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#1 Shino Tenshi 1-1 Sinner on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:26 am

Basic Information

Name: Shino Tenshi
Age: 28
True Age: 1000
Sex: Male
Personality: Shino is a man of evil the likes of which man has never seen. He is exceptionally, almost obtusely obsessed with maintenance of his pride and being, and though he conducts himself with the manners and general etiquette one would expect from someone who spent a lot of his life as a butler for the rich and wealthy, beneath that almost calm and refreshing exterior lies an evil heart, and a sadistic mind… If the options are murder and death, or life and prosperity for an individual odds are pretty heavily leaned towards the former. Shino is not a man of manners in combat, and is not opposed to resorting to the worst of tactics in order to win.. Not only will he not be opposed to harming innocents, he appears to revel in it. He will tear through people, any people , as though the vengeance of God himself has been instilled upon him..

Shino is by no means your typical evil, he’s not the type to steal from a child, or to try and take the world to mold it in his own image, he has no positive intentions, he has no childish idealism gone astray, none of these are characteristics of his nefarious nature. Shino is a man that simply wants to watch the world burn, he wants to cause as much pain and suffering as he can, and his will is dependent on his ability to do so.. He enjoys the gore he can cause in combat, the pain and the agony that goes along with it and more importantly the clash of wills, the fleeting moments that make up a fight.. But more important than this is the ending, Shino enjoys the look of a defeated man, casting his last gaze at the world or something they reside in, and ending their lives in less than a moment..

Shino will in a casual setting attempt to preserve the mannerisms and pleasantries he learned in his life amongst the living, where he worked as a butler.. He will allow for some beyond courteous behaviors to shine through, one would think of him as perhaps the most well mannered butler they had ever met despite the fact that this would be far from the case… Little do most people know that Shino ended the lives of all his prior masters, in acts of vengeance, passion, and wanted monetary gain. He wanted their money, their respect, and more importantly their possessions, but once he came to the realization with each that he couldn’t have what he wanted? He ended their lives with reckless abandon, ruthless in every sense of the word.

Shino has no issue with humans, but he doesn’t view them as worthy of his time either, he places little value on idle concepts such as “rights” or the “sanctity of life.” Shino’s philosophy is one of power, if you cannot hold on to your life and possessions by force, or force of those backing you? You’ve no right to them, for they can be taken. He is not bound to earthly, humanitarian contracts such as ethics and morals, Social Contracts that would obligate goodness in a human being or a general respect for the life of others and their right to possession of their own valuables, are all things that Shino simply omits from his general philosophy..

Likes: [What does your character like to do? Must have 1]
Fears: [What does your character fear most? Must have 1]

Character Appearance

Height: 5’10
Weight: 150 pounds
Physical Traits:

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Using his weapon of choice (Monofilament Wires) Shino likes to catch people off guard with various traps, and strategically thought out plans. He’s also a fan of the occasional berserker rage where he throws caution to the wind in order to make an attempt at cutting his opponent to shreds. The Monofilament Wires make him best suited for mid range combat, or close range. He is very quick and adept at defending himself and avoiding damage at all costs. High Level Regenerative Capabilities, but must be careful not to overdo it.
Strengths: Weapon Mastery, Speed, Durability, Stamina, Spiritual Pressure, Regeneration.
Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, Strength, Reitsu Control, Armor/defense.

Mods/ Weapons/ Abilities: Monofilament Wires

Weapon / Hellish Modifications

Monofilament wires are ultra-sharp and super-thin, so much so that they can hardly be seen by the naked eye. Monofilament wires are extremely deadly, able to cut through almost anything from an entire squadron of Hollow, steel, to entire buildings, with ease. They also appear to be blessed, considering their blue-ish glow and ability to kill Spiritual beings. They can also form a type of mesh-like shield strong enough to deflect bullets. They are rigged into his gloves, which allows him maximum control. He can guide them not only with his fingers, but with his Reitsu. Range is about 100 feet.

Name: Wire-Web Trap.
Effect: Dual-purpose, about 50 feet in all directions a web out of the wires, run into it and you’ll be cut to pieces. Attack and up to a Cero Oscuras will be blocked and stopped by this. 4 post cooldown after blocking a Cero Oscuras level attack, 3 post after a Gran Rey Cero level attack, 1 post after a Cero level attack, and no post cooldown after a Bala level attack.

Name: Extension
Effect: He can cause the wires to extend up to 200 feet, in order to maximize their range and effectiveness. This only lasts for up to 3 posts though, and the cooldown matches the duration.

Name: Penetrate
Effect: If these wires penetrate an opponent, the ends will detach and stay on the person they penetrated initially. After that, the persons will begin to experience extreme burning pain as though their arm was within the fiery pits of hell itself, and over 5 posts will zap 5% of their Reitsu and feed it to Shino

Name: High Speed Regeneration
Effect: Typical High Speed Regeneration, limit’s are basically his stamina and Reitsu. He can’t heal himself forever, but he can heal from what would normally be mortal wounds.

Name: Lasso
Effect: He can toss his wires out and have them retract as though to grab an opponent and bring them forward, although given the sharpness of these wires the result is more likely to be a lot more messy.

Name: Constrict.
Effect: By calling out a limb, the wires will begin to chase a certain part of the opponent's body at speeds of up to a Bala, and on contact they will constrict and.. You know the rest.

Back Drop

Background: Not much is known about Shino’s backstory..Other than that he was a butler responsible for the murder of right around 30 people, before he was plastered to a wall via police shooting the fuck out of him.. He had inherited the wealth of all 30 of his former “Masters” before finally people caught on... Now he resides in Hell, his rightful home, and now?.. People will see what he can do with a backing..
Side Notes: Sinner 1-1
RP Sample: I’m Jeff.

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#2 Re: Shino Tenshi 1-1 Sinner on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:28 am

approved. Razz 1-1

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