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#1 Markus Anders on Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:38 am


Name: Markus Anders
Age: 32
True Age: 47
Sex: Male
Personality: Markus is a former Special forces operative. He is tough as nails and well used to the madness of war and combat. He is tough on people, can be really brutal when it comes to training with others or dealing with people who make mistakes or disobey his orders, but he can also be friendly to those who earn his respect, always willing to help when he can. He is always ready and eager for a fight, however if it becomes serious he will not hold back.  

Markus is a born leader, but is also capable of taking commands without issues. He is dedicated to his work and has an almost tunnel vision like focus when it comes to doing his job. He is unnaturally good at reading people, and picks up on things they might be trying to hide. He can be hard to befriend, but is a loyal comrade to those who know him and have earned his trust and respect.

Markus is not someone to make an enemy of, as he is generally unforgiving, and has no qualms with killing someone who threatens him or his comrades. At the very least he will beat them down and make them regret the decisions that led to that fight. He is not Arrogant, but confident in his own abilities. Markus avoids smack talking and is generally a very serious person, when the situation calls for it.

Markus hates most spiritual beings equally. This hate doesn’t stop him from working with them and it doesn’t apply to all of them, given that he’s friends with an arrancar and a bounto. However he has no time for anyone who threatens him or his friends or allies. Markus is not one to let friendship get in the way of a job, and has no issues fighting friends if a mission requires it. However he’ll never accept a mission to kill a friend.

Markus hates arrancar, but is willing to work with them. He isn't fond of shinigami and their rigid ways, and is a little more comfortable with Vizard. Bount are fine with him as long as their not eating the souls of innocent people, and he works best with quincy, advent human or fullbring.


Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210lbs
Physical Traits: Markus is well built, muscled and strong. His body, specifically his torso, is laced with scars and burns, and both of his arms were damaged so badly they had to be amputated. However they were replaced with two black metallic cybernetic limbs that mirror his own unnatural strength, and give him a far more intimidating appearance. His legs are also cybernetic from just above the knee down, and have the same sleek design as his arms. Markus has blue eyes that glow slightly and short black hair, and a short clean beard.
Clothing: Markus wears a long black coat over a special sleeveless kevlar body vest, and black pants and boots. He usually removes his coat during combat, allowing for a freer range of movement and more easily allows him to utilise his arm blades in battle.


General Fighting Style: Markus is a fierce fighter, a veteran of many battlefields. Since becoming what he is, Markus has adapted his fighting style. He prefers close combat, attacking with his blades and close range powers, but he is capable of fighting at range too. He enjoys a good fight. However he does not take life or death fights lightly.

If a fights not serious, he will never go higher than second form, and prefers to avoid using his powers all together unless he needs to. He prefers the might of his two handed weaponry over one handed weapons, but he is a flexible fighter and adapts to any situation quickly thanks to years of experience fighting and using his powers.

Strength: This is one of Markus’ best traits, boasting supreme strength due to a combination of his augments and considerable human strength.
Durability: Markus can take an absolute pummeling in combat before it starts to become a problem for him.
Speed: He is not super fast, but he is still faster than the average person, which can make him a pain to deal with if someone can’t keep up, especially with his strength and durability.

Stamina: Stamina has always been a bit of a problem for Markus. His direct fighting style can wear him out faster than the average fighter.
Electricity: Markus’ body is laced with metal, and he has robotic arms. Getting hit by electrical attacks deals double damage to him.


Weapon Name:Talon

The Talon is designed to have low recoil and good accuracy, and are perfect for duel wielding in combat along side a blade or second pistol. The hand guard is reinforced with Zan steel strong materials making them effective at blocking and pistol whipping. It has multiple ammo types and is Markus’ favorite weapon, having had it since the beginning of his career as a soldier.

Rate of fire: Semi auto
Ammo types: Standard ammo: These rounds are coated in spiritual energy to allow them to hit spiritual targets. They do the equivalent of a bala worth of damage.
Armor Piercing: A special bullet designed to punch through strong armor and strong hierro. They do 1 bala worth of damage.
Explosive: These bullets explode on impact as opposed to penetrate the target fully. Still, they do extra damage and hit with double the power of the talons' standard rounds against unarmored targets.
Incendiary: Self explanatory really, upon impact the bullets from these clips do additional burning damage to the target, usually burning the skin where they hit. They can ignite flammable objects with ease but aren't great against armored targets. If someone is ignited, like their clothes, the fire can be put out pretty easily.

Clip: Talon clips hold 8 shots per clip. It comes with 5 clips for standard ammo, and 3 of each special ammo.

Augment Name:  Combat Eye
Description: both of Markus’ eyes have been enhanced with advanced cybernetic lenses that allow him to see better in all light levels as they adjust much faster to sudden changes to light levels. Flash bangs are 50% less effective, as are poisons  or other abilities that effects his vision.

Augment Name: Wararm Mk I
Description: Markus, having lost both his arms in war, had them replaced with advanced mechanical arms known as the Wararm. They are top of the line technology. Both arms are armored and tough to cut, made of highly durable metal that acts like a tough hierro. Each arm has a 12 inch unfolding blade built into them, which can be deployed independently of one another. Each blade is as strong as Zan steel.

Augment Name: War leg Mk I
Description: Like his arms, both of Markus’ legs were severely damaged in the same accident that resulted in his arms being amputated. His legs are reinforced in the same way as his arms, with tough sleek black metal that acts like a tough hierro. The flesh and metal meet just above the knee. They are equipped with Spiritual thrusters that allow him to airwalk like a shinigami or other spiritual beings.

Augment Name: Rhino Subdermal armor
Description: Markus’ skin has been augmented with a tough, finely crafted armor mesh that acts as a weak hierro, capable of resisting cutting and piercing forces, and protecting the organic parts of his body from damage. It is grafted into his skin and cannot be removed. It repairs itself with his body as he regenerates

Augment Name: Repair and healing Nanites
Description: Markus’ body has been infused with Nanites that heal, repair and maintain his body. They use his spiritual energy to function and use very little power, meaning they do not drain him in day to day life. When Markus’ body is damaged, they react, and can repair damage to flesh and metal alike. They act as weak high speed regeneration.

Augment Name: Ikarus Dash System
Description: Specialised Jets in his arms, legs and back allow markus move similar to shunpo, slow himself while falling and also punch or kick at shunpo like speeds. Using this to increase the speed of his physical attacks can only be used 4 times a post.


Ability Name: Body of Spirit and Machine
Description: Markus’ augments have been designed to work with his spiritual power. During final form, it floods into his cybernetic augments. his Rhino subdermal armor and Nanites become equivilent to average hierro and average high speed regen, as effective at protecting him from damage and healing his body faster than before, and his robotic limbs are effective by his final form boosts.

Ability Name: Weapon summoning.
Description: Markus can summon a range of different weapons to use in combat. In final form he can summon one of these weapons at once. Each weapon is unique and has its own special abilities and the ability to change forms. In final  form he has Access to Carmine, and Ramighte. Markus can control any weapon he summons telekinetically within 50ft of him, however he cannot use their trick forms or abilities unless he is wielding them in his hands. He can dual wield some of these weapons with each other. This will be specified. He can only summon or switch out one weapon per post, but can dismiss them in an instant.

Ability Name: Summon weapon: Ramighte
Description: A Two handed greatsword that embodies the fire and might of Markus’ body. It is designed for two handed use, and cannot be dual wielded.

Base Weapon: In its base form Ramighte is a large heavy greatsword with a keen double edge.
Base Weapon Ability: Smash- Markus smashes Ramighte into the ground causing earth to explode upwards with the force of a cero and shoots up spikes of fire in a 30ft radius around him. 2 post cooldown.

Trick Weapon form: Ramighte’s great blade acts as a sheath for a smaller, double edged sword. When he pulls a trigger on the handle, this blade is released, and markus can access it’s trick weapon ability, and use the blade of the greatsword as a shield.

Trick Weapon ability: Wave of destruction - Markus unsheathe Ramighte’s inner blade and pulls the trigger again, gathering elemental energy within the blade. He swings it and a wave fire is unleashed. The wave travels 100ft, is 30ft long and 10ft tall, and hits with the force of a gran rey cero. 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Summon weapon: Carmine
Description: A long spear that embodies the power of markus’ soul. It can be used one handed.

Base Weapon: In its base form Carmine is a 5ft long spear with a six inch blade at its head. The blade is edged on one side and serrated on the other
Base Weapon Ability: Keen Edge- In its base form Carmine’s spear vibrates at high speeds and is capable of cutting through average Hierro and armor like butter.

Trick Weapon form: When markus hits a trigger on carmine’s handle, the blade of the weapon slides down and back, revealing a barrel. Markus can still strike with the weapon in this form, but it’s cutting effect is disabled. However He can use it’s trick weapon ability now.

Trick Weapon ability: Rifle Shot - in Carmine’s second form, markus can at will fire a bolt of energy that deals a bala worth of damage on impact. This has a range of 100yd and fires as fast as a semi automatic rifle.

Boosts: Strength x 3, speed x 3, durability x 3, stamina x 2, spiritual energy x 2.


Keeps all previous powers.

Ability Name: Soul of Spirit and Machine
Description: Markus’ augments have been designed to work with his spiritual power. During Hyper mode, it floods into his cybernetic augments. his Rhino subdermal armor and Nanites become equivilent to average hierro and average high speed regen, protecting him from damage and healing his body faster, and his robotic limbs are effective by his hyper mode boosts.

Ability Name: Advanced Weapon summoning
Description: Markus can summon a range of different weapons to use in combat. In his hyper mode he can summon two of these weapons at once. Each weapon is unique and has its own special abilities and the ability to change forms. In hyper made he has access to his final form weapons, and Borhamra, and Glaciera. Markus can control any weapon he summons telekinetically within 100ft of him, however he cannot use their abilities or trick forms unless he is wielding them in his hands as before

Ability Name:Summon weapon: Borhamra
Description: A mighty gauntlet with a long stake, it embodies the destructive nature of markus. Can be dual wielded with a second weapon.

Base Weapon: Borhamra’s base form is a 1 foot long blade like spike attached to an armored gauntlet. Markus can swing or thrust the weapon in this form.
Base Weapon Ability: Energy shield- Markus swings the weapon and it projects an energy shield capable of blocking a cero in front of him. 1 per post.

Trick Weapon form: The spike pulls back into the gauntlet and charges with energy. Markus can no longer slash with this weapon, and is now considered blunt, and the range is much shorter.

Trick Weapon ability: Buster Blast- When activated, the spike fills with energy and fires from the weapon, like a cannon, delivering an explosive blast as powerful as a cero oscuras, and has a 4 post cooldown. The spike re materialises after the blast and the weapon goes back to its base form.

Ability Name:Summon weapon: Glaciera
Description: A powerful hammer that embodies Markus’ cold fury. Designed to be used in two hands, and cannot be dual wielded.

Base Weapon: In its base form Glaciera is a large warhammer capable of delivering powerful crushing blows.

Base Weapon Ability: ice eruption- markus slams glaciera into the ground and unleashes sends a wave of ice exploding out of the round in a straight line. it travels 50ft and the spikes are 10ft high. 2 post cooldown.

Trick Weapon form: similar to Ramighte, glaciera has a long thin sword hidden within its handle. when markus pulls the trigger he releases the blade and can thenuse its trick weapon ability.

Trick Weapon ability: advancing ice- markus swings the blade and unleases a wall of ice capable of blocking an attack as strong as a cero oscuras. 4 post cooldown

Boosts: Strength x 4, speed x 4, durability x 4, stamina x 3, spiritual energy x 3.

Ability Name: Overdrive
Description: Markus summons all of his weapons and empowers them with their element. He can mentally wield all foue for 3 posts. On the 3rd post, All of them lock onto a target and fire at them at high speeds. Each weapon deals a gran rey cero worth of damage on impact, with a 30ft explosion radius, after which, Markus enters into fatigue state and leaves hyper mode. Counts as a final, can only be used once per thread.


Background: Markus Anders was born and raised in detroit. He had an average childhood. His father was in the military and from a young age he was raised with the goal of joining the military. Markus didn’t mind, because he was always a fighter. Infact he had a bad habit of getting in fights in school, in defense of those that bullies deemed easy targets. He didn’t do it for the people he defended, he did it because he enjoyed a good fight, and beating up people who picked on others was seen as a  good reason.

When markus wasn’t fighting he was training in hand to hand, gun skills and other fighting methods. When markus was 17 his father was killed in the line of duty, and Markus followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the army. He served for many years, throughout many wars, until he advanced into the navy seals. It was during this time his powers began to develop.

With his new found powers he quickly became a secret weapon, used to deal with some of the most serious situations across the globe. He fought with vigor. However as his powers grew, the challenge of the fights became less and less, and he slowly became dissatisfied with it. As much as he was serving his country, he couldn’t deal with the lack of challenge. So he resigned.

It wasn’t long before he was eventually recruited into a special forces unit tasked with fighting hollow and other spiritual beings. This, he found was a challenge and once again he was able to fight to his fullest. He was eventually given a leadership role in his squad, having more than proved his prowess over the years. And everything was going well, until shit hit the fan for him.

During a mission to take out an arrancar causing havoc in a town. However they were in over their heads as the arrancar quickly turned the table on them and most of the squad was wiped out in an instant. Markus was caught in a blast that caused such severe damage to his body, he would have died. However given his state, he was chosen for a special treatment kept for only the most severe cases.

His body was ruined, and he would have died. But he was put into the care of a young engineering genius by the name of Ashe. Ashe, a cyborg herself, fitted him with the cybernetics that saved his life. When Markus finally woke up, he became enraged by this treatment. He hadn’t been given a choice, and even though it saved his life he would have preferred to have died. Markus quit the force. This happened when he was 35, and he's lived with his augments for the last 10 years.

With no purpose, and no intention of going back to the military he took up work as a mercenary, working for anyone willing to pay. He met plenty of people and worked for all kinds of clients during that time, including the committee. He was offered a place in the committee too, but turned it down because he had had enough of special organisations. Freelancing as a mercenary suited him better. So he kept with it.

He slowly gathered a crew, and became a well known force on the battlefields across earth. It wasn’t long before Markus expanded the mercenary band, and began taking on bigger jobs. He established his own mercenary organisation, willing to work for the highest bidder, human or otherwise.
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