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on Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:28 pm




Name: Alyss Kesshou
Looks Age: 14
True Age: 15
Sex: Male [Identifies as Female]
Personality is an incredibly hard thing to quantify. If you asked Alyss to sum herself up in five words, she might say "I'm a Dragon girl, man." If you asked her to say it in ten words, she may say "I'm nice, but I have a Dragon's temper, you know?" Finally, if you expanded it to twenty words, Alyss may say something like "I'm a nice girl who just wants to protect people I love.. and I have the powers of a Dragon."

At the core of her being, Alyss is a very nice girl for all intents and purposes. All she cares about is protecting the people she loves, and protecting people who can't protect themselves, or other people that they love. While she does have a bit of a temper, she isn't as quick to use her other powers as she is to use her sword. Most of what she says is in a very soft, almost pre-pubescent feminine voice, matching her appearance.

The quickest way to set her off is call her a 12-year old, but be warned: her rage grows exponentially for every number smaller than twelve, peaking at 6.


Height: 48in [4ft]
Weight: 63lbs [19.2bmi]
Physical Traits: [Casual Attire]|[Formal Alyss]


General Fighting Style:
Alyss' fighting style boils down to using her speed and eating the element she's against, making it more difficult to counter her. While she prefers not to have to use her sword, staying at range with her abilities. She has an abnormally large pool of reiatsu to utilize her abilities, but it does have it's limit.

Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Speed, Durability
Weaknesses: Endurance, Stamina, Strength


Alyss can consume any natural element, not under the control of another person. Doing so causes her abilities to become that element, referred to as her 'Active' element. This can be done once every 5th post, and if Alyss consumes the same element a second time, she restores 10% of her maximum Reiatsu. Every further consumption will restore another 10%. Alyss cannot consume a Breeze, and as such cannot use Wind in any way. Alyss can restore a maximum of 30% of her reiatsu in a single thread this way, regardless of how many elements contribute to it.

Alyss whirls her spear whip around her at a high speed, deflecting all attacks weaker than a Gran Rey Cero, and dealing damage equal to a Cero, to anything that gets within 10 feet of her. This ability can last for up to an entire post, has a 4 post cooldown, and Alyss cannot move while it is active. This drains no reiatsu from Alyss.

Alyss can release a tornado-like attack of pure energy from her mouth with the destructive capabilities of a Cero. This attack has an exceptionally wide area of effect in a cone-shape, but a relatively short range. At the edge, the attack reaches fifty meters in diamater, but only extends twenty meters from Alyss' position. She can hold this attack for the entirety of a post, during which she can turn to change the angle of the attack, as well as move around. Alyss can use this ability once every two posts.

Alyss breathes in deeply before releasing a focused beam of pure energy from her mouth. The beam has the desctructive capabilities of a Gran Rey Cero, and can be held for an entire post. Similar to her Dragon's Roar, this ability can be manipulated during the cast, and has no delay in updating it's angle of attack. This ability extends up to one-hundred meters from Alyss' position, and can be used once every six posts.

Focusing her energy on a specific limb of her body, Alyss can coat it in the essence of a dragon and gain other properties. Her arms or legs become coated in scales and gain five-inch claws on each finger or toe; her shoulders grow wings that are large and strong enough to carry up to 200lbs in addition to her own weight; her tailbone grows a tail five-feet in length and fully prehensile; her head gets coated in scales and increases the damage of her Dragon's Roar or Dragon's Nova by 50%. This ability lasts up to 2 posts with a 4 post cooldown.

Focusing energy into her Spear, Alyss can release a wave of energy following the arc of her swing, thrust, or the whip. This has the destructive capability of a Cero, and can be fired off twice in a single post; alternatively, Alyss can further power the technique, causing it to have a Gran Rey Cero's damage; this, however, can only be done once every third post.

By praying to her God, Alyss can bathe an area 10ft in diameter in a healing light from the sky, which can be blocked, which cures wounds. The light cannot be moved once it touches the ground, has no effect until it touches the ground, and heals anything that's alive within the light. The technique can heal cuts within one post, bone and organ wounds within two posts, and restore lost limbs within three posts. After a limb is restored in this manner, it takes seventy-two hours for the limb to return to full strength, starting at only 20% when first restored. This technique can last up to three posts at a time, and has a cooldown equal to five posts multiplied by each post it was sustained for.

Alyss' penultimate technique, this ability channels the essence of Bahamut and allows her to become a Minor Avatar of him. In this mode, her Strength becomes 4x. All of Alyss' techniques have double the power they otherwise would, except for Dragon's Drive which is unavailable in this technique. Additionally, while this ability is active, Alyss' size is doubled: She becomes 8 feet tall, and weighs 126lbs. Her appearance in this form is identical t [THIS]. This ability can be active for up to 5 posts, and has a cooldown equal to 2x the Duration. [Max Duration 5, Max Cooldown 10]

Alyss has a 3x boost to everything except her Strength at all times.


Alyss channels her faith of Bahamut, and becomes a True Avatar of the God. This ability is, for all intents and purposes, Alyss' Hyper Mode. In this form, Alyss' height and weight increase 10 folt over Dragon's Gestalt: 80ft tall, 1,260lbs. In this form, Alyss' basic abilities deal double damage (identical to Dragon's Gestalt), and she gains access to the following new abilities. This ability has no set duration nor cooldown, because it is Alyss' hyper mode. Her appearance in this form is identical to [THIS. In this form, Alyss loses Speed as a Strength, which is replaced with Strength itself.

In Avatar Form, Alyss can replicate a Bala, releasing up to 10 shots of energy from her mouth at high speeds, taking on the element she currently has active. These energy shots inflict the same damage, and have the same speed, as a Bala. This ability can be used every post.

Attacks which are of her current element that are not being directly controlled can be taken over by her, and used to her whim. She can take over an attack up to Cero strength once per post, but stronger attacks (up to Gran Rey Cero) put this ability on a 4 post cooldown before they can be taken over again.

A passive ability of Hyper Mode, Alyss' body is coated in scales that have the density, strength and resistance of titanium. While this does make her difficult to damage, she is a fucking dragon.

Alyss can create a sword 20ft long made of her current element, or pure energy. Alyss can telepathically control this sword up to 100 meters from her position, and can have up to 4 of them total, but can only create 1 per post. Each sword, although made of an element, can be destroyed by a Gran Rey Cero's damage.

In Hyper Mode, Alyss has a 4x boost to everything except her Speed.


Red Phantom
At it's core, [Red Phantom] can be classified as a 'Scorpion Spear' - The weapon, when in a normal state, it 5 feet from tip to tip, taller than Alyss herself. The entire weapon has the same durability as a Zanpakutou, however its' true power lies in Alyss' ability to use it. By channeling a very trace amount of reiatsu into the weapon, it can separate into up to 20 different links, each with a 1ft chain between them. Despite the weapon not seeming to be long enough for this, it never seems to fail. In Whip-form, the Spear has a maximum range of 25ft, though even at its' maximum extension, Alyss never uses it past 15ft. Alyss is extremely proficient in this weapon's use, and can use it more naturally than most Shinigami use their Zanpakutou.



Born in a small monastery in Tibet to Irish parents who wanted to get away from the world and disconnect, Cain Malone had it rough from the start. His birth was, according to his parents, a complete and utter accident, and a product of the isolation of the monastery they lived in. By age 4, Cain had been beaten and slaved, forced to do everything the parents did not want to do. He was permitted one day a week to train with the monks, where he practiced with several weapons mostly because they were cool to him. This continued for several years, until his Ninth birthday.

On Cain's Ninth Birthday, he was greeted with a vision. A Dragon the size of a galaxy, swimming through the universe, leaving Life behind in its' wake. Eventually, the Dragon would come back, and send those who were on the planet to Heaven by consuming it. Those who were no longer on the planet did not get Saved. The vision then transfered to Cain himself... but it wasn't quite right. He knew he was looking at himself, but... he was a girl.

Cain meditated on the vision for a year. He received the vision again every week on the dot, becoming more and more clear. He understood the dragon to be called Bahamut. He understood himself to be a girl. Truthfully, it was something he'd already thought about... or, rather, she'd already thought about. Four months after the vision, Kainé (as she'd begun calling herself) realized her potential and channeled Bahamut's power, growing a pair of wings. She took off away from the monastery, never to look back.

Arriving in America, Kainé spent two years staying under the radar, feeding on wildlife and meditating on Bahamut's power. She eventually learned to control it, and decided to venture into New York, where she met Maki Kesshou. After a series of events, Maki Kesshou adopted her, gave her the name Alyss to separate herself from her former life, and she never looked back.

Bahamut is going to send those on the planet to Heaven. Alyss Kesshou was going to make sure that everything she loved was on this planet when Bahamut came, no matter the cost.

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on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:32 pm


Hey lookie, I'm done!

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on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:58 am


8th Division
8th Division
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Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:13 am


Seconded and moved.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:42 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada
changes approved.

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