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#11 Re: [Private] The Price of Freedom on Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:22 am

Shana couldn't help but laughing at Kaitou's comment, serious or not it couldn't be any further from the mark, ice was her sister's domain. Or at least was when Shana had last encountered her scaly hide. Quickly burying the memory before the sorrow of it could show on her face Shana. Returning to the present Shana's eyes lit up as she stood next to Kaitou slightly flaring her pressure, just enough to warm the air around her, while not enough to disturb any of the human's in the area. "Nope, far from it, What about yourself? Do you just drop your sword on people and laugh as they are crushed under its own weight?"

While her comment was more joke than a guess, she was actually curious what the abilities of what might be the only vizard currently in the Seireitei had.

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#12 Re: [Private] The Price of Freedom on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:43 pm

Either Shana didn't understand that Kaitou was being incredibly sarcastic, or she didn't care. She mentioned that he was far from the truth, indicating he was correct about her being fire, and smiled when she asked what he did, laughing lightly at the thought of killing people by dropping his sword on them.

"Nah, haha, though I wish it were that easy sometimes. I'm the same as you though, we're both fire types." Although Kaitou immediately had the urge to fight Shana, as the shivers ran down his spine, he shook the feeling off. He pulled out his Zanpakutou and ascended to Shikai, keeping his reiatsu sealed up and not using the abilities, just using the flame on the back of the blade to warm himself up.

"I hate the cold, though. Feel free to warm yourself up, I can't imagine you like it much more than I do."

Whether it was something that was unique to Kaitou or all fire-type Zanpakutou users, Kaitou wasn't sure. What he was sure of was the fact that the cold sucked, and he really didn't like it. The warmth his Zanpakutou was giving off was plenty to keep him warm, and if Shana were as cold as he assumed she was, she wouldn't be that way much longer. Solstice was laughing in his head, and Caliburn was growling; he didn't like being used like this, but Kaitou knew he'd get over it. For all the times he has used Caliburn in combat, he earned a time to use him just to warm up a bit.

Or so he thought, at least. Caliburn didn't seem to agree.

Solstice was still laughing.
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