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#1 [Private] Metal Detector on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:15 pm

Atticus Aeyryu
Metal Detector

Walking through the small outlet mall he let his eyes appear glued to his phone. He looked just like anyone else waiting outside the stores, albeit he had a bit more muscle and the bright red hair drew some attention. The menthol 100 hanging from his mouth just helped him blend in a bit more. The entirety of his standing outside the shop wasn't actually because he wanted to, but because he had to. Ignis was inside looking around at the various wares and while she seemed to be paying attention to every item both had the same goal. They were gathering information, their ears listening to passing conversations and discerning those that were important and those that were just every day mumble. This went on for about an hour, long enough for the sun to reach the middle of the sky and cast shadows down upon the open air mall. They'd been tracking people for the last few years. It had become a sort of hobby to Atticus, but to Ignis, his better half, it was their job.

When they gathered back together in the food court Atticus licked an ice cream he'd bought. Sitting across from Ignis she dipped a fry in his ice cream then shoved it into his mouth. He didn't mind the clashing taste of the potato and custard. He enjoyed it more often then not. With a simple word Ignis began to tell him what she'd gathered. "Apparently there have been rumors about a buff looking man with shining hands. Apparently he has got a few wonders to make a woman scream for glee." Atticus' face looked like one of disbelief and ready to break out into laughter. "And would that woman have been a twig that would be surprised by any guy with a few muscles?" Ignis not catching the humor shook her head no and answered with a simple unknown. He knew he didn't have to say what he'd gathered for Ignis to know but he did anyways, repeating information helped the mind memorize, "A man with metal hands, I wonder if he's like some James Bond kinda guy. What? No way he probably just lost his hands in some accident." He took a bite out of the top of the ice cream as he raised an eyebrow at Ignis.

She nodded her eyes seeming to spin without shifting their gaze from him. Reach across the table she took the ice cream from him and took another bite out of it. "It's our guy. So were do you think he'll show up. If he's into robotics I'm sure we can do something with myself to draw him out." Her cold voice rang out loud enough to draw the attention of a few passerbys. Scratching his chin he wasn't so sure. He didn't like the thought of putting his extended consciousness out on display in the middle of an outlet mall during broad daylight. Just didn't sit well in his stomach. "I could always just release my spiritual pressure." Ignis shot him a glare, he had a tendency of setting things on fire when he did just that, and being in the arid desert he'd ignite quite a few things easily. Back to scratching his chin he sighed, they had no actual leads beyond the man being out in the desert, and this was the nearest place to town without being in town. They had figured they'd get something at least, maybe a name, but instead they just got weird reports of the dudes hands.

Word Count:592
Character Colors:Atticus"color=#c33128" and Ignis"color=#d07ad6"

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#2 Re: [Private] Metal Detector on Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:36 am

Markus strolled through the shopping centre non nonchalantly. He walked casually, as if he had no place to be, but most anyone here wouldn't notice he was on high alert. He had been scouting out the mall for a few days now. Not to rob it, or anything like that. No, one of the shop owners had built up a bit of a bad reputation. The guy was weird, not that markus was judging, but a few young girls had gone missing since the man had moved his shop to town. Markus had picked up a contract requesting the man be investigated, and if he was guilty, taken out. Markus was ok with this, given that the law had failed. It was only a matter of time before he stuck again.

Markus walked over to an ice cream stand and bought himself a snack. Then he sat at a table across from his target's store. Place was quiet, with only a few people about. A strange couple caught his eye, and he studied them for a moment as they ate ice cream and chips. Then he went back to watching his target. Even from there, his enhanced vision allowing him to see the suspect with clarity. He watched his every move as he served customers, the way he acted when a likely victim came into the store. Markus had already gained all the intel he needed. The man was definitely guilty. But he wanted to catch him in the act, if he could. It would be all the proof he needed.

He had followed the man for a few days. The last disappearance was a month ago, and the first a month before that. He had a pattern. He was going to strike again soon, Markus could tell. He just needed to follow him, and stop him before he could succeed. He waited and ate his icecream. The task would soon be over, or so he hoped.

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#3 Re: [Private] Metal Detector on Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:42 pm

Slipping the last bit of the ice cream cone into his mouth he put his head down on his arms on the table. He was exhausted. This was the one part of the job he hated doing himself the most. Going out and having to gather information alongside Ignis. It was much easier when he could send her out to do the job herself or pay off a broker to tell him whatever they knew, but his local broker and even the ones he rarely reached out to had nothing on this man. He was either good at cleaning up his trail, or was very good at not raising alarms. Those two things in mind he was curious how he had even gotten the man as a target. Rolling his head to the side his entire being flew up into flames. Metal hands, metal along the sides of his head just below his eyes. This was his man. The flames around him instantly died down and he threw on an act as if he had no clue what had just happened patting away at his arms and legs. Throwing himself backwards, sending the message to Ignis immediately that he had spotted their target and that he was simply being a diversion.

The woman burst from her chair raising her voice, "Help! Help!" She was pointing at Atticus as he spontaneously combusted. She already knew that a few people would get injured here, it was the easiest diversion for them though. In the back of her processes she call signaled for an ambulance for nearby. As people began to crowd around Atticus he'd erupt into a ball of fire again burning some of the stores and civilians clothes. The entire plan was for the fire to make a havoc so they could act in the chaos. As the plan went down Atticus used the explosion to propel himself at the man. His entire being a fireball for a moment before only a fiery red claw outlined his left hand as it reached out to try and grab the mans shoulder. "Found you!" Regardless of whether he connected with them man he'd come to a stop his bright red hair topped by his reiatsu, his limbs radiating with his red aura. As Ignis sprinted across the food court a sword in hand. "I've got a few questions for you."

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#4 Re: [Private] Metal Detector on Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:25 am

Markus was growing bored watching his target, when someone started screaming for help. He stood up, dropping his ice cream into a bin as he looked at the commotion. A man had caught fire somehow. People had gathered around like a bunch of mindless idiots and only Markus had the sense to run for the fire extinguisher mounted to a wall. Pulling it free he turned to see more fire erupt as people began screaming. The man who had been burning was now lunging towards him, flames streaming off of him.

Raising the fire extinguisher he sprayed it into the man's face as he tried to grab markus, side stepping at the same time. He swung it at the back of the man's head before throwing it aside, and drawing a pistol. He pulled the hammer back and pointed the cocked weapon towards the man. "You have questions, why not just ask me and save the pyrotechnics show for a different time." There was still allot of screaming and most of the people had cleared out, which was just as well because this was probably going to turn into a fight.

The only other person nearby was the woman he'd seen with this man. Markus flicked his wrist, releasing a mechanism in his arm and a one foot long blade slid into place over his hand. "So what is this, a hit? If so, two on one isn't exactly going to be a fair fight for you." He said, his voice as cold.

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#5 Re: [Private] Metal Detector on Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:43 pm

As the fire extinguisher sprayed him his entire torso bursts upward into more flames as he missed his target, his body exploding forward to put a distance between the two of them. He swung his head around his eyes leaving behind traceries of his reiatsu he straightened his back and looked over his shoulder at the pistol. He knew that if he predicted it alongside Ignis' warning protocol he could dodge at least the first bullet but the rest would all be down to lock. The smile that spread across his face as the man asked his first question. "Easier to clear an area of any unsavory eyes and ears." His eyes followed the man as a blade slid into place in his other hand. The smile just stayed in place as he heard the man mention if it was a hit they were at the disadvantage. With all the tricks literally up this man's sleeves he didn't doubt it.

Ignis beat Atticus to speaking, her cold voice nearly drowned out by the screaming of the people in the distance. The fires that had spread to the stores seemed to be pulled away by the lanterns on her hips. Drawing in the excess reiatsu exerted by Atticus. "It can be a hit. We were told to locate a man that fits your exact description. Though he isn't as patient or capable of thinking of non-violent tendencies for these actions." Tapping his foot loudly he drew attention back to himself, "Come on that isn't exactly true. I created you didn't I?" His hands sputtered out and his smile vanished as he looked at the man. "Now, I'll give you some courtesy, I'm Atticus, and this is Ignis. We were as she stated, hired to find you, dead or alive." He stayed silent letting the last part sink in for a moment to the man. "You apparently pissed someone off and that little mind of yours holds something that they want now, but apparently it isn't all human in there. Even in death you can store hidden secrets? That's pretty impressive don't you think." He had started to pace back and forth keeping the distance between the two of them, looking back to watch the gun trailing his head.

Her cold voice picked back up, "Now if you'd be so kind as to introduce yourself and not just be that robotics man, we can continue." A large blade was present in her left arm, the mechanics of it visible to the world, openings spinning and gaps opening and closing as if venting out steam. Her eyes instead of watching just the blade in the mans arm towards her, were settled on the muscles in his outstretched arm. She was watching for the slightest twitch to send a warning to Atticus to move.

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#6 Re: [Private] Metal Detector on Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:50 pm

He looked between the two of them as they bickered. And sighed. "This is happening isnt it. And here I was, thinking the only interesting thing i'd be doing today is killing a murderer. Speaking of which..." He said, turning his pistol towards the shop the man he'd been hunting was in. He pulled the Trigger and the bullet pierced through the counter. There was a thump and blood splattered the wall. He lowered the gun and looked at the guy. "So, your here to take me in alive or dead. Sounds fun. " Markus said. He looked at the woman.

"The name's Markus. So what is it you think I have in here?" He responded, pointing a finger at his head. He looked between the two of them. Then jumped back towards the man suddenly, his coat snapping, as his blade shot upwards aimed to cut him across the chest. His head snapped to the woman and fired off 3 shots at her, keeping her defensive as he again tried to slash the man across the chest with his blade.

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#7 Re: [Private] Metal Detector on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:43 am

As the first gunshot rang off Atticus' entire body exploded upward with his reiatsu again, this time it seemed more controlled, gouges dug into the ground around him were he stood. "It does sound fun doesn't it. As for whats in your head. You saw something you shouldn't on one of your assignments is my assumption." As he finished the man lunged out at him his coat billowing as he heard the mechanics snapping into place. Throwing himself backwards a step he kept himself just out of reach of the blade before ducking down and charging towards the mans waist his hands were claws of fire again as he went to lash out at the man trying to ignite anything on his body as he rolled passed him to get to the other side with Ignis.

As the first shot went off she processed the sound. He'd hit a man, likely the reason he had been there in the first place. He was much like them, a mercenary, and who ever he had just killed was his mark. Turning her attention back towards the man she saw his body begin throwing itself towards Atticus blade springing from one hand to the other in an attempt to catch Atticus off guard. Her left arm trailed upward as the first of the three shots caught in the grating along the upper portion of her arm, the second bounced off the metal denting it slightly, and the third collided with the hilt of the large blade she brought about. Pointing it right at the both of them, a click, a cartridge spinning quickly in place like a screw before a quiet thud was heard amongst them. "Phosphorus round out." The crackling, sizzling trail of powder the flew from the barrel between the blades of the sword flew across the distance between them crashing into Atticus' coat as he rolled, the entirety of it burning right off his back as he stood smiling."Quite a close call with that one" She ignored him, she was watching the other man, trying to see how he'd react to the burning metals.

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