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#11 Re: [Battle] Hands to ...Hand? on Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:28 pm


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Gfx Queen

each breath was getting harder to take in. She felt her ribs having cracked on the left side, three of them to be specific, while the right side had suffered only two. Each breath was getting harder to take as she continued doing everything in her power to deflect or avoid every punch of Rena's that she could, and when a bucketful of ice cold water dropped on her head, she gasped for air and started coughing.

At this point, Rena had stopped the assault, and Sakura was vaguely aware of the cat lady who had just been casually watching this fight from the beginning, and that she had stepped into the area, reminding Rena that Sakura had only obeyed her own rules of the fight. As Rena understood, she stood up and sighed, and spoke to Sakura, stating something about having lost the match, but the words were not coherent.

Each breath was a fight, a struggle to the death as Sakura made every muscle in her body obey her command, standing up as she coughed, feeling a metallic taste in her mouth, swallowing to keep it down and hidden. In all her years, she had never felt pain like this; this wasn't losing a fight, this was pissing off the wrong person. Sakura's knees trembled as she caught herself, sealing her Zanpakutou and sheathing it, holding her right arm at the elbow with her left hand, making a mental note that it was undoubtably broken from that last punch.

Wait, did Rena Lisola say something about losing the fight? She must have heard Rena incorrectly, because there was no way that Sakura won this bout under any circumstances. As she opened her eyes to look at the Commander, she realized just how undamaged she actually was, aside from her one hand, but that wasn't enough to count for anything when you looked at Sakura's broken ribs, broken arm, and the fact that she was coughing up blood, even if that fact was hidden.

"It... was, Shunko..." Sakura made every effort to keep herself conscious as she dragged herself over to the same corner Rena was in, barely conscious at this point. "As far as... I, know... I'm the only... one who has.. Shunko...

"But I'd be willing... to teach it to you... so no one else asks me how to learn it..."
Sakura smiled, her eyes closing as she spent the last of her energy on one final sentence: "You learn it from me, as long as you teach it to anyone else you want to... I don't want to teach anyone else but you."

And with that, Sakura passed out.
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#12 Re: [Battle] Hands to ...Hand? on Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:16 am


Rena blinked as Sakura labored to correct her information, well. She knew "of" shunko because of the history books, but based on what Sakura just mentioned it's probably true that she's the only one of the current generation of Shinigami that can even use the technique. Eh.. even if Rena was completely wrong and had just guessed the ability's name out of sheer random stupidity and Sakura had invented the technique herself. Meh.. She didn't really care which it was at this point. It was a powerful move.

Sakura passed out after offering to teach Rena how to use shunko. Which she considered for a moment, but Reika smacked Rena on the head shortly after, causing her to react angrily, "Oi what the hell did you do that for?" "She's unconscious stupid. You overdid it this time." "Okay but you didn't have to hit me!" "She's also bleeding massively.." "Wait what?" Rena eyeballed Sakura, only to now notice the slightest bit of blood leaving her mouth since she wasn't conscious to hide it anymore, "Holy shit!" Rena jumped up and called for one of the other shinigami to assist her in getting Sakura the help and healing she required.

Rena would sheepishly avoid Sakura for the rest of that day. Feeling ashamed she caused that much damage unintentionally. So when next Sakura woke up, it was in the fourth division's healing room being watched over by two medical doctors who had just finished fixing up her ribs.
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