmed.. Her mind had formed into that of a berserked battle hungry warrior.. She lived and thrived for battle..and sought it anywhere it could be longer caring for anything other than the next battle. Though this did not stop her from obeying orders from the Captain did make it hard for her own division Captain to control her.. but they allowed it to continue because she didn't threaten the lives of her own comrades..she just didn't tend to listen to their opinions.

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