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#1 Akira Tanaka [FINISHED] on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:02 pm


Name: Akira Tanaka, alternatively called titles such as "Spider", "Body Weaver" and a range of other titles using things that can be associated to his wire string. He also goes primarily by his last name: Tanaka instead of being called Akira.
Age: Late Teens - Early Adult
True Age: 613
Sex: Male
Personality: From his past Tanaka was always feared, ruthless and dangerous to associate with in his time from the Rukongai the young man was always hostile to people and wanted to kill. The world took away his chance to enjoy life and unlike in the past Tanaka believes being a shinigami was offered to him as a second chance at life and so he tries to make the most of it. Unwilling to ever squander the moment by doubt or possible regret he's quite bold and self-confident but not to the point of being arrogant as he has witnessed people be taken down and killed for arrogance.

He is very creative, liking to sew clothes and other things as well as write and paint. Tanaka is known for thinking outside the box and as such is considered to be quite unpredictable in what he does. He reads a lot of manga and books, often taking muse from them and in some cases certain uses of his zanpakuto has actually came from an idea from a manga.

A downright nice person this is not the case in combat, as Tanaka has been noted to do in the past he is not fond of fighting or entering combat as he tends to take more of his past traits but in recent years he has been able to cover a lot of this with humour and a casual take to stressful situations, often cracking jokes in combat to keep his mind focused or distract his enemies and keep himself in check but there are times this little persona breaks and he enters a much more sadistic personality with his wires.

Being quite the explorer he likes to be free and able to go places to travel, he isn't fond of staying in one place forever and that is why he gave up his post as warden of the Maggot's Nest to another person so he wasn't chained to that enclosed space. His love of exploring tends to make him go on operations with the Patrol Corps of the Omnitsukido since he gets to hunt down bad people and get out of the Seireitei. Win-win.

Despite hiding it very well as to not incite fear, Tanaka has a very strong killing aura which he gained through many years of living in one of the worst districts you can in the Rukongai, having killed a lot of people and been bloodthirsty has made him able to take on subconscious factors which make him look incredibly fearful to weak-minded beings but very rarely does he ever actively seek to do this.


Height: 5 feet 7 inches.
Weight: 74 kilograms.


Tanaka's appearance starts with his most flamboyant trait and that is his light green hair which really stands out like a goth at a pep rally. His bright green hair makes him quite hard to forget but despite his queer hair colour he is surprisingly good at being stealthy. He keeps it well groomed and parted so it covers one of his eyes, using his high-tech goggles as a form of makeshift headband.

Just like his hair Tanaka sports bright emerald eyes which are often warm and kind, his eyes aren't deceptive in the slightest but they are incredibly wary and constantly taking note of the area and calculating but as the eyes are the windows to the soul he is quite kind and his eyes show it.

He is slim built, lanky almost. Due to the nature of his zanpakuto he doesn't train his body much for strength or endurance and mainly focuses on his cardio and reflexes as well as flexibility to achieve a highly mobile frame instead of brute force since that nature doesn't work very well with the nature of his zanpakuto but he sure isn't the weakest person out there.

Littered on his body are a multitude of scars, mainly around his finger tips are the scarring of where needles have split the skin from his skills as a tailor and the times he sews but also ones can be seen on his chest and body except his face, these scars are faded and quite old taking into account he's had centuries for them to heal.

In terms of clothing in the Soul Society he wears the Shinigami attire but with slight variation, he wears a coat that is like a hybrid between a haori and a coat which hides his spool of wire. He is also often seen with fingerless gloves on with the strange mechanisms he created to make his zanpakuto more deadly instead of the simple needle.

When in the Human World he wears a casual attire with plain jeans and a white t-shirt with a green long coat or black, depending on if he needs stealth at the time. He is almost always seen with his strange goggles although they are rarely seen actually on his eyes and are mainly aesthetic and there if he even needs them.


General Fighting Style: Prefering to get creative with his zanpakuto makes him incredibly dangerous to face, he specialises in negating attacks or making it hard to attack him while co-ordinating traps with his wires to strike while his opponents are distracted, he is a bit of a trap character; a person who despite not being the strongest is still able to combat strong opponents because of certain factors.

He is incredibly calculative and deceitful, often using surprises to turn the tides of battle and take his opponents by surprise when he switches from shikai to sealed without making them aware of it. He never resorts to hand-to-hand combat if he can avoid it, using either his sword, wires or kido as well as supporting himself with Shunpo mainly.
Strengths: Tanaka is quite talented in Kido, being able to use most kido spells with remarkable proficiency. Not to mention being an assassin that focuses on speed makes him incredibly acrobatic, especially when using his zanpakuto, another trait that makes him dangerous is his understanding of human anatomy and physiology that allows him to target specific and vunerable places on his targets considering he uses a precise stabbing sword style with his needle sword and also the fact he uses senbon needles.
Weaknesses: Much of Tanaka's weaknesses are attributed to his lack of physical strength and endurance making him unable to dish out heaps of damage with his hits and not able to take too many from stronger opponents either. It doesn't help much either that while he is competent with Hakuda and hand-to-hand combat it most certainly isn't his best and is in fact his worst area of fighting which often leads him to avoid close quarters combat where ever possible.


Sealed Appearance: In it's sealed form Sakaidan Ito appears to take the form of an overly large sewing needle, it is quite long and is basically a scaled up version of a tailor's needle. Tied to the eye of the needle is razor sharp wire which is actually his true zanpakuto and therefore as durable as any actual zanpakuto. So, as we have revealed that Sakaidan Ito is actually the wire, what might the needle be? The needle is actually a zanpakuto he stole from a deceased opponent since it worked well with his own, it is the sealed form of an enemy and as such he cannot use it to gain a second shikai although it still is like any other zanpakuto.

While the sword incredibly deadly as a weapon the needle has a few minor setbacks, one in particular is the fact the weapon is dull in every place except the tip which makes it's only use in sword combat is stabbing however when combined with the thread it is made to be quite the deadly weapon; able to be thrown or stabbed through flesh to sew people together as well as for a variety of other purposes makes it incredibly versatile and useful.

Tanaka keeps the weapon hidden in a hollowed out wooden stick he keeps with him which is often confused as a walking stick, when the sewing needle is needed then Tanaka can remove the fake end of the wooden sheathe and draw out the sword. The thread itself which is his zanpakuto is located on a spool hidden beneath his coats, and supported by his belt. He has approximately 1.5 kilometres of wire at his disposal.

Spirit Appearance:
Needle Sword:


Call Out Command: Weave, Sakaidan Ito. This isn't necessary since he can enter shikai silently although he often switches these around to confuse an opponent and make them unable to gauge what state his zanpakuto is in.
Appearance: Nothing changes to Sakaidan Ito in aesthetics, making it quite deceptive since it's true enhancement and change lies in the properties of the wire.
Abilities: Sakaidan Ito is a very versatile weapon, it revolves around the simple nature of manipulating wire, exactly the same as it's sealed form however, there is some variations in this wire which makes it different to his normal one. The first is that the metal is highly conductive to spiritual attacks, allowing him to create barriers that can absorb and distribute spiritual energy to negate most attacks, this also allows him to apply kido spells to his wire and get some properties, for example he could use Shakkaho and make it set the entire wire on fire, or use Tsuri Raiden and paralyse those touching it. Another option instead of making it run along the wire is to fire it from a specific point on the wire; such as firing a byakurai from a specific point on the wire to catch an opponent of guard.

The wire is also much longer and not to mention much more durable, being about 3 kilometres in length makes him very dangerous in close quarters although in a more open area such as a field this can be quickly expended to make it find anchor points.

He often uses the wires to create a perimeter used to detect enemies who crossed through them. They can also be used to trap and attack the enemies, be formed into melee weapons such as a spear, or be wrapped around the user's body as armor. The weapons can be disassembled at will, and if a foe is stabbed by the wire spear, it can be unwrapped inside of their bodies to target internal organs. The threads can be easily tied to other objects, such as knives, to control their course in flight when thrown, thus taking the enemy by surprise. It can be used to re-attach limbs, or sew things back together making it one of the most versatile zanpakuto in history.

The wire is not without limits though the conductivity is like any other wire, it has a limitation and if it conducts too much spiritual energy then it will show signs similar to something having an overload (fire and a possible explosion depending on the spiritual attack in question.) This makes the wire extremely suseceptible against high-level kido spells (75-99), advanced Cero and other spiritual attacks.

When used as armour Tanaka's wire loses strength, while still a good defence this is because it is very close to Tanaka himself and through this contact Sakaidan Ito loses spiritual structural integrity to Tanaka's body so while it allows him to refuel his reiryoku reserves to a minute extent it makes the wire armour much weaker when it contact with him, to the point where a powerful foe could slash through it if they focused on strength.
Boosts: x2 boost in speed and stamina, as well as reiryoku reserves although he doesn't gain any strength or durability boosts.


Background: Akira Tanaka, born and raised in the slums of the Rukongai. He was born in the seventy-fifth district of the Rukongai also referred to as the Gyakusatsu District (Massacre District). The name was received from its brutal neibourhood and the constant amounts of death that happened there, it became so bad not even the Shinigami dared to go there after the crime took control of the district, this district was where a certain green-haired soul was born.

Tanaka's parents were by no means rich, in fact they were incredibly poor and so they feared greatly for the time when his mother would have to give birth in this area and without medical assistance. So when that day came and Tanaka was born he made it into the world although at the cost of his mother's life. It left his father devestated but he had already become numb to this possibility of her dying, it was common occurance for death to happen around the neighbourhood.

He was raised by his father, surviving his initial years with his father paying wet nurses to keep him fed. The baby was raised in his father's business, tailoring, it was an easy job and it was taught to him at birth. Tanaka took a strong liking to the art of sewing and working with thread and needles. By  the time he was five the boy had already surpassed his father and began working with him, but one must not forget the cruel world they lived in.

Once more he would experience loss when his father was assassinated for failing to pay the debts to the criminals who ran this district, having needed the money to support he and his son but they didn't care. They left Tanaka in that house all alone where he stayed until food was exhausted before finally venturing out into the streets. A mere five year old, he learnt quickly how the world worked, he had to steal and take to survive and finally got involved with the districts crime himself at the age of eight, three years of surviving had changed him to develop a street smart personality and very analytical nature.

Through much of his teenage years he lived as a criminal, he learnt how to use weapons and fight although he wasn't much good in hand-to-hand combat but he made up for it in different areas but one thing forever stayed with him and that was the image of his father gutted and left for dead, Tanaka wanted revenge. It drove his skills and abilities forward and made him stronger however a spirit could only get so strong. He was still nothing in comparison to a Shinigami and so he sought out a rogue shinigami who hid within the district, a previous member of the eleventh division.

His name was Hakai, and when he was approached by Tanaka to train him the man flat out refused to, now that wasn't going to stop Tanaka. He got what he wanted one way or another and he had taken the nice way first, he used a local brothel where Hakai was known to go to plan his little threat and that night when Hakai thought he'd get an easy bit of fun he quickly found himself with knives all around him, separated from his clothes and weapon Tanaka asked him once more and this time the ex-shinigami member accepted, impressed by the ruthless tactics employed by Tanaka.

Taken on as an apprentice, Hakai first started by making him a shinigami by stabbing him in the chest to convert him and then stabilised his new form, that's where the training came in and primarily focused on teaching him speed and using his natural agility and gymnastic qualities instead of brute force. He didn't receive any training in the art of Kido from Hakai though, having come from a division that despised Kido made Tanaka be limited in that area at the time.

His years of crime had made him able to kill without regret or remorse, it was employed in his training and despite Hakai not being of Division Two; the home of assassins, he was still quite capable of giving his pupil some stuff to take with him. Around the time in his late-two hundreds the shinigami had attained his shikai and become well associated with his zanpakuto spirit: Sakaidan Ito.

Once this was done his zanpakuto changed from a sword to a spool of very durable wire, combined with glove mechanisms he made he quickly put those old tailoring skills back into use and became a highly proficient and dangerous killer within the district earning him the title of "Spider". Nothing could've made his teacher prouder than seeing his student become so feared and dangerous but all good things come to an end.

Hakai was killed during a shinigami assault on the district which ultimately ended in failure but the attack took Hakai and quite a lot of other casualties on both sides. As time moved on things began to dull and fade, like it had never even happened at all. Tanaka still haboured his vengence that he had held onto for many centuries and with the death of his master he sought to reap what those people sowed all those years ago. In the close-quarter and urban environment Sakaidan Ito basically slaughtered all his advisaries and in one night he had weeded out all crime within the district and returned it to Gotei Thirteen control, in that night he earned the title of "Body Weaver", due to leaving all the criminals strung up in the streets with his wire.

It wasn't long afterwards he joined the Gotei Thirteen, hoping to be redeemed for his sins and he spent all of his academy life learning the arts of Kido. Even going further into the art with a few years in the Kido Corps before being moved to the Second Division where he rose through the seated positions and finally came to the position of Vice-Captain of Division Two.

Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]

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#2 Re: Akira Tanaka [FINISHED] on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:03 pm

Finally Completed.

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#3 Re: Akira Tanaka [FINISHED] on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:15 pm

|-The first is that the metal is highly conductive to spiritual attacks, allowing him to create barriers that can absorb and distribute spiritual energy to negate most attacks.-|

^<-- As worded this is denied. Give limitations and it'll be approvable. Probably.

|-be formed into melee weapons such as a spear, or be wrapped around the user's body as armor.-|

^<-- Need durability limits. They may be formed by your Zanpaktou but you can't have Zan Steel Armor. So. Idc. Make it like. idk. some kinda steel alloy for all I care. But these will be breakable unlike your Zan which is nearly impossible to break.

|-It can be used to re-attach limbs, or sew things back together-|

^<-- Limits? If any? It sounds like you just fix any wounds unless they hit an organ and stop any external bleeding. Much like high-speed regeneration without stopping internal bleeding. I don't see this being an issue really given he can't take lots of damage but I'm just curious.

|-The needle is actually a zanpakuto he stole from a deceased opponent since it worked well with his own, it is the sealed form of an enemy-|

^<-- While this is fine there is an issue that you may not have realized when doing this. While the Zanpaktou "compliments" your wire ability. It is not YOUR Zan. Thus cannot function properly and does not have Zan Durability like your wires. You would still be able to "repair" any damage to it using spiritual energy because it's still A Zan.. but because it isn't compatible with your soul, thus not being YOUR Zan, it's little more than an Asauchi, a blank soul reaper sword, in your hands.

Some other minor clarifications:

Just be aware your "wire detection" isn't infallible. Anyone with enhanced sense of sight will notice them probably anyone who's extremely analytical too as they'd be more observant than your average joe. If you already knew this great. I'm just bringing it up cuz I'm me.

Also |- although he often switches these around to confuse an opponent and make them unable to gauge -| isn't really relevant. You don't need to say anything to call shikai which is fine and good. But unless they can't, or are super bad at it like Rena, sense energy. This isn't going to confuse "everyone" as your shikai would bring your spiritual power closer to it's maximum just by being used.

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#4 Re: Akira Tanaka [FINISHED] on Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:39 pm

Right all changed, I'll clarify this issue:

|-It can be used to re-attach limbs, or sew things back together-|

It does allow him to stop basically all external bleeding, however internal bleeding, organ/bone/muscle damage cannot be fixed. It also means that yes, he can sew his arm back on should it be cut off but that doesn't mean he can use it. He'd need further surgery to use it again and so he cannot be cut into pieces and then just stick his tongue out and be good as new.

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#5 Re: Akira Tanaka [FINISHED] on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:18 am

Everything looks okay. Jeff may or may not care about the shield later but it sounds fine to me. He can't take lots of damage so figuring out how to have a good defense is important to any character that isn't reckless I'd think. Razz

Approved. Jeff mentioned you wanted 2-5 so there ya go.

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