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#1 [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:49 am

Ika woke up, and remembered what he had scheduled for the day.. A spar with the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 since she had apparently given herself a vacation.. She was coming to the jungles of Bogota to train and fight with Ika, whom didn't know what to expect exactly... He knew she'd be powerful, as one would have to be to garner the title of Captain Commander, but he was unsure as to the furthest extents of her power.. He got out of bed and walked into the hallway of his compound, glaring at the clock.. It was 6 AM in the morning and he pretty much did not want to be awake at this point... He rolled his eyes, and released some Reitsu, a beacon for the Captain Commander to follow to reach his position if she were inclined to follow it.. If she didn't, oh well.

He lit a cigarette and walked outside. He turned and looked up at the trees, an Anaconda slithered across the area.. thing better get a move on though, it wouldn't survive if it stuck around.. Now that he thought about it.. Nothing really would.. He took a seat in front of his compound and waited for the day to begin.. It was gonna be a long one..

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#2 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:49 am

Rena couldn't sense worth crap, but being the leader of Gotei meant she didn't always have to. A senkaimon was set up to follow Ika's invitation, by Rena's request, because she had already said she had business with the vizard leader and wished to go alone. Not like anyone was going to be able to stop her really.. She wasn't breaking any laws or rules.. and was only going to be gone to help test her own abilities. It wasn't like it was a death match.

So shortly after it was finally set up she stepped through it and ended up around 20 feet in front of Ika's building after looking around, because why not, she saw Ika and waved with her one hand, "Oi you look bored. Good thing I showed up to help fix that problem eh?"

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#3 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:27 pm

Ika briefly remembered hearing from somewhere that the woman that had taken over wasn't much in the way of sensing things.. but he couldn't know for sure, and it wouldn't matter anyway. As he continued sensing around the area, he felt as though he noticed a Senkaimon that had been directed towards his coordinates. "Well I'll be damned.. they were never that damn accurate for me... Whatever.." He shrugged his shoulders and continued to wait for the woman to appear, nonchalant in his approach. As he felt around, it really seemed as though she had appeared on her own as she said she would, how impressive was that! She had said that she was coming to test her own abilities, and Ika hoped to provide that test as well as he could, in part having the same intentions and in part to bolster his own ego.. It wasn't a death battle, more a training session, a spar to see where they were both at respectively in terms of power.

"Enjoying the view there Taichou?" He smirked, "Don't settle your eyes quite yet, the real view is over here, speaking to you!" He smirked in her general direction, bemused with the comment he had just made. "I'm very bored, by the way, so thank you for showing up.. By the way, last time I saw you you had two of those.." he pointed at her arm, with an addled look to his face.. "Care to fill me in on that while we're sitting here, shootin' the shit?" He yawned a bit and stretched, before falling on his ass to relax. "What a fucking place."

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#4 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:14 am

"Still full of yourself." She rolled her eye and sighed a bit as she drew her Zanpaktou, "Are we sparring here or what? I didn't take all day off so that I could spend ALL of it fighting a former shinigami.." She blinked a bit as he instead recounted how bored he was and asked about her arm, "Eh. shit happened. I'll talk about it later. Kinda wanna get started since this is going to take a while. Contrary to belief I am a very busy woman these days.. as much as I dislike that I do more good this way than as a simple captain."

After she said that, she could have sworn he seemed more curious about it but decided to answer her first question by saying they'd be fighting inside at the vizard HQ's private training area. That was fine for Rena as it meant there was not a danger of collateral damage..or at least a vastly crippled chance of it. So she followed him in, paying minor details mind as she formed a map of the place in her head as she went, ending up inside an elevator for the first time which amused her greatly.

Only to arrive at said training grounds soon after. Stepping out and still following Ika she figured she'd ask, "How far are we taking this anyways. It's not a death match so there would be some means of restraint I suppose.. but that doesn't mean we couldn't use Bankai and such given who we are eh?"

((Yeah yeah the post sounds and is rushed but I just kinda wanna get to the fighting at this point. We can be social afterwards. xD))

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#5 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:47 am

She spoke to his braggadocios nature and he countered with an arrogant smirk that fit his general character, "Well time doesn't change a lotta things when you've been around for 800 years, Sou-Taichou Lisola.." His smirk continued s she rolled her eyes, and proceeded to draw her Zanpakuto, he simply looked down. "You're gonna poke someones eye out with that thing if you're not careful Sou-Taichou.." He continued his smart-ass gimmick, he was generally unrelenting and the presence of the Captain Commander wasn't exactly going to change his mannerisms. She seemed to get frustrated and asked as to whether or not they would be sparring, and said that she didn't take a day off to spend all of it fighting him. "Well shucks, I'm just happy to hear that you took some time out of your very busy schedule to deal with little ol' me. I'm honored frankly.." He grinned, and began pondering where they should fight. As she blinked, and he asked about her arm she seemed to give him the nonchalant approach to things, how bemusing that was.. "Oh boy, I guess we'll be saving that conversation for tea-time won't we? I'll go ahead and have my maids set the table.. least I would if I had any.." He thought for a second. "Well, there's my next objective.. maids.. anyway... I understand that you're a busy woman, Sou-Taichou, so let's get this party started eh?"

"We'll be fighting in the training ground I arranged here, just for fights like these, come with me if you'd be so kind." He smirked, and walked towards the elevator, before simply whistling while it descended towards the training area. She seemed amused by the ride in the elevator, and when they arrived to the training area she seemed to take casual note of the area, probably mapping it out. He appreciated that she didn't just start the fight outside, as frankly, he liked the cover afforded by the jungles of Bogota. He wouldn't really want to compromise that for a spar. "Okay, so, look at this device here.. We can set any setting you'd like, a city, an open field, the Desert, the jungle, the forest.. You name it, it'll manifest, with no collateral damage." He smirked. "It'll be pretty big too, so don't worry about damaging my facility... since you don't seem to care much.. I'll pick jungle."

He pondered her statement as she spoke, thinking about the question she asked. "Well.. to be fair, I doubt a fight to the death would actually result in either of us dying.. We're stubborn fuckers you and I, Death won't take us until we let it.. So I suppose treating it that way, given our respective power-levels would be best eh?.." He smirked, excited by the prospect of finally getting to truly test his capabilities.. "Up to you I suppose, since you're the guest of honor."

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#6 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:47 am

Rena nodded and listened to most of what he said. He told her a bit about his training facility, told her collateral to the building was unlikely even for them and then since she didn't care where they fought he picked Jungle causing one to spawn around them and such. It was an impressive feat sure and one that Rena noted Gotei would benefit from and possibly need to pester Division 12 about.. but she was still feeling rushed because of her duties. "Well since you don't seem to have an objections to us nearly dying from stupidity.. Bankai." With that her spiritual energy fluctuate wildly blowing several tree's near them over with a loud thud and loads of crackling in the process. Something she expected would happen again when and if Ika released into his Bankai.

She waited for him to release, give the go ahead to start and then proceeded with her attack "Sho" "Sho" "Sho" "Byakurai" "Okasen" "Sokatsui" "Ankoku ShuuHA" Rena called out Kidou one after another trying to use the first two "invisible but sensible forces" to push Ika into the position she wanted, but figuring that would fail on someone as powerful as she was she forwent continuing that and upped the ante by using stronger kidou after that. Firing a lightning bolt at him and then a yellow arc of energy right after before shunpo'ing to be at his right in a crouched position firing a widening blue blast of energy (Sokatsui) upwards diagonally at him before spinning while standing up releasing the large wave of black death (Shuuha.) To force him away from her instead of countering her for getting that close to him.

When she was standing again and had already released Ankoku Shuuha she put her zanpaktou in front of her as if using "two handed' kendo style, "Do you know why I don't want to have my arm replaced?" She asked as she answered the question for him and created a water replica which then frozen...partially. It was solid enough to function as an arm but still like 70% water so that she could move it freely. So now she was holding her Zanpaktou IN two handed kendo stance while two water copies of herself formed. Turned even more "Pure" as she used her purify skill to make them super cold while still being water and then had them shunpo at Ika trying to splash "explode" against him and cause ice to form on his body.

She didn't know his powers really. She didn't know anything about him. But she did know that among the many beings of the realms as it stood right this moment. The only one actually stronger than her, in some ways less than others, was this man. So holding back just didn't make any sense.

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#7 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:28 am

The woman seemed to smile and nod to most of what he said, of course without the smiling portion that typically made such acts somewhat endearing. She seemed to be impressed by what the training facility was capable of, but she also was seemingly rushing through things a bit. Being the Captain Commander must suck ass, if her way of acting was any indicator of course which.. who knows? She went from casual conversation to combat mode in a hurry, she seemed to nonchalantly enter Bankai and Ika smiled, ready to do the same.

"Well, I was hoping we could slow down long enough to smell the roses but.. fine, if you insist.." Ika drew his Zanpakuto before speaking once again "Yūdoku fu~yūrī.." As he spoke, his body became encased in an armor black as coal, he had several new blades to toy with and his capabilities were maxed out. His Spiritual Pressure erupted from him, knocking over several trees just as it had with the Captain Commander... "Let's go then.."

Ika took the time to grab a cigarette, and as he went to light it she attacked, Hadou one's came one after another on and on, three of them to be exact... He slid left and right, then left again to avoid them. She proceeded to use a Byakurai, which Ika used to light his cigarette. "Thank you for that my lovely, and oh shit.." As he said this, he saw the yellow arc of energy coming his way. He did a flip to avoid it and as he landed he noticed her appear to his right.. "Shit.."  She then used Sokatsui and he narrowly avoided it by jumping once more, before Shunpoing to his left to create distance between the two and to avoid the last blast of energy she sent his way..

As she released the last blast she put one arm in front of her, as though she would use Kendo if she had two of them. Ika took a drag off the cigarette and smirked, "You know, that works better when you have two arms hun, might wanna work on that.." She asked him a question, and he pondered it for but a moment. "Because You like cosplaying as Han-D Solo? Maybe because.. wait.. what the fuck.." She seemed to create a replica out of water before his very eyes, slightly frozen but formidable none-the-less. It even seemed functional, which was beyond interesting and inconvenient.

"You know.. that would be a lot cooler if I didn't think it was gonna end badly for me.."  She was holding her Zanpakuto now with two hands, and two clones appeared in front of him, Shunpoing towards him and exploding. Had he not Shunpo'd as far to the right as he did, he'd have been caught in the blast. The blast ended right in front of his feet, he looked down and saw ice. "Well fuck me that's not very nice at all Sou-Taichou.. I might just have to reciprocate.." He took a last drag off the cigarette before throwing it to the ground. It was time to get serious.

She wasn't holding back, and because of that? Neither would he. He used Shunpo to appear behind her, with a hammer made of acid in hand that he was already swinging through the Shunpo. He would aim at her ribs, before Shunpoing to the sky and bringing a scythe down on her head of similar composition. He then created some space, moving backwards while firing 2 blasts from his finger, they were acidic bullets.. Regardless of HOW she stopped these attacks, he would be sure to explode them on impact with whatever they made impact with.  He then pointed his hand to the sky, and an orb of acid entered the atmosphere after he closed the gap with another Shunpo, aiming a slash with the hand-blades on his armor at her head, he would hope to stay in close, but he would have to see how possible that really was..

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#8 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:58 am

"you seem awfully chatty for a guy who's been busy moving." She retorted to his seemingly smartass remarks as he dealt with her initial start to their spar. Her eye turned deep green all of a sudden though as he shunpo'd. Having her track him physically, and turning around as she did so, as he ended up behind her with some kind of greenish hammer. Having no idea why it was green she merely let her body defenses take the blow by spiking out several "Dark Ice Crystal Bone Shards" from her body all wolverine style to both stop the weapon and cushion the impact substantially. However the thing burst like a balloon soon after and covered her side in the same greenish crud the weapon had been made of.

Now.. because most of what was effected was bone shards outside the body. It actually took Rena a second to register what the green shit was doing. So she blocked Scythe with her Zanpaktou which also exploded but this time was met with a water bubble coming out of her Zanpaktou to encase said green crap and hurl it far to the left of her where it splat on the ground and did whatever the fuck green shit did.

However as soon as he backed off and fired more green crap she first pulled up a wall of ice to block those from coming any closer and immediate started to notice that the bone shards she had yet to pull back in were now missing. Looking at her side she noticed bone "goop" on the ground and her side was burning as the acid hate ate through her normal reiatsu shielding and was now attacking her. "OW" She proclaimed loudly and quickly gave herself a bath as she rubbed her side a little with healing kidou removing the small burn that had appeared. The bone shard loss was not even relevant because by now she had already regenerated those.. but the fact that this green crap was acidic.. oh..


God dammit. Why the hell does the one person who's actually going to get her blood pumping have to be a god damn Acid user!? Her ice wall was melted as the bullets exploded but other than that Ika seemed to have done nothing else except send a giant ball of green goop into the sky. Wait. Why the hell would he send something into the sky? ....Ah.. Bloody hell. Rena charged up a water ball and hurled it into the air after his Acid ball. Though his would probably reach it's goal first and activate.. she could at least get to the point of reducing the total clusterfuck on herself. Though the "Jungle" they were in was about to undergo an Acid Rain...

Slightly irritated but still impressed Rena gripped her Zanpaktou fully in her water/ice arm and pointed a finger at Ika pretend gun style. With a grin she simply said "Bang" and fired a small bullet of water at bala speed that transformed into a jet half-way to making it towards Ika. As soon as it was dodged, or dealt with, the water would freeze and all that ice would turn into lil shards and converge towards Ika again.

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#9 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:41 am

He smirked as she for once seemingly fired back, and he readied a retort. "I'm always moving, so learning to chat while I do so has been a natural development I assure you!" Her eyes turned a deep green as he used Shunpo to close space, he was forcing her to physically track him more or less, seeing as her sensing seemed to be the drizzling shits. As the hammer splattered on her bone shards he smirked, moving it as it ate it's way through the bone shards by having it cling to her right knee. It had at least covered her side initially, but the bits that didn't already had a new target area to hit. It seemed to take her a second to realize her shit was melting at a more than rapid rate, not that he actually gave a fuck about that matter at this point. She knocked away his scythe with a water bubble from her Zanpakuto, splattering acid on the ground. He smirked, and looked towards her. "Not bad.."

She put up a wall of ice to block the acid shots as soon as he backed off and fired, and it was then that she appeared to figure out what was going on... "Well, took you long enough.." But this was no time to let her lick her wounds. Ika Shunpo'd into action, balls to the wall, no letting up. He formed a giant broadsword and swung it at her while he was in her face, hoping it would impact her or even better, explode. As he did this he would hold it in one hand with his Zanpakuto in the other, alternating strikes till impact was made. She had regenerated her bone shards, but that was of zero importance now. This was a war.

Her Ice wall melted as she seemed to be a bit panicked with the fact that he used acid. Not that it would really matter, he knew he was the one at a severe disadvantage.. "Well shit.." As he sent the acid ball into the sky after saying this, he noticed her launching her own ball of water into the sky, so he quickly countered as she began to launch it by bringing his own acid ball down, and exploding it into the rain it was meant to be, saturating the area with a steady down-pour of acid. Anything within 100 yards would have quite the burning feeling going through it. He smirked as it covered his body. "Oh this is just lovely isn't it?.."

The woman seemed irritated albeit mildly impressed by the display Ika was putting forth, and he simply smirked back towards her, equally impressed in his own right. She pointed her finger towards him in a gun formation and said bang, something so trivial normally would've made him laugh, and fuck off right along with her.. But he knew there was a lot more to this attack than she was letting on.. as the bullet flew towards him at super speeds, he noticed it turn into a jet. "NOPE!" Was all he said as he used Shunpo to get the fuck out of the way. It was now, finally, his turn. Oh wait, no it wasn't, cause ice shards chased him. He smirked, throwing on his mask. He launched a Cero towards the Shards, hoping to effectively vaporize them before turning back to her.. "You're next.." He pointed his finger, turning up behind her whilst launching a Cero at her back. Hoping to blow her away.. Of course the acidic splatter it would cause may be the worst part of the whole deal..

He jumped back as quickly as he could before placing his hand up, and a 40 by 40 ball appeared out of what was seemingly thin air, and launched towards her at Cero Speeds. Even if she dodged, the amount of acid this would give him to play with along with the rain would be enough to do whatever he felt was necessary.. He then took about ten pounds of it that was behind her from the rain, and sent it traveling towards her knee once more, and it would continue homing in on her from that angle seemingly unnoticed. He was hoping that if he could get her to lose mobility, he could end the fight sooner as opposed to later..

Good fucking luck with that..

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#10 Re: [Battle] Ika vs Rena on Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:06 am

Rena's icey watered arm exploded upwards to form an umbrella effect as Ika made his acid rain down. Waiting for her water ball to make it back down into her range because gravity as she formed a larger umbrella effect from it. keeping the Acid rain from getting on top of her entirely and allowed her to return her "ice/water" arm back to normal. He quickly dodged the jet sized attack after basking in his acid rain for a moment and then proceeded to throw on his mask and destroy her ice shards before threatening her and causing her to turn around because he shunpo'd to get behind her.

Seeing the charge up of a cero she quickly drew her Bakkoutou in her regular hand and threw up Bakudo no 81: Danku without incantation. Weakening it sure.. but still leaving it strong enough to handle a cero. The cero collided with it and splattered all over it as well as the ground around it but did not penetrate the shielding. Immediately after the shield dropped Ika seemed to conjure a ball of Acid above himself. She didn't even wait for it to officially launch at her as she pointed a finger and fired Jūgeki Byakurai at it causing a red laser beam to pierce it and make it explode splatter prematurely. While it didn't stop him from having more acid, which she was beginning to think was the point, it did keep it from coming at her.

She shunpo'd to get within Melee range of him and cross slashed with both her weapons diagonally before shunpo'ing against to his left and using Sendo Genkotsu to create ten, five with each weapon, strikes with her two swords at shunpo speeds. While she was attacking him at this angle she noticed he had sent Acid at her at a low angle and jumped back and up Air Walking to stay off the ground since it was mostly covered in Acid at this point.

"Get over here! FULGURATION!" She said as she punched her regular arm forward without moving. The punch combined her physical and spiritual power and created a suction force outwards for thirty yards, easily making Ika within range, Enough gravitational force is generated to effect any single individual but will never exceed greater than double the max they can withstand and it was pulling up chunks of rock and tree and dirt as the landscape within range got destroyed further as well.

Whether or not he got within melee range. The suction force would have made movement extremely difficult. Leaving her the opportunity to charge her Ankoku Shuuha and enhancing it's range by quadruple before unleashing it with her "fake" arm since it still held her Zanpaktou. Sure that meant Ankoku Shuuha was still only at a cero of power.. but now the already big wave attack was four times bigger.. It also helped that this meant it was going to destroy that ten pounds of acid that had kept following her ass around too. Having sucked it into range due to Fulguration and then destroyed it during Ankoku Shuuha.

And actually.. that meant all the acid within Fulgurations range was also put in the path of her wave attack. Epic! She didn't intend for that side bonus but thats pretty fucking helpful now that she realized it. She immediately started to form a water ring around her waist after this little endeavor and began to summon dozens of hand sized water balls that fired off like cannonballs at Ika. Her spiritual energy spiking a bit as she overexerted herself to create a Colossal 64 ft dragon of water/ice made of a similar make up to her "fake arm" which proceeded on it's own to go forth and attack Ika.

That was why she made that waist ring of water though.. because while she was still airwalking she needed a minute to catch her breath. The ring of water was going to aid in her defense during this time.. Luckily due to the "unique" composition of the Dragon.. Ika would not quickly deal with the beast.

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