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#11 Re: [Open] A New Arrival on Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:25 am


1st Division
1st Division
That was a little disappointing to hear, really, she had expected that they’d be around and maybe just hiding their energies. Though her ability to sense energies wasn’t the greatest, so maybe it was her own fault. Regardless, it seemed mad that they’d just fight it out and whoever won got to be king. Surely a grudge would be held, betrayal… how could that form a society? Not that it was her place to question to begin with, but she could only assume. “I guess I’ll seek them out later!” she added, sounding rather positive despite her clear disappointment. It would be interesting to explore the place anyway, so she might as well give herself a goal while she did so.

His next lesson was… a little boring, though she didn’t know the names of all these things, she had experienced it herself at one stage. To her it sounded like a natural process, the way things should go. The girl kept on paying attention however, mostly so he felt like she was listening. His description from ‘Gillian’ wasn’t something she remembered. “Are you sure that’s right? About the dominant soul thing… I don’t remember anything like that” Maybe she was an oddity. It could have been the nature of her ‘birth’ as a hollow. Even beginning to dwell on it seemed to raise the heat around her, noticeably even, but it was quickly contained as he continued with the lesson.

“Oh? That’s your mask under there?.. Like these?” She questioned, curious mostly as she undid a few of her buttons to reveal her stomach, stretching around her back almost like a corset. The girl thought nothing of partially undressing it seemed, as she buttoned herself back up after giving her mask remnants a looking over. “Should have figured that one out myself I guess” She just giggled, before simply letting him continue as she straightened her clothes out once more. Trying to remember what state she might have been in before her mask was removed, it wasn’t as easy as she thought to recall. It probably wasn’t important anyway, she might even be able to find out later on. The lesson continued of course, on to having limited themselves in exchange for a more in-depth level of reasoning.

“Sealed hollows, huh” She tapped her chin thoughtfully, deciding that it was an apt description for them! If everything was trapped away. Though he decided to show off exactly what he meant by transforming. It was impressive, at least the power that she felt if just for a moment. “Oooh, that’s what it’s called?” She tilted her head again in thought. "I'd rather not show mine off... sorry!" She crossed her arms. “I’m sure you’d prefer I don’t set the whole building on fire” She wished she was joking, but sadly, if she released her power something was going to end up burnt and no one wanted to clean up after all that!

Seras couldn’t help but think that a bond wasn’t what she considered her weapon, at the very least she resented it. Not the zanpakuto itself but what it held inside of it. A strange enough thing really, though she didn’t know it, many arrancar would love to have such a power at their disposal. The girl thought of it as only a reminder. “Sooo… is there anything else I should know? Kinda knew most of it already” she giggled, swaying on the balls of her feet idly. Not quite sure where she should be going from here. Mostly, with all this reminiscing that was going on, she was focusing on keeping herself calm.
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#12 Re: [Open] A New Arrival on Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:52 pm

He smiled as she finally said she'd just find them herself. He wasn't fond on tracking them down himself. Graven was the easiest, he only needed to cause a big enough disturbance in the throne room, but the others. The others he could just throw a fit to get their attention. The girls face during his explanation of Gillian caught his attention, but he didn't remark on in immediately. As she unbuttoned the bottom of her shirt he didn't remark on it at all. He has done the same, though their genders were different it didn't bother him. "It's fine to not want to release your ressureccion. In reality, us top four of the Espada are not meant to release within the Fortress for fear that we might bring it down upon everyone's heads." As she mentioned fire his smile faded away, she really was irritating him with the similarities at this point.

As she asked if there was much more to know about the fortress or the arrancar he pondered. "Nothing of consequence beyond every other race sees us as an enemy. Even our own at times." He cleared his throat and smiled thinking about his own sister as he looked at Seras and continued, "Though, just because they initially attack you, does not mean you can't change their mind." While he did appreciate a good fight, he also understood the balance of everything in the world. He had no reason to go about exterminating rats everywhere, and even then, those rats that could not fight did not need to die needlessly. He figured it meant he was looked at oddly, a contrast to the reapers who took all with them, he merely took the strong with him, leaving behind the weak to shiver in his presence.

"If you wish to explore the rest of the Fortress yourself you may. Just be careful of wandering into rooms." With those final words he turned his back and walked towards the entrance again. He was ready to rest among the sands for a few hours, and although he had gone about and done something else with his time it was not a nuisance to him. The woman would likely find her place among them eventually, and in time that place would bring him entertainment likely. He was sure of it.
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