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on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:16 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad


Name: Mei Tsaki
Age: 23
True Age: 575
Personality: Upon first meeting this lovely bundle of a goddess, Mei seems rather simple and cheerful. She is normally always smiling and laughing, while being quite loud and energetic. Her being is quite welcoming and friendly. She is always cheering for the people close to her, always trying to lend a helping hand, and always showing motherly affection to those around her. Quite simple. Quite charming. However, appearances aren't always what they seem.

Upon closer look, Now seems to have her own little system of how the multiple worlds work and what really peaks her interest. First off, she doesn't really have a care in the world what race anyone is, what kind of person they are, or what they've done, she won't bother with anyone that won't bother with her. She could be three feet from a mass shinigami murderer and as long as they decide to leave her alone, she'll mind her business and have a friendly chat with them. Second, she cares for people in the order she wants to. She starts off with her small group of friends/CC, then her squad, then maybe the Seireitei, the whole Soul Society, and probably not the other worlds unless she has to. Third, she really only wants to have a good time and do what she's here to do.

Even in her weird ways and nice attitude, Mei really enjoys having a drink and being hectic. Weird for a doctor right? Or even a Captain huh? She doesn't seem to have any care for rules or regulations, unless it's necessary to follow them. (Ex: under attack, times of war) She always wants to be out exploring the worlds, meeting new people, and working on different beings. She doesn't exactly like to be told what to do or how to do things, which explains why she acts so irrationally. However, she's amazingly skilled at what she does and she can be quite a marvellous leader. She's mostly spent stuck in the Soul Society trying to live her second life to the fullest.

Although she seems quite lively and charming, Mei can also be very dark and scary. When not listened to, She can become highly angered and serious. This can cause her to spiral into a screaming fit of rage for a few seconds before collecting her cool again. However, she can also become quite stern and calm causing a chilling atmosphere in the air, while she describes exactly what kind of punishment she can dish out which are normally rather gruesome. Also, any enemy of the Soul Society instantly becomes an enemy of hers meaning bloodshed is her number one goal. Being a doctor, Mei can be quite fascinated with the inside of any being she may be facing and would love to watch it all come out. Once she has fallen into the madness of wanting bloodshed, it can become rather difficult to stop until the target is annihilated.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs
Physical Traits:

Standing at about a height of 5 feet 6 inches is a beautiful goddess almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Her curves are quite noticeable and easily fawned over. From her beautifully chiseled, wide hips and full bottom to her rather blessed chest, it's all quite defined. Her small, yet semi pointed chin, is no flaw in the fact that it creates a young and sweet look to her features, considering she could possibly be hundreds of years old. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense. Her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick looking and her calves filling out quite nicely.

Covering her wonderful goddess of a frame is skin that is so fair, yet so smooth. However, nothing compliments her complexion like her long, natural yellow-blonde hair. It hangs at a length that is just below her hip and half way down her thigh. The beautiful locks are normally braided and thrown over the right shoulder while her luscious bangs hang across her forehead just over her right eye. And what wonderful eyes they are, complimenting her lovely locks with their light pink shine. They hold a sense of wonder, fierceness, and care that could reel someone close in a matter of just moments. Alas, they're the only part of her being that is flawed. Considering her eyes don't allow her perfect vision, she must wear glasses, in her case black rimmed glasses that continue to make her look stunning. Just under those pink orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of small, soft, pink lips.
Clothing: Upon a lovely girl should only be the most deserving of clothing, however this beauty choses what works best with her style of work. Being a part of Squad 4, this lovely darling has always taken to wearing jean shorts, a Tee or Blouse, and a pair of black converse sneakers. However, she would constantly be berated for wearing anything other than the shihakusho, so she would wear that outside the barracks. After becoming Squad 4's Captain, Mei has taken to wearing a doctor's coat over her own choice style of clothing, while still wearing her shihakusho and haori outside the barracks normally. While in her choice clothing, Mei stores her Zanpakuto between her shorts and her belt on her left side.
Accessories: Wrapped around her neck at all times is a stethoscope with her missing child's initials engraved upon the stem of the piece of equipment.


General Fighting Style: Mei's fighting style seems a bit hard to comprehend at times making her a harder target to handle but eventually it can become very predictable. She ALWAYS goes for the Zanpakuto first, while using her speed as well. Her main goal is to overwhelm her opponent by trying to force them to keep up with her great sword skills and high speeds. She will utilize every inch of her Zanpakuto's lengthened hilt, until she needs to pop the dagger out of the end. Upon becoming too involved in her fight and her mind becoming fogged, she may begin to try and use kidou. Her one goal is always to draw blood, whether her Zanpakuto likes it or not.
Strengths: Mei's greatest strength referring to battle would have to be her mastery of Zanjutsu. Considering she was the first of her class to gain a Zanpakuto, she had much time to utilize her skills and hasn't let it out of her sight since. Although, her skill in medical arts could be considered her top achievement and strength. Aside from that, her great speed from utilizing Shunpo would have to be her second greatest strength. Athough she isn't entirely great with kidou, she does get a bit of use out of it.
Weaknesses: Mei's greatest weakness would have to be her weakness of mind while fighting. Her lust for blood becomes too strong causing her mind to become unfocused. Another great weakness would have to be hand-to-hand combat considering she never leaves her Zanpakuto anywhere without her. Although she is not entirely weak with kidou, it is in fact not one of her best qualities.


Name: Itami
Sealed Appearance:

The zanpakuto while in its sealed stated is a katana of a standard length (Two and a half feet) with a white wrapping around the handle and a thick plus guard (+), similar to what's on a doctor's or nurse's cap, although inside the handle, there is a secret dagger about six inches in length that makes the handle longer then normal, all that needs to be done to release it is to simply pull it out, it should make a clicking sound when released.


Call Out Command: Komuru... (Suffer)

In this form, Mei's clothes change to form a nurses outfit.
Ability: Ketsueki Saiken ha (Blood Reconstruction Blade) (unnamed IC)
Effect: This is a two stage ability:

Stage One:

The first stage of Itami is when the wielder stabs a ALLY; she can heal their wounds via regenerative healing, she can choose to heal one wound at a time or heal all the wounds at once, although something cut away from the body like a severed arm or leg is beyond Itami's ability to heal it; the wounds also increase the length of the blade; depending on the wound, if the wound healed is small or minor, the blade will only gain an inch while larger wounds will increase it by a foot to a maximum length of four-and-a-half feet. Although she can this to heal herself she is limited to doing so once per theead. She can heal her ALLIES or anyone she considers an ALLY at least.

Post Time for Wound Heal:
This is a chart for how much is gained in terms of length per wound:

Small/Minor wounds: one inch
Medium wounds: six inches
Medium wounds with depth or bleeding: eight inches
Large wounds: one foot
Large wounds with depth or bleeding: one foot and two inches

*keep in mind that this chart for how much is gained is for when the wounds are completely healed and absorbed into the blade, also, just in case: twelve inches makes one foot*

Stage Two:

This is the secondary stage of Itami; this is APPLIED when her blade cuts into a opponent; depending on the size and type of wound she inflicted, she is able to transfer a wound of equal size and type to the opponent; this does mean she has to have a matching wound stored inside her blade, if she doesn't have a matching wound, she cannot transfer wounds to her opponent until she causes a wound on her opponent that matches one she has healed from someone, if she does have one stored that matches one she caused, she can transfer that exact wound to her opponent, either in the same spot that the wound was when it was on the person she healed or in a completely random spot, transferring is a optional ability as she doesn't has to transfer if she doesn't want to as with every successful transfer, her blade shortens by what sort of wound was transfer by the amount she gained from it (see stage one chart for how much is lost in length) until it returns to its original length of ten inches, at this point, there is no more wounds stored in the blade to be transferred.

In basic terms; if stage one isn't done, stage two cannot function as the transfer ability requires injuries to be stored in the blade to be transferred, without them, the wielder needs to heal more ALLIES in order to regain the ability to transfer once again.

Ability: Ketsueki Kesshō Ha (Blood Plasma blade) (unnamed IC)
Effect: This technique is very similar to the main ability of Itami; only that upon stabbing a ally; it restores the reiatsu and spiritual energy of the patient; depending on how much was restored via this technique; the blade becomes coated in Mei's reiatsu; forming a reiatsu blade from the amount healed, the chart for this is down below:

Two percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy restored: one inch of reiatsu energy blade is created
Five percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy restored: eight inches of energy blade is created
Ten percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy restored: one foot of reiatsu energy blade is created

this does use the post count from the primary ability to apply how long it will take to restore small amounts to large amounts:
Percent Times to Restore Reitsu/Spirit Energy:

Two percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy to be restored: one post
Five percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy to be restored: two posts
Ten percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy to be restored: three posts

also to add one post to that if the patient has unusual reiatsu or reiatsu stronger then Mei's current amount of reiatsu, the blade of reiatsu forms from the top of the ten inch blade, the same as how the normal blade would grow, the energy blade's length limit is the same as the normal blade which is four-and-a-half feet in length, during combat, if this blade attacks her opponent, Mei can choose to drain her opponent's reiatsu by the amount of damage she causes, if she caused a small cut, she can choose to drain away two percent of her opponent's reiatsu at the cost of a inch off her energy blade, like the primary ability, she must have a matching amount of reiatsu absorbed into her blade that matches the injury she caused in order to transfer.

also, the primary ability cannot be used at the same time this technique is being used, Mei must use up all the reiatsu damage she absorbed until it runs out and it returns to the normal blade of ten inches before being able to switch to her primary ability and visa versa if the primary ability is in use, the technique cannot be used until there are no more injuries inside her blade and it returns to its starting release state of ten inches.

Once the technique has used up the reiatsu stored within the blade, the technique requires a cooldown equal to the time that the opponent takes plus any addition time to heal the specific type of injury this technique requires to function, making the cooldown longer depending on how long it takes to heal and restore a target's reiatsu.

Boosts: x2 Speed


New Name: Seishi
In Bankai, Mei's single Zanpakuto splits into a dual wield Zanpakuto. It then changes colors from the adorable pink and white scheme to a more dark black and red one. The sharp edge of the blade holds a black color while the opposing side holds a red color. Along the handle, the once white parts turn red and the once pink parts turn black, whereas the (+) guard doesn't change. Her outfit changes from an adorable nurses outfit to black shorts, with a red blouse, and red converse shoes to match. Her hair also changes to a rather dark brown/black color as well. Until stated in her abilities, Mei's eyes stay pink.
Vampiric Blades: Mei's Zanpaktou splits into a dual weild, which begin to drip and ooze blood (Of random origin and type) that cannot be controlled by another person. Her eyes turn red and she gives off a red tinted energy aura. As  long as the blades are coated, which they will always be, any attacks made with her healing blade will heal wounds on Mei's body equal to the damage inflicted [direct transferrence no length change], and attacks made with her Reiryoku blade will automatically restore Mei's Reiryoku and stamina. Once activated Mei's Zanpaktou extend to their full length and remain there without changing during the duration. They remain at this length when the ability ends as well, but are then subject to the normal rules of her Zanpaktou.  Duration 4 posts, cooldown 6 posts

Shikai Retainership: Mei's Bankai has full access to her shikai powers. She heals 10% when the ability ends.

Worthy of Name: When in Bankai, Mei can stab her swords into the ground creating an invisible circle with a diameter of 20 yards. (Anyone able to sense the woman's reitsu will be able to detect the power throughout the ground.) Once her Zanpakuto is in the ground, Mei will call the names of those she wishes to heal, however if a person within the circle has not had their name called they will take a Cero's worth of burn damage.
Duration: 4 posts Cooldown: 6 posts

Boosts: x3 Speed



I could start with the whole, "oh a beautiful baby was born" crap like always to get lots of word count and make it sound all mathematical and whatnot but that would be boring af. So, we're gonna start with the important stuff and get this app over with. Ok? Ok.

At this point in time, Mei had a perfect little life with perfect little apartment and a perfect little goal and you get the point, perfect. She lived in a sweet little apartment, right near the university she went to, where she was majoring in nursing, and didn't even know her life was about to change. She would meet a boy, fall in love, they would talk about getting married, they would get engaged, college would end soon, and he'd graduate. They planned to start a life together. They planned to go against the world. The planned... they planned.... they planned.

On night, things went a little too fast and before she knew it, she had to tell him. "I'm pregnant," we're the only words on his mind for the next week. She was ecstatic and he was slowly tearing himself apart. He wasn't ready and she was prepared to take on the world, except the world would crash a little too fast, flattening her in the process. He left her. She was pregnant, alone, scared, and back in her old lonely apartment with one room, and she still hadn't graduated yet. She had just a few more years and a child that would only give her nine months. She couldn't continue this way. She couldn't do what she wanted. She couldn't do what she dreamed. Yet, she wasn't angry or depressed. It was a challenge she was ready to face.

She got a job at a local coffee shop they paid pretty good and it would at least be enough to sustain the two. It would be hard but she would do it. Her neighbors would babysit thankfully at no cost. Her whole apartment would be a babies room. Her whole life would revolve around this one child. They'd grow together. She'd care for that baby like nobody had ever cared for her before.

They had become so close those two, mother and daughter against the world. Mother and daughter. Mother. Daughter. Soon to be apart. Her daughter was only sixteen. "How?!" "How?!" "How?!" She would scream in agonizing pain at the sight of her daughter's corpse. "She was... in the wrong place.. at the wrong time." What kind answer did they just give her? How was she supposed to live with something like that? Walking down the street in the middle of the day was hardly the wrong place at the wrong time. Who could possibly have the guts to shoot a young girl so many times. "One. Two. Three. Four. Five." Five. Five. Five. Five whole times in the chest and stomach. Five. Why so many? Why so many?

It had been three weeks since that day and her condition only worsened. She cried every night. Slept all day. Never ate. Never drank. Never even opened her eyes. Never wanted to see this dreadful world again. One night, she stepped out, out into the world she so hated. She looked and looked. She scoured for it. She found it... in the middle of the street... they didn't see her... CRASH! No suffering. No pain. Gone.

Wait... why? Why? This wasn't right. Something was wrong. She was awake. She felt good. She felt strong. She felt renewed but why? Where was she? Upon opening her eyes, she finally saw some light. She saw people flourishing about in a small little village looking place. Why was she here? She lived I the city? She searched for answers and she found them. She searched for her daughter, yet found nothing. She searched, until she found herself passed out and unable to move. That's when she saw him. He was a quite a handsome guy but he looked so different. Everyone around her was in slightly tattered clothing and lived in slightly tattered homes. However, he looked nicely groomed and his clothing was freshly cleaned. Who was he?

They talked, he fed her, he promised to give her a life she deserved, he took her to the seireitei, she became a shinigami, and she vowed to find her daughter. They fell in love, they stayed together, they lived together, they ate together, they were part of each others worlds. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. He left this word and died in another. Chewed in half by a hollow leaving a lonely girl behind once again... with nothing.

For him and her believed daughter, she would become stronger and more talented. She would become Captain of Squad 4. She wouldn't let misfortune fall upon any more of her lived ones. She fulfilled her dream.. she was a real doctor. Now, she had real hope. The hope of finding what she deserved.

Side Notes: N/A
RP Sample: Uh. This is just a Revamp.

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on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:23 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
BTW this is done. Soooo....

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on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:32 pm


Cero Espada
Cero Espada
if this blade attacks her opponent, Mei can choose to drain her opponent's reiatsu by the amount of damage she causes, if she caused a small cut, she can choose to drain away ten percent of her opponent's reiatsu at the cost of a inch off her energy blade,

^<--Make small cuts 2%, medium wounds 5% and large wounds 10%. OR make it to where if she hits them "At all" she can drain 5% each time. Either way works. 10% for a small cut is just too much though cuz you are directly stealing their stamina

You may want to clarify that her second stage of her first ability doesn't keep her Zanpaktou from hurting enemies she just can't "transfer" additional wounds unless her first stage is done? Or was that intentional? If it was nvm lol

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on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:43 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad

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on Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:11 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada

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on Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:46 am


1-3, seconded


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:00 pm


8th Division
8th Division
Approved, the Reiryoku draining portion of Bankai may need a cap on it, but it will be given as the ability is moderated and watched.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:17 pm


Seconded since you asked me to look this morning. It'll be watched but I think you'll be fine Smile


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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