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#1 Kiyo Meru on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:47 am

Kiyo Meru, the Corrupt Charge(Sinner)
Basic Information

Name: Kiyo Meru
Age: 8
True Age: 620
Sex: Female
Personality: At a first glance, it would appear that Kiyo is a sweet, innocent child. She's capable of passing herself off as that due to her innate ability to act however she pleases and manipulate her chosen victim. She has an extremely high level of empathy in the sense that she can read the emotions and thoughts of others. In regards to actually caring about someone else however, her heart is a barren wasteland. You are nothing more to her than a plaything, and when she's done with you, she'll fry you to a crisp just like all the others and drink your blood. While her body helps her fit into a role that she can trick others easily with, she hates it for the reason that it is weak. That being said, she will still use it to it's fullest potential, as it's all she has.

She enjoys the act of pulling them in, because the anticipation of their reaction is what she's after. She gets 'high' off of causing pain in others, shocking them (in the figurative and literal senses), and mutilating them after it's all over. To her, everything exists for her own amusement, and there is nothing in this world she cannot have or take. Truthfully, however, she does get lonely, and will often sneak off to find someone in the middle of the night to warm her. If they question her, they'll die. She will use absurd amounts of power to get what she wants, even if it's something as simple as ice cream. To her, this is all some silly game, one where Kiyo Meru is an essential player. Without her, there would be no game.

In combat, she drops the act, because her cover doesn't matter. She lets the madness that comes with all her power wash over her, boosting it out of lack of restraint. Few stand before her without fear by this point, and the expression of fear is what feeds her drive to kill. Though fear is not required to make her want to enjoy the kill, it motivates her and gets her off. Whether fear is present or not, her desire to kill and destroy does not fade. She knows she's powerful and will put others beneath her feet with extreme prejudice. Her combat style is fast and brutal, while also being particular with her strikes, using the human body's weak points to make her already painful strikes more effective. With her, it's best to remember that she will be glass cannon. She has decent speed and stamina, but her strength lies in her immense spiritual power. Without her reiatsu, she can't do that much to you.

If for some reason, you ever get her to come away with you, letting you live... She may be very comfortable around you. If she likes you, don't screw it up. One single mistake may very well be the end of you. Should she allow you to be in private with her, in any non-combat setting, she may become rather flirtatious, possibly even to the point of imposed masochism. If you are brave, naive, and possibly sick in the head, try it if you dare.

Likes: -She likes making people bend beneath her feet by any means necessary, as such, she may end up showing up in random cities across the world and taking control.
-She likes taking whatever she wants, through any means. Usually, she'll just take something by brute force, and if someone complains, throw out the innocent act with her unmatchable charm.
-A completely unrelated thing, she likes to be out in storms. The more violent, the better. Though she can draw power from them, she also loves the sensation of the rains and winds, along with the shuddering of the earth. She's a die-hard thunderphile during storms.

Fears: -She fears that if someone were strong enough to shrug off her acting facade, her attacks and all that she can do to protect herself, that she'll go back to Hell. She hates being trapped in Hell, as do many other Sinners. It probably won't stop her, but she's afraid of feeling powerless.
-She's afraid of people that like being manipulated and pinned down. She's okay with herself doing the masochist bit, but someone else is just freaky. She'll attempt to snuff people like those out before they can get any more enjoyment out of it.
-She's afraid to admit that loneliness can set in rather easily. Being one who rules over things is great, but a queen of nothing is depressing. Despite her desire to kill and incinerate people, she will still require a few additional loyal bodies for companionship's sake, but only as long as they do her bidding.

Character Appearance

Height: 3'8"
Weight: 67 lbs
Physical Traits:

She also wears a mask as seen above.

Clothing: Although she doesn't necessarily need to anymore, she wears her mask whenever she is out in public. She may remove it in closed quarters, but that is solely her decision, and will not do so if asked. She always wears her doll dress, simple, elegant, and white. It doesn't matter if she is in private or in combat, she never takes it off.

Accessories:The only accessories she carries are the chains that still partially bind her to hell, and bandages wrapped six times around each wrist, to serve as a minor limiter to her power. Should she unwind them even just once around the wrist, the results could be catastrophic.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Kiyo prefers to lure her victims in with her innocent appearance, then strike them down when they least expect it. Should this not happen, and her facade fall flat, she prefers to grab the limbs of others and tear them off or bend them beyond a comfortable angle of flexion. She has knowledge of all human pressure points, and will use that knowledge as well. If all else fails, she will not hesitate to use her inner power to electrocute her target from a distance.

It's even funnier to her, messing with the nervous systems of those she encounters, and to apply heavy internal damage with both physical strikes and electrical energy.

Due to her past, she drinks the blood of each person she slays, licking her lips afterwards.

Strengths: Speed, Hakuda, Reiatsu, Defense
Weaknesses: Sensing, Zanjutsu, Strength, Reiryoku

Mods/ Weapons/ Abilities:

Weapon / Hellish Modifications / ..Tentacle?: Kiyo prefers to carry slender, metal needles as weapons for combat. They are tied to her soul, and as a result, she can summon as many as 10 per post. She can electrify them, up to a full cero of damage, but more likely than not, these will be minutely charged to paralyze non-essential NPCs. They can vary in size, depending on her mood, but for the most part, she prefers to keep them at 2mm in diameter and 4 inches in length. Assume they fly at Bala speed.

Name: Spiritual Stealth
Effect: When not in combat, Kiyo's spiritual pressure is undetectable, and as a result, helps her feinted innocence look more authentic when attempting to lure in victims. This is mostly just for baiting purposes, but will likely serve other uses. She can also temporarily grant these same benefits to someone else, so long as they have some sort of physical contact with her.

Ruling on Detection: If you attempt to sense her outside of combat, or post re-stealth, I do not care what your sensing level is. She will feel like nothing. That could mean she's a weird human, a Bounto, or something else that doesn't have an energy signature, that is NOT an excuse to go "Huh, she looks suspicious." You can make note of it, but seriously, don't go using it as a poor excuse to sniff her out.

Name: Kieru
Effect: Kiyo can naturally move very quickly, due to her affinity for lightning, and once every three posts, dash far enough away to be considered out of combat, thus re-enabling her Spiritual Stealth.

Name: Tengoku o furu
Effect: Kiyo's body becomes charged, and she will divert said charge into her next physical strike with enough energy to render non-essential npcs unconscious. The catch is that her next physical strike MUST connect at the neck, near the spine. If done on someone that isn't an NPC, it will do a Cero's worth of damage on top of the physical blow.
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Raiun
Effect: Kiyo brings her hands together by way of a 'clap', causing either a concussive shockwave or summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky. This bolt travels at Cero speeds. This depends on the manner in which she does it. She can aim it to target herself or something else. If the bolt of lightning impacts someone or something, it will deal damage equal to a Gran Rey Cero.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Name: Sandājā - (Passive)
Effect: Any electrical charge that hits Kiyo will be stored and corrupted for use by her later. She is healed equivalently equating to one post of Rapid Regen for anything Cero level or below, anything above is two posts worth, and it will lower the cooldown of a single skill by one post, but only if the charge is above cero level. It should be noted that taking more than one charge per post is bad for her health, as it can overload and shut down her systems. Absorbing more than one electrical source per post will result in her discharging the entire absorption for that post, damaging anyone nearby and herself, as well as negating any benefits she would have gained. In addition to this, any abilities Kiyo uses that mention her being 'charged' will also trigger this ability.

Name: Kishū
Effect: If any electrial attack she uses makes contact with the head, neck, or spine, damage dealt is multiplied by 1.5x. If any physical, non-electrial attack directly impacts a pressure point, or the neck of the target, damage dealt by that strike is doubled. These multipliers apply even on attacks that use both physical and electrical modifiers.

Name: Shōgeki-dan
Effect: Kiyo uses a palm strike method to impact her opponent twice, usually in the same spot. In addition to the physical damage dealt, two pulses of electrical energy are released, once per strike. These pulses travel all the way through the target's body, and damage is equal to a Cero and a half each.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Name: Kami no Dageki
Effect: Kiyo can and will summon spears that vaguely resemble crimson thunderbolts. Though they form rod/spear shapes, it would appear that they are loosely contained in that shape. She can summon these from any part of her body. She can summon at one time, up to 2 in a single post. Each spear on impact deals damage on par with a Hadou 88. After this, she cannot use any more of them for 6 posts.

Name: Subete o shōhi suru arashi
Effect: The second most powerful skill in Kiyo's arsenal, she only uses this in dire situations. A massive portion of her internal reiatsu emerges, wrapping itself around Kiyo, forming a psuedo-armor of electric fiber around her.  Damage taken overall is reduced by 20%, strike-based damage is doubled, and does a Cero's worth of damage per hit. However, she cannot use any other abilities while this is active. This is available once per thread.
Duration: 4 posts.

Final Ability: Saigo no kotoba: Owari no hikari
Kiyo's Last Word ability, using up all of her remaining power. This ability will drain Kiyo entirely. If for some reason she is captured, she will not even be able to struggle. This ability sees her exuding all of her remaining spiritual energy, forming it into a magenta ball in between her palms. She will usually try to point-blank this ability by way of palm strike. If it hits anything, the power of the blast will drop, and shields will also mitigate damage. Face it, you're likely going to end up tanking this if she fires it at you. It travels at Cero speed if fired, and will do damage equivalent to two forbidden kidou on impact assuming nothing mitigates that damage...

Boosts: x4 to Hakuda and Defense, x3 to Reiatsu

Back Drop

Background: In the beginning, Kiyo Meru was born to a loving family as a beautiful baby girl. However.... as it were, There wasn't as much love some nights as there were others. It started out innocently enough at first, her asking to sleep with her parents for the sake of comfort. When the two were present, it was warm, comfortable, and all was well. Kiyo always slept the best half curled up against her father's chest. However, one night, Kiyo's mother was out working late, and because of that, when Kiyo asked to sleep with her parents that evening, her father was the only one present. Neither party knew it, but this would end up becoming commonplace. This time, when alone, her father found that he could not resist his own child. She made no advances, being that of an innocent child, but she did not raise her voice to her father. He'd be right there, closer to his own daughter than he was even his wife. Many nights would pass with her mother being forced to work late, unaware that her own daughter had taken her place in the cold nights. Truth be told, even at a young age, she didn't mind the warm hands of her father. She didn't mind taking the place of his wife, loving him as she once did. However, in all eventuality, it would end. Her mother's grueling night shift finally came to an end, and so when Kiyo attempted to make things as they normally were when her mother was absent, her mother questioned her. Gently at first, she raised her voice, but rather quickly, yelled at Kiyo to leave and go to her room. It was the first time she'd slept alone and in her own bed in almost two years. Even in her own room, she could hear both her parents arguing when they'd be better off sleeping, or better yet, making time to make up so that they wouldn't be so stressed out. After all, they could finally sleep together again. The next morning, Kiyo attempted to hug her father, as always, and her father pushed her away, a depressed and grave look on his face. Kiyo didn't understand. She couldn't. Her mother wouldn't acknowledge her, her dad seemed to regrettably shut her out. Months passed, and every night since that last fateful one, Kiyo had slept alone in her cold bed. She missed the warmth of her father. She deemed it unfair, that even as young as she was, that her mother could do such a horrible thing as pretend she did not exist. This night, this night in particular was the one that she could not tolerate it. She snapped, desperate to curl up next to her father once more. Unable to sleep for weeks, she was wrought with fatigue, but up and around, looking for things around the house she could use to solve this dilemma. In one of the bathrooms, she found her father's traditional razor blade. Normally, she wouldn't even be able to reach it... but she was determined to put an end to this. She threw a towel up, to knock the blade loose from it's normal shelf. Knocking it loose and taking it in hand, she waited until her father left for work, in the quiet hours of the morning. After that, she would be asleep. Kiyo was determined to end this. Slipping into her parents' bedroom once more, she slipped over to her mother. Putting the edge of the razor against her neck, she slit her mother's throat with a single stroke, tears in her eyes. "I never wanted it to come to this." The blood spilled from her neck, flowing as a stream would. She drank the blood of her victim, her own mother, out of sheer bloodlust. Most children her age... they wouldn't have these emotions, this killing intent. Yet here she was, mentally acute, as if she'd lived an additional ten years or so in those cold nights. Taking the razor and placing it in her mother's hand, she curled up on the bed, pressing her body to her lukewarm mother, smirking slightly, waiting for her father's return. When she heard the door open, she started the drama. She said, "No.. Mommy! You don't-", suddenly cutting off, to shriek, cry, cry, and cry some more. Her father rushed into the bedroom. Upon seeing his wife, throat cut open, bleeding, and long dead, he knelt down at the bedside, dropping his bags. "I'm sorry Kiyo. This is my fault. If I hadn't done those things to you... she wouldn't have wanted to take her own life." Kiyo looked at him, having finally come home. She clung to his body tightly, "No, it's not your fault, Daddy. It's mine." Ironically, this was true, but her father would never know that. He shook his head, watching her carefully. Her eyes still wet with her crocodile tears, her father wiped the cheek of his daughter. She lightened her expression slightly, from that of a falsely broken child, to that of a child who knew she was loved. Finally, she could lie with her father once more. Or so she thought. Her father had a crazed look in his eye, one a father should never have towards his daughter, especially not one so young. On previous nights, the way Kiyo served as his wife did was only that of physical touch, occasionally becoming more intimate. This... This was not so gentle. He threw his daughter down, onto his bed, even beside his still-dead wife, and forced his daughter to assume the role Kiyo's mother took willingly so long ago. He wouldn't let Kiyo raise her voice, let alone say no on this night. She couldn't move. At this point, her body was so numb, there was no moving. She couldn't tell him to stop, she couldn't scream, she couldn't reach for the razor to her left. Sick as this all was... her father was able to be near her again. She found herself letting it go and letting him have his way. For now. When he was finished with her, he let Kiyo assume the spot she'd always loved. She curled up in his chest, forever scarred by her father, but all the same, loving him. That night was the worst storm they'd had so long as Kiyo could remember. Lightning and thunder took turns battering the earth. To Kiyo, this was more comforting than anyone would ever know. Even with her heart feeling conflicted, she closed her eyes and embraced sleep. When the morning came, he wanted her again, but this time would be different. She would take the razor and bludgeon him to death before he could pin her body down. With both parents now lying on the bed, now ruined with the blood and rotting corpses of her parents, she stared at the ceiling, now crying real tears. She saw no other alternative. She wanted to see both of her parents, happy again. She placed the razor at her throat, severing this life. Even at the end of her life, the storm raged on, being her only friend.

When she awoke, she found herself in a strange place. She'd heard tale of what life may be like after death. Some said it would be a paradise, others a home of stasis, and others yet said that your heart would take you to where you belonged. Looking around, there were none like her. Some of them looked human, like she was, true enough, but no children. There were monsters as well, given form. As she got up on her feet and walked around, she felt like she didn't belong here. She didn't want to be separated from her parents, father especially, however she got the sinking feeling she'd never see them again. In this place, there was a seething hatred for everything that felt almost... mutual. Kiyo found herself enjoying the feeling. She'd barely noticed, but looking down at her fingertips, she saw crimson sparks. She thought for a second she'd been just seeing things, but looking within herself, she could feel it. She could even see it. She willed a strong charge to her left hand, walking up to the nearest human. "Excuse me sir, but have you seen my daddy?" she mustered in her most innocent sounding voice. The man looked at her and asked if she was serious. Even so, he softened his expression only slightly. As evil as he must have been, he seemed to feel some sort of sympathy for one like Kiyo. His mistake. She shifted her body and ended up behind him, leaping up to strike his neck. The burly man toppled to the floor, now paralyzed with electricity. "Take it from me, you're not all that naive. I've only made sure that act still works. Now then. I claim my prize." She pulled a needle out of thin air and stabbed him in the neck, right through his main artery. The man cried in pain, then went silent, only to dissolve, then reappear shrouded in chains mere feet from his previous death. Though the Hell Guardians made sure to kill Kiyo every once in a while, she quickly became strong. She ended up being able to subduing the Hell Guardians, forming a strong desire to escape, and leaving to the world of the living. However, she was quickly recaptured and thrown back in. Some of the other sinners were planning an escape, and had made a special robe and mask to help hide her power. She grinned, excited to finally get out again. When the escape happened, six of them made it out, including Kiyo. She quickly fled from the group, so as to further prevent detection. At first, all she wanted to do was kill. Particularly, those who were abusing their children. She was able to slay about a dozen different families before the Hell Guardians found her, but this time, she was ready. She called out to the heavens, striking herself with a fully charged lightning bolt, and struck both Hell Guardians down. Her robe and mask burned up, but this time, she didn't care. She could deal with them all now. The first thing she did however, was look from store to store for something different. She finally found it, in the fox mask that she has worn ever since, binding a part of her tainted soul to it so that it would always find its way back to her. Walking the world of the living in the doll dress that she wore when her parents died, asleep to the sound of dying hearts, she bore the fox mask as well, so as to hide from the ones who still lived. She continued to steal, for one, as she had no money, but also for a second as she just didn't care. As far as she was concerned, the world was hers for the taking. She'd steal food, snacks, other shiny things. It didn't matter to her anymore. Her father had taken everything from her, wasn't that right? Apparently, there was such a monstrosity as her past coming back to haunt her. A Hollow appeared, a masked monster much like she had once pretended to be. "And just who the hell do you think you are, coming in here and interrupting my fun?" But she didn't have to ask. She could feel it. Her mother and father. Her mother and father both in one monstrosity of a hollow. However so, it was weak. It called to her for comfort and love, just as her father always did. She reached her arms out, feigning an embrace, but instead throwing her needles, charged with that of pure hate. The Hollow faded, just as simple as that. Years later, she met a shinigami. He was rather young looking, but as far as she knew, he could have been far older. She decided to test him with flirtatious advances, and sure enough, he was as naive as he looked. He did everything she asked, including explaining what Hollows were, what they could become, what Kidou was, how Shinigami used it, etc. He taught her all the secrets he knew about the world, including what Hell was, and who she was. Though he wasn't aware she was a Sinner, he'd be enchanted by her natural charm that she'd perfected for her use in luring others in. She was getting a bit lonely though, and asked if she could stay with him the night. To which he agreed. The boy began to open a Senkaimon, but Kiyo stopped him. She refused to enter that place. Something about it felt too dangerous. He chuckled and tried to reassure her, but closed it anyways. That night, the two shared an evening in an abandoned house, not unlike the one Kiyo was raised in. Before he woke in the morning, Kiyo would have left him, slightly more satisfied with this life. With a clear idea of what the world really was, and her role in it, she had to laugh, knowing that the world deemed her evil. And you know what? She loved it. She spent a lot of time appearing to men in the middle of the night, satisfying them, then leaving. She craved the warmth and affection, but also the fun of leaving them clueless in the end. To her, the journey in the world of the living was more of a game than it ever had been. She also continued hunting men who would abuse their children, drinking the blood of every victim. Any time the Hell Guardians showed up to take her back home, she dealt with them, more easily than the time before. She ended up having spent so much time on the surface, that she was getting bored.

To this point, modern day Japan, she was traveling the streets, unnoticed by the humans, unless by choice. Just like always. She loved her life of sin, dipping her fingers in the blood of the fallen and sipping it. To those that would dare stop her, she'd developed several abilities that would smite anyone that would get in her way. Soon, it would be more than sheer Hell Guardians that would try and send her away, but Shinigami and the Humans too. Not like she cared. She'd kill them all.
Donning her fox mask as always, she looked up to the stormy sky, sighing to the relaxing crashes and blasts of thunder and lightning. As the storm wet her hair with gentle rain, she swept it back, knowing full well her body would always be that of the night she died, small, fragile, and beautiful.

Side Notes: It should be duly noted that having an affinity for lightning, Kiyo is highly resistant to stuns, blinds, and electricity-based attacks. She will also NOT charge your cell phone. Do not ask.

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