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#1 Sakota Ryudo on Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:09 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division


Name: Sakota Ryudo
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Personality: By nature Sakota is a rather peaceful individual, preferring to solve problems with words instead of through the use of bloodshed. It is due to this that Sakota is consistently called in to act as a mediator, where he will hear both sides of a situation and either help explain each parties points to the others, or will help them come to some form of a compromise that all parties would willingly accept. And though Sakota prefers to settle things with words that is not because he hates violence, in fact it is caused by quite the opposite. He absolutely adores in causing bloodshed, sating his blood lust with a borderline sadistic glee. You see it isn't violence that he hates, no it is the enjoyment that he feels while inflicting pain on others that disgusts him.

When it comes to interactions with others, Sakota tends to treat them with respect and patience, that is unless they deem themselves unworthy of either trait. Even when it comes to hollows he shows them respect, and even compassion. Not showing any of the normal amount of disdain that is common among other shinigami.

While normally a peaceful and easy going guy who would rather not fight, there are some sure fire ways to make him throw the first punch. The one that will raise the fastest and most violent response from him would be attacking an innocent right before his very eyes, especially if they are a child.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Physical Traits:
Sakota has messy shoulder-length hair, light grey-green eyes, and sickly pale skin. His hair is described as resembling that of a corpse's, lacking highlights (that normally suggest a healthy luster) and appearing whiter as it gets closer to the scalp. He has mostly white hair, with some reddish/brown hair at the tips.

Wearing a knee-length dark green zipper hoodie with a jagged-cut tail. His hoodie has red squares across the right shoulder, and a large red cross on the back. Underneath, he wears a white scoop-neck t-shirt with a red design on the front. He wears plain black jeans, and a wallet chain with a skull charm. Each of his brown shoes has two zippers.

For those too lazy to read:


General Fighting Style:
While Sakota's preferred form of combat is through his words and if it was at all possible he would end every situation without ever even having to knock an arrow. During the times when that is not a viable option Sakota, like most quincies fights at a distance preferring to rain death on his foes from afar using his bow(s), and through the use of his Letzt Stil and Vollstandig he does so not only from afar, but from multiple angles.

Now while he prefers the use of his bow in combat, he is not restricted to only its use in combat. Being quite proficient in the use of the Seele Schneider and has even taken multiple forms of martial arts including Aikido and Karate.
Hirenkyaku: Sakota is a master at using Hirenkyaku to get around. Able to keep up with even the fastest of opponents.
Observant: Not much gets past Sakota, able to keep up with and even predict possible movement patterns on high-speed opponents to time his arrows to intercept them.

Gintou Silver Tube Techniques and Sprenger: While capable of performing the Silver tube techniques he is by far not proficient in them, and is in fact unable to use Sprenger at all.
Durability: While Sakota is a potent combatant he is only human, and a ranged fighter primarily at that.


Quincy Bow:
Quincy Powers:
Hirenyaku, Ransotengai, Licht Regen,
Gintou Silver Tube Techniques:
Heizen (聖噬, haizen; German for "heat") — This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from silver tubes which slices through the opponent. It is activated by the command "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Sacred Bite! this abilities power is comparable to a hadou no 31.

Gritz (五架縛, gurittsu) — This technique forms a man-sized pentacle symbol which envelops its target. It is activated by the command "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Quintuple Restraining Frames!" This ability is on par with bakudo no 63.

Wolke (緑杯, vorukōru; German for "cloud") — This technique uses a silver tube to create a large blast. While it may not be intended for use as such, Uryū uses it to cushion the impact of a fall. It is activated by the command "Tilt the goblet to the west - Emerald Grail!" This is equal in power to about two and a half bala's worth of concussive force.
Quincy Items:
6x Seele Schneider, Quincy Cross, Improved Senrai glove, Ginto Tubes x2

Unique Abilities:
Name: Geist-Bogenschützen (Spirit Archers)
Description:  Duration: 4posts; Cooldown: 4posts; Sakota creates up to three additional bows that he can control telepathically. The bows can fly anywhere within one hundred yards of Sakota granting him vision of whatever they point at, though they lose the ability to fire arrows once their distance exceeds 50 yards. These drone-like bows can fire any arrow technique that Sakota has access too, so long as it is not on cool down. The Geist-Bogenschützen cost no more for Sakota to maintain than additional copies of his bow.

Name: Netzpfeil (Web Arrow)
Description: Cooldown: 3 posts Using a similar mechanic to Ransotengai Sakota manipulates spirit ribbons into an arrow that he then fires at his opponent. Mid flight the arrow will explode open revealing a net of Reishi-reinforced spirit ribbons that will enclose around his target trapping them in an equivalent to a Bakudo #70.

Name: Pfeil Regen (Arrow Rain)
Description: Cooldown: 2 Posts A Variant of Licht Regen where Sakota fires off a single arrow, normally upwards. He then detonates the arrow causing the hundreds of arrows to fire from where the arrows nock would be.


New Quincy Powers:

Charged Spirit Arrow: A quincy is capable of charging up a much more powerful arrow when they enter Letzt Stil. The charged arrow appears noticeably more solid than the standard bolts of Reishi. A charged arrow has enough power to severely injure a combatant of the same tier. This attack is activated, and is equal to an arrancar’s gran rey cero in power and has a 3 post cooldown.

Immense Spiritual Power: After the Letzt Stil is released, Sakota is engulfed in a tremendous and powerful silver aura, which is actually their Reiatsu being released.

Hirenkyaku Augmentation: A practitioner's Hirenkyaku is much faster, allowing Uryū to get a shot on Mayuri with relative ease. Using Hirenkyaku in conjunction with their augmented arrows, a Quincy in Letzt Stil becomes a deadly opponent to all but the most powerful combatants, for they are now at least stronger than a captain.

Unique Abilities:
Name: Geist-Bogenschützen MK-2 (Spirit Archers Mark-2)
Description: Duration: 4posts; Cooldown: 4posts; This ability replaces Sakota's Geist-Bogenschützen making it even more powerful granting him the ability to create up to six of his Drone-like bows that he can control telepathically. The bows can fly anywhere within one hundred yards of Sakota granting him vision of whatever they point at, though they lose the ability to fire arrows once their distance exceeds 50 yards. These drone-like bows can fire any arrow technique that Sakota has access too, so long as it is not on cool down. The Geist-Bogenschützen cost no more for Sakota to maintain than additional copies of his bow.

Name: Sprengpfeil (Blasting Arrow)
Description: Cooldown: 3posts Sakota fires an arrow that does not differ in appearance to a normal arrow. However when this arrow impacts it explodes doing Hado #80 damage in a four foot radius around its detonation point.
Boosts: x2.5 to All


New Quincy Powers:
Spirit Weapon: Sakota's spirit weapon is almost identical to his normal Quincy bow, with the exception that the parts of its limbs that would face out now have a razor sharp edge to them, taking on a blade like status.

Sakota retains his unique abilities from his previous form in this state.

Boosts: x3.5 to all
Unique Abilities:

Name:Geisterpfeile (Ghost Arrows)
Description:  Duration: 4posts; Cooldown: 4posts; On top of the Drone-like bows he can create with Geist-Bogenschützen MK-2 he can now has an additional six bows, though these are completely invisible to the naked eye. Though they do have some form of a spiritual presence allowing them to be sensed. And though the bow is invisible the arrows fired from them are not, and can even be seen from the time they are knocked, seeming to just float in the air of their own accord. Geisterpfeile can not be activated as long as there are still bows from Geist-Bogenschützen floating around.


Family History:
Sakota's family can trace its roots all the way back to the purge of the quincies, the clan survived the entire ordeal by breaking away from the other quincy clan's when they found that the Quincies weren't going to change their ways at the request of the Shinigami's. They knew that if the Quincies went against the Shinigami they would just end up getting another enemy, one that they would probably not be able to beat.

After avoiding the purge Sakota's clan continued to live, teaching their young the techniques of the quncies, though their training emphasized that the techniques they were learning was only to be used in the defense of themselves and those around them. Not to aggressively hunt down hollows as their ancestors once did, for the act of doing so would bring about the wrath of the shinigami upon them, and their family. Over the years the Ryudo clan would allow marriage with non-quincies, though they did try to 'adopt' in orphaned quincies to keep the bloodline strong.

Recent History:
While both of Sakota's parents were quincies themselves, he is in fact a Gemischt because one of his grandparents was not a quincy, even though she was an advent human. From the age of about four his parents started to train him in how to use the Quincy cross. He was quite a natural at pulling the reishi in from his environment and manipulating it with his own reiryoku. By the time he was seven years old he had mastered the creation of his bow, to the point where it even looked to be made out of solid materials, and he was already training in the use of seele schneider, and the ginto tube spells.

Along with the training of his abilities they taught him the history of the quincies, how in their pride they had brought about the near extinction of their race. While they had no way to prove the claims of the Shinigami that their powers had in fact been upsetting the balance of the universe, and because they did not heed the warnings the Shinigami had came and slaughtered the majority of the quincies. The views that his parents had taught him were those of understanding tinged with a bit of hate. Hate for both the Shinigami who didn't try to come up with a different solution than the genocide of the quincies, and for the quincies who brought the shinigami to that decision.

Orphaned .... Big Shock There.
When Sakota was 10 years old an advent human showed up at their estate bedraggled and starving to death looking for a little help to get back on his feet. However his appearance was just a front, as soon as he was in side and Sakota's parents had dropped their guard he attacked. The human had the ability to consume reishi particles making all of the attacks that they used on him absolutely useless, and not only useless it empowered him making him even stronger. And within no time he had killed both of Sakota's parents, his starving bedraggled form in perfect Shape.

As the fiend turned his attention on the rather ineffective Sakota an assault team from the committee showed up dispatching the human, though they were too late to save Sakota's parents. Luckily for the recently orphaned quincy his grandparents were still alive giving him a place to live with people he knew and loved. A couple weeks after his parents funeral Sakota started to put himself through rigorous training, both physically and spiritually. It was during this time that he took up martial arts as well.

By the time he was twelve he had won multiple tournaments in both full contact Karate and Aikido. He also begged his grandparents into helping him grow stronger as a quincy, which they refused on the grounds that the training he would have to undergo would prove too dangerous for his under developed body.

Sakota continued to beg them daily, all the way up to his fifteenth birthday where he was given the Sanrei glove as a present. His grand-parents explained the steps he would have to take to master the glove, and the cost that removing it brings. During his following summer vacation Sakota went out into the woods and underwent his Sanrei training, a week of maintaining his bow and firing arrows constantly.

Well that was short lived
After returning from his week in the forest, glove mastered his grandparents guided him through training in the more advanced Quincy techniques such as Hirenkyaku and Ransotengai which Sakota took to much like a duck to water. And in months he had mastered everything that they were able to teach him.

He had also discovered that he had the ability to create and manipulate additional bows, not just he one he would normally use. One day when he was out in the forest training with his new found skill. While he was training a rip in space opened up and out stepped a figure dressed in white, a bone-like protrusion around his jaw.

Upon seeing Sakota the being that Sakota would later learn was called an arrancar attacked. The fight that followed was brutal, taking every thing that Sakota had just to survive, and even causing him to remove his glove, which granted him the power needed to dispatch the Arrancar though it burnt out his ability to take in reishi particles just as his grandparents had warned. When they had finally found him in the forest he was passed out on the edge of a crater.

Wait there is more?
While recovering from his injuries sustained in the fight with the arrancar he was visited by a quincy he had never met before, apparently a descendent of one of the quincies who brought about the purge. This quincy explained to Sakota a procedure through which he could get his powers back, and even unlock something far stronger than he had known before as his pathways will have been burnt open by the amount of reishi he had processed upon removing the Sanrei glove. However the entire procedure would be dangerous, and potentially lethal should it fail. Sakota, deciding that he would rather risk death than be powerless to protect those he cared about took the man up on the offer.

As the arrow pierced his chest the memory of how powerless he was to save his parents seared its way to the front of this mind, as his power returned with a vengeance far stronger than it was before, almost on par with how powerful he felt when he had removed the Sanrei glove though not quite there.

Sakota spent the remainder of his fifteenth year on this earth testing the limits of his power under the supervision of his new quincy guardian, he had learned that he could also raise his power to the level of Letz Stil without burning himself out. On his sixteenth birthday Sakota was given another glove, a supposedly 'improved' Sanrei glove. After undergoing the training with that glove the pair of them went into training Sakota in the use of Volstandig.

A Place to Belong... Soon?
After his seventeenth birthday Sakota bid farewell to his new trainer looking to make his own way in the world. First by finding out what he could about the people who had saved him that day when his parents were killed. After gathering what information he could without actually going up to join their ranks he realized that they were exactly the kind of place he could fit in, but before he did that he had one thing he wanted to do, and that is to cover his own ass and the best way to go about doing that was to contact the Shinigami's and get their help with an idea he has....

To Be Continued...

Side Notes: FC: Nagito Komaeda

RP Sample: Frack that noise Razz

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#2 Re: Sakota Ryudo on Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:38 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division
Woot finally done, ... One of these characters will actually be done within a day or two of originally posting I swear.

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#3 Re: Sakota Ryudo on Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:26 pm


Netzpfeil: up the CD by 1.

Geist-Bogenschützen MK-2 - State this supersedes it's previous power so you can't stack the two.

Geisterpfeile - No. you either have this or Geist at one time. Not both. Especially since these are invisible physically. I would be willing to keep in that they do not share a Cooldown though.

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#4 Re: Sakota Ryudo on Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:02 am


2nd Division
2nd Division

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#5 Re: Sakota Ryudo on Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:17 am


Approved. 1-3 cheerios.

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