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#11 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:37 am

The woman was tough, she formed an umbrella and Ika quickly launched a Bala at it, hoping to eliminate it but this was only a distraction in part. He filtered the acid out and funneled it from around the sides, hoping to trap her, as though it were raining from the sides as opposed to from above. As he dodged the jet sized water thing that she had thrown at him, and the acid rain ran it's course, he couldn't help but smirk. He was glad to see that the ice wasn't reinforced, and that the shards were easily broken by the Cero. As he made his move to get behind her he wasn't shocked that she turned to meet him, but he didn't have time to register what was next.

She must have seen the charge up of the Cero as she drew something into her regular hand, and without an incantation threw out a Bakudo 81: Danku without an incantation. It was weakened by the lack of incantation, but the Cero was stopped in it's tracks. The acid splattered all over the place and Ika smirked, drawing the acid from the Cero towards him, and it began to radiate around him as though Ika was Saturn, and the acid was Saturn's rings. It began to move around him at fast speeds, an endless stream for him to draw from at any given time.

As the shield dropped Ika smirked, but as he began to form the 40 by 40 ball of acid she hit it with a Byakurai, splattering it all over the place. Luckily for him, he had the where with all to stop it before contact was made with the ground, and to have it close in on her, as though it was homing in on her, or like it had imploded as opposed to exploded. Thankfully, the point was not simply to damage the woman, but rather to give him more acid to play with, and use at will.

She made it within range of Ika, bad move. If she wasn't careful, she was going to get acid all over her from the rings, and he collapsed them in on himself to effectively negate the attack, or she would receive some serious burning. In the meantime however, Ika had plans. He quickly gathered more acid to replace the acid that had collapsed in on him, which he had hoped would trap her. He parried the two diagonal slashes with his Zanpakuto, swiping downwards counter to their direction in order to properly parry them, this of course was in case she didn't get out of the way of the acid.

She Shunpo'd to his left, and due to Acid Saturn if she continued this she would not have much room, so he launched a Cero in her general direction. If She dodged it, he would use Acid Saturn to block it in his area, causing an explosion directly behind her. At that point, she would either be hit by the acid and the concussive force of the blast, or she would be forced to retreat. After attacking, she would have jumped away presumably to avoid the acid heading towards her leg.

If the Cero had not somehow stifled her, the strikes would continue. As she swung, he would parry one strike by luck before barely parrying another, and still being cut lightly on his right arm. Taking the hint that he was at that point over-matched, he used Shunpo to retreat. If she didn't move, the rings going with him would make impact with her skin. "Why don't you quit air-walking Sou-Taichou, I can assure you this will be much funner on equal footing, for me at least.."

She said something to the effect of come hither, fulguration, a word Ika was sure he did NOT hear every day, and probably didn't want to considering who was saying it currently. She punched her arm forwards without moving, then Ika felt himself dragged forwards, as though she had her own form of gravitational pull. The landscape of the area including rocks, trees, boulders, and other various plants were all ripped from the ground and seemingly destroyed within the 30 foot distance that separated them. As she dragged him forwards he was sure to maintain the Acid Saturn deal, hoping she would be burned if she dragged him too close.

It seemed that this battle was going to come close to melee range, and he welcomed that, refusing to resist as he was dragged forwards. It was at this point that he began to realize she was charging something, and this was not going to end well for him.. He shot acid out from the rings that surrounded him as fast as he could, hoping to grab her good arm and divert her, and it was at this point that he Shunpo'd out of the way as quickly as possible. Far to the left. That being said, the ten pounds of acid that had been following her was sucked in as well, and then destroyed as she used the attack he had seen once before, earlier on.

As he smirked and looked towards her, only to notice that his shoulder was bleeding, heavily. She had gotten him a bit. "Well.. looks like you landed a hit on me after all.. been a while since that's happened.." Except for the ten pounds of acid, Ika had narrowly avoided losing ALL of the acid he had around him. He moved it out of the way, and that was in part why he now had a massive gash in his shoulder. She immediately formed a water ring around her waist after that whole ordeal, and it fired dozens of hand sized water balls at him. He didn't care, nor would he pretend to.

He launched 5 Bala towards the initial ones, splattering acid as he did to recuperate some of the acid lost from the previous attack thus dragging it back to surround him, and then he simply used Shunpo to avoid the other innumerable cannonball gimmicks. Then he saw.. a dragon. What the fuck was he supposed to do with that? He thought for a second, before charging up a Cero and launching it forwards towards it's torso, then he was going to do something drastic..

He was going to punch this fucking dragon dead in it's schnoz.

Ika used Sonido as the Cero made impact, and gathered all the force he could into one punch, and hit the thing right in the head. The watery monster exploded from the sudden impact of the move, and he smirked as he landed on the ground, and turned to look at the Captain-Commander.. The pain that went through his arm was... it was indescribable, but he did his best to no sell it as he stood there, his arm limply hanging in two clean pieces as it was cut up the middle vertically, completely in two up to the shoulder.. But still just hanging there. He used High Speed Regeneration immediately, and it began to work on his arm, piecing it back together, but it would take a bit of time..

Which he didn't fucking have.

He knew she had been tuckered out from that dragon gimmick, which was bullshit and he hoped that she knew that, but that was for a later time. He used Acid Armor to reform his body, and his right arm, the one that had been royally fucked by her dragon horse-shit, was encompassed in a coating of acid, that functioned like mechanical, functional armor, and would replace his arm in terms of functionality. He created a clone out of acid, it was green and he had it form and thus launch towards her from the right.

He would use this opportunity to use Shunpo, and launch a Hadou 90. "Hadou 90.. Kurohitsugi.." Was all he had to say, before a black coffin enveloped the area around the Captain Commander.. or at least where he presumed, and hoped her to be... Hoped. Just like he hoped to capitalize on the fact that the Sou-Taichou was seemingly winded, and moving on to the defensive for the time-being. But time would tell if that were the case for long, though he knew that was a bit unlikely.

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#12 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:19 am

When she formed an umbrella Ika tried to destroy it with a bala, which was useless because she merely reformed the umbrella by creating more water. Which she was forced to pull down as a bubble around her and freeze, thickening it with an extra layer of water on both sides and freezing it even further for a good few feet because he pulled more acid to attack her from the sides.

Her shield stopped the cero and her Jigen Byakurai laser attack had stopped his ball of acid from being launched but he simply manipulated the acid splattered around and had it converge on her anyways. Forcing her to once again form a bubble around her except this time she didn't freeze it, as she saw that her previous ice fortress defense was all but destroyed at this point.. She instead swirled it around her almost like she was witnessing him do with his acid ring.. except the whole bubble was moving in said manner. That forced the acid coming at her to swirl around her and be tossed aside for the moment. She was more concerned with his acid cero's at this point than anything else though she could feel her energy being taxed by the constant mass production of water.

Ika seemed to think that his "ring" was going to keep her from attacking him, but with her current bubble still swirling around her she proceeded to attack him having the water splatter his acid aside while slowly and inevitably reducing the amount of water within her bubble shield. However this still provided her the time she needed to perform both her cross slash which he parried with a downward slash and the ten "Sendo Genkotsu" speed strikes she unleashed soon after when she moved to his left using shunpo. Which instead of hitting him directly for four of them were met by a cero. The rest proceeding as normal which he parried two of then got hit by a third before retreating with his own use of shunpo so that her remaining three strikes hit nothing but air.

As he retreated she went ahead with her idea to jump up into the air and use airwalk to get out of his acid. Her bubble shield being completely dissipated by now and she didn't think she'd be able to do that again anytime soon due it being so hard to constantly replenish like that.

He chastised her for using air-walk, which she ignored because it's a strategic move whether he liked it or not and then used her fulguration which achieved practically what she wanted it to do before releasing her range enhanced Ankoku Shuuha. He tried to divert it using acid "tendrils" but she just cut them away with the Bakkoutou in her normal hand while her Zanpaktou within the icy watered arm continued with Shuuha's attack.

She managed to get his shoulder which was good but it didn't seem to be anything too serious as he wasn't worried about it.

The water ring turned out to be extremely useful as he formed an acid armor, started healing his split in two arm, and launched an acid clone at her. The ring formed a clone of her and collided with the incoming acid clone before it made it to her. stopping it and then freezing it in place where it would stay for at least a little bit. Thankfully for the winded Rena.

He err'd.

He cast a forbidden Kidou at her. Now. Normally. She would be absolutely pissed that someone she agreed to spar with would use something so drastically powerful that it could actually have killed her given proper timing and such, but since he had done nothing but use acid this entire time.. Her Runic was raring to go and she immediately began to absorb the energy of the Kidou as fast as it was forming causing the black energy to swirl around her body and drift into her as it replenished her stamina reserves by a decent amount.

She glared at Ika after this little stunt however, "Hadou no 91: Senjū Kōten Taihō!" and with that she fired off ten pink projectiles at Ika's location. Whether or not he dodged was irrelevant because the kidou was known for it's exceedingly large and powerful explosion caused when the pink projectiles make contact with anything else, including each other. Even if he came out unscathed somehow it would wreck the battlefield even further, most likely reducing his acid total by leaps and bounds. However after firing the kidou she sheathed her bakkoutou at her waist and then sheathed her Zanpaktou on her back, causing her "Fake" arm to disappear right afterwards, "That is far enough. It seems I need to find a means to gain more power. While my abilities seem to be a good counter to yours I just don't have the strength needed to overtake you and your...healing."

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#13 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:44 am

She seemed to reform the Bala in time to guard from the falling acid by creating more water to bridge the gaps, such things essentially made Ika's life miserable at this point, but it was going to be what it was going to be. She had froze it extra hard this time, seemingly to ensure a lack of acidic erosion on the umbrella, and all the while prevent Ika from bringing the acid in from the sides. Her shield had seemingly stopped the Cero, and Ika funneled the acid from it over to him, preparing for what was coming, though he was beyond disappointed that the Byakurai had completely shit on his big ball of acid. He had plans for that though, he used the splatter and dispersed it, attempting to cover her once more.

She didn't freeze her shield this time, but rather she formed a bubble of water in order to amply disperse and displace Ika's acid from ever contacting her. Say what you want about the current Sou-Taichou's power, she was clever and intelligent beyond reason. She had noticed that her previous ice armor was all but destroyed at this point, and Ika was beyond ready to fuck that thing up royally. She seemed to be getting taxed from all the water and ice creation, and unfortunately it was at this point Ika realized he was beginning to get winded too. Ika's thought that his ring would keep the woman from attacking him was faulty, as the revolving bubble around her more or less shit on his defense, which was NOT what he had been anticipating..

He still had time however to parry her cross-slash, which was what had to take priority at that point before she tried those rapid fire slashes she had engaged in prior to. He somehow found a way to parry or at least avoid the strikes which appeared to be around Shunpo level speed each. Her bubble shield was now completely dissipated and she was air-walking to avoid his acid. A clever trick but not one Ika was going to give her any credit for.. She seemed to be unwilling to put it back up which tipped Ika off that perhaps she was running low on energy, he smirked, like a shark smelling blood in the water his mind went to ending the battle. "Getting a little tuckered out there Sou-Taichou?" Then after chastising her, and being promptly ignored, he awaited the next exchange.

As he tried to divert the attack he failed and couldn't quite get out of the way in time. His Shoulder was bleeding heavily but he'd have to manage to no-sell it and get over it, though it was clearly about two-inches deep, and awfully close to the bone. He was bleeding at a moderate rate from that shoulder, and he knew if the battle went long it would hurt him heavily long-term, but he had a feeling this battle was well over half-way over.. and it didn't seem that she though he was phased by the cut on his shoulder, which was good for him.. probably. As Ika formed his Acid Armor, the water ring turned out to be extremely useful for her.. But the Acid Armor acted as a splint of sorts for him... The arm was healing but wouldn't be useful for a little while anyway.. The ring formed a clone and collided with the one incoming from Ika.. Then she froze it, which essentially shit on his plan though the woman was clearly winded. Unfortunately for Ika, he had err'd at this point..

He cast a forbidden Kidou and it seemed that she somehow absorbed it. Then it clicked with him.. the Lisola clan, home of the energy eaters... She ate a forbidden Kidou and absorbed it, fucking hell.. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the least of his concerns, as she seemed moderately pissy about the fact that he used a Forbidden Kidou.. well, tough shit for her. This was a spar between the two strongest fighters in the universe, NEITHER of them should spare the fucking rod. She seemed replenished, and he smirked. "Go on then, do your worst Sou-Taichou!" And.. she did.

She fired a Hadou 91, and Ika knew he was fucked if this hit him, "Shit!" Ika dodged by using Shunpo to separate himself as far as he could, and the concussive force of the blast knocked him backwards, the Acid Saturn withdrew a Cero worth of force out of it, but it still propelled him back like a fucking rag-doll. He got stopped with a sickening thud off the tree. His acid totals were reduced, but his armor had been knocked off by the blast giving him more acid to deal with, but as he went to call it forth and attack he noticed her sheathing her weapons. He looked on, mildly confused by the occurrence, eyes wide with questions. She spoke, and Ika listened intently.. it seemed she was creating an excuse to end the fight, but it was good enough for him. He shrugged his shoulders and sheathed his blade.. "Sou-Taichou Lisola, you were a worthy adversary.. you've pushed me further than anyone else, and to those ends I applaud you.. you're a worthy leader of the Gotei 13.. Despite my brashness in battle, I respect you on a rather high level at this point.." He used his High Speed Regeneration to regenerate his wounds. "I hope we can do this again some time.. and I hope you'll get to see the true extent of my powers the next time..." He smirked, and gave her a wink, mask long since removed, as he took a seat. "Talk to me a moment if you will.."

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