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#1 Shiro Hikari on Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:07 am


Name: Shiro Hikari
Age: 23
True Age: 1287
Sex: Male
Lawful Evil is referred to as the "Dominator" or "Diabolic" alignment. Characters of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while they usually obey their superiors and keep their word, they care nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and are not averse to twisting the rules to work in their favour. Lawful Evil characters may sometimes find themselves faced with the dilemma of whether to obey law or evil when the two conflict. However, their issues with Law versus Evil are more concerned with "Will I get caught?" versus "How does this benefit me?"

Shiro adheres to this alignment fairly well, as he has no moral obligations to anything that doesn't benefit himself directly. Caring little to none about how 'evil' his actions could be construed, Shiro only cares about whether anything he does will benefit himself or someone he reports to. As a His inner Hollow agrees with this sentiment, causing the two to get along rather well and have little to no clash of interest, though it could be said that the Hollow is the reason Shiro is like this.

Other people who are weaker than Shiro don't matter. They don't even exist. While Shiro will kill them if they interfere, he could not care less about them existing so long as they stay away from him and don't try to get in the way. People who are about equal in strength to him are treated the same, but Shiro will only kill them if they fight him. Most of the time, if someone who's equal in strength to him gets in his way, he'll try to avoid a fight; not because he's a pacifist, but because he hates wasting energy, and if they're in his way, that means there's something else he needs to be doing. People who are stronger than Shiro, though, get his respect. He knows the limitations of his power, and will not attempt to fight people that are stronger than himself, even running away if he has to, though he's skilled in stealth maneuvers which make it easy to avoid many things.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 152lbs
Physical Traits:
Shiro Hikari is fairly light and athletically build, having small muscle mass but well toned muscles, and extremely pale skin due to a natural lack of pigmentation. His hair is white and medium-short in length, able to cover his bright blue eyes if he wants it to but not extending much further than that in the back, being about the same length all around. He wears modified Shinigami robes, with the standard black outfit on the bottom, but has a white robe with blue stripes on the sleeve and a blue belt to keep his Zanpakutou in place at his waist, with knee-high boots on to keep himself safe in the jungle.


General Fighting Style:
Most of Shiro's fighting is done through manipulation of Shadows, abuse of tactical advantages, and overpowering an enemy with speed rather than strength. His ability to dodge attacks and counter at the perfect opportunity is where his fighting strength shines, becuase he lacks raw physical strength and needs to make up for it.

Despite being former Lieutenant of Division 2 in the Gotei 13, Shiro's Zanjutsu is his greatest fighting style, utilizing his long blade and great reach to stay well out of harm's way. His Speed and Stamina, when combined with his Zanjutsu, are the core of how he fights; even though he tries to dodge attacks, he can take a decent number of them, and will stop at nothing; once he's in a fight, he's in it to the death.

Shiro's physical strength is below average, utilizing his other tactics to win fights; additionally, he lacks the ability to use any Kidou at all, all of it constantly backfiring in his face, and usually not all that hilariously.


[暗闇を抱きしめて]Embrace the Darkness
Ability Description: Shiro melds into a shadow that he's touching, becoming the shadow and disappearing completely. As a shadow, Shiro can attach himself to a willing target, or a target unable to resist, becoming their shadow. He can hold this form indefinitely, and at any time can rematerialize himself. As a shadow, Shiro is immune to most damage, but suffers identical damage to the target he is the shadow of. Due to the willingness of the target (or inability to resist), Shiro has a telepathic bond with the target that works both ways, but he can sever the bond on his side at will, allowing him to know his target's thoughts without them being able to hear his. If a target was willing to let him attach himself, and knows he's their Shadow, they can reforge the bond by pressing on right temple for two seconds, allowing them to hear his thoughts once more, or they can press on the left temple for two seconds to sever the bond on their side. Shiro cannot reforge the bond if they sever it, and cannot re-sever it if they reforge it.


Sealed Appearance:
Slightly shorter than a Nodachi, Kurokage is a purely black sword with the standard curvature of a nodachi. The handle is one and a half feet long while the blade it five and a half feet, giving a grand total of seven feet of length. The sheath is also black, and Shiro wears it upside-down, with the cutting edge of the blade facing upward in the sheath.


Call Out Command: Embrace the Darkness, Kurokage
While his Shikai is active, Shiro's sword is coated in a shadow which behaves similar to a flame, traveling upwards. Additionally, his clothes invert, and his left eye becomes red. No other changes.

[夜のシュラウド]Shroud of Night

Ability Description: Shiro's passive Shikai ability creates a large shroud over a 100m radius of him which blocks out sunlight. Other sources of light are immune to this ability. Shiro can amplify it to negate any form of light within the shroud, making it completely dark for up to 2 posts, but has a 5 post cooldown between uses.

[陰影操作]Shadow Manipulation
bility Description: Shiro can passively control shadows within his eyesight, moving them to be wherever he wants them to. While not dangerous on its own, combined with his other abilities, this ability allows him greater control of his surroundings and offers more range and reward to his other techniques. Additionally, shadows Shiro can see or has created cannot be dissipated by any means.

[アビスの腕]Arms of the Abyss
Ability Description: Shiro can focus his reiatsu into a nearby shadow to create a 5ft tentacle of pure shadow. He can create two per post, up to a maximum of five. The tentacles can attack nearby enemies, grab them and restrain them, or be conduits for his other techniques. Tentacles are destroyed by being slashed, or by breaking the shadow they stem from. Tentacles last for up to four posts before disappearing back into the shadows.

Boosts: 2x to Speed


New Name: Shinkai no Kurokage
In addition to the changes Shiro undergoes during his Shikai, his hair turns black and his left eye also becomes red. Activating Bankai requires Shiro to be holding his sword with both hands, and after a brief flash of darkness he splits it apart into two identical swords of the same length, although they are slightly different from his sealed state. Both swords have a purely white edge, and the black diamond pattern is only on the back of the handle, which is covered lightly by a curved extension of the hilt to protect his wrists.

Abilities: [All Previous Abilities Retained]
[深い槍]Abyssal Spear
Advancing on his Shadow Manipulation, Shiro can touch the shadows with any part of his body (or Zanpakutou) and make them into any object he desires, up to four feet in length, and fire it off in a direction at the speed of a Cero. These objects will clash with the first thing they touch, compressing onto it. Up to three of these shadows can be attached to any other objects before they all explode, dealing damage equal to a Cero.

[ブラックホール]Black Hole
Ability Description: A technique which charges vaguely similar to a Cero, the Black Hole creates an area of 1km in all directions that increases gravity by 200%. Shiro is immune to this gravity increase, and he can focus on the reiatsu of other nearby creatures to make them immune to it as well, up to 5 people besides himself. With a 1 post charge time, the technique lasts for 5 posts, and has a 7 post cooldown after it's destroyed. The Black Hole can also be destroyed early by taking a Gran Rey Cero's worth of damage.

Boosts: 3x to Speed, 2x to Endurance and Stamina


Shiro's mask is semi-unique in that it doesn't take the plain white of most other Hollow masks as it's base color. Instead, Shiro's Mask takes on a bone-white color, slightly greyed due to age, even though he hasn't had it all that long, in relative terms. The mask has the hole of a nose, similar to a human skull, but has no mouth, with only mask in place. Two small protrusions on the top allow the center of the forehead to be seen, but the mask covers the brows, and only leaves the eyes able to be seen.

Shiro can maintain the mask for up to 8 posts while active, and can temporarily remove it by placing it atop his head to the side. After the 8 posts are used up, the mask cannot be used again for 3 posts. While the mask is active, Shiro has access to the following abilities: Hierro, Regeneration, Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero.

Hollow Powers:
[シャドウ歩]Shadow Step
Ability Description: The Shadow Step is a variation of Shunpo that is unique to Shiro. While the speed remains the same as the other technique, it makes no sound whatsoever. The other difference is that Shiro can only use this technique when standing on a shadow and when moving to another shadow.

[シャドーシェル]Shadow Shell
Ability Description: A variation on Utsusemi that utilizes Shadow Step in place of Shunpo. This technique can be used once every four posts.

Boosts: 4x to Strength, 3x to Everything Else


While in his Full Vizard Form, Shiro stands eight feet tall with a semi-human appearance. He has two large uneven horns on the top of his head, with the one on the left being taller, while the one on the right slips into two, and has leathery wings which allow him to fly while in this form. He also gains a tail, with three spikes on the end, and is coated in armor. The picture will explain this better.

Abilities: [All Previous Abilities Retained]
[ソムラ・ケロ]Sombra Cero
Ability Description: An extremely powerful variation of the Cero Oscuras unique to Shiro, this technique requires a 2 post charge time, during which Shiro can move around but cannot attack, and upon being unleashed deals damage equivalent to two Cero Oscuras simultaneously. This technique has a 10 post cooldown.

[黒い変態]Black Metamorphosis
Ability Description: Shiro's penultimate technique wraps him in shadows and sprouts five tentacles with identical properties to Arms of the Abyss from his body. These tentacles can be controlled telepathically by him and cannot be destroyed. While this technique is active, Shiro receives a x1.5 boost to his Endurance, stacking with other active boosts. This technique lasts for 5 posts with a 5 post cooldown.

[シャドークローン]Shadow Clone
Ability Description: Shiro's ultimate technique, this creates a clone made out of shadows. The clone maintains his speed and strength, but cannot use any of his techniques. It takes a Gran Rey Cero's worth of damage to kill it, and once it's destroyed there is a 7 post cooldown before it can be summoned again.

Boosts: 4x to All Stats


A person's history begins when their life does... so, the question becomes, what defines their life? While most people would say "When I was born", or "When my family began", Shiro would say something far different. Shiro would tell you that his life began when he met the man who would be his Captain forever, Ika Mazi.

He had sent a letter to the Vice-Captain of the Kidou Corps after hearing about his skill in hand to hand combat; Shiro knew he wouldn't win, but he wanted to see how strong Ika Mazi actually was. The fight didn't last long, with Shiro getting his ass pounded in from all sides, and he only looked up to Ika from there on. Ten years later, when Ika Mazi had found a way to Hollowfy himsef, just in time to save the barracks from 50 Gillian-class, Shiro only needed to know more.

After Ika was sentenced to exile, Shiro offered to dismantle and destroy Ika's labratory, knowing that anything he discovered would be in there. Being granted his request, Shiro studied everything in the labratory, and found the same information Ika did, utilizing the same materials Ika had in order to don a mask on his own face. Since Hollows didn't attack this time, Shiro forced himself to stay within the labratory until he could rip the mask off, and regained his composure. After this, he destroyed the lab like he said he would, leaving absolutely nothing that would tell anyone else how to do anything that was in there, and abandoned the Gotei 13 to seek out Ika.

Once he found him again, Shiro told him that he was the only Captain Shiro ever wanted to have, and no matter what happened, he'd always serve under Ika, simply out of respect.

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