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#1 Alyss Kesshou on Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:28 pm


Name: Alyss Kesshou
Looks Age: 14
True Age: 16
Sex: Male [Identifies as Female]
At the core of her being, Alyss is a very nice girl for all intents and purposes. All she cares about is protecting the people she loves, and protecting people who can't protect themselves, or other people that they love. While she does have a bit of a temper, she isn't as quick to use her other powers as she is to use her sword. Most of what she says is in a very soft, almost pre-pubescent feminine voice, matching her appearance.

The quickest way to set her off is call her a 12-year old, but be warned: her rage grows exponentially for every number smaller than twelve, peaking at 6.


Height: 48in [4ft]
Weight: 63lbs [19.2bmi]
Physical Traits: [Casual Attire]|[Formal Alyss]


General Fighting Style:
Alyss' fighting style boils down to using her combat knowledge to her advantage, as she's physically lackluster and has to outsmart her opponents most of the time. Through her abilities and training with Kiyomi Altana, a member of the Committee who took her under her wing, Alyss learned to fight with grace and tact, and how to manipulate her energy into her weapon.

Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Speed
Weaknesses: Endurance, Strength
Alyss has a 4x Boost to Agility at all times.


Alyss' bread and butter technique, Ninjutsu is extremely variable. The caveat to the ability is that regardless of which technique is actually used, Alyss must recover her natural energies before she can use another Ninjutsu. That is to say, regardless of which of the following Ninjutsu Alyss casts, it has a 3 post cooldown before it can be used again.
    Katon - Alyss releases a 10x10ft ball of fire at a target location that explodes for Gran Rey Cero force for 20ft in all directions.
    Raiton - Alyss releases her chakra into the air which comes down as a bolt of lightning at Bala speeds and hits with the force of a Cero. Can be used even underground.
    Suiton - Alyss pours her chakra through herself, granting her High-Speed Regen for two posts, restoring all minor wounds and most major ones over the duration, but cannot restore limbs.
    Doton - Alyss teleports to a target location within her line of sight within 100m that is directly touching the ground. Alyss cannot attack the post she uses this Ninjutsu.
    Futon - Alyss creates a focused ball of swirling energy in her hand which has the force of a Gran Rey Cero. This attack must be delivered in melee combat.

Shadow Clone Technique
Alyss' variation of Kiyomi's ability of the same name. Alyss creates one exact clone of herself looking the exact same way she does. The clone lasts indefinitely, and must be dealt with identically to Alyss. If it hits with any ability, of which it can use any of Alyss' without sharing a Cooldown, it only deals 50% of the damage Alyss herself would have dealt. When the clone is dispersed, Alyss learns anything the Clone had picked up on during its life. If the clone is killed, it has a 5 post cooldown before Alyss can resummon it. The clone is technically 3 tiers lower than Alyss, but registers as the same.

Gentle Fist
Alyss releases a constant stream of Reiatsu from her palms which circles around her in a sphere approximately 2m in diameter. Within the sphere, Alyss' movements are increased to 500% of their normal speed. The moment anything touches the sphere, Alyss knows exactly how to parry or deflect the attack away from her, but cannot attack while this technique is active. This technique cannot protect Alyss against a Forbidden Kidou or stronger, Alyss cannot move while the technique is active, and can last a maximum of 1 post with a 4 post cooldown.

Shade Shift
Alyss cloaks herself in her Reiatsu, hiding her from all 5 normal senses, but making her more visible to Reiatsu Sensing and/or Pesquisa.

Alyss pours her Reiatsu into the ground, creating an area 7ft in all directions and 20ft down that acts identically to quicksand. This ability can only be used when directly on the ground, Alyss herself can walk fine over it, and lasts for 3 posts with a 5 post cooldown.

Armory of Steel
Each of Alyss' fingers has a tattoo on it that, when two or more are touching and a trace amount of Reiryoku is applied to, create small weapons in her hands. These are most often Shuriken and Kunai, similar to her Sensei, but her staff Red Phantom is also sealed within her palms, meaning she doesn't need to carry it around with her. By bringing her palms together, Alyss summons the staff into her hands. Alyss utilizes this technique to summon Kunai and Shuriken which allow her to have some form of ranged attack, as without this she's mostly stranded.

Alyss cloaks herself in her own Chakra. This is a precursor ability to her Hyper Mode, Chakra Cloak. Susano'o creates a Ribcage around Alyss which protects her from damage. The ribcage acts as a Hierro of Double strength, but drains Reiatsu equal to Hado 10 from her every post. This can be toggled on and off at will, but does not work while Chakra Cloak is active.


Chakra Cloak
Alyss activates her Bijuu, Ezra. This cloaks her in red-hot Reiatsu that inflicts first degree burns on anything that touches her and sets fire to most things easily. This ability is, for all intents and purposes, Alyss' Hyper Mode- While active, Alyss has 6x her supply of Reiryoku to spend her abilities on, and has a constant 4x Hierro effect. This ability can only be active for 8 posts, before it must recharge for 4 posts. Additionally, Alyss gains a small pair of wings that allow her to mimic air walking, but not perfect control like Rinoa, another member of the Committee. Finally, Alyss has a further 1x to her Agility, bringing it up to 5x while this technique is active. The following techniques can only be used while Ezra's energy is active. When this ability ends, Alyss' Reiryokyu returns to its previous state.

Addendum: If Alyss suffers a critical injury that would otherwise result in death, Hyper Mode immediately activates and the injury is resolved. This can only happen once per thread. If Alyss is not yet Tier 1-1 or higher, the Mode only lasts for 4 posts, at which point Alyss passes out.

Tailed Beast Ball
Alyss focuses Ezra's energies into her hand, similar to Ninjutsu:Fuuton, and creates a swirling ball of red-hot energy. This orb has the destructive force of a Forbidden Kidou, and can be delivered via melee or up to 20m range. Alyss is immune to the explosion of this technique, which travels for 10m in all directions once it impacts. This technique can only be performed once per activation of Chakra Cloak. This ability uses Ezra's reiryoku, rather than Alyss'.

Alyss creates a clone in her exact location, and can completely change her trajectory at will. The clone created by this technique is locked in the pose and position Alyss was when she used the technique, and is destroyed upon taking any amount of damage. This technique can be used once per post.

Alyss supercharges her body, causing all melee attacks inflicted to deal a cero's worth of damage upon impact with anything. This ability can be toggled on and off at will.

Alyss's Ninjutsu ability is cured of its cooldown. Additionally, the next 2 casts of Ninjutsu will produce no cooldown of their own, allowing Alyss up to 3 uses of it. These cannot be in the same post as each other. This ability has a 5 post cooldown before Kassatsu can be used again.


Red Phantom
At it's core, [Red Phantom] can be classified as a 'Scorpion Spear' - The weapon, when in a normal state, it 5 feet from tip to tip, taller than Alyss herself. The entire weapon has the same durability as a Zanpakutou, however its' true power lies in Alyss' ability to use it. By channeling a very trace amount of reiatsu into the weapon, it can separate into up to 20 different links, each with a 1ft chain between them. Despite the weapon not seeming to be long enough for this, it never seems to fail. In Whip-form, the Spear has a maximum range of 25ft, though even at its' maximum extension, Alyss never uses it past 15ft. Alyss is extremely proficient in this weapon's use, and can use it more naturally than most Shinigami use their Zanpakutou.



Born in a small monastery in Tibet to Irish parents who wanted to get away from the world and disconnect, Cain Malone had it rough from the start. His birth was, according to his parents, a complete and utter accident, and a product of the isolation of the monastery they lived in. By age 4, Cain had been beaten and slaved, forced to do everything the parents did not want to do. He was permitted one day a week to train with the monks, where he practiced with several weapons mostly because they were cool to him. This continued for several years, until his Ninth birthday.

On Cain's Ninth Birthday, he was greeted with a vision. A Dragon the size of a galaxy, swimming through the universe, leaving Life behind in its' wake. Eventually, the Dragon would come back, and send those who were on the planet to Heaven by consuming it. Those who were no longer on the planet did not get Saved. The vision then transfered to Cain himself... but it wasn't quite right. He knew he was looking at himself, but... he was a girl.

Cain meditated on the vision for a year. He received the vision again every week on the dot, becoming more and more clear. He understood the dragon to be called Bahamut. He understood himself to be a girl. Truthfully, it was something he'd already thought about... or, rather, she'd already thought about. Four months after the vision, Kainé (as she'd begun calling herself) realized her potential and channeled Bahamut's power, growing a pair of wings. She took off away from the monastery, never to look back.

Arriving in America, Kainé spent two years staying under the radar, feeding on wildlife and meditating on Bahamut's power. She eventually learned to control it, and decided to venture into New York, where she met Maki Kesshou. After a series of events, Maki Kesshou adopted her, gave her the name Alyss to separate herself from her former life, and she never looked back.

Bahamut is going to send those on the planet to Heaven. Alyss Kesshou was going to make sure that everything she loved was on this planet when Bahamut came, no matter the cost.

Years later, Alyss realized that Bahamut wasn't real and forewent all of her beliefs, and tutored under Kiyomi Lisola-Altana to learn how to be a better fighter.

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#2 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:32 pm

Hey lookie, I'm done!

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#3 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:58 am

Approved 1-5

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#4 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:13 am

Seconded and moved.

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#5 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:42 am

changes approved.

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#6 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:55 am

ENTIRE kit has been changed.

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#7 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:27 am

With the exception that Tailed Beast Ball needs to have a stated 5 post cooldown, re-approved.

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#8 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:08 pm

Did you one better. TBB can only be used once per activation of Chakra Cloak.

Also, Hyper Mode Addendum:

If Alyss suffers a critical injury that would otherwise result in death, Hyper Mode immediately activates and the injury is resolved. This can only happen once per thread. If Alyss is not yet Tier 1-1 or higher, the Mode only lasts for 4 posts, at which point Alyss passes out.

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#9 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:46 pm

Mmkay.   Mayuri-Approves

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#10 Re: Alyss Kesshou on Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:09 am

Mmkay. Re-approved again. You done yet? xD

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