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#1 Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:16 am


Name: Mei Tsaki
Age: 23
True Age: Unknown
Personality: Mei is a very nice and caring girl, who iis always putting others before herself. She will almost always help anyone who needs it with anything they could possibly throw at her. Mei is always ready to fight for anyone, whether they want her too or not. She will always stand up for others and is always kind to even the people that she dislikes the most. This is one of her more likable characteristics and it always pulls through for her when she needs help. Mei also always wants to find the best in people and show that she doesn't give labels like others do.

However, it is very difficult for Mei to appear kind when she speaks her mind. Sometimes, things that come from Mei's mouth are not the things people wish to hear. They can come out sounding rather rude or vulgar. Most of the time, Mei feels regret for what she says and the rest of the time she doesn't even notice she had said such a thing. However, there is also a good side to this. It also helps her express feelings or say things that she would be too nervous to say. It also helps her speak to new people and look like she feels comfortable around anyone, which gives her a more trustworthy appearance.

Mei is also a very determined woman. Her determination keeps her hard at work and willing to do anything she is told. Of course, it has to be by the orders of someone of a higher rank. With her determination, Mei hopes that she can set an example and get others to work that hard. Her determination keeps her wanting to get stronger and do things she would have never done before. Though, she does have the intelligence to stay out of trouble. Her intelligence also keeps her alive as well as others.  

These are basically the four things that make up Mei. However, these are only the ways she acts around the seireitei and when everything is normal. Mei is a very different person when she is the middle of a battle or outside the seireitei. During these times, Mei is rather serious and keeps all of her thoughts inside her head. Mei doesn't want to give anything away because she can't keep her mouth shut. Her face will look blank and her eyes will look cold. This is where the determination comes in. Mei will have her mind set on victory or completing her task. Mei will do anything and everything it takes. Mei will also mix her intelligence in with the determination, so she can keep herself alive and not do anything stupid. The only time she needs to be caring is when she is with others. Mei always wants everyone she leaves the seireitei with to come back alive even if that means she must lose her own life


Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120lbs
Physical Traits:

Mei's hair is an orangish brown color. She almost always wears half of it up in braids that wrap around both sides of her head and ties into a ponytail at the back. The other half she leaves down. Her hair length is halfway down her back and always has a smooth and shiny look. Mei's eyes seem to match her hair perfectly. They are a wonderful dark brown that most would describe as a chocolate looking color. Looking into them, it is almost as if you can see pure love and joy but that's if you can get past their beautiful shine. Mei's nose is small and short. Mei's lips are small but they are a cute light pink color. Mei's skin color is a lovely peach that looks as if it ties everything together. She is also quite petite. Her height only being 5'3" and her weight being 120 lbs. Even though she may seem rather small and fragile, her strength is quite astonishing. Also, her reiatsu color is white.

Outside appearance and attire is not the only thing that you can see by looking at Mei. Her emotions can always be read just by looking at her face. The one feeling that can be seen most often is happiness. It can be seen in the sparkle of her eyes, the brightness of her smile, her straight posture, and the small bounce in her step. However, there is always a chance you can see anger. It is shown by the darkness in her eyes, the straight, course line where her smile should be, her tenseness, and the way she walks as if she owned the place. When there is happiness and anger there can also be sadness. The way her eyes look to be glazed over, the way her mouth stays straight and soft, the way she slouches, and the way she walks as if the sky turned gray and the world could fall apart at any moment are all clues about what she feels at that specific moment. With every emotion comes a different look, and they are all evident by these small little factors.

Her attire consists of the standard shinigami uniform or Shihakusho. Her zanpakuto is tied to the left side of her sash. This is mostly worn when Mei is busy and has business to take care of. She does not wish to get into any sort of trouble for not wearing it. However, she does not wear it all the time. There are times where Mei will wear whatever it is she feels like, which is normally dresses, kimonos, or other feminine clothing such as skirts and blouses. She adores wearing sandals and flats on her feet.

General Fighting Style: During combat, Mei tries to stay out of the mix only being involved in the healing process to continue sending troops out into the field since she doesn't particularly wish to harm or even kill anyone. However if she needs to be involved, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve for protection purposes and she won't go down without a fight. Although she may be headstrong, her muscles are nothing to ignore either.
Strengths: Reiatsu/Reiryoku, Strength, and Hand-to-Hand
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Speed, Agility, and Kidou

Ability Name: Healing Waters
Ability Description:
If and when Mei touches any amount of water, it is purified unless governed by another player controlled contaminant. Any pure water under Mei's control has healing properties, having been touched by her reiatsu, and is the basis for her other healing abilities.

Ability Name: Water Manipulation
Ability Description: Mei has frigging water manipulation. Bow down to her. Her level of control is intensely precise, as it is required to properly treat wounds. With that precision is a firm control of form, heat, intensity, and even state of the water she has under her command.

Sealed Appearance:

Mei's Zanpakuto is nothing short of fascinating from the hilt to the tip of the blade. At the very top of the hilt sits a metal dragon head silver in color with a face as though it is roaring. Mei believes this symbolizes her strong spirit and determination considering she is always pushing forward. The hilt is clothed in a beautiful violet wrapping. Under all that wrapping is a black metallic handle, which she believes matches her jet black hair, however it is also clad in dragon-like scales. Now, the guard is also something very special on the sword for it is clad in carvings of dragons and fire. Along the blade, there are also patterns of dragon-like scales all the way to the very tip.

Zanpakutou Name: Fūjin
Call Out Command: Chikara


In this form, Mei's Zanpakuto changes color to that of light blue cloth with a clear, glass looking blade, however the metal consistency does not change.

Ability Name: Water Orb Extraction
Ability Description:
Mei creates a large orb of water which heals any wounds that may be present over time. In addition, it can extract impurities, poisons, infections, and anything that may be harming the afflicted person.

Ability Name: Hydrocutter
Ability Description:
Mei has such precise control of her water manipulation, that she can create the equivalent of a scalpel out of just a bit of water. This is used primarily for operations where she would need to cut into someone to properly treat them, but can easily be used in combat as well.

Ability Name: Hot Cubes?
Ability Description:
Mei has such a well maintained control of her water manipulation that she can use it to create water in the form of ice cubes with scorching temperatures without them melting forming up to at most a dozen. This can be used to cauterize large wounds that she simply can't heal herself, however they could very well be used to cause burning upon her opponent. However, the cubes are also able to be broken into shards, which can then be launched into an opponent burning the target's insides.

Ability Name: Scalding Steam
Ability Description:
As every other ability before states, Mei can utilize her water manipulation to form a cloud of steam that stretches 5m in diameter. This could be used in a small, enclosed room to create a sort of sauna for patients to improve mental stability or relaxation. However, it could also be used to encase her target scalding anyone within the mist giving them 2nd degree burns.

Ability Name: Freezing Mist
Ability Description:
Mei can separate the particles of her water to form a mist, and through controlling its temperature carefully can cause the mist to freeze anything it comes in contact with. This only works on water she's controlling. Mei can use this ability for an entire post, but it has a 3 post cooldown.

New Name: Muichi Fūjin

In Bankai, Mei’s Zanpakuto still doesn't change the blade remains glass looking, except the purple turns to a navy blue in color.

Ability Name: Ebb and Flow
Ability Description:
Mei can release a wave of energy from her body or sword, following the arc of her swing. This either inflicts cero level damage to everything and is black water, or grants everything hit by it High Speed Regen for 2 posts and is white water. Regardless, it travels for 20m and has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Climate Change
Ability Description:
Mei can create a mist of water similar to Freezing Mist, though much more sparse and taking up more room. The true power of this technique however lies within the fact that at a moment's notice it can invert its temperature, rising to upwards of 100* Celsius, inflicting second degree burns on everything within. This has a 6 post cooldown.

Not gonna use:

New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]


Background: Stuff happened
Side Notes: N/A
RP Sample: Mei.. I am Mei

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#2 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:23 am

BTW this is done. Soooo....

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#3 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:32 pm

if this blade attacks her opponent, Mei can choose to drain her opponent's reiatsu by the amount of damage she causes, if she caused a small cut, she can choose to drain away ten percent of her opponent's reiatsu at the cost of a inch off her energy blade,

^<--Make small cuts 2%, medium wounds 5% and large wounds 10%. OR make it to where if she hits them "At all" she can drain 5% each time. Either way works. 10% for a small cut is just too much though cuz you are directly stealing their stamina

You may want to clarify that her second stage of her first ability doesn't keep her Zanpaktou from hurting enemies she just can't "transfer" additional wounds unless her first stage is done? Or was that intentional? If it was nvm lol

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#4 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:43 pm


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#5 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:11 am


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#6 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:46 am

1-3, seconded

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#7 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:00 pm

Approved, the Reiryoku draining portion of Bankai may need a cap on it, but it will be given as the ability is moderated and watched.

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#8 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:17 pm

Seconded since you asked me to look this morning. It'll be watched but I think you'll be fine Smile

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#9 Re: Mei Tsaki REVAMP DONE!!! on Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:26 pm

Approved 1-2

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