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#1 Seras - (Done!) on Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:26 am


Name: Seras
Age: 18
True Age: 435
Sex: Female

To those who have met the girl, Seras seems to be a chipper young woman. Almost sickeningly so, with an overwhelming positive attitude regardless of the situation she finds herself in. It could even come off as annoying to some, but it finds her more friends than enemies, at least that’s what she feels.

Generally, the girl is fairly carefree. With very little goal to work towards than simply surviving. With no allies, no organization and nowhere to really call home. She is usually quite cooperative to those she deems worthy of command, though it seems difficult to pinpoint exactly what she considers ‘worthy’.

She does not shy away from violence and conflict. She does not seek it however but knows when it can be necessary to fight rather than talk or run. The more serious an opponent acts the more she will toy with them. Rarely fighting seriously, but using her agile form to dodge and strike at her target like a cat playing with prey. Though she dislikes killing, in any of it’s forms.

This bubbly, happy demeanor is not her true nature of course. No being so obviously contented and well adjusted would have lost their heart and become the creature she is now after all. Behind this mask, there lies rage. Unending fury stemming from the manner of her end, she becomes a hateful spirit of vengeance all her own, striking out at whatever it was that set her off until she is stopped by force or the object of her wrath is destroyed.


Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 110lbs
Physical Traits: Having only removing her mask at an advanced stage of power, Seras almost looks human. The only features to give her away would be the bangle like bones around her wrists and a sort of thin rib-cage that spans her stomach, to her waist. With a hole signifying her hollow state hidden behind her eye-patch.



General Fighting Style:

Seras’ style of fighting is usually compared to that of a cat toying with it’s prey. Using her intimidating weapon with surprising grace while avoiding mortal wounds. Preferring to stop her targets through non-lethal means. Her scythe lends itself to flowing circular attacks, not so much for direct blocking. Instead, using her reach to keep enemies at bay while dancing around their own strikes with agile dodges.

Her stance changes when truly angered however, her blade aims for vitals. Though not to kill, but maim. Attempting to cause major flesh wounds, dismemberment and other vicious attacks. Her bloodlust is such that she seems to get more erratic and direct. Leaving openings in her defense to allow for swift counterattacks while relying on her enhanced regeneration abilities to keep her alive as she continues her onslaught.

She prefers close combat to using her ranged abilities, using speed to close the distance. Using these abilities up close if at all to complement her all-round aggressive style of combat.


Speed: Agility and pure swiftness are integral to her fighting style, having relied on her use of sonido and a natural flexibility she dances around her opponents as a dervish of steel.

Hierro: For a woman of her size, Seras’ hierro is tremendously thick, able to deflect all but the strongest blows and keenest strikes. An equal would have a tough time trying to break through this armour.

Regeneration: Having not shed her advanced regeneration ability, Seras is quick to have wounds seal and limbs regrow. This isn’t infallible of course, her most vital organs will regenerate unless she is killed outright, but this takes time and she will be taken out of a fight once this happens.


Pesquisa: Despite her combat experience, Seras tends to rely on instincts to react in battle rather than her ability to sense a being's spiritual pressure. Thus the ability has fallen to the wayside. Her sense gives fairly vague directions from sources of reiatsu and just as vague gauge on power.
Cero/Bala: As with her Pesquisa, Seras has neglected to truly master this ability. Not lacking in power by any means, but inefficient and inaccurate. Outside of arm's reach she would have trouble tracking a moving target.

Close ranged specialist: Against an enemy who can keep their range, Seras has very limited options when it comes to combating this. She needs to rely on her speed and agility to close the distance.

Reluctance to use resurreccion: As a hollow, Seras was an insatiably hateful being, this was sealed away in the weapon she carries with her when removing her mask. She knows this, and prefers to avoid releasing it, fearing she might fail to contain it.


Sealed Appearance: Seras carries with her a large scythe, a wicked steel curved blade with a black handle.
Zanpakuto Name: Amaterasu
Zanpakuto Call Out: Incinerate, Amaterasu

Cero: Basic, compared to most arrancar at least. Fired from an outstretched hand, a basic red beam.

Gran Rey Cero - Scorched Earth: Channeling her inner turmoil and rage, Seras’ only ranged technique, deep crimson flames erupt from her outstretched hand to tear up and incinerate everything in-front. Leaving a trail of destruction and fire in it’s wake.


Appearance: Once activated, Seras’ upper arms and hands are coated in in slim gauntlets, recreated from her original hollow form. The red cloak she wears grows longer, down near her ankles, flowing like flames.

Her zanpakuto seems to gain exhausts around the head, with the blade growing sharper and longer, enhancing its ability to cause damage.


Hellfire Cloak: An intense heat radiates around the girl, plantlife shrivels and dies simply by being near her. Her weapon is coated in a similar burning shroud, inflicting greater damage to those struck by it. This cloak is materialized around her as ambient flames, a dark crimson flowing from her body.
- Range: Contact
- Damage: Contact with Seras' body or weapon causes second degree burns.
- Duration: 3 Posts
- Cooldown: 6 Posts

Jet Burst: By directing a powerful jet of fire directed from the exhausts on the blade of her scythe, Seras is able to drastically increase the speed of her movements. Using momentum from her swings to not only increase the power of her attacks, but carry her along to close distances with ease.
Speed Boost: When activating this ability, Seras gains a momentary boost in one direction equivalent to a sonido, generally backwards. She can also channel this ability in an angular motion, enabling swift spinning attacks at the same speed.

Pyromancy: The ability to both manipulate and create flames. A supplementary ability granted from her affinity and hatred of fire. Generally used in tandem with her impressive close-combat skill. In her first form, her ability to control fire seems limited to her own flames. These flames cause first degree burns on contact and travel at the speed of her own cero.

- Strength: x3
- Speed: x3
- Defense: x3


Appearance: The gauntlets over her arms extend all the way to her shoulders. The hood of her cloak hardens and reaches over her face, covering her eyes in the signature bone white mask. To go with her gauntlets, Seras gains a pair of knee-high, armoured boots.


Flame Incarnate: Her hellfire cloak taken to the most extreme. Engulfed in flames the very earth she walks is set aflame. Getting too close is dangerous, as the very air scorches to the touch. Causing painful burns to those willing to stay close to this living inferno.
- Range: 10m
- Damage: Contact causes second degree burns, within range, only minor burns (Like a sun-burn) occur.
- Duration: 5 posts
- Cooldown: 10 posts

Inferno: By releasing her cloak, the fire spreads out in an explosive wave of fire. Tearing through the air in all directions. Causing anything flammable (Clothing, plant-life, hair and such) to combust immediately. This ability may only be used while Flame Incarnate is active and doubles it’s cooldown.
- Range: 20m (In all directions, spherical in shape)
- Damage: 2nd Degree Burns
- Cooldown: 10 posts  (Flame Incarnate may only be activated once this cooldown has ended)

Advanced Pyromancy: An enhanced form of fire manipulation, her flames grow more intense and swift, ranged techniques matching the speed of her bala. These intense flames cause 2nd degree burns on contact.

- Strength: x4
- Speed: x4
- Defense: x3



Born around the year 1600, after England was recovering from a devastating plague, Seras was born the only daughter and child of a farmer in a small isolated village. A quiet town, run by the church, where superstition and corruption ran rampant. The girl was a chipper youth, happy to help her mother in the kitchen or her father in the garden he helped her grow. As she grew, she found herself noticing things others didn’t; ghosts, voices… everything she kept to herself of course, such talk was looked down upon of course. Despite this, she grew up to become a fine young woman, with her parents blessing she was to wed a young man soon after her eighteenth birthday.

Unfortunately, this never happened, as her father became deathly ill, passing away in the night. There was a heavy tension in the village, after all, the town still remembered the black plague and feared it’s second coming. With a widow owning such a vast amount of fertile land, with no male heir, was not to be tolerated by the town’s leadership. Vicious rumours began to spread, that the widow was in fact the leader of a coven, having poisoned her husband and inducted her young daughter into become one of the vile witches that many loathed.

In the night, men came and took her mother away. Interrogated until they had their confession, Seras was forced to watch as her mother was burned at the stake. A first for the village, but seemingly not the last. The thoughts of witchcraft seemed to plague the villager’s minds, and greed for those lands so high sought after were enough to begin a second inquiry. After all, how could the daughter of a witch be trusted?

Having taken to never leaving home, stricken with grief over her loneliness, Seras was already wasting away as the mob came for her. There was no trial this time, everyone knew she was guilty of course. She was taken to the town square and tied to her own stake. It was a spectacle, the fire dancing over her body as she disappeared into the inferno.

As Seras’ soul left her body, it erupted into a violent rage and the flames of her funeral pyre engulfed the village, leaving nothing but ash. By the time she made it to the afterlife, she had taken a hollow form. A spirit of wrath, it rampaged through it’s kin like some sort of feast. It held no quarter, destroying and devouring anything it came across. Anything that crossed this lost soul would find itself engulfed by the same fire that seemed to fuel it’s hatred.

It grew more powerful of course, as are the way of things. Even as it’s beastial nature seemed to wane, the anger of it’s origin seemed to fuel it on to greater shows destruction. In it’s hunger for vengeance it continued to devour until finally it found itself alone once more. An empty void in a world of ash,

With naught left to take out it’s fury upon, the beast turned its rage upon itself. Trying to end it’s pitiful existence by tearing off that mask. This failed however, the hatred and rage sealed within the vicious weapon the girl now carries. A totem of the hatred that consumed the soul of a life cut short. With no affiliations, friends or allies. She wanders alone, her memories stored away in her scythe, in a delicate dance to keep the beast locked away.

RP Sample:

Curled up in her room by the corner in the empty house she had grown up in. It had been weeks now, months even. The girl didn’t know how long it had been since her mother had been taken away, cast into flames for crimes against god. How long did she have left? From their hateful glares and hushed whispers as she left the scene were enough to know it wasn’t over yet. Through the window she could see the distant, eerie glow of torches as a mob approached. Heavy footsteps marching towards her home before unceremoniously kicking down the door.

A priest lead the group, his gnarled bible clutched in one hand and a cross in the other. She looked up through her light ginger hair with cold, dead eyes. Most in the group could see that the girl was defeated, justifying that this was a kindness as well as a holy act. Their own personal key to the gates of heaven. They knocked her out, just incase, and dragged her from the now empty house.

Groggily, Seras woke from her daze. Eyes heavy and unfocused, she could barely see the man pulling her along. Only the grating of the dirt road on her feet until they reached the cobblestone paved town-square. Prepared already was the pyre, a single sturdy stake in the center. Feeling herself being lifted, the girl didn’t even think to struggle, it was too late now.

“She’s staring at me!”

Cried one man, who had caught her gaze, “She’ll put a spell on me! Quick, quick!” he continued as the crowd began to mutter between themselves, worried glances shared between them. They were getting riled up, wanting this ordeal over with as soon as possible.


A commanding voice, the priest and bishop of the local church. “Stand back! We shall release this demon and free this poor girl’s soul!” His torch held aloft, he began to cite his scriptures, drowned out by mumbled prayers and jeered cries. Dreary eyes scanned the crowd, seeing only fear… fear and hatred. Why though? Why had she been forsaken? She didn’t understand! A well of pain and confusion began to transform itself in her mind, hatred grew. She glares to the villagers, her hateful gaze passing over them. She would not forget these faces, they would be etched into her soul, these wretched people would pay.

“As written in the book of Exodus, Chapter 22, verse 18… Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” With his final words, he tossed his torch to the pyre. The dry bundles of kindling quickly set aflame, engulfing the girl in smoke while wisps of fire danced over her feet. Pain became all she felt as she finally broke her silence.

Screams echoed through the homely little town as the young woman was erased by this ‘righteous’ flame. Her writhing form showing her agony as she tried to break free as many had done before her. To no avail, as she was overcome by the choking plumes of smoke and the last light of life was snuffed from her eyes.

The onlookers seemed pleased, they had done their duty and the world was rid another evil sinner. The girl’s tortured soul had other plans, however. Only mere moments after the screams had stopped, the fire seemed to grow. It’s flames changing to a deep crimson, a hellish inferno that began to burn out of control. Before the villagers could do anything, they found themselves sweating, the air around them hot like the deepest reaches of hell. A hell they had brought on themselves no less.

By morning, there was nothing left but cinders. Whole homes destroyed to their foundations, farmland scorched, never to bear another harvest. Travelers say that the area is haunted, and rightly so, it wasn’t often an entire village was reduced to a hell on earth overnight.

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#2 Re: Seras - (Done!) on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:06 am

Hellfire Cloak: An intense heat radiates around the girl, plantlife shrivels and dies simply by being near her. Her weapon is coated in a similar burning shroud, inflicting greater damage to those struck by it. This cloak is materialized around her as ambient flames, a dark crimson flowing from her body.

Needs elaboration in regards to degree of burn, Duration, and cooldown.

Jet Burst: By directing a powerful jet of fire directed from the exhausts on the blade of her scythe, Seras is able to drastically increase the speed of her movements. Using momentum from her swings to not only increase the power of her attacks, but carry her along to close distances with ease.

How much faster? Bala Speed, Shunpo Speed? That will determine Shunpo speed.

Flame Incarnate: Her hellfire cloak taken to the most extreme. Engulfed in flames the very earth she walks is caught aflame. Merely touching her causes serious burns and attacking directly becomes a dangerous game, where an assailant will find it difficult to strike without being burned.

Needs elaboration, degree of burns? Duration, Cooldown? 2nd degree burns sounds adequate if the duration is 2 with a cooldown of 4 or 3 dur and 6 CD but.. any lower than that I'll ask for 1st degree only.

Inferno: By releasing her cloak, the fire spreads out in an explosive wave of fire. Tearing through the air, incinerating anything it comes in contact with. Her passive aura ability will fade as the flames dissipate, leaving Seras vulnerable for some time as it gathers it’s strength again. (Flame Incarnate takes five posts to regenerate)

Needs damage, burn, and range elaboration. Clarify that 5 post regen means 5 post cool down.

That's all for now.

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#3 Re: Seras - (Done!) on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:27 am

Alrighty! Tried again with the descriptions and such updated!

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#4 Re: Seras - (Done!) on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:08 am

Approved 1-3. 10th Espada.

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