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#1 Akame: The Red Massacre. [FINISHED] on Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:55 pm


Name: Akame. A title that she received many years ago, having received it after her many years of psychological trauma has made her forget just what her real name is. Akame translates to "Red Eyes", a direct reference to her demonic red eyes.
Age: Late Teens - Early Adult
True Age: 382
Sex: Female
Personality: In terms of her alignment Akame has a rather grey alignment, it cannot be defined as set in stone or as simple as good or evil. She'd be referred to as Chaotic Neutral but not that she is a chaotic, crazy psycho but that she makes her own path. Akame loves freedom, she hates being told what to do or how to do something and she hates the black and white idea of good and evil, in her eyes both are as bad as each other and that the true answer to balance lies in the grey.

While one might describe her as a protagonist from that ideal a better term would be anti-hero. Akame is a person who works from the shadows to serve the light, her past affiliations with Divisions Two (Covert Ops), Six (Offensive Ops) and Eleven (Combat Specialists) have allowed her to see a wide variety of different methods of combat, and ways to fight and kill making her extremely versatile with all this knowledge in how she can approach a situation and often what would be the best approach.

She is an assassin, not a frontline fighter however as a combatant she knows any skill would be useful which is why she gained skills in areas such as medicine, technology and psychology to be of assistance when going about her business in death dealing. But, as we know from before she's an anti-hero, she displays this by using her skills to weed out corruption and what she deems as evil through assassination, ane killing. It might suprise people that despite the Shinigami being viewed as just, righteous and heroes Akame sees them as something else. Monsters. They kill Arrancars, Vizards and Quincy, just because they fear what they are. The fact they cannot control it makes them want to destroy it.

Akame has a realistic grasp of the world, building her psyche upon the principle of logic makes it hard for her to ignore facts and she is always looking for the reality; flaws are not acceptable and if she sees a flaw she wants it resolved. While empathy is something she has it is overpowered by her apathy, she can understand how people feel and what they are thinking by placing herself in their shoes but the truth of the matter is that she doesn't care. Psychology is merely to analyse a person and determine their weaknesses, not why they did it or if they should have mercy.

She is rather lonely, after being tortured psychologically for many years and undergoing a variety of unsanctioned experiments by force has made her hard to get along with let alone understand making her somewhat enigmatic and she holds an air of mystery about her. Due to the fact she has holes in her memory from her past makes her often curious about herself and she seeks to understand exactly who she was and so that is quite the vulnerable topic for her, a weakness that can be exploited for her desire to know about her identity.

While hard to socialise with, she is even harder to get intimate with as something more than an aquaintance: friend is hard, lover is nigh-impossible. Forming relationships other than mere aquaintances and enemies is hard for Akame, due to the fact that how is she meant to be friends with other people when she doesn't even know herself?


Height: 5 feet 9 inches.
Weight: 67 kilograms.



General Fighting Style:
Strengths: She has a stealthy and assassin style of combat, a single strike is what she tries to start and end with in combat. As such she is highly specialised with being able to remain undetected and completely hide her reiryoku. What is also strong about Akame is her superhuman reflexes which is why she's so proficient with her zanpakuto, often using a Iaido style due to the fact it follows a lot of her style of fighting.
Weaknesses: Akame doesn't utilise Kido very often, prefering to use of speed and physical strikes which makes her have a huge disadvantage with this area. She is strong, but it isn't anything special making her easily overpowered by other foes although that's if they can catch her first.


¬ Hitotsume: Nadegiri
A precision cut of extreme force and speed which can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are not even aware of it until after it has taken place.

¬ Iaido: First Blood
Adhering to the principles of Iaidō, the user performs a quick and powerful slash with their sword in order to cut the intended target, before immediately re-sheathing the blade afterwards.

¬ Onibi
The practitioner performs a powerful thrust with a blunt weapon, creating a large, gaping, cylindrical hole in a target.

¬ Ryōdan
Grasping his or her sword with both hands, the practitioner brings it down with enough force to cut an opponent in half down the middle.

¬ Senmaioroshi
Multiple extremely fast blade movements take place, shredding a target into pieces.


Sealed Appearance:



Call Out Command: Strike to Kill. Murasame.
Appearance: Murasame doesn't change in it's shikai state except that the blade occasionally has a blackish aura, making its curse visible.

Shiketsumyaku - Dead Blood Pulse
The primarily focus of Murasame's powerset is Blood, it manifests as the ability to manipulate her own blood while the blade excretes a spiritual poison that target's the opponent's blood. Her skill with manipulating her own blood is vast, using reiatsu Akame is capable of converting it to blood, the volume of spiritual energy to the volume of blood, this makes it incredibly hard to kill her with wounds since so long as she has reiatsu then she can keep a generating blood throughout her body even if the wound is still open.

The use of blood grants her a higher rate of regeneration than normal, now this isn't like High-Speed Regeneration since it cannot regenerate limbs or anything of the sort but what it allows is for her to do is make her blood contain much more oxygen and nuitrients that her body needs, allowing for higher levels of stamina and wound regeneration although she could easily just crystalise the blood to create dermal armour and clot wounds but this cuts of oxygen to parts of her body and as we all know that can result in parts of the body dying and no longer being useful so she tends to simply convert her reiatsu into blood.

Akame has a unique Blood Type due to the use of her zanpakuto, it is dormant with its properties while Murasame is sealed but when activated her blood is able to manipulate the amount of red and white blood cells in it as well as assimilate any blood type she desires. This blood type is known as Type X and is unique to Akame. It should be noted that contact with Akame's blood should be avoided at all times since it's healing properties can quickly change to have traits akin to acid by making the white blood cell count incredibly high and this causes a corrosive effect which to Akame can be quite beneficial since the white blood cells make it harder for her to be affected by poison and foreign pathogens.

Constructs are also a possiblility for her, an example is making wings to fly or creating blood constructs by causing it to burst from her skin and take the shape of blades and other tools until she brings it back or using it as projectiles. This is done by instead making her reiatsu infuse into her stem cells and produce large amounts of red blood cells for her to use.

Akame is unable to use other types of blood for her abilities, these abilities are limited to her Blood Type X. Which can only be created through her reiatsu activating her stem cells to create it. This means she cannot take people's blood to use for her own abilities and the fact she has a lower reiryoku pool in Shikai makes it harder for her to maintain this for long periods unless she sticks to using primary physical force. One huge negative though for Akame is that after the use of her shikai her body has a negative effect from the shikai and she can often experience pain in the form of aching, heachaches to other symptons which are like withdrawal symptoms although without the craving.

Zukō no Ku - Halo of Suffering
By manipulating her blood, and infusing it with her reiatsu, Akame can create a weaponised sphere of blood. It should be noted that the spheres can only manifest from the her blood, rather than any source of blood, and can then be shaped accordingly. By using the high white blood cell count of the spheres, they can be used as objects of healing or weaponised if necessary for example, the spheres can be expanded and cover portions of the user's body to create a dense armor of blood although as this restricts movement Akame rarely, if ever uses it for defence purposes.

Akame is able to create a maximum of four at any single time, she cannot control any more than that due to her reiryoku control. While active, the spheres can float around her, or in formation behind her if she wishes it, and are self-maintained.

¬ Red Secret Art: Scarlet Blood Shield
Through the use of blood manipulation Akame is able to generate a barrier around herself by slitting her wrists and releasing a large quantity of her blood on the ground around her. The barrier can be expanded to encompass more than just herself although the bigger it gets the more blood she uses. Most organic matter that comes into contact with the shield will corrode on a molecular level, causing it to break apart and turn to ash although a stronger fighter could break through, a spiritual skill specialist, those that focus on kido/cero or reiatsu skills etc and as such high-level kido spells and Gran Rey Cero can break through the barrier with ease while it is able to withstand assault from lesser techniques since the technique is very similar to a barrier kido spell. This technique lasts two posts and has a cool down of seven posts, Halo of Suffering must also be active.

¬ Red Secret Art: Blood Mist Cloud
This technique is where Akame causes a bloody mist to spring forth by releasing some of her blood into the surrounding atmosphere, then goes in it and out of sight at will from within the hazy-red realm. The blood mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of blood used. With this technique the user's scent is also masked by the scent of iron in the blood mist and it also makes the user smell of bloody iron too. The red mist can also be used as a basis for other techniques. This technique lasts a total of four posts before it clears enough so it allows people to see again, Halo of Suffering must also be active.

Kyūketsuki - Vampire
This is the ability that Murasame keeps to itself, the blade of the Murasame is what earned it the title of the Vampiric Sword. This is because the blade carries a curse that gives it a hunger for blood that can never be satisfied. The Murasame requires no cleaning, for it drinks the blood of those it cuts making its master stronger in the process as it drinks the liquid of life. The post that Akame draws blood with Murasame causes her physical capabilities to be tripled, although only in that post and if she can draw blood in the following post she will once again have tripled capabilties however this doesn't stack and is actually like a drug in some respects. It has the negative of making Akame incredibly lustful towards blood, plauging her mind with a need for blood like her Cursed Blade. The blade resonates with her as it gives her more power following the principle of equivalent exchange: Akame must take something from Murasame to get something from it.

Boosts: In exchange for her all her physical capabilities (Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina, Perception etc.) being doubled Akame's reiryoku is cut by 1/2, this is quite peculiar since her reiatsu is empowering her blood and so she doesn't have as much to work with. This can be quite deceiving for people as well.


History: Akame's birth occurred just shy of four centuries ago into the noble Kajiya Clan, a clan of blacksmiths and engineers which made their wealth on the mass production and development of equipment for the Gotei Thirteen. With their forefathers training under some of the greatest masters and being some of the few to learn the art of forging zanpakuto. Therefore the clan quickly established themselves as the richest of the Four Noble Clans since they create ausachi and sell them as well as the Shihakusho garments and much more.

Their wealth made them very prosperous and this lead to them developing more and more, going into technological advancement to increase their wealth and knowledge but their wealth made them excellent targets for other noble families seeking to get money through marriages. Akame was born to a name that she has long forgotten but she did belong to the Kijiya Clan as the niece of the clan's head. Her marriage was arranged well before she had even been born, having a suitor before she was even born.

When she was born she was raised to do all the things noblewomen were expected to do; mannerisms, langauge and other aspects. The Kijiya didn't normally train in combat, and so Akame learned no forms of combat in her youth. She was just an object to be sold off for benefit to her clan. However when Akame's little sister Mei was born it was decided that she would be given to the Gotei Thirteen to train as a Shinigami.

This didn't please Akame one bit. She hated the way she had to act, like livestock to be trained and then given away to be used while her little sister got to train to be a warrior, however she'd never hold that against Mei. Her little sister didn't like it either, the two were incredibly close and Mei would often give her big sister lessons when their parents or servants weren't around which gave Akame a small bit of repreive from her life where she could just stop with all the things she had to deal with and unwind.

When she was to marry her suitor she'd never met once in her life it was not her he was attracted too. It was her little sister who caught his eye and he refused to marry her, instead wanting Mei. This created a complication within the families. It would come down to swap the girls and give him what he wants or cancel the whole thing.

Mei refused outright, she didn't want anything like what was meant to be for her sister. As Akame had her entire life to prepare for this Mei wanted none of it. Akame refused to let her sister be forced into such a position and so when it was forced onto Mei the red-eyed demon saw the only way to save her sister was to act first and kill the man her sister was to marry against her will. Of course his family wasn't happy, they wanted compensation. They wanted justice.

This lead to Akame ending up in prison, until she proved to dangerous to be kept in there with her strong-willed mindset and was transferred to the Maggot's Nest after she killed her cellmate for trying to sexually abuse her. Once there Akame was forced to undergoe many unsanctioned psychological experiments which pushed her mind to breaking, causing her to get holes in her memory. When she was finally released she was a pawn to her torturer in Squad Two, the perfect killer without remorse or mercy. Over the period of her shinigami career she went into a variety of Divisions, although the main ones were Two, Six and Eleven: The Combat ones to create a perfect assassin and combatant which could adapt and handle any situation.

However there comes a time when one revolts and slowly her memories came back, her sister came back to her mind. Akame betrayed the Seireitei and killed her controller to escape and go to her sister however that was the most preditable area for her to be and so when she got there she was ambused and captured, but this time she had got her sister involved in this. In their attempted escape Mei was killed which sent Akame into a blind rage, killing, torturing and hurting them in anyway possible her despair and rage wouldn't stop.

When it was finally over she began to hear her sister's voice in her head, now that was the straw for her as she finally thought she'd lost her mind but sure enough her sister was inside her mind, she believed that Mei was her zanpakuto and wanted it to be so from her feeling of loss. With her "sister" she learned the first release known as Murasame and left the Soul Society with a vow to destroy all the evil in the world, by whatever means necessary.

Side Notes: N/A

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#2 Re: Akame: The Red Massacre. [FINISHED] on Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:42 am

10. Lowering of an opponents abilities. Should be more reserved to things that would impact their abilities indirectly, or simply boosting your own.

As such Curse Seal of Blood is denied.

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#3 Re: Akame: The Red Massacre. [FINISHED] on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:52 pm

Edits made: Replaced Curse Seal of Blood with Vampire.
Added Red Secret Art: Blood Mist Cloud.

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#4 Re: Akame: The Red Massacre. [FINISHED] on Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:50 am

Sorry I lost track of time and stuff. This is approved at 1-1

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